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Zoids fuzors: Continutaion

T man

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Is would be a sequel to my second zoids rp even thought it was never finished. Because of that some of the story will be made up to make for an ending. If you were apart of the first to you can be apart of this one. It's supposed to be during the zoids fuzors series and because the time difference between zoids fuzors and new century zero isn't that log you shouldn't be surprised that some characters from the second rp are still there.

During the masters tournament different teams entered battles to become ranked the number one team of zoid pilots. The demolition runners team entered the tournament and tied with the team that was assembled by a zoids battle commission member. The Z.B.C member was fired for being a member of the back draft group and for having a piece of the death stinger and it's core. The team he created had gone into hiding hoping not to get into trouble either. Because the team that was formed was an actual team the battle between them and the demolition runners were considered a tie. To keep the core and the piece of the death stinger from being taken they were moved into the demolition runners base. Since the tournament ended the rules for joining the Z.B.C was changed to keep people from causing more problems. As time changed so did the base. It still holds the teams but also teaches normal classes and holds the new zoids that are being made. The members of the original team have become teachers or gone there separate ways.
During the time evean married suzuki and has a daughter named katherine who has had a son. Because of the new rules set up the peace keeping bureau was formed to keep zoid pilots in line and to help keep the rouge zoids in line. For some reason the rouge zoids numbers have increased. The ones that are strong enough go through the cities targeting different buildings while weaker ones go about and attack travelers. Rumors are spreading among scientists and pilots about what's going on. The scientists are trying to come up with ways to stop the wild zoids but every thing they try fails. Because nothing seems to work against the wild zoids the peace keeping bureau are asking teams to protect travelers and the cities from attacks. Even to the best attempts of the teams buildings targeted by the wild zoids still end up distorted but no one knows how because the buildings are normally well protected. Any teams that or merks that are available are being called in to fight or try to stop the rouge zoids.

[B][U]Sign up:[/U][/B]

[B]Name:[/B] (For those who were in the first to you can be your characters from those or be a relation. If you want a second character pm with the second characters stats and if I o.k it you can post the second character)
[B]Team/occupation:[/B] (scientists, mercenary, team member, member of the peace keeping bureau, Z.B.C)
[B]Zoid:[/B] (you can have a liger zero but it can't be an ultimate X/ alpha zoid and no death sauer or death stingers. Zoid not required)
[B]Zoid armaments/equipment:[/B]
[B]Zoid fuzor:[/B] (not required)
[B]Ultimate X/alpha zoid:[/B] (3 only so it's first come first serve unless you were apart of the first two then you can have the same ones from those. You can't both an ultimate X/alpha zoid along with and organoid)
[B]Organoid:[/B] (3 only and same rules for the ultimate X/ alpha zoid)

[B]Name:[/B] evean miro
[B]Age:[/B] 40
[B]Gender:[/B] male
[B]Appearence:[/B] brown hair with some white streaks in it, white long sleeve shirt with blue along the collar, light blue gloves, tanned pants and shoes
[B]Team/occupation:[/B] a leader of the demolition runners, member of the Z.B.C
[B]Zoid:[/B] [URL=http://www.zoidsunofficial.coolfreepages.com/gb-2.htm]Geno breaker[/URL]
[B]zoid armaments/equipment:[/B] pulse laser gun, charged particle gun, hyper energy shield, cloaking device
[B]Zoid fuzor:[/B] none
[B]Ultimate X/alpha zoid:[/B] none
[B]Organoid:[/B] none
[B]Bio:[/B] Awhile after the tournament ended evean proposed to suzuki and married her. After they had a daughter the Z.B.C came to him and asked that he would take the place of the Z.B.C member that held the tournament. Evean agreed because he figured he could help in some way. Because he probably wouldn't be around much he had suzuki and katherin keep watch over the base. He wonders if it was a smart move because some of the students and workers in the base keep looking over there shoulders because they're afraid of suzuki and katherine getting them. He decided that the leader of the team would get the geno breaker so he doesn't pilot it that much

[B]Name:[/B] maverin miro
[B]Age:[/B] 15
[B]Gender:[/B] male
[B]Appearence:[/B] brown hair, green hair, white head band, red tint goggles, gloves, blue pants, orange shirt, black boots
[B]Team/occupation:[/B] demolition runners member
[B]Zoid:[/B] [URL=http://www.angelfire.com/gundam/raider0/sinker.JPG]Sinker[/URL]
[B]zoid armaments/equipment:[/B] beam cannon, missiles, rocket boosters, AZ-70mm laser vulcan gun, electro magnetic net gun, smoke screen discharger
[B]Zoid fuzor:[/B] none
[B]Ultimate X/alpha zoid:[/B] none
[B]Organoid:[/B] none
[B]Bio:[/B] Maverin is the grandson of evean so he basically act like him because he was the closest thing to a father he had because his own died during a zoid battle. He occasionally has dreams of the day his father died but doesn't like to get into it much. He does lousy in his classes except in his fighting classes and zoids classes. Every so often he wants to take the geno breaker out for a ride but he normally gets caught. When he asks evean why he wont let him he gets told that even though he's katherins father she acts to much like suzuki and that she should know better then to mess with them. Whenever he tries to get away his mother either manages to catch up to him or one of the peace keeping bureau members find him and bring him back to the base.
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I'm back! :P

Name: Suzuki Miro

Age: 39

Gender: Female

Descripton: Attacment (but you know, older)

Team/Occupation: Co-owner of the Demolition Runners

Zoid: Gun Sniper Black Orpheus-Assault Style (see attachment)

Zoid Armaments/Equipment: 80 mm Cannon (Forward facing), Twin Dual AZ60 mm Cannons (Wrist-mounted), Twin Dual AZ144 Chain Cannons (Mounted to Wild Weasel Unit base), Dual 8-shot Mortar Launchers (back-mounted), 4-shot Rocket Launchers (In between Mortar Launchers).

Zoid Fuzor: NA

Ultimate X/Alpha Zoid: NA

Organoid: NA

Bio.: After the tournament ended, Evean proposed to Suzuki and married her. They had a daughter together. They named her Katherine. Soon after, the Z.B.C. asked Evean to be a member. He agreed, so Suzuki was left to watch the base and care for Katherine at the same time. but Suzuki was able to manage. Soon as Katherine was around 10 years of age, she started acting as Suzuki. Same attitude, same bossiness, everything. (Like mother like daughter).

Suzuki still fight's but with a new zoid. She still cooks, repairs, shops uncontrolible, complain and get super mad. She still scares the students and teachers. AND NEVER STEAL ONE OF HER SECRETLY STASHED COOKIES!!!!

There you go! :D
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[color=darkgreen][size=1]Ooo, my character is older now *grins devilishly*
[b]Name[/b]: Kia Schwartz (I don't exactly remember the last name >.<)
[b]Age[/b]: 28
[b]Gender[/b]: female
[b]Appearence[/b]: *attatchment, make her hair a bit longer though*
[b]Team/occupation[/b]: Midnight Flash Team - Leader and part time with peace keeping bureau.
[b]Zoid[/b]: [URL=http://www.zoidsunofficial.coolfreepages.com/kg-3.htm]Konig Wolf Lanzentraeger ll[/URL]
[b]zoid armaments/equipment[/b]: 2 cp kits, dual sniper rifle, Pair of energy drills, 4 AZ-5 missle pods, Twin Multi-purpose dischargers, Cross-spectrum scope, special cooling gear, and single ion booster on the tail.
[b]Zoid fuzor[/b]: none (at least right now)
[b]Ultimate X/alpha zoid[/b]: None
[b]Organoid[/b]: Flash - Gold organoid with large white wings.
[b]Bio[/b]: After the Masters tournament was done finished, Kia decided to stay with the Demolition Runners for awhile longer. She stayed with them until she was 19, she then permanatly left the team and went to work with the Peace keeping bureau. She had alot of missions of taking care of wild zoids and helping certain travelers across the desert. Kia worked with the group till she was 24, she then became a part time Peace Keeper and went out looking for some kind of team to join.
She met up with an old part dealer who said he could sell her an old zoid base he came across when traveling to the city. After he showed Kia the old base she bought it and decided to start her own team, which she named Midnight Flash. After some tough Zoid battles and many interviews, Kia added 3 more members to the team when she was about 25. The team has been together for about 2 years and have worked their way up to one of the top teams. [/size][/color]
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[color=orange][size=2][font=arial]Name: Kessi Davidson (Called Kes)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearence: See attachment
Team/occupation: Merc
Zoid: See attachment (Konig Wolf)
Zoid armaments/equipment: Pulse laser rifle, Omni-directional AZ30mm Laser Vulcan Gun, AZ70mm Electromagnetic Net Gun (inside tail)
Zoid fuzor: None
Organoid: Demon ? a pure black organoid with red eyes and a black look on its tail.
Bio: Kes has been a merc for five years now, and is damn good at it. She is one of the best, and only hires out for good money. She found Demon when she had just gotten her first zoid, and the zoid died on her. Demon came, recharged it, and they kicked butt on the next unfortunate zoid to get her PO?d.

They?ve been working together, and do it well. Kes is now searching for a job, and heard of the Demolition Runners. She heard they?re good, and wants to see if they need any help. If not? well, she just might have to prove that she could be on the team. She isn?t sure if she wants to give up her freedom for friendship, but if its anything like the bond she has with Demon? maybe she can do it.[/color][/font][/size]
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[B]Name:[/B] duke leveren
[B]Age:[/B] 16
[B]Gender:[/B] male
[B]Appearence:[/B] [URL=http://www.angelfire.com/gundam/raider0/rag_thief.JPG]basicly like this[/URL]
[B]Team/occupation[/B]: student of the demolition runners base
[B]Zoid:[/B] [URL=http://www.angelfire.com/gundam/raider0/aerosaurer.JPG]aerosaurer[/URL]
[B]zoid armaments/equipment:[/B] pulse laser gun, smoke discharger, shield emiters, missle pods, rist mounted 30mm machine gun
[B]Zoid fuzor:[/B] none
[B]Ultimate X/alpha zoid:[/B] none
[B]Organoid:[/B] tail blade, blue with red spykes on the tip of the tail
[B]Bio:[/B] Duke heard of the dimolitions runner when he was a kid and watched recordings of there fights. Eventualy he decided to go to the base and hope to learn the same skills that evan have. He took one of the aerosaurers that his family had and left to find the base. As he went to the base he saw a organoid flying around and eventualy got it to follow his orders. When he got to the base he met maverick but couldn't belive that he was evens grandson becuase of the way he acts. They became friends but act more like rivals towards each other.
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Name: Alen Servixs
Gender: male
Appearence: tall, black hair, orange/black jagged shirt, white sun glass, brown shorts
Team/occupation: mercenary
Zoid: Raynos
Zoid armaments/equipment: Equipped with a 5-shot gun mounted under the neck, and 2 plasma guns
Zoid fuzor: (don't know if tese two can go together or not) Gun Sniper:weaponsTail mounted rifle, 2 wrist mounted 30mm machine guns. 2 16-shot missile pods, Wild Weasel unit
Ultimate X/alpha zoid:none
Organoid: none
Bio: As a child he alwas loved zoids. When he grow up he figured that he like to run different errands which include killing. He was very good at killing. He soon started doing more & more killing errands. He only tells his history to his freinds. He likes to be alone.
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Name: Kayin Davidson
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearence: [U][URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=18621&stc=1]here[/URL][/U] or attachment(Replace sword with Desert Eagle)
Team/occupation: mercenary
Zoid: Shadow Fox
Zoid armaments/equipment: Standard equipment
Zoid fuzor: N/A
Ultimate X/alpha zoid: N/A
Organoid: N/A
Bio: Kayin is Kessi's older brother who does his job while looking out for Kessi. He's been a mercenary since he was 11 and is thorough with his work. His Shadow Fox was one of two created thus far in time. He values his sister and Zoid with his life and will be the first to take a bullet for Kes.
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