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The Lost Princess


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[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Blue]"Where...where am I?" Karen asked herself as she slowly opened her eyes, and looked out the computer outputed 'windows' of her ship. "These stars don't look that familar at all." Karen accessed the databank, and pulled up a list of star charts.

"I can tell you where we are." came a voice that seemed to suround Karen inside the ship.

"Then why don't you Grant?" Karen asked her ships' computer as she rubbed her head, it still hurt after that huge explosion that caused her to get her. "You obviously remember what happened, but I sure don't. All i remember was we where attacked by those Pirates. And Kevin is battling too. Kevin! Is he ok?" Karen asked as she regained some of her strength in an instant, and viewed her monitor.

It showed a fierce battle raging, but there in the middle was her brother. "At least he's still alive. for not that is. Where are we Grant? I have to get back!"

"I'm afriad that is not an option at this time."

"What! What do you mean?!?!"

"This ship is badly damaged." he said as three big lists appared on the screen. "This is everything that needs to be fixed before we can successfully make it home."

Karen sighed as she looked at the huge stack of parts. "I only have half of these."

I beeping noise alarted Karen as another screen popped in front of her.

"A ship is approaching, Federation class." Grant said in a nonchalant voice.

"Federation? We're that far out? How am I..?"

Karen answered the call of the Federation ship. Apparently they were patroling, and noticed their distress signal. Karen looked up at Grant as the transmition ended. "Sending out a distress signal was not very smart. The Pirates might have heard it."

"At least they're going to take care of us." Grant said as he let himself be guided onto the Federation ships hall bay. "We can get parts, and be on our way."

"Like they will have parts," Karen sighed again as she watched teh ship coming closer, praying that a Pirate had not also heard the call.... [/COLOR][/FONT]
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[size=1][color=navy]Cyd sat in her chair lazily, her feet resting on her control board to the ship. Cyd yawned and stretched her arms, then put them back behind her head. "Man... I'm so bored... what I would give for a little action these days..." Cyd said boredly to herself. Cyd heard a small meowing sound behind her and put her hand to the floor. A furry thing brushed passed her hand and she grabbed it. A half cat, half rabbit creature sat in her hands, looking lovingly back up to her.(Yes, yes it's a cabbit just like from the Tenchi series, accept this time it doesn't turn into a ship.) Cyd let it crawl up her arm to nuzzle her face. "Heh, I find it strange that I only have you for company, Aki." Cyd said calmly to the creature. It purred softly and sat on her shoulder.
[i]Bleep... Bleep... Bleep[/i]
"Huh? A distress call?" Cyd questioned, leting a small smirk appear on her face when she saw what ship it was. "Ah, it looks like the Princess is calling for help... and by all means we should 'help' her, shouldn't we, Aki?" Aki let out a small meow in agreement. "Well, it's settled then... lets get going Aki!" Cyd said while she took her feet of the control panel and hit the acceleration button. She grabbed the controller and shifted ways to the direction the princesses ship was at. As she spead by the Federation ship by the Princess's ship, she quickly pressed a bunch of buttons and a large blade shot out of the side of her ship. It barely missed the Fed's ship and they shot back. "Damn Fed's...." Cyd said under her breath as she spead off again. [i]Don't worry, Princess, I'll be back for you.[/i] Cyd tought with a smirk on her face.
Yeah, yeah... I know, not the greatest first post. But oh well. I'm glad it finally started! ^_^[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]As the federation drew closer, it was plain to see that the other ship would need a fair amount of repairs. Originally, when patrolling and seeing damaged ships the federation might not have looked into this type of thing. And left it to some of the lower authorities, but with consideration of the ship, and crew...This was a different matter. Watching as the ship came close enough for a lock on to bored, Felicia's eyes trailed off to the cowling of the damaged ship something went by in a flash. It had had minor incoherent dents, most likely from battles with pirates.

3 beeps went off, and Felicia was called to the main deck, two floors up. Walking out of her quarters the two electronic doors closed behind her, continuing down the hall there was a rumble. As if something had been clashing/banging into the ship. There had been no other ships around except for the damaged ship they had found, a pirate or an outlaw maybe? She quickly discarded this thought and took the elevator up the two floors to the main deck. Going past down a few halls she stopped to talk to two other officers. They stood at a full but before they left Felicia turned back.

"Have they identified the pilot"

"Yes, Ma'am it is indeed Princess Karen...But that is not the reason you've been called."

"What is it then?"

The first officer stood straight up, his hands somewhat shaking and crackling the papers within his hand. "A ship belonging to a pirate is attacking."

"I see...Stan-fore!"

All three saluting simultaneously, they briskly walked heading in different directions to their post. Coming up the doors open then closed tattered. Through the slightly transparent panel cowling, they had locked on to a target. It had been a pirate ship, they had already had begun firing.

"Have any of you confirmed that ship?" Felicia exclaimed.

"We have no confirmation on the ship it's self, the only confirmed information is the fallowing; Pilot is a pirate known as Cyd, with her 20's, she pilots a ship that is well design to handle fights."

"Keep her away from the Princess's ship!" she commanded.

"Lunching attack now." a female tec. replied.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Beads of sweat fell on his brow as he slowly went into a controlled pattern of breathing, keeping it smooth and steady. In front of him swayed 5 of the eight remotes programmed to attack him with their stinging little laser bolts. The 6th swayed in and out of his periphery vision, and he knew that the last 2 would be vehind him, trying to take a cheap shot while the ones on front tried to occupy his attention. A small smile formed on Edel's face before he snapped his blade forward, disabling the remote that had been swaying back and forth. Pzzt..Pzzt..Pzzt. Hi block, into a reverse swing, a quick hop, and then into a tumble, and 4 more remotes hung lifeless. The remaining 3 fired a quick succession of shots that were batted away, and reflected back, disabling 2 more. The last one fled up high, firing off ramdom shots, and moving incredibly quickly. Edel rolled left, blocked three shots before his hand, now clutching a light blaster, swung up and shot the small remote into lifelessness.
"Well, besides being hit by 3 of those stinger shots, it was not that bad of a show sir" said a cool, almost detached voice. Edel glanced at his co-pilot, a RX-3000 that had been a gift given to him long ago.
A small smile touched Edel's lips at the droids comment. "Well, thank you for the critique Rex, but I thougt I had you on communication detail."
"Well sir, the reason I left my post was to inform you of distress signal that I located some few minutes ago. As per your orders, I have put the ship to bear on the coordinates, and came to report to you, to recieve further instruction." A frown formed on Edel's face as he jogged the short distance between his training room and the cockpit.
"Could you find out anything about the ships history, a pilot log, or anything?"
"No sir, though I must admit that coding on the signal reminded me of a computer dialect that is far more advanced than anything that is regularly found around these parts."
Sitting in the pilots chair, Edel brought up the telescopic vision enhancer that he had installed on his ship. As he watched, he saw a small ship being slowly dragged, as if by a tractor beam, onto a federation ship. The small bit relief that he felt upon seeing this was quickly destroyed as he noticed a small sleek fighter sweep by and begin potshotting the already heavily damaged ship. He saw the Federation cruiser return fire, and was frustrated as he saw the sleek nimble fighter avoind the shots. A grim expression on his face, his hands danced on the controls as he readied the [I]Knight[/I] for battle.
"Prepare for battle Rex. Something tells me that this sweet little pirate has some tricks up her sleeve.
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[COLOR=Blue][FONT=Century Gothic]Karen sighed as she loaded up the screen with the gun controls. "What did I tell you Grant. Look at the big commotion you've caused." Karen said as she watched the pirate ship dance around the Federation's, easily avoiding their attacks. "How much ammo do we have left?" Karen asked as she kept her eye on the pirate.

"About 13%, and about 24% missiles." Grant replied as he popped up the screen. "There is another ship approaching." Grant said as he popped that screen up to the left.

"Alright, keep an eye on that one. He's not our enemy now. But if it starts to fire, let me know, he'll become one then. You can never tell with these Outlaws."

"Alright," Grant said as he pushed the screen father back, letting the main ones contain Cyd's ship.

"Let's see how she handles this," Karen said as she locked on to the ship and let lose a couple of homing missiles. The ships followed Cyd's ship as she raced through the sky.

"Please excuse me, your highness." came a voice from a entercom link. "Please refrain from firing any more shots. We now have you with in the ships shield."

"Alright, I'm coming aboard." Karen said as she got up, and waited for the ship to dock. "Grant, once I step out, put up the shield. I don't want them getting close to you. And only answer to me."

"Sounds fine to me. Just get me some parts!"

Karen couldn't help but laughing as she heard the ship dock, and the door opened in front of her.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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The ship computer beeped, jolting her out of her peaceful concentration. Letting the book fall to the floor, Ariadne tapped a few keys on the controls, bringing up images into close view. The fed ship she had already recognized; nothing else looked like a whale in space. Another small ship was in its tractor beam, defended by the larger and powerful shields of the feds. It was like no other craft she had seen before; and again, she couldn't recognize a large number yet, so that wasn't surprising. The two other ships she recognized.

Quickly putting up communications, she spoke to one of the pilots, "Cyd? What are you doing here?" She had met Cyd a bit before, and they had accepted each other; Cyd was the closest thing to a friend that she had, so far. The easygoing, yet dangerous nature of the older woman had drawn Ariadne to her, and although the start was a bit shaky, they had emerged without ripping each other's heads off.

Cyd's familiar voice came back to her, "Oh, hey Ari. Well, I was tryin' to get a couple morsels, but the feds want all the leftovers for themselves. I'll try to raid the fridge later."

Ariadne smiled; Cyd always made her laugh. "Careful on your way out, cook. There's a blind mouse trailing your tail."

"Cook? I am no coo-" Cyd's answer was cut off, as Ariadne powered up her ship, and took off. She headed immediately for the one that was tailing Cyd's craft, and recognized it. She had met it before; the [I]Errant Knight[/I]. Although she had never met the pilot, she had heard rumors... And remembered the last time she had met him - with guns blazing. Their dogfight had been in haste, interrupted by other crafts.

Smiling again, she opened up her weapons, preparing to swoop down on Edel, "Here I come..."
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[size=1][color=darkblue]Cyd looked at all the ships around her. "Jeez, this place is a lil crouded..." She slammed on the controls to stop and slammed them into a different direction. "I know when to back off... besides, the Fed's already have the Princess...." She said as she went in the other direction. Cyd got up and walked around her ship. Aki followed her like a little sheep. Suddenly the ship tipped to one side violently, her warning alarm was going off. "Dammit!" Cyd yelled as she brought up a screen showing that the Fed's were chasing after her. "So you wanna battle, huh?" She breathed as she lunged into her chair. One of the Fed's appeared on her communication screen.
"Stop, I repeat, STOP THE SHIP! You are under arrest for attacking a Federation Ship!" The fed roared. Cyd looked boredly at her hands, inspecting her cuticles, casualy pushing one back. Then she looked up with an inocent look on her face and pointing to her chest.
"Oh... are you talking to me?" Cyd asked inocently, putting a confused look on her face. "Why, officer, I think you have a mistake, for I have just been cruising around like a good little pirate!" The Fed's facial expression became annoyed.
"Oh darn, you caught me! But I must, really, get going. So sorry, perhaps we'll have a chance to chat soon. Love ya, smooches!" Cyd said as she winked and blew a kiss.
"CYYYYYYDDDDDDDDDDDD-----!!" The Fed was cut off by Cyd, who had turned off the communication screen. She typed in a quick thing on her control panel and soon the ship was filled with booming metal music as she jammed on the acceleration and spead away from the Fed ship.
"I love this job..." Cyd said to herself as she watched space zoom by. The music drowned out the Fed syrens, but she knew they were in hot persuit. Cyd didn't put on any sign of concern for this, she just sat back with her feet on the control panel, jamming to her tunes.[/color][/size]
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Edel watched as the pirate that had been attacking the distressed ship began to run away, moving quickly away from the engagement with the Federation ship. A small breathe of relief began to escaoe from him when a warning klaxon went off in the cockpit, warning him that some ship had a clean missle lock on him.

"What the-" he cried as he broke the [I]Knight[/I] into a sharp turn, and then banked it onto its starboard side. He was rewarded with a small flare flashing by his port side, but also with a huge shudder, as 3 laser blasts hammered into his back. "Rex-"

"Already on it sir. My apologies for not warning you of the incoming vessel. I was busy readying the ship for battle, and failed to alert you of its presence"

"Thats fine Rex, but, just keep a sharper eye out next time. Whats status?"

"Luckily, the shields went up right before the attack sir. Sheilds are currently at 87% and holding. I have aft sheilds at full."

"Ok, reroute shields to full coverage, and keep 'em that way unless I tell you otherwise."

"Yes sir." Rex replied, as he began to follow his orders. Edel, still angry at himslef for letting this happen, gazed out at the stars, trying to find his opponenet. According to his sensors, it was somewhere in front of him, probably readying itself for another pass. The thing was though, that while his sensors told him where the ship was, he couldn't see anything.

"Rex, are signals being scrambled, or is there any type of comm. going to show that our sensors are under stress?"

"No sir, sensors are perfectly fine. Why?"

"Cuz I can't see any ship out there..." And then, he saw it. Or more like, the blur of it, as he noticed not a ship, but the outline of a ship. And he knew who it was. Less than a year ago, while working on a convoy mission, he and the crew had walked into a pirate ambush. He had encountered this ship and its pilot briefly, watching as it had almost effortlessly destroyed 2 of the fighters in his squad. He had raced after it, but in the ensuing firefight, lost sight of the elusive ship. He had run checks on the ship, and had found the pilot to be a quite a ruthless pirate. Snapping out of his reverie, a cool, almost cocky grin formed on his face. "Rex, give me forward shields at 115%. It appears that the Lady Ariadne wants to dance, and it would be cruel for us to deny her the pleasure, don't you think?"
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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Purple]Sayree, a.k.a Ri, yawned, and stretched. "Devvyn, when are we gonna-" She stopped. Devvyn said, "Ri, you might want-" Ri said, "Charge the shields, idiot." The ship flipped the shields up just as a barrage of missiles hit her. The ship rocked, but nothing was damaged. Ri turned on the communicator. "Federation, this is Sayree Swift. I am not going to attack, so stop attacking me!" She said bluntly.

A face came on. "And how can we be sure of that?" Ri snorted, unlady-like. "One, I have my shields up, two when have you ever known my word to be less than trust worthy?" She was answered by another barage, but Devvyn danced aside, the little ship easily dodging the attack.

Jessemee came in, and said, "Federation, we will not attack. We will fly away from this perimeter, if, and only if, Her Highness is safe." The face smirked. "Of course she is!" Ri said smoothly, "Then there is no need to attack us. If we were here to harm her, we are smart enough not attack, especially when your shields are up."[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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Swooping down, she saw that the pilot of the [I]Errant Knight[/I] had finally picked up her ship. Shrugging, she readied some of the lighter weapons; she wanted the fun to last, but wasn't about to go blazing in with everything she had. No...it was more interesting drawing them to her. Flipping a couple more switches, Ariadne scanned the other craft again, and realized that Edel Hawke had recognized her. She smiled, the stars surrounding them causing shadows to fall on her face. [I]This should be interesting...[/I]

Opening communications, she sent a link-up to Edel's craft. "Good evening, Errant Knight. May I ask what brings you out here to this empty part of space?" Smiling again, she fired several missiles, and then wheeled away, the inertia making her breathless. Her adrenaline was starting to pump, and her heart rate picked up. Excitement started to rise in her stomach, and she turned back, trailing as the missiles pursued Edel's ship. Twisting in various aerial maneuvres, the missiles finally started to catch up...

Waiting, watching as he tried to shake off the explosives, Ariadne waited, her hand hovering over the controls. Finally, she flipped a switch. The missiles detonated, sending shrapnel in various directions. Her ship automatically put up shielding, blocking the blinding light. Edel's ship had disappeared, and she searched in vain with her plain vision; she didn't try scanning again, because the heat from the explosion would just distract them.

Sighing, she frowned wryly as she watched the rest of the missiles detonate on her command, "...that was far too easy. I was at least hoping for somewhat of a challenge..."

FWOOSH! The Errant Knight came barreling out of the lingering blasts, Edel whooping in glee. Ariadne grinned; she could hear his breathless laughter over the communication link. Powering up her ship again, she swept towards him, flashing by the stars, "So, I see that you decided to return."

His voice crackled back over the com, "Hey, I never miss the firework show. Can you keep up, Lady Ariadne?"

She was impressed; this pilot had done some research. And she hadn't been called 'lady' for quite a while now. [I]Time to throw the bait...[/I] She murmured lazily back, laughing quietly, "Hmm...do I sense a challenge?" Both heading straight towards each other, they both veered away at the last second, barely avoiding a collision.
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Edel couldnt help but feel exhilarated as he took the [I]Knight[/I] into a shapr turn, veering away from collision with Ariadne's ship. The woman was a good pilot, and deserved at least the honor inherent of that. NOt just that, but her ship, being close to impossible to see in the void of space helped sharpen his eyes and reflexes, making it a true challenge to fly against her. He settled in to his pilot couch, his ship speed giving him a slight edge as he turned around first, and allowing him to pepper her aft shields with a barrage of hard light. As she came around, readying herself for a a pass at his ship, he turned in a sharp 90 degree angle, exposing his belly, but at the same time, also to his belly turrets, which opened up on her fleeing ship, scoring one good hit as he came around and settled behind her ship. As he lined up his missle package for a clear shot, he couldn't help suppress a whistle.

Over the comm. a cool, and very amused voice responded. "If you like my ship's backside, you should get a load of my real one."

Edel laughed, as his whistle had been targeted at her good juking skills, never allowing him to get a clear shot. "I'm sorry m'lady, but you weren't meant to hear that." he replied, as he kept trying to line up his shot. Suddenly, he took a shot, and as the missle streaked away, he mimicked her roll to port, hammering mercilessly at the aft of her ship. Yet in his glee, he overshot her, flying past, and exposing his behind to wat he knew would be a fierce counter attack.
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[size=1][color=darkblue]Cyd still spead through space in the carefree way, when she realized the Fed ship was still chasing her. To her suprise, it was catching up to her. [i]I've never seen a Fed ship that fast...[/i] Cyd thought as the smirk vanished from her face. [i]They'll catch up to me for sure soon enough...[/i] Then, as if a spark ignited at that second, Cyd's eyes filled with amusement and the smirk returned. She sat upright and grabbed the speed control and brought it down a little. Cyd returned to the back of her chair and watched the Fed's on her screen. They were closer... closer... closer...
[i]Vvvvwwwpppp[/i] The same Fed from before appeared on her communication screen. Cyd tipped her head and said, "Hello officer."
"Don't play with me, Cyd. You can't possibly get out of this now! You are under arrest and we will be pulling up to your ship to put you under restraint."
"And I won't stop you, officer." Cyd replied in a very serious way. This reply wasn't something the officer expected to hear and a slightly shocked look flashed aross his face. Then another officer pushed him aside.
"Cyd, now that you have accepted to do this in the easy way, be prepared. Now, stop your ship and we will connect." The new officer said. At first glance, Cyd actually respected this lady. Her stern but calm ways stuck to her, for no other officer normally acted that way. Cyd hesitated for a second, but then nodded and the woman nodded back and shouted an order to the others in her ship. Cyd stopped her ship with a slight jolt and waited calmly for the officers. There was a bang and the two officers, both the male and female that she had talked to, walked into the control room and motioned for Cyd to come. Cyd grabbed Aki and walked toward them without hesitation. The man looked at her oddly.
"Arms up!" He commanded, Cyd sighed and did as told, "It's rather hard to believe I am seeing this from [i]you[/i] Cyd...." He said as he pressed his gun against her back and the female Fed led the way. Cyd looked down. [i]Heh, you fools have no idea... this little act just gets me closer to the Princess... After all, we will be on the same ship...[/i] Cyd thought as she hid a small smirk and walked into the Fed's ship. [i]Perfect...[/i]
Sorry I haven't been posting for a bit, places to go, things to do... Anyway, I hope to see more people posting more often, I don't want this RPG to be abandoned! ^_^[/color][/size]
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[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Blue]Karen stepped off her ship as she was greeted with "Welcome aboard, Your Highness". Karen surveyed the scene. The lady she had been talking to before was not present. This didn't forbode well with Karen, as she could obviously tell, there was something else going on.

"Where is the lady I was talking to before? I believe she is your superior." Karen asked as she looked toward an lower-ranking officer who was looking her ship over.

"She is in the other hanger," he said cocking his head to one direction. "Arresting and searching a pirate we just caught."

"That's why there are not more of us here, Your Highness." said a young man who was decorated more than the other. "We're here to protect you, just in case something happens."

Karen laughed. "You people! I swear!" she said as she contiuned to laugh. "No matter how many times I visit you, you always seem to crack me up! You? Protect me? You must be kidding! I may be a pacifist, but I know how to fight, and protect myself. Now, what was the name of this ship you captured?" Karen asked as she turned back to the decorated soldier.

"Well, I really dont know ma'am. Me and my men was just sent here to protect you. I wasn't given any explisit..."

Karen raised her hand and the soldier stopped talking. "I'm sorry, Your Highness." he said as he gave a bow.

"Its ok," Karen said as she looked at her watch, which was linked directly to Grant. "Grant, show me the footage of that ship that was captured just now."

A small screen apeared, that seemed to come out of the watch. The screen was filled of the image of one ship being pulled into the Federations' ship. "This is the ship that tried to attack us earlier." Karen said to herself as she closed the screen, and looked down sadly. "This doesn't look good...."

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[size=1][color=darkblue]Cyd looked around the room she was in. Some officers had gone to check out her ship and some where checking out the odd furball known as Aki. "Is all this really needed?" Cyd asked.
"Yes, it is!" The woman officer barked. "You attacked a Fed ship and tried to kidnap the Princess!"
"And---?" Cyd asked dumbly as some officers frisked her. They had already removed all of her weapons and they had struggled rather hard to get her to let go of Aki.
The woman then nodded to the officers and they shoved Cyd into a cell. "Uh... can I have my pet back?!" Cyd asked sharply.
"Hmm... Right." The officer said and threw Aki in the cell as well. Cyd picked up the shaking Aki and started petting him to calm him down.
"Don't worry, baby, everything will be going our way from now on." Cyd whispered soothingly to Aki, he meowed in reply.
Yeah. yeah, short reply... but I need my time to plan. >: ) Mwahahahha!! Ok, I'm alright now.. << >>[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Felicia walked away from the rooms with the cells. She was somewhat...Nervous. It wasn't too smart of an idea to have a pirate like Cyd aboard, while the princess was. If she was to get loose and the prince not secured it'd mean big trouble for everyone. Walking she took a few doors, up some levels, and out to where a few officers were gathered. Glancing over she stared at Karen's ship that at her.

"Princess Karen..." she said walking over, "Do you or Grant, have any recollection or data on how you could have gotten damaged or sent this far out into space?"

Karen said nothing and shook her head.

"I see..." Felicia sad, "I take it that you would like to meet the pirate known as Cyd, correct?"

Another ranking officer became infuriated with this question. It was, basically, mandatory that the princess have nothing to do with those trying to capture her.

"Felicia, that ----" the officer was cut off by Felicia's hand.

"No need to worry, I shall be escorting her." Felicia stated, "Yes, no?

The officer grunted, disapproving. The princess nodded.

"Correct. I do want to meet with the pirate known as Cyd."

"Very well, please fallow me."

With that Felicia walked along side Princess Karen down to the room where all the cells were held. Inputting a code into the side panel the doors open and the two went in, it quickly closed behind them. They walked down the rows of cells till the turned and were in front of the last cell in this room. Cyd looked up and smirked.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=darkblue]Cyd looked up as she heard someone enter the cell room. She smirked when she saw who it was. Princess Karen and the Fed lady. "So, you came to see me?" Cyd asked levely, looking at Aki who had settled himself in her lap.
"Yes." Karen said independantly, gazing at Cyd. Cyd looked up and met her eyes.
"I see." The Fed had stepped off to the side, but was keeping a close watch. "So, Princess... what ever [i]did[/i] happen to your ship? A youngen, an important one at that, shouldn't be fooling around in the middle of space, where who knows what kind of pirates could have found you? Your lucky [i]I[/i] was one of the pirates that just happened to hear your distress call. I'm sure any other would have torn you [i] limb[/i] from [i]limb[/i]. But, not I, for you are worth something to me my dear Princess." Cyd said, playing carefully at her words, but grinning when she saw the look on the Princess's face. Karen's face had changed to many different expressions during Cyd's little lecture. But the final result was a rather hard expression.
"It is none of your buisness [i]why[/i] I was out there, even though you already know the answer. You are working for my uncle no doubt. Plus, I know that you cannot do anything to me, for if you did, my uncle would kill you in an instant... wouldn't he?" Karen stated.
"[i]Really[/i] I could do [i]anything[/i] I wanted to do to you, as long as I don't kill you. I was strictly ordered to bring you back [b]alive[/b], not [i]unharmed[/i]. I believe he would like to do that himself..." Cyd said with a smirk. "But, you shouldn't worry about that for awhile. I won't do anything to you... yet, my dear Princess."[/color][/size]
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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Purple]Ri sighed. "Well, Jess, I guess we can go home, eh?" Jessemee snorted. "Ri, this is our home." She gestured to the whole ship. Devvyn said, "Girls, I hate to point this out, but you might want to watch what you say around here. The Fed, not to mention pirates, are out here, and who knows who would wantyou dead."

Ri shrugged. "Well, I'm getting something to eat. Anything for you, Jess?" The black-haired teen shook her head. "Nah. Just something to drink." Ri smiled, then left the room.

The blonde outcast went to the kitchen/thing, and put ehr hand on the blue plate outside the door. It blinked twice, then burred as the door slid open. Ri walked in, her boots clicking on the floor. SHe dug around for a couple minutes, and grabbed some stuff. She left, and the door slid closed behind her. She opened the door to the cabin, and tossed the can to Jessemee.

They laughed and ate for a little, then the subject turned to Karen, her brother, and her uncle.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Blue]Karen stood and stared at the pirate she had seen too many times before.

"You've gotten bigger," Karen said as she looked Cyd over.

Cyd seemed surprised by this comment, expecting the princess to comment on her uncle. "I could say the same to you." she said with a smirk.

"No, that's not what I meant," Karen said as she drew a cirlce around her waist with her arms. "This way."

Cyd stared at her, as Aki hissed in her lap. "Maybe it's just that my uncle chooses fat, incompetent people to do his work." Karen contiuned. "Hum." Karen said as she shrugged and turned to head out the door. "I'll talk to ya later," Karen said as she waved and stepped out the door, the Fed right on her heels.

"Your Highness! Aren't you a little more worried about what she said?"

"Naw...come on. I figured you'd know me at least a little better by now. Me...I'm not afriad of anything. Now, let's head for the nearest planet. My ship needs some parts."[/COLOR][/FONT]
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She watched as Edel seemed to fly by her, exposing himself completely to her view. "Ah, a mistake, Errant Knight." Opening with her laser cannons, she rammed Edel's ship with quick blasts, jarring him in his seat. She was just about to lock onto his ship again, but then noticed something on her screen.

"Cyd?" she breathed, watching the fed ship grow more distant. But even with it speeding even further away from the small battle, her sensors spied Cyd's ship in the ports. Immediately, Ariadne slammed her hands on the controls, twisting her ship completely around. Edel, she knew, would be turning also, ready to face her with weapons blazing - only to find the space she had occupied empty.

She accelerated more, speeding after the fed ship, curious at what Cyd was up to. Glancing back, she saw that Edel had noticed her absence, and was pursuing her in flight. [I]Ah..so, he's one that doesn't give up his prey so easily...[/I] Ariadne smiled again - it was nice having a little excitement now and then, and he had certainly survived up to this point. But she merely sped up, her thrusters brightening like twin lights in a black sky. It was the only view of her ship that was actually visible.

She spoke quietly into the mic, and laughed quietly. "Catch me if you can, Sir Edel."
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[size=1][color=darkblue]Cyd blinked and then flung her head back a laughed. "Ah, she called me fat... I see she hasn't changed much from the last time I had spoken to her, still a little smart ***." She said looking at the cell wall. Cyd looked around boredly, looking for weak spots in the bars and walls. "Hmmm...." She got up from the cot and placed Aki where she had been sitting. Cyd carefully knocked on each bar softly, not finding a single flaw. "Hn, they got smarter since the last time I had been captured..." She mumbled to herself. "Heh, well, I guess I'll have to do it the harder way." Cyd pulled at one bar, but backed away as she got a slight shock. [i]So they installed some new gadgets to their little jail collection, hmm, I think I've seen these before....[/i] Cyd thought as she looked the bars over. Cyd then grabbed Aki and threw him hard at the bars. In self-defense, Aki transformed into a rather larger version. He easily knocked over the bars he was chucked at and the electric forcefield only made his hair poof up. "Ah yes, very good." Cyd said as Aki went back to his normal size and she picked him up. "Now, what shall be our next move? I believe the Princess may like another chat." She said as she grinned. Cyd then headed briskly for the door.[/color][/size]
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Edel heard the taunting words and smiled. "M'lady, if this where a race, my [I]Knight[/I] would run circles around your ship." With that, he put full accleration into the sip. "Rex, shunt laser power to thrusters, and bring up missle package 1. Lets see how effective it is, and whether it'll let us catch us a wild pirate."
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[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Blue]Karen watched as the planet came closer and closer to view through the screen on the Federation ships' bridge deck. "Inform me when you are ready to disembark." Karen said as she turned and headed back toward the hanger towards Grant. There where many soldiers surrounding the ship, a few actually doing their jobs standing at attention, but most where eyeing the ship with curiousity. One put his hand up and was instantly shocked thanks to the shiled Grant had emplied.

"I thought I told you to stay away from my ship," Karen said as she walked past the ones who snapped to attention at the sight of her to the man who had just been sapped. She examained him. "You'll be fine. You're lucky I told Grant to put it on low though." she said as she helped the man stand and then entered the ship.

"That was fun." Grant said sacastically as Karen headed for her room, and started to pack some supplies. "What is that for?" Grant asked as she picked up her gun strap and tied it around her waist.

"Just in case." Karen said as she pulled up a screen to the side of her bed. "We don't know very much about these planets out here, remember? We can't be too cocky. I mean, look. One of my uncle's followers is out here already. What if there are more like her? I have to make it back to Kevin. Failure is NOT an option." Karen said as she finished coping the list on the screen to her watch. "Ok, I've got your parts list. Is there anything else you need?"

"You might get some food for the storage. You're getting kinda low." Grant said as he popped up another screen. "It's that lady again."

The Fed's head came on the screen. "We are ready to leave when you are, Your Highness."

"I"m on my way." Karen said as she picked up her backpack, and headed towards the ship's door. "I'll bring back something for you too Grant!" she said with a smile as she stepped out and went down to hallway to meat the Fed. "Let's go!" Karen said with a smile as she led the way on to the new planet.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[size=1][color=darkblue]Cyd grabbed a little lazer she found in her boot. She examined the door to the jail cell room. She carelessly pointed it at the lock and pressed the button. It imediatly melted and she kicked open the door. Aki jumped onto her shoulder as she left the jail room. Cyd looked down the hall, no sign of any Fed's. "Idiots." She mumbled and searched the ceiling for video cameras, she only found one that was about seven or so feet away. Cyd tried to plan something out for her excape. She looked at the lights and a grin flickered onto her face. Cyd suddenly jumped, starteling Aki, who was hanging on for dear life. When she was high enough, she punched out the light. The darkness washed over her and the whole hallway. The Fed's had obviously seen this swift act on the camera, for the warning alarms rang through the whole ship.
As soon as Cyd heard footsteps coming in her direction, she felt for the wall and kicked of the wall. She luckly managed to grab ahold of the hallway lamp bars. She pulled up her legs and wrapped them around the bar and started to pull herself along the ceiling like a sloth. As soon as the footsteps passed beneath her, she paused, holding her breath. There were a few voices and then a ray of light cut through the darkness. They were a few feet away, Cyd started pulling herself away again. She watched them wave the light around and it finally rested upon the ceiling, exposing her. She cursed and jumped down. They started running at her, but she just ran away from them, down the dark hallway. She only had one goal on her mind... getting away.[/color][/size]
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