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Pokemon: Beherrschen (15+ for dark themes, violence, and probably language)


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OOC: Here we go. Don't worry, this post is nowhere near as long as the post in the Recruitment thread.


Zire made his way into the Nerajtigita computer network. The first thing he did was run a search for any document containing the word "beherrschen". Nothing came up. [i]The project must be on an isolated network,[/i] he thought. [i]I'm sure Harstbron will be talking about it, so I'll track him.[/i]

Zire accessed the security cameras of Nerajtigita's headquarters, then changed views until he located Harstbron. He turned the volume up and listened to the man, who was talking to three figures. The three figures were just out of the camera's viewing range and not quite visible by the next camera down, so Zire couldn't get a good look of them. All he could see were their shadows, which were not human-shaped.

[COLOR=Purple]"C1 has certainly figured out that you'll be sent to destroy him," Harstbron said to the three Bs. "And he knows that while he can take one of you, he can't take two at a time, and all three of you at once is certianly too much for him. He also knows that you are the only ones powerful enough to kill him. He'll want to get rid of you, and if he thinks that one of you is alone, he'll surely come after you.

"Here's the plan. B3, you'll target Saffron City. We don't believe that C1 will show up until the third or so time one of you is active apparently solitary, but the other two will remain nearby just in case. You are to destroy Saffron as you did Blackthorn. Make it take longer, though. We want C1 to have time to conclude that you're alone, even though he probably won't show up.

"B2, you'll go to Cinnibar Island after Saffron's destroyed. The other two will remain nearby but hidden, even though C1 probably won't show up then either. Use the volcano. Make the eruption as violent as possible. You'll destroy the recently rebuilt Cinnibar, and probably damage Fuchia and Pallet.

"B1, you'll strike next. We believe that C1 will appear durring your strike. Your target is Celadon. Destroy it, but make it take a little while. All of you, think of this as an opportunity to display your power. If C1 shows up, B2 and B3 will aid you in destroying him. If he doesn't come, return here at once."[/COLOR]

Zire watched as Harstbron gave the three Bs their assignments. He wasn't surprised to learn that they were responsible for the earlier attacks, but he was surprised to hear one-he couldn't tell which one-say, "Understood." The voice was deep, and had a slightly artifical tone.

Zire didn't waste time thinking about that at that time. As the three Bs turned to leave, Zire acted fast. He switched views to the next camera down, and froze the image as they passed by it. He printed the image, then exited the Nerajtigita computer network and picked up the phone, quickly dialing the police, including the extension that got him to the chief.

"This is Chief Branit, Rustboro Police."

"Branit, this is Zire."

"I was wondering when you'd call," Branit remarked. "Do you think Nirajtigita's connected, or do think the symbol is a false clue?"

"Nirajtigita's connected, all right. I don't know much, but I think it has something to do with a Project Beherrschen. That's the one they started working on a few days before I left. I think they have the project on a seperate network, but I did manage to get pictures of the three Pokemon responsible. I'll say more when I get there. Have an expert on Legendary Pokemon there to meet me, and find a few trainers that would be willing to take out the people that destroyed those cities and towns. Evacuate Saffron, Cinnibar, and Celadon, in that order. And call up every other station. We'll need the support of all of them for this."

Zire had been right every time he had called in the past, so Branit knew to trust him. "I'm on it," he said before hanging up.


OOC: In case you haven't figured it out yet, the reason I wanted your characters to be living in one place is so it's easier for the police to locate you, and they're the trainers that will be. In your first post, please have some cops come and get your character (they'll be using helecopters).
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Mina sat in the front of her small Olivine City house, playing pika-boo with her Meowth, Jigglypuff, Totodile and Pikachu. She scooped up her Meowth and cuddled it to her chest, smiling when it nuzzled her. "You are just the sweetest thing, Meowth." She scratched it behind its ears, then called all her Pokemon except her Pikachu back into their pokeballs, letting the Pikachu climb up her arm.

A strong wind knocked Mina onto her back, and she pulled herself up, yanking her unbound and now totally tangled hair into a ponytail. "Of all the..." she looked up to see a uniformed Officer Jenny above her. "Are you Mina?"
"What if I am?" Mina cast an emerald glare upwards, shoving her round glasses up her nose.
"You are to hereby come with me."
"I didn't DO anything!"
"Come on." The Officer Jenny helped Mina to her feet and looked at her. "Take your Pokemon and anything else you might need... you won't be back for a long time."
Mina didn't even glance at her house. "I'm ready!" She climbed into the helicopter and prepared to take off.[/FONT]
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]A knock was heard at Callista's door. The door opened and Sabrina stepped into her house. Without turning her head, Callista greeted Sabrina, who walked into the den. She was with her Alakazam. She smiled as she watched Callista practicing her telekinetic powers. Callista then telepathically spoke to Sabrina who answered out loud.[/i]

["Hello, Sabrina, Alakazam."]

"Callista. I see you're practicing to perfect your ability."

[i]Callista turned around and smiled to Sabrina.[/i] "Yes, I am. But, that's not why you're here."

"No, it's not. Someone is coming for you and I need you to go with them for the sake of Saffron City."

[i]Callista looked to her Umbreon and then to Sabrina. She could tell that something was wrong and that Sabrina was keeping something from her, but she never questioned anything that Sabrina did for she was like the mother she never had. She sighed and nodded.

Smiling, Sabrina and Alakazam walked out of the house, along with Callista and Umbreon, as they did, a helicopter landed a few yards from them. Alakazam put up a barrier as it landed. Callista saw someone climb out of the helicopter and run towards them. It was Officer Jenny who ran to them. Callista knew that she was to follow Officer Jenny.[/i]

"Sabrina, pleasure to see you, but I'm here for Callista Kinotaka."

"What do I need?"

"You will need your pokemon and anything you need for a long journey. Please get them quickly, I will wait here."

"Just a moment, then. Sabrina?"

[i]Umbreon ran ahead of Callista as she walked with Alakazam and Sabrina. They entered the house and walked to Callista's room. All she grabbed was a back pack, her wallet, her pokeballs, a camera, a pokedex, and put them in her back pack. She then walked to her dresser and opened the top drawer, which had her hats, bandanas, gloves, and wristbands. She picked out her black baseball finger gloves and her black beanie that had the white pokeball sign on it. She then closed her dresser drawer and opened her jewelry box and took out the necklace her father gave to her. It had a white and black pokeball, a whistle, and an heirloom pendant that resembled Jirachi.

Grabbing the backpack, Callista walked out of her room and then exited the house. Sabrina walked with her and as they got to Officer Jenny, Sabrina spoke to Callista.[/i]

"No matter what happens, stay with what you have to do. Do not think of Saffron City, but the love that we give you. Good luck, Lilly."

"Thank you, Sabrina. And don't worry, I won't come back until I'm done with all that I did. Well, then. Good bye."

[i]Callista looked to Officer Jenny, who escorted her to the helicopter. As soon as they stepped in, the helicopter took off and flew into the air. Callista looked down to see Alakazam and Sabrina waving to Callista and Umbreon. She held onto the pendant and felt an energy coming from it. She looked to Umbreon and knew she was on the adventure, she always wanted to go on.[/size][/color][/i]
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"ahh. ice cream is tasty this time of day, right umbreon?" said oni. but umbreon wasn't paying attention. "whats the matter umbreon?". just as oni finished his sentence, officer jenny together with oni's dad pulled over the curb in front of oni. officer jenny: oni you gotta come with me tho the station.
oni: what for?
officer jenny: there is a need for trainers like you
oni: need for what?
officer jenny: your questions will be answered at the station
oni: dad what about my training as a cook?
oni's dad: well son that can wait, there is a need greater than training
oni: ok ill do it. where is it any way?
officer jenny: its rtight here in rustboro city
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Matt looked out his window from his aunt and uncled house. He turned around when his Vulpix nudged him.
"What is it girl?"
"Oh. Are you hungry?"
A nod.
Matt walked into the kitchen and got out some left over food from the night before. He then set it for her.
"There you go."
Matt looked out the window and seen the helicopter outside.
"What the heck?"
Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Matt opened it and some police entered.
"Are you Matthew Duffey?"
"Come with us. Bring everything you would take on a Pokemon journey."
Matt walked into his room and grabbed his Pokeballs, packed some clothes and some supplies and walked out the door. He left a note on the door for his guardians. Matt then walked to the helicopter and stepped inside. He then seen Mina.
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[color=red]Dondar went picking through the remains of his home, tears stinging his eyes. He went to the spot where his room used to be, picking through his trashed possesions. He turned away slowly, looking out upon the desolate wreckage that was Blackthorn City.

As he started to walk away from his hometown, Dondar's Arcanine came up to him, holding something in its teeth.

"What'cha got there, boy?" Dondar asked, reaching down to get whatever he had. He held up a picture, unbroken, of Dondar and his parents, with his brother standing behind them. He smiled, put the picture in his bag, and began walking away. He put his growlithe back in its pokeball, and brought out his skarmory.

"To Mauville!" he told it, mounting.
Dondar landed directly in front of the pokecenter, hopping off of his skarmory and returning it to its pokeball. He went through the town, picking out some food and supplies so he could live while winning enough money to buy a permanent residence. Of course, before he did that, he would have to kill the Nerajitgita.

As he walked along the streets, he felt the wind behind him increase in volume and strength. He turned around and saw the copter landing as an officer ran towards him.

" Dondar? Dondar Karthas?" she asked him, walking forward.

"Yeah? Do you need something?" he asked, staring at her.

"Dondar, your presence has been requested at the station. Please coem with me."

"Okay." Dondar said, climbing into the helicopter, "but I'd like an explanation in time."

"In time." she said, and refused to speak anymore.[/color]
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OOC: Oni, please try to use correct capitalization in your sentences. Oh, and Marcus, you need to get rid of the talking Vulpix. Only four or five Pokemon (depending on how you look at it) will be able to speak in this RPG, and none of them belong to anyone's character.


Zire walked into the Rustboro Police Station to find Branit waiting for him in the lobby. Beside him was a very good-looking woman with a backpack on. She had shoulder-length strawberry-blond hair and blue eyes. She was in good shape, like most people as active as her.

Branit made the introductions. "Artroa, this is Zire. Zire, this is Artroa. She's our Legendary Pokemon expert, and a good cop, too."

Artroa stuck out her hand, and ZIre shook it. "Pleased to meet you," she said.

"Anyone ever tell you you're hot?" Zire asked.

"I've heard that a lot, mostly from people I'm arresting. Of course, Branit here tells me that you once were someone I'd arrest. Were you really with Nerajtigita?"

Zire nodded. "Yes, I was. Next, you'll ask why I left."

"How'd you know that?" Artroa asked.

"Everyone does. The reason is simple. I'll do most anything to almost anyone, but there's a line that I will not cross. It was either cross that line or leave. I left. Next, you'll ask why I decided to tell the cops everything I know about Nerajtigia. That's because of what I learned about them that day. They cross my line daily, but when I first joined, they said that they didn't do any of that stuff. I came to the cops for revenge, mainly, but also because I wanted protection. You don't leave Nirajtigita, see. I could probably have protected myself, but I didn't want to take the chance that I couldn't." He turns to Branit. "How many Trainers did to send for, and when will they get here?"

"Five are coming," Branit replied. "One lives in Rustboro, so he should be here any minute. The other four are all over the place, from as far away as Saffron. Shouldn't be too long, though."
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]The ride to wherever Callista was being taken to was a quiet and tranquil one. She looked out the window to see many pokemon flying along side the helicopter. Officer Jenny listened to the pilot and nodded to him. She looked to Callista and tapped her on the shoulder. Callista looked to Officer Jenny, wondering what she wanted.[/i]

"We're coming to Rustboro City at this moment." [i]Officer Jenny listened to the pilot once more and nodded again.[/i] "We're here!"

[i]Callista looked out the window to see the city of Rustboro. She smiled as she saw the people below. The helicopter landed in the back of what looked to be a large field. When it did, Callista stepped out with her backpack and Umbreon. Officer Jenny saluted the pilot who took off into the air once more. She then escorted Callista to the police station.

Once the three were in, Callista saw three others standing by. Two were wearing a uniform and the other was wearing a t-shirt that said "My god can beat up your god." Officer Jenny saluted to the two in uniform who nodded to her.[/i]

"Sir, I have brought the trainer from Saffron City. Her name is..."

[i]Officer Jenny was interrupted by Callista.[/i] "Let me introduce myself." [i]Callista stood next to Officer Jenny.[/i] "The name's Callista Kinotaka, daughter of the deceased Zane Kinotaka."

[i]The man in the uniform tilted his head in a nod and introduced the people around him.[/i] "Hello, Callista. I am Chief Branit. This young lady is Artroa, our Legendary Pokemon expert and this young man is Zire."

"I know who he is. Best hacker in all the world. Smartest, even. I also know a little secret about him that most are not supposed to know unless they are with the police..or someone else."

[i]Zire looked to Branit who looked back to him. Zire cleared his throat and looked to Callista. He looked her up and down and he then looked to her face.[/i]

"Nice legs."

"Hmm. Compliments are just thoughts that get women wooed and easily lead on. Anyways, I would like to know why I was brought here."

[B]OOC:[/B] Below is my character, remember she does not wear the goggles or the gloves. She has a black beanie that has a white pokeball on it and black finger gloves. She also wears a necklace that has a pendant that resembles Jirachi, a whistle, and a black and white pokeball.[/size][/color]
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"Yeah?" Zire said in response to Callista's question. "Well, I'd like to know how the hell you know my little secret. Who is this person, anyways?"

"I don't know," Jenny replied, "but I believe I can tell you how she knows about your former affiliation with Nirajtigita. When I arrived to pick her up, Saffron Gym Leader Sabrina was there."

"Oh," Zire said, a little shocked. He recovered quickly. "Well, Callista, I don't want to repeat myself, so I won't explain anything until everyone gets here. But you can take the information from my mind, can't you?"

He walked over to Artroa, handing her the frame he printed earlier. "I got this from the security camera network at Nirajtigita headquarters outside the Orre region. I recognise the three Pokemon in it, so I asked for a legendary Pokemon expert. See, they're the ones responsible for the attacks."

Artroa could hardly believe what she saw in the picture. "Are- but -I- Is this real?"

"It's real," Zire confirmed.

"You have to be kidding me. You're saying that Entei, Raikou, and Suicune are responsible for the attacks?"

"Yes. Yes, I am."
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Mina stormed in to the Rustboro police department, hair tousled and eyes snapping. "What on earth do I have to be in this place for?" She caught the words "Raikou, Entei, and Suicune," and almost instantly her expression changed. "You mean we can go after the Legendary Pokemon?" Her eyes lit with an almost dream-like glow, and she moved as quickly over to Zire, Callista and Artroa as her legs would take her. "The name's Mina. Mina McCarron. Soon to be the greatest Pokemon breeder this world has ever known!"
"Right." Zire introduced himself, Callista and Artroa, and shook hands with Mina.

Mina chose a place on the floor beside Callista's legs and sat down, pulling a pair of apples out of her knapsack and handing one to the Pikachu twined around her neck. "Anyone else hungry?"[/FONT]
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"Look, Mina," Zire said, "you don't have all the information, and you've made an incorrect assumption. We'll probably be going after Raikou, Entei, and Suicune eventually, but if we do, we'll be trying to kill them. They're responsible for the attacks, and they're working for a criminal organization called Nirajtigita. I assume it's obvious which one did what. Suicune did Blackthorn, Entei was the volcano, and Raikou destroyed Veridian."

"And there's something else going on here, too," Artroa put in. "Not even those three are powerful enough to do what was done in the attacks. Suicune could have destroyed Blackthorn, but it would have taken longer. Entei is fully capable of destroying what the eruption took out, but he couldn't have caused that eruption. Entei can make volcanoes erupt, but he can't control the eruptions in any way, and that incldes making them more violent. As for Raikou, he could certianly have destroyed Veridian, but not that quickly, and he couldn't have created those clouds."

"Nevertheless," Zire said, "all evidence points to them, but there are certainly some pieces missing from this puzzle. A big one is Project Beherrschen. Nerajtigita's been working on it for a couple years now, but I don't know anything more than that. We need more information, which is why you're here, Mina. A few others will be arriving shortly, and I'll explain what's going on when they get here."
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Matt stepped into the police building, his pink furred Vulpix trailing behind him. As soon as he stepped in and looked around for the person who asked him to come here, he heard something about killing some legendary Poke'mon. Matt then walked over to Zire.
"You want to kill a legendary Poke'mon? You wouldn't have a chance! Besides, it would be best to catch them and study them than to kill them."
"Who in the hell are you?" Zire said as he looked to Matt.
"One of the people who was sent here by you. I ain't killing ANY Pokemon. I'm gonna catch them instead"
"These are Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. They can't be caught!"
"Try me."
Matt pulled out a Ultra Ball from his knapsack and walked to a bench and sat down as his Vulpix did the same. He started swirling the ball around like a basketball as he looked to Mina.
"Hey, I think I recognize you. Olivine City, correct?"
"I thought I seen you before. Heard you where the best Pokemon breeder in the city."
"Oh. I might have you look at some of my Pokemon to see if they are in good condition when this 'thing' is overwith."
Matt leaned back on the bench, wanting to leave, but if the police were involved, he had to stay.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Mina gazed for a moment at the fingernails on her left hand, contemplating. Kill a Pokemon? That went totally against her nature as a Pokemon breeder. Every Pokemon deserved life, even if they did something bad. [I]NO [/I] Pokemon was inherently [U][B][I]evil...[/I][/B][/U]

Mina pulled a brush from her backpack and went to work unsnarling her hair, letting the repetitive motion carry her mind off...

"You see? The legendary Pokemon known as Entei is real. It has been seen and documented by trainers' Pokedexes in the following areas." A man with fiery red hair pointed to locations on a map that lit up as he spoke. Another man, wearing a really hideous wig, nodded and smiled. "So, James, is there a chance we could catch this not-so-legendary Pokemon?"
"No, I'm afraid there really isn't..."

Mina came back to herself when she felt a paw tugging on the brush, and began to apply it to the back of her Pikachu.[/FONT]
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[COLOR=Red]Dondar walked into the police station and stopped to survey the scene. He saw about 6 people in the room, a few of them looked to be his own age....

"Alright, I'm here, what do you want?" he asked, addressing the room as a whole.

"Well, you, and a few other trainers," Zire said indicating the trainers in the room, "are here to help us track down and kill Suicune, Raikou, and Entei."

He saw a girl on the floor brushing her pikachu cringe as Zire said kill, and saw another guy holding an ultraball sneer. Noting this, he turned back to Zire.

"What do they have to do with anything?"

"They," Zire said, his face grave, "caused the attacks on those cities."

Dondar felt his jaw clench up and fists begin to ball up as his vision began to have with his fury. [i]They are responsible......they killed my parents.....[/i]

"What do we have to do?" he asked, staring down Zire, "where are they? What's our plan?"

"For now," Zire informed him, "we have to wait until the rest of the trainers are here."

"Fine." Dondar said, and sat down in a corner to be alone with his memories.[/color]
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Callista began to hold tightly onto the pendant as she petted Umbreon's head with her right hand. She looked to the other trainers and could hear their thoughts. Sighing, she began to concentrate on her own thoughts. A picture of Jirachi came to her head. She believed that Jirachi was once her family pet for generations, yet she believed that it was also just a legend. She shook her head and saw that Umbreon looked to all the other pokemon. There was a Vulpix and a Pikachu, but she had isolated herself. She, like Callista, liked to be alone. She shook her fur and jumped onto Callista's lap, who began to pat down her fur. Thoughts still ran through Callista's mind. Suddenly, Sabrina's voice came to her. She sat up straight.[/i]


["Hello, young one. How are you? I hope you aren't causing trouble with the other trainers. I know how you are, I knew before you even knew."]

["I'm fine, a bit [i]annoyed[/i] by the others, but nonetheless, good. Do not worry, I am not causing trouble. I can feel that they're scared and that they want to be over with this as soon as possible."]

["Don't worry. It's just that they are afraid to go after something so strong."]

[i]Suddenly, Callista had replied to Sabrina's thought outloud.[/i] "I suppose."

[i]Eyes were now on Callista as she looked to everyone. They just stared at her, as if she was crazy. She then smirked once more and leaned back and said her good bye to Sabrina. Umbreon licked her paw and her ears then pricked as she heard someone coming up to the Police Station.[/size][/color][/i]
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Oni walks into the station. "What's going on?"

Zire goes over to him and introduces everyone. "What's you're name?"


"All right, Oni. You're the fifth, and five are coming, so it's time I started explaining things. I saw reports of the attacks on the news earlier. A piece of fabric with the symbol of international criminal organization Nerajtigita on it was found in the ruins of Blackthorn.That caught my attention. See, I was once with Nerajtigita. I quit because there are things I will never do, and I learned that despite what I was told, they do those things daily. I went to the cops and told them everything I knew in exchange for protection.

"Law enforcement has known the location of Nirajtigita headquarters for a while, but they haven't been able to attack. See, Nirajtigita's careful not to leave enough evidence to allow a legal raid. Everyone knows when they're behind something, but nobody can legally do anything about it. I think we can nail them with the attacks, but more information is needed.

"A highly secret project called Beherrschen begun just before I left. I think Beherrschen has something to do with the attacks. I hacked into the Nerajtigita computer network-I'm an expert hacker as well as a skilled fighter, which is why I did so well in Nerajtigia. Anyways, they seem to be keeping Beherrschen on a seperate network. o I accessed the security camera network and observed Nerajtigia head Harstbron. He was talking to three Pokemon he identified as B1, B2, and B3, which sound like subject labels to me. It was clear from what he said that B3 took out Blackthorn, B2 was responsible for the volcano, and B1 destroyed Viridian. I couldn't get a clear view of the Bs, as they were just out of visual range of the camera I used, and not quite in range of the next one.

"Harstbron gave them orders to draw out C1, obviously another subject, and destroy it. It seems that C1 turned against Nerajtigita. C1 is more powerful than any one of the Bs, but can't take two or three at once. When the three Bs left, I managed to get a look at them. I printed the image, and I've figured out which one is what Pokemon. B3 is Suicune, B2 is Entei, and B1 is Raikou. Of course, legendary Pokemon expert Artroa here tells me that those three couldn't have destroyed the cities that quickly. We're missing some puzzle pieces, which can only be found in one place: Beherrschen's seperate network in Nerajtigiat headquarters outside the Orre region. You five are here because the cops don't have enough evidence to allow a raid. Every station wants to go in, but none of them can. They'll make sure that there's no record of our actions. Our job is to get in, get the information we need, and get out. Any questions?"

Just then, a Jenny ran over to them. "Saffron's been hit."

"How many people were left?" Zire asked.

"We got about half evacuated before the attack. Cinnabar's empty, and we're working on Celadon. Progress is slow, though."

"Damn!" Zire swore. "They'll all die if they don't leave. You have to get everyone out of the Celadon area. Now."
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"Get to Celadon in a hurry, hmm? I can take care of that."

Matt got up and walked outside the building. He pulled out a very old Poke'ball, one that looked over 3 years old. It opened and a bright beam of red energy shot out and the energy formed into a Chairzard. It roared loudly, rumbling everything nearby.

"Hey Inferno. Want to see if you want to get to Celadon in less than five minutes?"

The big red dragon like Pokemon let out another roar, not as loud. It leaned down so Matt could jump up on its back. Matt did so and Charizard lifted off into the sky.

"Hey! Don't worry about me! Just go stop those Pokemon if they are responsible. This shouldnt take long!"

Matt and Charizard blasted into the horizon, flying faster than a normal Charizard could. Matt made sure that his agility and speed were higher than all the other stats. Matt patted Charizard on the head because within 2 minutes, they flew over Goldenrod and then they found themselves in Celadon City. Matt looked down and seen everyone running about, trying to get out of the city. Matt made Charizard land.

"Charizard. Get as many people as you can out of here. Carry them on your tail, head, back, even in your mouth if you have to!"

The Charizard roared as it flew into the deeper reaches of the city. Matt then pulled out a few more Pokeballs and released his other Pokemon, Haunter, Pikachu, Nidoking, and his two Vulpixs'.

"Ghost, Boltstryke, Nidoking, Flamer, and Vulpi, get these people to any place besides here and Saffron! Hurry!"

The 5 Pokemon went off into the city to get survivors and Matt did the same.
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]The hearing of cracking knuckles were heard loud and clear and it could be seen that Callista was angered. Sabrina depended on Callista to take care of Saffron City and yet she had not even begun her journey. Her grayish silver eyes began to shimmer a darker color, sort of a sparkling red, like ember from a fire. Umbreon jumped out of her lap and followed behind her. She looked to Zire.[/i]

"I need to get to Saffron."

"The attack's already happening and you want to get there?"

[i]Callista looked to Zire sternly.[/i] "Look, I promised Sabrina that I would make sure that Saffron City was not about to get destroyed. If only we could get those ancient items that withheld the Ancient Alakazam, Gengar, and/or Jigglypuff, then we can surely save Saffron and perhaps even save the other towns. But, since they're too dangerous to release, what are we....."

"You still can't go. Maybe you can, but it'll be dangerous."

[i]Callista turned to the door and looked down to Umbreon who had the same anger within her.[/i] "I don't care. As long as I know that I tried to save Saffron, I can make it."

[i]Zire sighed and walked outside with Artroa, Jenny, and Branit. Callista stood out there with them. Umbreon stood beside Callista, when his ears pricked up and she began to growl. A voice called to Callista. It was a faint whisper. She could not hear it well, but she knew it was there. It seemed as if she knew this voice from long ago and yet it all seemed so new.[/i][/size][/color]
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You don't get it, do you?" Zire said. "It's too late. Suicune attacked Saffron-I watched Harstbron give the order. Entei's going for Cinnibar, then Raikou's hitting Celadon-and he-"

"She," Artroa interrupetd. "Raikou and Entei are confirmed as male, but Suicune is a female."

"Fine. She was responsible for Blackthorn's destruction, and that took less then a minute. Saffron's already been destroyed. About half the people were evacuated in time. Cinnibar's already empty, and Celedon's being evacuated as we speak. Th e point is that it's too late. There's nothing you can do to save Saffron, Callista. Saffron's already destroyed. What you can do is help stop Raikou, Entei, and Suicune before they do more damage."

"No," Mina said. "No Pokemon deserves to die."

"Even ones that kill hundreds of thousands of people?"

"They were ordered to. There is no such thing as a bad Pokemon."

"Typical breeder beliefs." Zire said. "That's like saying that there are no bad people. And there are certainly bad people. We're going to a place that's full of them."

Branit walked over to them. "We're ready."

Zire nodded, then turned to the others. "Come on. We're leaving." He enters the helecopter behind Branit. The others follow, and the pilot takes off. Zire gives him coordinates, and he heads toward the Nirajtigita HQ.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Mina followed the group reluctantly. "I really don't think it's a good idea for me to be going on this if we have to KILL Pokemon!"
"Fine." Zire turned to her and handed her a cell phone. "Call yourself a ride and get out of here. We'll go. There's a problem and we're gonna solve it."
"To Heck with that." Mina shoved the phone back into his hand. "I'll go, but I'm not killing anything. I'm strictly backup." She rubbed at the fur behind her Pikachu's ears, cuddling it.
Zire rolled his eyes and stuck the phone back into his pocket, turning to talk to Artroa. Mina listened in, daydreaming a little. [i]Raikou. Entei. Suicune. Every breeder and every trainer dreams of seeing them one day... Why are they behaving this way?[/i] She dozed off on the ride, seeing the mythical Pokemon destroying city after city in her dreams...[/FONT]
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"Somebody wake her up," Branit said, indicating the sleeping Mina. "We're almost there."

Zire shook her awake. "Mina, wake up. You need to be on full alert for this."

"No!" Mina looked around and calmed down when she remembered where she was. "I- I'm sorry."

"She was having a bad dream," Callista said.

"I saw them. Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. They were destroying everything. Every city they came across."

Zire chuckled, but it was a dry chuckle. "Why bother dreaming? That's what they're doing in real life. Saffron, Blackthorn, Mauville, Fallarbor, Lavaridge, Verdanturf, and probably Cinnibar by now. They'll get Celadon before we're done at Nerajtigita HQ. You don't need to dream it, Mina. It's happening for real."

At that point, the helecopter touched down. "Here we go," Zire said. "Your objective is to get me to the Beherrschen project center. Once in, I'll download the data we need. Then we'll get out, which will be the hard part. It's likely that we wount be able to get back here. Backup rendevous(sp?) is outside of the Pokemon Mart in Phenac City. Let's do this."

Everyone except the pilot, Branit, and Artroa exited the helecopter, which was primed for takeoff at any moment. Zire kicked a tree, stepped on a bush, then sat on a rather large rock. After about a second, he stood up. The rock moved away, revealing an entrance to the underground facility. "Secret entrance. Sequence is tree-bush-rock."

Zire released his Absol. "All right, people," he said. "I lead, because I know the way. They'll be on us every step of the way. Don't play by the rules, because they won't. Expect heavy resistance, especially as we near the Beherrschen center. And we're on the clock, too. If we take too long, Raikou, Entei, and Suicune will return to this facility. If that happens, we're dead. We should have about an hour. Plenty of time if we don't get held p too much. Ready?" A brief pause, then, "Good. Let's move."
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[size=1][color=#999999]["If we must kill Suicune, then so be it."]

[i]Callista clenched her fists, while Umbreon looked out the window. Umbreon then leapt back into Callista's lap and she quietly fell asleep. Callista began to feel uncomfortable being enclosed in a helicopter. She liked the fresh air and yet there was nothing she could do. She looked out the window and saw a flock of Taillow followed beside them. She sighed and once again, held onto her pendant. She looked to Mina and saw that she felt uncomfortable with what they were doing.[/i]

"Don't want to go and kill a Legendary Pokemon, do you? Don't worry. We may not even get close to killing it, let alone injuring it enough to capture. Don't even ask what I would do to Suicune if I find her."

"What? How can you think of killing a pokemon? How can you think of killing a pokemon that was only told what to do? You are sick, you know that? Sick."

[i]Callista chuckled for a moment, then looked Mina with a straight face.[/i] "You call me sick one more time and we shall soon see what will happen to that pretty little face of yours. Sick is what my mother had, sick is what my grandfather had, and sick is what killed my father. So, do not say that I am sick. And I do not intend on killing the pokemon. It's not in my nature to kill, unless I need to."


[i]Zire listened as Callista threatened Mina, who sat back and looked out the window. Callista could feel the cities growing smaller and smaller. She could also feel the pokemons pain as their homes are destroyed. Umbreon growled softly as she felt Callista's pain. Callista listened intently on the thoughts of those below and could hear their screams as they hurry to leave their homes, she could hear the cries, the shouts, the pain. Sighing, Callista looked to Umbreon.[/size][/color][/i]
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