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Digimon: Second Generatation


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[I][COLOR=Navy]Alright, I was reading Digimon: Original Digidestined because I thought it sounded interesting and it is. As I was reading, I thought of something. How about if there were a group of Digidestined after those ones and before Tai and co.? Like the first group is the Grandparents or something and the second group is the parents of the Digidestined we know of. I know that's not logical, but let's pretend. This is only my second RPG, so cut me a little slack and this is going to happen similiar to season one of Digimon.

[B][U]The Story[/U][/B]

Ok, so I was just getting flirty with a girl on my bus on my way to this camp. No, it wasn't a lovely summer camp that we all want to go to. It was one of those "Learning Experience" camps. You know, the ones your parents tell you to go to because it's going to fun. BTW, I'm Kirk Kamiya. Anyways, as I was saying, I was being a flirt when our bus suddenly stop. I wasn't to fond of the sudden stop personally, but oh well. I couldn't do anything about it. When everyone piled outside, a whole bunch of kids went with the bus driver to get help. They left me and nine other kids by ourselves. Now this is where it gets freaky. I thought I was seeing things when the sky lit up and little meteors crashed to earth, but the other nine saw it as well. We each recived these strange digital devices and blacked out from the sudden shock it gave us. We all woke up in a strange place with strange creatures called "Digimon" all around. We each got a partner and now we have to save the Digital World from digital destrution. This totally isn't the way I wanted to spend my Summer Vacation.


There are only going to be seven spots open because me and two of my friends are taking spots. You're either going to be the mom or dad of the Digidestined from first or second season of Digimon. If your a boy, you have the same last name as your future child/children or you don't have to put one down. If your a girl, your going to have to make up a last name or you don't have to one down. I don't want both parents, just one. No Tai and Kari's mom and dad. Just one of the two thank you. I'll post a list to show what's open at the bottom of this post. Now here's the information needed:

Age: (between 12-14)
Future Parent Of:
Digivice Color: (these are all the season one models remember)
Crest: (diffrent from season one's crest)
Partner Digimon:

Partner Digimon


It would help if you gave attacks for each form and you can describe it in the story as we go along. This applys to both made up and regular Digimon.

[B][U]My Sign-Up[/U][/B]

[B]Name:[/B] Kirk Kamiya
[B]Age:[/B] 13
[B]Future Parent Of:[/B] Tai and Kari Kamiya
[B]Description:[/B] [url=http://www.kikotei.net/gw/logo.jpg]The guy in the middle with the green shirt. He also has a pair of goggles on around his neck.[/url]
[B]Personaility:[/B] Kirk is the leader type. He always like being in charge. He likes to give the orders and hates receiving ordes.
[B]Bio:[/B] Kirk was a typical kid. He loved soccer and winning. He did everything a average teen would do, until he got transported to the Digital World and met Koromon. He was kind of freaked out at first, but he soon became comfortable with everything. The part he doesn't like is that him and his new friends are in a race to save the Digital World from total disaster. He just hopes he'll be home in time for supper.
[B]Digivice Color:[/B] Navy Blue
[B]Crest:[/B] Honor
[B]Partner Digimon:[/B] SnowAgumon

[B]Partner Digimon[/B]

[B]Baby:[/B] Botamon (Bubble Blow)
[B]In-Training:[/B] Koromon (Bubble Blow)
[B]Rookie:[/B] SnowAgumon (Little Blizzard, Ice Claw, Frozen Wind, Hail Storm)
[B]Champion:[/B] IceGraymon (Ice Flame, Blizzard, Stomp)
[B]Ultimate:[/B] FrozenMetalGraymon (Ice Rockets, Frozen Blaster, Chiller Wind)
[B]Mega:[/B] WhiteWarGraymon (Giga Blizzard, Icy Punch, Cold Shoulder, Slam)

[B][U]The List[/U][/B]

[B]Tai & Kari's Dad:[/B] ShadowSword (me)
[B]Davis' Mom:[/B] JoyKaiba
[B]Matt & T.K's Dad:[/B] Maximillion404
[B]Izzy's Dad:[/B] yalborap
[B]Mimi's Mom:[/B] Joeys Girl
[B]Sora's Mom:[/B] Amika Kamiya
[B]Joe's Dad:[/B] Prince Charming
[B]Yolie's Dad:[/B] Midnightwolf25
[B]Cody's Mom:[/B] BEWD Kaiba
[B]Ken's Mom:[/B] Blanko

Well, that's everything. I hope you all enjoy this. It should prove to be promising. :D LOL[/color][/i]
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[I][color=teal][B]Name:[/B]Daina Eira
[B]Age:[/B] 13
[B]Future Parent Of:[/B] Davis Motomiya
[B]Description:[/B] [url=http://cerulean-sky.org/ribon/gals-anime1.jpg]The girl in the front![/url]
[B]Personaility:[/B] Daina is a complete goof off. She doesn't take anything seriously. She's afraid she might scare herself if she was serious. She also not the brightest crayon in the box.
[B]Bio:[/B] Daina has always been the class clown. She loved the attention she got from her classmates even if they were laughing at her. Her parents thought that see need some lessons in how to behave, so they sent her to a learning camp. There she met her new friends and had her life changed. When she woke up to a floating fireball with eyes and a mouth, after being shocked by something. She thought she completely lost it. She comes to grip with her situation and becomes good friends with DemiDevimon. Both her and DemiDevimon are the prank playing goof offs that are in consist compatition with Kirk for leader. Even if she does have a slight crush on him. (we all know that doesn't go any where)
[B]Digivice Color:[/B] Turquoise
[B]Crest:[/B] Truth
[B]Partner Digimon:[/B] DemiDevimon

[B]Partner Digimon[/B]

[B]Baby:[/B] Mokumon (Attacks: Smokey Blow)
[B]In-Training:[/B] DemiMeramon (Attacks: Fireball)
[B]Rookie:[/B] DemiDevimon (Attacks: Demi Dart, Evil Whisper, Butt Smasher)
[B]Champion:[/B] Wizardmon (Attacks: Thunder Blaster, Magical Game, Vision of Terror)
[B]Ultimate:[/B] Myotismon (Attacks: Crimson lightning, Grizzly Wing, Nightmare Claw)
[B]Mega:[/B] VenomMyotismon (Attacks: Venom Infusion, Nightmare Claw)[/color][/I]
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[I][color=red][B]Name:[/B] Tarren Takaishi
[B]Age:[/B] 14
[B]Future Parent Of:[/B] Matt and T.K. Takaishi
[B]Description:[/B] [url=http://www.jenorama.org/downloads/chollIe/harpo/quatrerwinnerbackground.jpg]Here ya go![/url]
[B]Personaility:[/B] Tarren is the tough one in the group and he'll stand up for the little guy. He likes being cool and collected, but might lose it sometimes. He may have a mean strike.
[B]Bio:[/B] Tarren has always been tough, but he has never been a bully. He would always stick up for the people who were smaller then him. Tarren trys to never show his emotions even though he slips sometimes. His older brother caught him crying once after him and his dad got in a fight. Tarren was slightly freaked out by Dorimon when he woke up to him after his Digivice shocked him. He made a quick friendship with Dorimon though. He does get into fights with Kirk alot because he thinks that he shouldn't have just crowned himself leader.
[B]Digivice Color:[/B] Red
[B]Crest:[/B] Strength
[B]Partner Digimon:[/B] Dorumon

[B]Partner Digimon[/B]

[B]Baby:[/B] Dodomon (Little Iron Drop)
[B]In-Training:[/B] Dorimon (Metal Drop)
[B]Rookie:[/B] Dorumon (Metal Cannon, Dash Metal)
[B]Champion:[/B] DoruGamon (Power Metal, Cannonball)
[B]Ultimate:[/B] DoruGremon (Metal Meteor, Bloody Tower)
[B]Mega:[/B] DoruGoramon (Brave Metal, Dorudjin)
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[B]Name: [/B] Emily
[B]Age:[/B] 12
[B]Future Parent Of:[/B] Ken
[B]Description:[/B] [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=18675]Click Here Minus the Sword, Cross, Nazi sign... And her hair doesnt stick out like that.[/URL]
[B]Personaility:[/B] Childish at times and quite but mostly happy and open to new things.
[B]Bio:[/B] Lived an overly normal life and to get away from that she changed her style a little... Which freaked her parents out. She used to hang out with the normal crowd but prefers the more unusual people now.
[B]Digivice Color:[/B] Black of course
[B]Crest:[/B] [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=18676]Respect[/URL]
[B]Partner Digimon:[/B] Biyomon


Fresh:[/B] [URL=http://aa.1asphost.com/digitalempire/digidex/mn/Nyokimon.gif]Nyokimon[/URL] (Attacks: Seed Craker)
[B]In-Training:[/B] [URL=http://aa.1asphost.com/digitalempire/digidex/yz/Yokomon.gif]Yokomon [/URL] (Attacks: Bubble Blow)
[B]Rookie:[/B][URL=http://aa.1asphost.com/digitalempire/digidex/ab/Biyomon.gif] Biyomon [/URL] (Attacks: Spiral Twister)
[B]Champion:[/B] [URL=http://aa.1asphost.com/digitalempire/digidex/st/Saberdramon.gif]Saberdramon[/URL] (Attacks: Anti-Confustion, Mach Shadow)
[B]Crest Ultimate:[/B] [URL=http://aa.1asphost.com/digitalempire/digidex/kl/Karatenmon.jpg]Karatenmon[/URL] (Attacks: Crow swords, Ballistic Feathers, Enlightenment)
[B]Warp Mega:[/B] [URL=http://aa.1asphost.com/digitalempire/digidex/op/Ornithmon.jpg]Ornithmon [/URL] (Attacks: Cosmic Ray, Tempest)

(Click on the crests name to see a picture. Click on the digimons names to also see a picture of each.)
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[I][color=magenta][B]Name:[/B] Maria Nightinggale
[B]Age:[/B] 13
[B]Future Parent Of:[/B] Mimi Tachikawa
[B]Description:[/B] [url=]Pink![/url]
[B]Personaility:[/B] Maria is the girly girl of the group. She the type who's scared to break a nail. She will fight if she really needs to though. She is protective of her friends.
[B]Bio:[/B] Maria has always worried about her apprance. She never liked geting wet or dirty. Her future daughter totally takes after her. Her parents never asked her to go to the learning camp, but she insisted. She heard it had a beauty class. Maria kind of regreated going to the camp after getting shocked by a strange pink device and wakeing up to a Tanemon. She thought she was crazy, but she dealt with it. She was complaining in the begining, but she decided to stop. She started to like exsploreing and camping out.
[B]Digivice Color:[/B] Powder Pink
[B]Crest:[/B] Loyalty
[B]Partner Digimon:[/B] Floramon

[B]Partner Digimon[/B]

[B]Baby:[/B] Yuramon (Bubble Blow)
[B]In-Training:[/B] Tanemon (Bubble Blow)
[B]Rookie:[/B] Floramon (Rain of pollen, Stamen rope)
[B]Champion:[/B] GreenPucchiemon (Heavy Beam, Talon Arrow)
[B]Ultimate:[/B] Lillymon (Flower cannon, Temptation, Vicious Vine, Flower Reed, Flower Wreath)
[B]Mega:[/B] Rosemon (Thorn Whip, Rose Spear)[/color][/I]
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Name: Jace
Age: 12
Future Parent Of: Izzy((Forgot the last name, somebody toss it in for me.))
Description: Roughly five foot three with dark red, short spiky hair
Personaility: He focuses on what matters to him, and doing it without fighting. He'll sneak around somebody before fighting them, or hack a PA system((In the real world)) to tell them to go somewhere else.
Bio: Jace had a decent life, focusing on computers and working around passwords and encryptions and the like, and then figuring out how to manipulate computer controlled items once he was in. He had a laptop with him at all times((Or should we consider this too early for a laptop? Whatever, I'll change it if it's wanted to be changed.)), but he barely ever used it.
Digivice Color: dark blue
Crest: stealth((and if that doesn't work for ya, knowledge.))
Partner Digimon: shatakumon.

Partner Digimon

Baby: shokamon(attacks: stealth bubble. Just like bubble blow but you can't see it or hear it.)
In-Training: shonakimon (attacks: stealth bubble: Same as above. Kind of weak, ain't it?)
Rookie:shatakumon (attacks: invisbility. A true classic.)
Champion: shonakimon(I'm making these names up as I go, but if I accidently use another person's, I'll change it.)(attacks: stealth electro sword: He's almost impossible to see, not invisible, but good at hiding, and he has an electro sword((thin broadsword, almost like a katana.)) that won't spark and stuff like that.)
Ultimate: hypershonakimon (attacks: electro-manipulate: he can manipulate electricity, and hack anything even semi electronic.)
Mega: Sharakenimon (attacks: Devil's tongue. It's a whip coated in electricity that feels as if you've been dipped into hell itself when you touch it.)

That good, or should I change some of it?
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[B][I][color=navy]That's cool! I can start this as soon as I get four more people. Oh yeah, Izzy's last name is Izumi
yalborap. Your allowed to have laptops too. I hope that helps. Remember this starts after I get four more people. :D[/color][/I][/B]
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Could you start it now? I dont think your gonna get those four more people... And waiting is just gonna make everyone who has signed up forget. Heck i just forgot untill i realized I Posted a picture here cause i was checking my attachments for something else...
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[B][I][color=navy]Alright guys, I started this. You can go to the Adventure Arena to check it out. I still really need four more people though. :lets out a sigh: This is still open until I get four more people. :lets out another sigh:[/color][/I][/B]
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I'll join! I'm new here so tell me if I mess up.

Name: Amika Harten
Future Parent Of: Sora Takenouchi
Description: Umm...I'll try to come up with this later
Personaility: Amika is kind yet a tomboy. She always seems to be the one to break up fights.
Bio: Amika was heading to the learing camp just because her parents made her. She wasn't too thrilled with the idea, but she didn't put up a fight. Amika thought she was totally insane when she woke up to a strang bird like creature after getting shocked by a strange teal device. Amika soon learns what her present situation is and gets comfortable. She trys to keeps fights from starting or trys to break them up.
Digivice Color: Teal
Crest: Kindness
Partner Digimon: Gomamon

Partner Digimon

Baby: Pichimon (Soap bubbles)
In-Training: Bukamon (Bubble Blow)
Rookie: Gomamon (Marching fishes, Claw attack, Sharp edge, Big wave attack)
Champion: Piddomon (Fire Feather, Mega Heal, Apollo Tornado, Piddo Speed)
Ultimate: Piximon (Pixi Bomb, Magical Tail)
Mega: MarineAngemon (Ocean love, Smiling face)
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[COLOR=SeaGreen][I][B]Name:[/B] James Kido
[B]Age:[/B] 14
[B]Future Parent Of:[/B] Joe Kido
[B]Description:[/B] James has shoulder length blue hair and dark blue eyes. He wears a dark blue shirt, a black jacket, dark blue jeans that are lose on him, black boots, and a pair of sunglasses that are usually on his head.
[B]Personaility:[/B] James is always trying to think things through before he does something. He's very careful and trys hard to do thinks perfect.
[B]Bio:[/B] James wanted to go to this learning camp. He thought it would help him in his school work. He totally wigged out when he woke up to a strange creature in a strange world. He soon reilized that his new friend's world was in danger. He agreed to help. He trys to help Kirk think things through, but Kirk (just like Tai) doesn't ever want to listen.
[B]Digivice Color:[/B] Forest Green
[B]Crest:[/B] Responsibility
[B]Partner Digimon:[/B] Lopmon

[B]Partner Digimon[/B]

[B]Baby:[/B] Conomon (Bubble Blow)
[B]In-Training:[/B] Chocomon (Koko Crusher)
[B]Rookie:[/B] Lopmon (Blazing Ice, Tiny Twister, Blazing Fire)
[B]Champion:[/B] Rabbitmon (Ear flapping, Carrot bomber)
[B]Ultimate:[/B] Antylamon (Arm Bomber, Meditation Cure, Bunny Blade)
[B]Mega:[/B] Kerpymon (Holy hug, Lightning spear)[/I][/color]
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[I][COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]Name:[/B] Yuki Inoue
[B]Age:[/B] 12
[B]Future Parent Of:[/B] Yolei Inoue
[B]Description:[/B] Yuki has ear length purple hair and green eyes. He usually wears a long sleveed dark blue shirt with dark purple stripes, a dark purple vest, dark blue shotrs which are a little too long on him, and dark blue and white sneakers.
[B]Personaility:[/B] Yuki is the quiet type. He doesn't talk much to people he don't know and he trys to keep to himself. If he is friends with a person, he'll talk their ear off.
[B]Bio:[/B] Yuki is one of the youngest in the group and one of the talkitive. Yuki wasn't so talkitive when his mother first sent him to the learning camp. He didn't know anyone, so he stayed quiet. He got to know the other Digidestined after he was transported to the Digital World by his Digivice. He trys to stay out of fights, but sometimes he's forced into them. He doesn't want his partner getting hurt.
[B]Digivice Color:[/B] Purple
[B]Crest:[/B] Innocence
[B]Partner Digimon:[/B] BlackGabumon

[B]Partner Digimon[/B]

[B]Baby:[/B] Punimon (Bubble blow)
[B]In-Training:[/B] Tsunomon (Bubble blow)
[B]Rookie:[/B] BlackGabumon (Little horn, Petit fire)
[B]Champion:[/B] BlackGarurumon (Fox Fire, Ice Wall)
[B]Ultimate:[/B] BlackWereGarurumon (Shadow Claw, Full Moon Kick, Kaiser Nail)
[B]Mega:[/B] BlackMetalGarurumon ( Garuru Tomahawk, Cocytus Breath, Shadow Blade)[/COLOR][/I]
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[I][COLOR=Indigo][B]Name:[/B] Courtney "Carrie" Megumi
[B]Age:[/B] 13
[B]Future Parent Of:[/B] Cody Hida
[B]Description:[/B] Carrie has shoulder length black wave hair and hazle eyes. She usually wears a indigo t-shirt with the word cutie written in white on the back also the number eight in white on the front and back, dark blue jeans, indigo and white sneakers, and a indigo bandana around her head like a headband.
[B]Personaility:[/B] Carrie is the happy-go-lucky type. She always see things from a bright point of view. She always seems to smile.
[B]Bio:[/B] Carrie wasn't too fond about going to a learning camp on her summer break, but her parents forced her. She made quick friends with Daina. She always liked a good laugh. Carrie thought she was going insane when she awoke in a strange world to a strange creature after a slight jolt from a wierd device. Nothing was adding up to her. She did keep calm and became quick friends with the creature. Carrie aways trys to keep everyone calm and happy. It doesn't always work.
[B]Digivice Color:[/B] Magenta
[B]Crest:[/B] Cheerness
[B]Partner Digimon:[/B] Renamon

[B]Partner Digimon[/B]

[B]Baby:[/B] Reremon (Bubbles, Metamorphosis)
[B]In-Training:[/B] Viximon (Killing Stone)
[B]Rookie:[/B] Renamon (Diamond storm, Rapid Kick, Power Paw, Flaying Kick)
[B]Champion:[/B] Kyuubimon (Dragon Wheel, Fox Tail Inferno)
[B]Ultimate:[/B] Taomon (Talisman of Light, Talisman Star, Talisman Spell)
[B]Mega:[/B] Sakuyamon (Dragon Helix, Spirit Crusher, Talisman Sphere, Twin Blades of Beauty, Amethyst Wind, Crystal Sphere, Scepter Dash)[/COLOR][/I]
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