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Sign Up Assasination Project: Call for Yorr


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[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=DarkOrange][SIZE=2]Hey...this is my first post on these boards! awsome. Im such an RPG freak.

[i]Slyfer slowly walked down the stairs and looked at the answering machiene on his phone. 47 messages. "Damn." he whispered to himself. "I guess that being hospitalized might have put me out of a job." He listened to the messages. All from the same person, his boss, asking him where he was. Slyfer laughed to himself. Suddenly the door burst open and a young girl in a harlequin costume ran in. "Slyfer Slyfer Slyfer!! Your back!" The girl in the multi colored suit tackle huged him. "Jesse! Calm down!" He stood her up and looked over her clothes. "You look like a jester. A nut. Why wear that thing?" Jesse gigled. "Im a harlequin!" Slyfer looked down at her. "Harlequin........or fool?" He asked. Jesse put her hands on her hips. "Loosen up big brother!" She said. "Now. You have a new asignment!" She said quickly changing the subject. "Have you finished yours?" Slyfer asked his little sister. "Yep!" She dragged him out the door towrds another house, the bells on Jesses costume jingleing with each step. They opened the door and walked up to a man in a long trench coat. "Slyfer, Jesse Yorr?" He said adressing them both. "Yes sir." Said slyfer, straightening himself out. "You both have anew asignment. And sence youve been injured from your last asignment..." He threw a glare at slyfer. "...You will be asigned a third partner." Jesse just smiled at this but Slyfer almost fell over. "WHAT?!" He yalled. The man glared at him. "Uh....sorry sir. But why?" He smiled then put a hand on slyfers shoulder. "Hes a rookie, Yorr. I want you two to show him the ropes." Slyfer nodded, slightly disapointed. "Now! Slyfer! Jesse! Your next asignment. You will be after this woman." He handed them a picture of a young woman. "Yes Sir!" Slyfer said. Jesse stood with her hands behind her back, smileing. "Who is our third partner, Mr. Jaison?" Jesse asked, trying to start their mission. Mr. Jaison Smiled at her. Then her looked up and yelled. "JACE!" A man came through the next door and stood at attention in front of him. "Yes Sir!" Mr. Jaison looked back to slyfer. "This is Jace. Sakin Jace." Sakin nodded to Slyfer. "Well Then! Why dont you kids get yourselfs aquainted, get out of my office and start your asignment?" Slyfer nodded and walked out, his sister in her harleqin costume and Sakin followed quickly. They stepped out side and Slyfer slipped the picture in his coat pocket. He then slid his glasses on. "Lets go." [/i]

Small Bio:

I need someone to Play Sakin Jace, and the woman. I'm going to play both Jesse and Slyfer Yorr. Any other people are welcom. i'll put my sign up later ^^

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Hmm... I'll play sakin jace, but is it alright if he has a nickname?
((keep in mind I'm working off of my own character standards for this. I'll change it if you had a better idea for the character.))
Name: sakin jace. nickname((assuming it's alright)): dragon.
Age: roughly 19 or 20
Description: slightly long jet black hair, brownish greenish eyes, and usually either has a hat on backwards or large DJ like headphones around his neck. His only form of respect is for authority, end even then that's somewhat small.
Weapons: A large broadsword and modified gloves that have what look like dragon claws. They're hooked up in this weird way so it's attached decently far up his arm with a small chain attached so he can launch it out for attacking at a distance.((Dragon claws that launch out from a chain. Doesn't get better than that.))
Small Bio: Jace didn't have a perfect life. It was pretty decent, but not perfect. For some reason he never managed to get a date: Either he was seen as a pervert or too good. He got a lightweight motorbike((Something you'd see a spy riding or something similar, like a kawasaki bike or something like that.)) at 16, and that's all there is to it. He doesn't have a home and just drives from place to place, enjoying life. Of course, now he's going to be stuck in one place for a while.

That work?
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[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=DarkOrange][SIZE=2]Oh thats fine! I'm just going to tell you now..........another name i have on here is....dun da du dun! Arunue Shekamari! HAHAHAHA! lol ^^ i'm so Evil. Also....i'm playing two charecters...I dont mind if anyone else does ^^

Name: Slyfer Yorr
Age: 25
Description: Unkempt black spikey hair, orange tinted eye glasses and a skin tight white T-shirt. he wears loose jean pants and heavy army boots. White contacts ((haha! you'll never find out his real Eye color! never!))
Wepons: Twin katanas and a .45, also a 24 mm.
Small Bio: Grew up without parents and raised his little sister Jesse. He took on a father figure by the name of Mr. Jaison. He took both of them in and now they work for him as paid assins. He is severly ashamed of his sister as she is always wearing a harlequin outfit.

Name: Jesse Yorr
Description: (([URL=http://www.womengamers.com/dw/digitalwomenHarleChronoCross_files/image001.jpg]. Pay attention to the Costume. Not the face. Just the costume. [/URL].))
Wepons: Slingshot and a 9 mm
Small bio: Grew up with her brother and a father figure by the name of Mr. Jaison. She works for him with her brother as a paid assasin. She wants her brother to lighten up and not mind her outfit choice. She wears the Harlequin outfit because it expresses her joyus nature and child like humor.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
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[FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkOrange]oh come on....you barely know me...i start to pm you.......ha! then youll see im evil.........but anywho. We needsomeone to play the woman who is now currently on a hitlist ^^ we probably would need more people. yes. We definetly would. I'm thinking maytbe another Assasin after the same person and a few outside people.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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Hmm... I can think of a few plot twists... something like an asassin who's actually the woman on the hitlist, perhaps... that could get interesting...

Anyways, if you think that you can prove you're evil, then go for it.
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[size=1][color=darkslateblue]Yalborap and UnjustReasoning: The last few comments you posted in here are unneccessary and only serve in cluttering up the thread (in otherwords, they're considered [b]spam[/b]). Unless they have something major to do with the RPG, they can and will be kept to PMs.

Please read over the Harlequin's sticky at the top of the forum - this is explained in detail. If you still have questions afterwards, please PM myself or one of the other Arena Mods and we'll do our best to help you out.

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