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Blaze, the Last Knight


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One hundred years ago, six new High Priests entered the Church of Elements, and changed the world forever. They tore apart the land, living for their own purposes and goals instead of for the people. One of their first acts was to destroy the Order of Knights. They sent their new army against the honorable, loyal warriors, and the Knights were slain.
All of them but one. The one was Blaze, the Last Knight. Struck by a spell supposed to kill him, Blaze was instead trapped in suspended animation. He has at last awoken, into a world he never wished to know.
The Six Dark Priests have rended the world, destroying the lush and peaceful landscape and replacing it with a global desert, a land were life is not plenteful, and hate is. Villages scatter the land, living where there is water and some source of food.
Blaze, disgusted with the new world, strikes up a campaign. Slowly he makes his way towards the capitol city, home of the Great Cathedral, home of the Dark Priests. It is his goal to kill them, returning the world to its former status.
The Priests, thought, have found ways to tie themselves to the pure Elements, and maintain a great power. Immortality. They have not aged beyond their lives at the end of Blaze's time.
But he does not care. He will destroy them. He will bring about peace.
He will die for his cause.

Blaze stands atop a large sand dune, peering down at a small village. The world, once bustling and prosperous, has been reduced to small villages wrapped around rivers and forests. It made him sick.
He adjusted his billowing red cape, and jumped off the dune's top. He sailed through the air, eventually hitting the soft sands. His feet moved swiftly, as he propelled himself down the rest of the sandy mountain.
Still moving swiftly, he entered the front gate of the village. The gate was large, strong, and would survive any real attack. Very good workmanship.
He slowed his pace as he moved down the streets. People stared at him from the sides, wondering who this bizarre, armored warrior was. They had never seen a Knight before.
He strode to what he assumed was the pub. It was. The room was dark and crowded, smelling of alcohol and urine. The sounds of braying laughter, vile belches, and insidious mutterings filled the room. But he didn't mind.
Blaze moved up towards the counter, seeing the barmaid is a pretty blonde woman.
"Yes? Can I help you?" she asks.
"Just, give me something strong," he says, not knowing what to expect in this run-down shack of a place.
"All right," she says, filling a mug from a large keg. She hands the mug over, and its filled with a dark liquid.
Blaze takes a deep drink, and it is strong. The liquid burns his mouth a little, but over-all its pretty good.
He lets out a small breath, and says, "I've had worse." He smiles warmly to reassure the barmaid.

OOC: Enter your characters as you will. I won't really be around from Monday to Friday (?) or even Sunday (!), so keep things rolling.
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OOC: finaly!

IC: Itsure watches this strange man wander into the bar, looking as if everything was unfamiliar to him. Actualy, the armor clad man hardly showed any hint of discomfort, but Itsure could tell. However, the thing that really attracted Itsure, was the possibility that this guy probably had a good sum of money on him. How else would he have gotten this armor? Smiths were few and far between, and for something of that quality...

Itsure walked casualy into the bar, one hand tensing around his naginata on his back. He sat down two seats away from the armor clad man and slipped the naginata out of it's back-strap. Itsure pointed it directly at the warrior's face, saying, "I can tell you must be pretty wealthy... how about sharing?"
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]Kenmei walked into the bar and took a seat few chairs down from two men. Leaning her javelin against her side with one arm around it she glanced over. One seemingly to look strangely unfamiliar in armor within this place. She had not seemed anyone with his type of armor before. Looking back forwards the barmaid waved to her thus, she waved back. "I'll be there in a sec., Kenmei." she called as she served a few more glasses to people across the bar line and two at a booth. Once done the women walked back over to her.

"It's been so long since I've talked to you!" she said, smiling, "How've you been?"

"I'm well, I've been traveling a bit though. Thanks for asking. How has everything been for you working her at the bar, Eliza?

"It's been great, really been racking in customers. So your trainings been good I take."

"Correct, here."

Kenmei held out her left hand flat with her fingers slightly curved. Closing her eyes, she began to focuses on her palm. A out from the center of her hand rose small glowing orbs; the color of pure white with a golden aura around them. They began to combine into one larger orb, of which glowed with a pale blue light a few inches above. Eliza stared on in awe as Kenmei opened her eyes the lights from her hands stopped coming. The sphere fell gentle into her hand, no longer glowing, it's color no totally blue. Shimmering and clear, she handed it to Eliza.

"My gift to you, for not coming back last year to visit."

Eliza thanked her but as she did another man called her away. They both waved good bye, Kenmei closed her hand and re-opened it a few times. Not telling anyone how much it hurt, her hand began to stutter as she placed it down on the counter. She watched as her left hand shook, slowly. She began to fall into thought about the two a few seats down, they seemed a bit...Off compared to everyone else in the bar.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Itsure was suddenly distracted by something... a build-up of what people in his homeland call [I]chakra[/I]. Almost forgetting the strange man in armor for a moment, he turned to see Kenmei sitting there. He had never seen her before.

The man took this opportunity to snatch Itsure's naginata away from him (quite a feet, as it is nearly five feet long). Itsure's attention snapped back and he grabbed the naginata back, almost comicaly.

The man wagged a finger at Itsure, "It's not nice to point blades in people's faces you know." this was obviously intended to get Itsure angry, but he rarely did. Kenmei was now watching them, semi-interested.

A little ticked, but still calm, Itsure tucked the naginata back into it's strap on his back. "Hmph... you don't look like you're around here." the man thought this over while Itsure got the barmaid's attention and got a drink. "Well? It's not nice to keep people waiting."
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]Blaze calmly shoved past the man with the Naginata, moving back out into the dusty dirt street.
"Hey!" barked Itsure. "What about sharing some of your gold, eh?"
Blaze turned and glared at him with blazing gold eyes. "How about no, eh?" he mocked.
Itsure pulled his naginata back out, readying for battle.
"You don't want to do that," growled Blaze, drawing the Sword of Flame.
"Watch me."
Itsure swung out with the long weapon, but Blaze easily dodged the blow, moving in for a powerful hit. He swung the flat side of his sword into the Theives gut, swinging up his hand into Itsure's chin.
"No leave," growled Blaze, resheathing his blade.
"No," growled Itsure. The man's blue eyes darkened with the power of Shadow.
"You wield Shadow," said Blaze, a little impressed with the young thieve's power.
"I do not wield it, I master it," snarled Itsure, before unleashing his energy.
The blast of darkness struck Blaze head on, but the Knight guarded himself, blocking the full force. While the energy dissappated, he charged up his own power.
"Do not attack a Knight," Blaze growled.
He held out his hands, both palms facing outwards, back of one resting on another. His palms glowed with fierce red light, and a blast of flames exploded at the Theif, who just barely dodged the fireball. Seeing his blast missed, Blaze quickly dispelled the attack, not wishing to harm anyone.
Hearing the commotion, several patrons of the bar rushed out to see the scene. It was right out of a Wester, though with swords and naginatas instead of pistols.
The hot air sturred up plumes of dust, causing Blaze's cape to whip around and their clothes to flap against their bodies. Blaze had drawn his blade once more.
"Halt!" yelled a voice.
The spectators and warriors turned to see who had issued the call.
Standing at the gate was a crowd of men, clad in white robes and gilded armor, different than Blaze's. This was the armor of a Church Guard, the warriors that delt out the will of the High Priests.
"There shall be no fighting in the realm of the Priests!" yelled the leader, an older man with graying black hair and finely trimmed goatee. "It is against the laws ordained by our lords, the High Priests of Elements!"
The other five or so nodded solemnly.
Blaze spit onto the ground. "The will of your false Priests means nothing to a Knight. I follow the path of honor, not avarice."
"Take back your heretical claims, or face divine retribution!" cried a younger man with longish blonde hair.
"I shall not!" barked Blaze. "I only follow those who earn respect! These greedy 'Lords' do not diserve my trust."
"Then die," growled a third, a large man, scarred and muscular. He held a large axe in one hand. Blaze realized that all carried weapons, and most of them were drawn.
"I refuse to fall to your honorless hands," Blaze said, readying himself for battle.
The crowd looked on in horror at this too bold warrior. Surely, he would be killed by the elite Church Guard.
"By order of the Church of Elements, all heretics and disbelievers are to be punished for their crimes. Furthermore, all who dare challange a Church Guard are to be punished by martial law!" yelled the leader. "In simpler terms, you are to be executed!"
"Try," growled Blaze.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Itsure backed away for a moment, seeing what this 'knight' would do. When Blaze said this last word, Itsure came up behind him, speaking so only he could hear. "That's not such a great idea... but at least now we have something in common."
Blaze turned his head towards Itsure. "If you have any respect, let me handle them myself!"
Itsure thought about this for no more than two seconds, "Have at them then!"
Blaze turned back towards the priests, who were steadily advancing. Now even Kenmei was outside, watching the chain of events that would lead to the death (or extreme mangeling) of either Blaze or the priests.

Blaze now wielded the Sword of Flame, taking a step towards the priests... enough to swing out and force one fo the smaller ones to his feet. An all-out brawl ensued. The large priest came from Blaze's right, while a short man with stubby brown hair wielding a short sword came from his left. Blaze turned to his side, swiping out with his sword one direction, and unleashing a burst of flame in the other.

The short one was intsantly engulfed in flame, and the large one was thrown sideways with a resounding [I]clang[/I]. This left two more, not including the older leader, who was obviously too frail to fight.

One took an extravegant fightig stance right in front of Blaze. This was a bad idea, but as Blaze struck out at him, the other, using a broad-sword, got behind Blaze. The priest lifted the sword high above his head, ready to plunge it into Blaze's armored back.


A rush of air,followed closely by the clang of metal informed Blaze of the scene behind him. Itsure stood with his naginata drawn, the sneaky priest on the ground, a large dent in is frail helmet.

"You should keep an eye out you know." Isture said, wagging a fingure at him tauntingly.

"I thought I told you not to interfere!"

"I forgot to tell you... I have no respect. For anyone."
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Jim finished his studies with the other preist at the curch so he decided to walk around the village for a bit. He bought a few things until he noticed that there was a big crowd around one of the local bars so he decided to look into it. It was probably another big brawl between some drunk travelers or the local people here. It took a while for Jim to get there, but once he did people were starting to talk a lot about what was happening:

"I cant beleive their fighting the Preists" said a local woman.

"I know, they must be new to the town to do something like that" an elderly man said as he tried to get a better view. Once some of the people saw th eyoung preist they moved aside acting like they were scared of him like the older preist. Without hesitation they let him inside the pub to view the fight, Jim was shocked to see some of the ther preist fighting some night in armor and two other people besides him. Some of the priest that were in there had been burned or injured during this brawl, it kinda made Jim uneasy at the moment but he later regained his equilibrium afterwards.


A rush of air,followed closely by the clang of metal informed Blaze of the scene behind him. Itsure stood with his naginata drawn, the sneaky priest on the ground, a large dent in is frail helmet.

"You should keep an eye out you know." Isture said, wagging a fingure at him tauntingly.

"I thought I told you not to interfere!"

"I forgot to tell you... I have no respect. For anyone."

Jim was now mad at what he saw and didn't need to see anymore of this fighting. He raised his staff and did a wind-barrier spell on the other preist so they wouldn't get hurt anymore. the three just looked at him as he stood in front of them hlding his staff.

"You have violated the sacred rules...please leave so there is no more fighting and no one would have to get hurt. Even though the others might not find this just..... I will let you go on, so please do so" Jim stated as the other preist got up to help their fallen commerads.

"So some young punk thinks he can fight us all does he now" Istsure snapped at Jim, all Jim did was hold his ground and wait for what was about to happen next to stunned to say anything. He was kinda scared at the moment.
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