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Pulp Fiction: vol2ume

Guest Midnight Rush

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Guest Midnight Rush
[b]WARNING: THIS RPG CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING: Explicit sexuality, severe language, graphic excessive violence, drug use, gambling, alcohol consumption, and strong adult themes. Rated: R18+ If you are not offended by such things please be my guest and join the project. If this kind of thing offends you or your parents leave now and do not return.[/b]


pulp fiction: vol2ume
A Tarantino Spin-off By Patrick Beam
[i]It?s Chinatown, one in the A.M., at a small corner shoppe. Behind the counter is a middle aged Asian man, he has worn yellow teeth and thin grey hair. A younger white man comes into the shop and begins to browse.[/i]

[b]SHOP OWNER:[/b] [i]Can I help you, sir?[/i]

The man walks over to the counter.
[b]MAN:[/b] [i] I?d like to buy some condoms. I got a guest at my apartment.[/i]

The shop owner gives an Inspector Wong Chinese smile.
[b]SHOP OWNER:[/b] [i]Ah, I have just the thing for a special lady! What size will you be needing?[/i]

The man thinks for a minute, and lights a cigarette.
[b]MAN:[/b] [i]Large should be fine.[/i]

The shop owner goes under the counter, presumably to get a package of condoms.
[b]SHOP OWNER:[/b] [i]Yes, yes, here we go![/i]

The man has a gun in his hand now, and puffs on his cigarette impatiently for the owner.
[b]MAN:[/b] [i]Hurry it up she won?t wait forever![/i]

The owner comes up from under the counter holding a box of condoms, and finds himself staring into the barrel of a gun.
[b]MAN:[/b] [i]Empty the cash register Fong I don?t got all ******* day![/i]

The shop owner thinks quickly and decides to use the [i]?bad ?ngrish?[/i] routine.
[b]SHOP OWNER:[/b] [i]Heya! Waitshee for gun-ah?[/i]

He holds up the box of condoms.
[b]SHOP OWNER:[/b] [i]A yes! Werry fine ?ese are! Make her moan like no tomorrow, nevermind.[/i]

The man is obviously frustrated now, he bites his cigarette hard as he speaks.
[b]MAN:[/b] [i]Empty the ******* cash register and no one gets hurt![/i]

[b]SHOP OWNER:[/b] [i]You take ?ese or what? Lady f?hriend be weeping in sorrows![/i]

The man is pissed. He mocks the shop owner, mimicking the accent and aping the smile.
[b]MAN:[/b] [i]You ?ake these? I ******* take ?em! Take em can will MAY![/i]

A Chinese girl of about 17 enters, wearing jean shorts and a Grateful Dead T-Shirt. She has a Sun Mi haircut and 3 earrings in each ear.
[b]GIRL:[/b] [i]You called, father?[/i]

The shop owner is pissed now, and unleashes a flood of Chinese at the girl. The girl hasn?t noticed the man with the gun yet, and she floods Chinese right back at him, nearly screaming in rage. The man is pissed to no end at being ignored.

[b]MAN:[/b][i]SHUT THE **** UP!![/i]

The girl and the shop owner keep arguing, not even looking at him when he shouted.

[b]MAN:[/b][i]Just my ******* luck... some robber I am.. can't even get a ******* girl to notice me and I'm waving a gun in her ******* face![/i]
Three muscular black men enter the shop, all of them holding guns. Their names are Jackie, Mick, and Bruce. They talk in a very educated posh-*** way. Jackie is eying the girl intensely.
[b]JACKIE:[/b] [i]Hello! This is a robbery! Empty your pockets and that fat register and we?ll only take the girl![/i]
[b]MICK:[/b] [i]Jackie, I think we walked in on a robbery in progress.[/i]

[b]MAN:[/b] [i]Aww, ****! Now I got the whole ******* hood coming down on my ***? I?m givin? this **** up after tonight.[/i]

Welcome to the world of pulp fiction: vol2ume, a world of petty thieves, criminals, and drug addicts, who in their own little way can teach us all something about life.

1. Submit sign-up by PM! DO NOT POST it until I have approved of it. If I don?t think your sign up fits the setting, I?ll be glad to work with you on it until it does.
2. You must display excellent grammar, a good grasp of writing in general, and a sense of what I?m trying to accomplish here.
3. You must have seen Pulp Fiction to be in this! (If you haven?t, go and rent it! It is awesome!)
[b]What I am trying to do with this:[/b]
A. Create a Tarantino style story
B. Flavor that story so that it reflects the wit that was the original Pulp Fiction

[b] The Cast:[/b]

[i]The Man-[/i] The MAN from the example above Played By: Kinetic
[i]Jackie-[/i] One of the three robbers
[i]Mick-[/i] One of the three robbers
[i]Cassius Clay-[/i] An ex-boxer turned gang boss (black)
[i]Ruby-[/i] MAN?s girlfriend (Either Asian or White)
[i]Herb-[/i] Mexican urban drug dealer
[i]Yoko-[/i] Victor?s girlfriend (Asian)
[i]Victor-[/i] Poolshark and hitman Played By: Undefeated

Everyone here except Yoko and maybe Victor is addicted to some type of narcotic (Choose from: hash, cocaine, and heroin). Whoever plays the man needs to give him a cool name.


The characters listed in the cast are merely the ones being played by people. There will be many minor characters (NPCs) That whoever is posting will control to keep the flow smooth.
The story is structured (a rough skeleton subject to change) like this:
Chapter 1- Prologue[/i]
Chapter 1 is the introduction. Part of Chapter 1 is in the beginning of this post*.
[i]Chapter 2- The Man and Jackie[/i]
The Man delivers a package for Herb, and is intercepted by Jackie on the way.
[i]Chapter 3- Gambling and Poolsticks[/i]
Victor and Cassius Clay meet at a casino in Vegas. Some complications occur and the fight begins.
[i]Chapter 4- Ami, Jackie, and The Man[/i]
Big problems at Ami?s apartment
[i]Chapter 5- Full circle[/i]
The loose ends are tied up at the time of Victor and Cassius? meeting.

Approximate chronological order: 1, 2, 4, 3, 5

You don?t need to post it in the style that I did in the intro (see above), but give it a movie feel as best you can.

At the beginning of each chapter I?ll post a rough summary and list the cast of the chapter. If you?re not in the chapter you can?t post until it?s a chapter with you in it.

[b]*Once I get the signup info I?ll refine the intro? but until I get details I can?t do it justice.[/b]

Chapter 3- John goes to the store
Cast: John, the clerk, and Jill
Summary: John is at a super market, he buys some groceries and checks out. In the checkout line he meets his old friend Jill, they make plans for a later date.
Very crude example, but you should understand what I mean from that.

Here is the quintessential sign up form:

[b]Name: [/b]

[b]Gender: [/b]

[b]Approximate Age: [/b]

[b]Physical Appearance: [/b] I don?t want to hear about what they wear. These are people, they change clothes more than once a week?. A picture is good, in fact yea a picture isn?t quite required, but it will be like major bonus in your favor to have one.

[b]Personality: [/b] I want lifelike characters so pull no punches. Quirks, general traits, the whole dam 1st down is what I want here.

[b]Biography: [/b] doesn?t have to be long, but it must make sense.

If you don?t make it in, don?t feel bad. I am gestimating that there will be more than a few people wanting to join. More than anything else have fun with this, I think that my little idea here could become very entertaining and fun. I?ll post my sign up after we get a few people going,
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[i][b]Name: [/b]Jimmy Zito

[b]Gender: [/b]Male

[b]Approximate Age:[/b] 26

[b]Physical Appearance:[/b] Short brown hair and brown eyes. Skinny and a rugged looking, yet shaved face. I'll give you a hint: Tim Roth.

(I was hoping that I could be the robber from the restaurant, who Tim Roth played. I think it would be interesting to see that character return, not having learned his lesson from the encounter with Jules Winnfield)

[b]Personality: [/b]Jimmy talks as though he might have a slight lisp, but it's very undefined and barely noticeable. Almost a twisted accent of some sort. Jimmy is innovative but doesn't really think things through and is very rash in his actions. Jimmy is obsessive compulsive, so he always feels weird about his placement and the placement of other objects. It really irritates him. He also has a fascination with shoes. Any kind. Shoes really tickle his fancy.

[b]Biography: [/b]Mr. Zito, Jimmy, was born to a family in LA, living in a cheap apartment downtown. His father, being a pizza delivery man, brought in a very low income. His mother, the neighborhood tramp, would have sex with anything that moved, unbeknown to Jimmy's unintelligent father. Jimmy grew up with a few friends, but they were all odd and didn't fit in to the crowd. Jimmy took a leader type position in the group, hungry for control over the other boys.

By the time he was 14, he was arrested on multiple accounts of burglary, mostly involving pornographic magazines from the cornerstore down the street. Jimmy, who was always coming up with new schemes and plans, decided that life would be much better if he could further his skill in robbery.

He moved out of his house at the age of 17, living out of his car. He met a girl named Ruby and they banded together passionately, robbing cornerstores and unsuspecting people on the street. Charismatic in their actions, they were fool-hearty and wound up tangled in many odd predicaments. Always weaving their way out of trouble, they continued on their journies.

After their incident with Jules Winnfield at the restaurant, they moved out to New York, living in the outskirts of China Town (I think China Town's in New York. I'll change it if I'm wrong), and they've been struggling ever since.[/i]
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