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RPG Dawn Falling

Dragon Warrior

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[b]Dawn Falling[/b][/center]

Nale landed safely in his craft, prosperously parking it behind some trees. Not too far off in the distance of his landing was a small town. He'd just traveled back in time 2000 years to where Athenia was once golden. Upon stepping out of his aircraft, it became smaller until it was compact enough to fit in a pouch on his suit's belt. He pulled away from the landing spot and made his way down the road. The world was semi-similar to his, but in many ways different. He immediately used his headset to relate information on his surroundings.

[i]Trees... rivers... squirrels...[/i]

It was all very interesting, but he almost walked right into the town with the face of a hideous monster. Well, to him, he was a smug-looking Gazzawrath, which many many Gazzawrath women loved, but to humans of Athenia... yeah. He quickly made a note of human looks and transformed his appearance to a human's. His suit immediatelty adjusted its size to match its new host. He then entered.

The town was called Hetheriss and was supposedly close to the spot where the signal read off from. He was busy pushing buttons, far too busy to notice the looks he got for his "armor." After completely scanning the small village, he turned towards the hills just outside of the town. His readings grew more greater every step he took. He then came across a meadow that seemed to appear out of nowhere. There, he saw two figures.
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[color=royalblue]Taoin looked across the long medow, trying to catch a glimps of anything that might be help from another planet. She could see smoke in the distance, coming from the ground of the planet. Taoin bit her lip as she looked over to her assistant, Jacob, who was crouched down on the ground. He was the one sending the destress signal, if he wasn't able to send it through to another planet... they would be doomed. Jacob suddenly peered up from his work and squinted as he saw something in the distance. Taoin followed his eyes and spotted a figure walking towards them, it seemed to be a man wearing huge armor, she had never seen anything like it before!

She started to walk towards the big armored man, her hand rasting on the hilt of her dagger, just in case this was one of [i]them[/i]. Jacob hadn't noticed she was gone until he asked her a question, when he was found with no reply he looked up to see her walking away. He quickly jumped to his feet to run after her and tripped only after 5 steps. Taoin smiled slightly and looked back to make sure jacob was ok, when turned back around the armored man was very close, she then began to notice that his armor was more weird than amazing... [/color]
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Jacob dusted the dirt off of his robes with an irritable grimace. [i]I'm getting too old for this,[/i] he thought to himself. He saw Princess Taoin peering off into the distance at what appeared to be a very large person strolling towards them. Jacob did not know what this newcomer's purpose was, but he was determined to protect the princess at any cost.

"Stand back, princess," Jacob yelled. "I will fell this man with a spell!"

"Wait!" Taoin yelled, throwing her arm in front of Jacob's face. "I think we should wait and see what he wants."

"But, what if he has come to kill us?" Jacob stammered.

"I don't think that's what he wants," Taoin replied. Of course, what she didn't tell Jacob was that she was [i]fascinated[/i] by this newcomer. Or, rather, fascinated with the clothes he wore, which, although they were armor, looked nothing like any sort of armor that Taoin had ever seen in her life. Her curiousity overcame her judgement and she decided that she would [i]have[/i] to know who this person was and where he came from, for better or for worse.
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Nale had finally approached the two Athenians, one in a readied battle stance, the other curiously peering at his armor. He knew what she was wondering, but shrugged the thought aside. He held up a hand as if to give off the symbol of peace. "Greetings," was his first word spoken. He sounded natural and pure giving him a more peaceful appearance. He meant to have a voice like that when he transferred himself to human form. "Are you those who have sent the signal?"

Jacob let down his guard a little, but still wary of who this may be. Taoin stood tall as she spoke a reply. "We are. Who might you be?"

"I am Nale. I come from Galfotyern, a world far from yours. We recieved your signal 2000 years from now." This made Taoin have a puzzled look. "Uh... nevermind. It's far too complicated to explain." Nale adjusted his armor. "I have come to help."

"You?" Jacob grunted. "Just one man? From Gal-what now? This is surely a joke. You are just a man who overheard our signal. Besides, how could recieve it so quickly?"

"I told you," Nale interrupted. "We recieved it 2000 years from now. Galfotyern is so far away that it takes 2000 years to receive such a message as yours." Jacob and Taoin still gave off confused looks and Nale shook his head, pacing down the hill pas Taoin.

Jacob peered at the fancy suit and gestured at it with his staff. "What's that?"

Nale stopped. "What's what?"

"Your armor. Why does it look so..."

"Weird?" Nale finished for him. "In Galfotyern, our technology is very advanced. More so than yours. This is our type of armor."

"Witchcraft, if you ask me." Jacob snarled. "I saw the smoke from your direction." Nale and Jacob continued to argue, neither one letting down their guard. Taoin listened intently until she began blacking out of the conversation. She just stared at the new comer and pondered. Suddenly the sky grew darker overhead and a storm arose. Over the hill Nale emerged from, a transparent spirit-like creature whisked over and charged towards Taoin. She yelled and took out her sickle, ready to fight whatever it was. Jacob stopped yelling and turned to see it. He immediately leapt to Taoin's side.

"I'll protect you!" Nale walked slowly towards the two of them. He looked up at the monster charging.

"Funny... I didn't think space souls were around here." He readied a gun on his arm and fired gradually. In seconds, the ghost was obliverated. Taoin and Jacob turned to the warrior in shining technology and gasped at his smoking gun arm. Nale stared back. "What? He had it comin'!"
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