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Otaku Halloween Costume Contest!!


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Attention everyone. I want all of you guys to dress up as your favorite anime characters and enter the (unofficial) Otaku Halloween Costume Contest!! Anyone can enter by PMing me or e-mailing me a picture of you dressed up, as well as a description of what character you are dressed as and what you used to dress up like him / her.

NO STORE BOUGHT COSTUMES ARE ALLOWED!! You cannot go and buy a Goku costume from Target. But you can use things from stores to use as props (A sword for Trunks, etc...) I don't know what the prize will be (maybe Adam could put it on the Otaku) and the winners will be announced in the following categories...

1) Best Costume (One that is better than everyone elses, okay...)

2) Best costume that was completely homemade (As in nothing from the costume can be bought)

3) Worst Costume (Sorry, some of these can be really lame)

4) Most Original (One that is from a character or show that nobody would expect a costume of. "Big O" for example)

5) And anything else I can think of...

If you want to help judge the contestants please e-mail me [email]Shyguy511@hotmail.com[/email]. All entries must be sent no later than November 1st. Also only pictures in GIF or JPG format will be accepted.

Good luck!

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