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Hell Rising

White Akita

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Hell Rising

Long ago, The humans were a peaceful race. living in harmony with each other, and everything that their God had showered them with, until one day, the giver of evil life had placed a new species of chaos upon the earth. These creatures murdered many and without hesitation. the smell of blood constantly filled the air, and limbs of the dead hung in bushes and trees, among the bodies of the torn. this sight alone caused many to go insane. These creatures came in hopes of destroying all life on earth to transform it into their kingdom of hell, and were doing a damn good job of it. The humans had to fight for their very own survival, screaming with fear, and dying with honor, harnessing the powers of the God, and they won by a short strand. The only successers were shunned when they learned the tecniques of the God, and were hence called a witch: for the other humans were afraid of her powers that the God had given them. But one witch in peticular they were afrais of most: Kikena Chikaraso Ryoka. She almost went insane after recieving the tremendous amount of power the God had given her, making her more powerful than the others. But, 4000 years later, after being forgotten, hell is once again rising, shedding even more blood and the only humans who remember, are long gone. The only traces and memories are the dreams that the destined witches have every night, and the strange incidents of "magick" that keep popping up.The dark forces are searching for the Heir of the God, the heir of Kikena, to recieve revenge and to enable them to destroy all that is good within the world, and they are angrier than ever. it is the job of the witches {the term "witch also referes to guys.} once more, and the Witch of God to restore the balance. BEFORE humanity is corupted any more than it is.



NAME: Robin Chikaraso Ryoka

GENDER: Female

BIRTHPLACE: Belived to be in the U.S.

POWER/WEAPON: Controls every element and then some, her favorite being fire. Her powers range in many categories, for she is continuously learning new and making up her own to improve her skill. That is also her main weakness. Robin doesn't really use her weapon very often, because she is more in tune with her powers. Her weapon though, is not really A weapon. Its atoms change whenever Robin feels like changing it into a new weapon. Her favorite however is a black, double-edge sword.

PERSONALITY: The personality of this entity, is pretty ambigious. her thoughts are always concealed in her mind with a barrier to ward off telpathic messages and mind readers. Robin loves playing with peoples minds, inserting images to put them into their own world of insanity. She will also cure the insane. Her choice. This witch will also give people false senses of security, to lure them into her traps. However, she is not evil.


*The number-one rule is NO GOD-MODDING! Everyone has a weakness, but doesn't always have to show it.
*If at all possible, provide a profile for your character as I did.
*I would prefer that the battles be detailed.

Well, thats just about it! happy playing![/CENTER]
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