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RPG Siroshima Fire, Season 2


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OOC: Welcome back everyone. I beginn with a quote from the last postof Season 1

[b]Sinahiro[/b]: I thought we could worm up a little first. As you can see, in every corner of the arena I have put up a 7 foot pole. There are exactly 4 poles, and this is not only to worm you up, but thisis a training of team-work and punctuality. I will blow my wistle, when I do that you will all jump to the next pole, and keep going like that. You cannot stop at any time because then the one behind you will crash into you and you will both fall. The only time you can stop is when I blow my wistle for the second time, if you would happen to jump after the wistle blow, you will crash into the one in front of you... We will continue doing so until you're wormed up, or all have fallen... Any questions?

Everyone look really surprised. Their chins had dropped and they were scared of this training, because a fall would really hurt. Was this Sinahiros idea of a worm-up?
Only Hentaro gave away a faint smile. He understood his master was truelly back.

[b]Sinahiro[/b]: Ok, no questions?!.. Then let's Begin!
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OOC: Sorry its short

" That's high." Kilik looked up."yeah." Veil agreed. Mya looked up at the poles. It's gonna take a little while to get up there. She thought and then realized she was staring. After a couple of minutes of disorganized pole climbing they finally got to the top of the poles. Hentaro was already at the top when the others got to their places.

The others remembered he had gone through this trainning before. They waited for Sinahiro to Blow the wistle. They wanted to get the worm-up over with as soon as possiable and no one wanted to get caught off gard. Finally Sinahiro blew the wistle and trainning began.Mya barly made it to her first pole with out falling. " Trees is one thing but this..." She thought as the wistle blew to jump to the second pole.
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Everyone had a hard time with the training...but everntually they realized the tricks and got a hang of it a bit. Sinahiro blew the whistle faster and faster after a bit which made evryone a bit nervious and some of them aslmost fell. Kilik finally got to the pole but barely, he almost slipped off and it would have been bad to land on the gorund...he know's from his last experience trying to run away from Sirus' guards on the side of that cliff. Mya landed without flinching as well as Hentaro who was a master at this training session. Veil stumbled a bit when she landed but made it through.

"Everyone's looking great, keep up and remember not to fall" Sinahiro yelled to the others way up top. Hentaro was just standing there in peace waiting ofr the whistle to blow, Veil was talking to Mya on the other pole. They spend all morning and afternoon training on the poles, everyone was tired but Sinahiro wanted them to continue the training until he said it was enough for today. Everyone was exhausted and wanted to quite...the only thing that kept them going was the fact they could get stronger by this. Everone was seaty and tired but they kept up with the whistle sound to move and change poles.

The sun was now orange as it started to set....
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Sinahiro keept looking up at them. He had a pleased look in his eyes.

[b]Sinahiro[/b]: [i]They are doing pretty good concidering it's their first time[/b]... Keep at it guys, it's looking great!

Suddenly Sinahiros voice caught Kiliks attention and he flitched. Failing to jump on time Hentaro was already in the air.

[b]Hentaro[/b]: Kilik, Jump!

Before Kilik had time to turn his Hentaro crashed right into him and they both lost their balance. Gripping a hold of each other they fell together. Hentaro spun them into an upright possision, and then pulled out a kunai. He logged it into the Pole for a grip and with his other hand he grabbed Kiliks hand. They hanged for a bit, Kilik looked nervouse and Hentaro was a bit nervouse to. Suddenly the Kunai lost it's grip on the pole and slipped out. They both fell again, but as they neared the ground suddenly Sinahiro was there, he caught them one by one one and put them down.

[b]Klik[/b]: Thank you Sinahiro-Sensei! And I'm sorry for failing you!
[b]Sinahiro[/b]: Don't worry Kilik, everybody falls the first time.

Kilik smiled a bit, glad over the fact that Sinahiro wasn't angry. Then he turned and noticed Hentaro looking upset up at the pole.

[b]Kilik[/b]: Hentaro, I'm really sorry for making you fall.
[b]Hentaro[/b]: It's ok Kilik, everyone makes misstakes.

Hentaro walked over to the benches to sit and wait.

[b]Kilik[/b]: Sinahiro-Sensei, why is Hentaro so upset? Is it because I faild him?
[b]Sinahiro[/b]: No kilik, he's just upset because he failed. This is the first time he fails in this training.

Sinahiro went over to the center of the poles. Kilik looked at Hentaro as he was looking down at the ground.

[b]Sinahiro[/b]: Ok you two. You can come down now. That will be the end of this training.

Mya and Veil who were standing crouched at their own poles were looking down at everything that was happening.

[b]Sinahiro[/b]: No point in overheating you on your first training day so I'm gonna give you 20 minutes to rest. Do what you will with the time, but concider the next training, I suggest some resting would be in order.
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Mya looked down from the pole. "Okay" She said getting ready to work her way down. Veil and Mya worked their ways down the poles. Mya fell half way down but was okay. " What do you want to do now?" Veil asked the others. " I'll be back." Mya said walking away. She Walked to a near by tree and rested there. Mya didn't feel like sleeping or anything like that she just sat still for a couple of minutes while the others talked.

" I've never done anything like that pole climb before." She said to herself looking in the directions of the others. She felt a soft breeze go by. " Hum, I wonder what the rest of trainnings like if thats a worm- up?" She got up and rejoined the others. They still had 16 minutes left. " That was short." Veil smiled at her." I don't usally stay in one spot for a long time you know that." Mya responded.
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Veil just shrugged, smiling again at Mya. She liked the girl - reminded her of a niece of hers: young, bright, and spunky. The wind blew, and Veil looked over where Hentaro was sitting, his face still hidden by the shadow of the pole. Kilik was still looking a bit guilty, and Sinahiro was no where in sight. [I]Preparing our next training session, no doubt.[/I] Once again, she felt some unrest. Everything was so peaceful...and yet, not everything was right. [I]Will it ever be right?[/I] A sad smile came to her face, and she found herself watching the tall grasses rustle in the breeze. The silence was everywhere, adorned only be the whistling wind and voices of the trees around them.

She stood, walking to Hentaro, and took a seat next to him. "...Hentaro, are you alright?"

"I'm fine," came the short answer. His voice was muffled; he was still looking down at the ground.

She sighed, leaning back, and then let her gaze fall on her feet. "...Hentaro...what makes you so determined? Why are you so...determined to succeed?" Her voice was a bit regretful; there was a note of apology in it as she spoke.

Hentaro looked at her, watching the sad smile flicker across her face as she paused to look at the sky. He thought, and then answered. "I suppose...that it's Sensei. He makes me want to be...better. He forces me to challenge myself - I push my boundaries because of this."

Veil nodded, her eyes following a pair of birds as they perched on the poles. "Yes...I suppose so. But...why? Why does he make you feel like that?"
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Hentaro slowely looked away.

[b]Hentaro[/b]: I told him to...

Veil was shocked to hear what Hentaro said. Even though he wasn't looking in her direction she was trying to see his eyes. She seemed very sad and puzzled.

[b]Hentaro[/b]: Sensei was assigned to me. He didn't fight it and accepted to train me without hassitation. For that I feel I owe him. No one else as great as him would have even concidered to accept me, but he did. As we spent more time together we became almost as brothers. That's when I started to feel that I could say almost anything to him... I asked him to train me hard. From the tim I met him he only trained my simple things, like how to deffende myself in imple hand-to-hand combat. I didn't feel that the training lived up to the standard I had set for myself. So one day I asked him to make me a prime fighter...

[b]Veil[/b]: What happened?
Said Veil, totally in trans of Hentaros story.

[b]Hentaro[/b]: When I asked him he smiled and then walked away from me with his back turned... When he got a few qards away he shouted "Fight Me!". I was shocked at first to say the least, but before I even had time to react, he had shown up behind me and beaten me in one swift move... When I got back on my feet, he approched me and said, "If you are unable to deffende yourself against simple attacks like this, what use would you have of learning your own attacks?... When you are ready Hentaro-Kun, I will teach you things which will turn your eyes into baloons"... After that I trained harder then I ever could only in deffence. He tought me to see in all directions during battle, to be preppared at all times, to never be surprised or shocked during battle, and we got to the advanced stage of hand-to-hand deffence techniques... Before he finnished the deffence training, he called me to him, thus begun my first technique session. He taught me the healing technique which you've already seen. I was just as amazed as you the first timeI saw it. When I fully learned this technique, he taught me a few more, including the entrapment technique I used on you when you were abducted... When all that was done I had fully compleeted my deffence training. Now I have the general ability of protecting many people around me against high level enemies. This is a great gift which Sinahiro-sensei has given me... When I discovered the great power of a great deffence I discovered how lucky I was to have Sinahiro-sensei.

[b]Veil[/b]: He's really that great?
Veil asked as she looked away to find Sinahiro.

[b]Hentaro[/b]: He's more then that... Without him I would surely be dead now...
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Mya and Kilik we're standing off to the side talking when Sinahiro came. Mya looked over at Sinahiro. Her guess was their 20 minutes were almost up." Anything you guys need to do better do it now you have five minutes" He said looking at the group. No one seemed to be moving much. frankly no one had anything else to do besides train for the day.

"Alright, then I guess we'll start now." Every one looked alert and ready to start. But, no one was prepared for what was going to happen during training. darkness started to over take the sky as night came. The group went back to the training area where the poles where set up. This time there where burning torches set up around the area to provide light. " First well see what you need improvement in." Sinahiro looked at each student.

" I will put you against each other to see how your abilities in combat are." Mya shifted nervously at his words. " Each one of you will fight two at a time. When I blow my whistle you will stop, understood." The others just nodded their heads in agreement.
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OOC:*Sorry for replying so late :D *

Kilik was doing some stretches before he called the poeple to spar with eachother on top of the poles, when he looked at Mya she didn't seem like she was very happy or excited about the idea. Veil did the same stretches as kilik had, Hentaro just looked blankly into air waitning for the names to be called upon.

"Man...I've never seen hentaro so serious before" Kilik stated to Mya, she just gave a little smirk to him.

"He has his own reasons for it, dont worry about it much" She replied. Everyone stood in a line when Sinahiro came in front of them, he was ready to call the first two fighters to the ring.

"Alright lets see...how about Mya and Kilik up first" He stated, none of them had any time to react since he blew the whistle right away, again they had to climb all the way to the top and balance themselves before the fight could start. Kilik got balanced after a second or 5...but Mya had some trouble staying still, normaly she's quicker at getting balanced that Kilik was. Once the whistle blew they were ready to fight, both moving fast to different poles and attacking eachother once they were close enough, basically everything was fine but Kilik knew something was wrong. Mya was off her game badly!
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OOC: S'ok, just don't let it happen again ;P

As the battle raged on Sinahiro carefully watched all their movements. He could clearly tell that they where still tired from the warm-up. But at the same time he noticed the battle was going quite slowelly.
[B]Sinahiro[/B]: [I]What is she doing. She can do much better then this. I've senced great talent in her from the beginning, but I've never actually seen her give it all she's got. Why does she hold it back?... If this keepsgoing like this, Mya will lose to Kilik, fast.[/I]

Mya and Kilik were jumping between poles as fast as they could. They didn't dare to slow down, because they knew that would only give the oponent a great advantage.
As they both landed on paralelle poles at the same time they turned around and saw each other. They looked into each others eyes. They somehow felt sad and worried. Without Kilik seeing it, a tear dripped down Myas face, she was crying. But Kilik was dripping to, he was sweating unusually much. Just as they were about to continue, Kilik flintched. He lost conciousness and fell from the pole. Sinahiro, Veil, and Hentaro looked up in terror as they saw Kilik lifeless body fall towards the ground. Just as Sinahiro was about to take of for a great rescue, a sword flew by Kiliks body and attached itself to one of the poles. There was a small rope attached to the sword and Kilik landed right on it. Before he slided of it, Mya jumped on the rope, grabbed his body and made a safe landing on the ground below them.

Sinahiro quickly went to Kilik to see what happened. It turns out Kilik only fainted of exascion. He was too tired, and it seems he had caught a bad colt from the chilly weather of the night. As Sinahiro was carrying out Kilik from the arena, Mya had a very sad look on her face, she could almost break out into tears. Suddenly a faint voice was herd.
[B]Kilik[/B]: Let me fight.

Everyone looked surprised of Kilik words.

[B]Kilik[/B]: Sinahiro-Sensei, please let me fight Mya-chan. I don't want to leave my training with a sign of failure on me.
[B]Mya[/B] (Shouting): Kilik-san! I don't want to fight you. I want to become stronger, I want to bring out my true self. But not at the risk of injuring you Kilik-san... I'm sorry...

Tears pored down Myas face. That's when Kilik realized... Mya liked him...
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Mya was deeply disturbed by Kilik fainting but tried to keep it to herself. She had already gone through enough crying for the night. Mya was silent but the tears were still flowing. She was confused with mixed emotions. She knew her emotions had gotten a hold of her during the fight and didn't like it at all. She didn't like to cry especially in front of people. " Mya..." Veil started to say but Mya had already ran. Veil was about to run after her but Hentaro stopped her. She ran in to the forest where she had trained in the trees earlier.

She didn't plan to leave for ever she just wanted to be alone. She stopped at a small tree with familiar knives markings in it. She leaned against the tree and sat down to reflect on what had happened. She went through the battle in her mind over and over again. After awhile she came to the conclusion that she had a break down although it was hard for her to admit it. She stood up and walked deeper in to the woods.

" I hope Kiliks...alright." She though and then stopped. She climbed up the tallest tree she could find. " you'd think I'd be tired of climbing." She whispered to herself and then looked in to the near distance. She wasn't to far from the village but she wasn't to close either. Finally the tears stopped flowing down her face and she headed back to the village. She stopped again feeling a chill. One she felt before not because of cold but some thing else. " Some thing bad is gonna happen isn't it?" she looked up at the trees. She felt it was some kind of warning its been happening since she last visited her cousins graves. She felt the chill before her battle with Kilik to. She decided to make her way back as soon as possible.
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Kilik woak up inside onew of the rooms in the temple...he didn't remember what happened to him until after a few seconds when he tried to sit up, but was struggling a bit to do so. He saw a bowl f water with a wrag floating at the bottom of it, the window had been closed and it was dark....the only light was a candle stick next to his bed.

"What happened....oh man I must have failed the training. I feel so wothless ight now, how could I dissapoint Sinahiro-Sensei....especially Mya. I must have looked like such a goof in front of her, she must be mad at me for failing the training. But her words really got to me before I passed out":

Kilik: Let me fight.

Kilik: Sinahiro-Sensei, please let me fight Mya-chan. I don't want to leave my training with a sign of failure on me.
Mya (Shouting): Kilik-san! I don't want to fight you. I want to become stronger, I want to bring out my true self. But not at the risk of injuring you Kilik-san... I'm sorry...

"She was worried about me" Kilik blushed at the thought, but then he thought of a few more things at he same time. "When I was fighting, it felt like all my energy was being drained and my body got hotter and hotter by the minute....what was happeneing" He questioned to himself. There was a knocking on the door that starttled Kilik for a minuet until a figure came inside...it was Mya! She looked like there was a lot on her mind.

"Oh Kilik...I didn't mean for this to happen to you. I didn't really want ot fight you at all today. Please forgive me" She said softly, her voice had so much sorrow in it and it looked like she was gonna cry, her eyes were red with them already. She went over to change the wrag on his head for the other that was inside the bowl.

"Its not your fault Mya, it never was in the first place. The sun must have gotten to me thats all, and remember I skipped breakfast because I though I was gonna be late for taining. That had something to do with it as well I bet" Kilik replied as Mya was finishing changing the wrags.

"You's better rest now, we've all had our scares here and ther" She said, the sweet tone of her voice mooved Kilik to sleep, before she left Mya noticed a small cut surrounded by redness on his left neck-side. "What happened here....I didn't touch you in battle...and you didn't get that from falling at all. Maybe Sinahiro might know" Mya said as she put a blanket over Kilik and left his room quietly blowing out the candlestick before so.
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Mya went out side to find Sinahiro and ran directly in to Veil. " Sorry,Veil." " No problem." Veil smiled at her she smiled in response. Sinse Kilik was going to be okay she felt a little better. " Have you seen Sinahiro." " Yah, a couple of minutes ago why." "Beca...Never mind I'll find him." She went off She didn't want to stress Veil if she didn't have to. After all the cut could be nothing. She thought but just in case She thought she better find Sinahiro.

She found him out side by the poles they trained at earlier with Hentaro. She walked over to him. " Hey Sinahiro." They looked at Mya." Whats wrong." Sinahiro asked her. My eyes must be red or some thing she thought " Nothing....I just wanted to ask you. You watched the fight did I touch Kilik." " No not that I remember." Sinahiro said. Hentaro shook his head no in response.

" Thats what I thought, Kilik has a cut on his neck." Sinahiro apearntly didn't know the cut was there eather. " And I know I didn't do it...I know this is a little thing to ask you but, will you please check it out?" Sinahiro nodded and they walked to the room. Mya waited out side. She was okay but she was still a little worried. Mya had a bad feeling, She didn't really know what was going on but she didn't like it at all.
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OOC: Damn you all for this <_<

After waiting for about 15 minutes, Sinahiro came out. He seemed puzzled.

[B]Mya[/B]: Sinahiro-Sensei! What was it?
[B]Sinahiro[/B]: I'm afraid I don't know Mya. It doesn't seem to be a normal cut, but it doesn't seem like anything out of the ordinary either. It's really strange...
[B]Mya[/B]: Can you heal him?
[B]Sinahiro[/B]: I don't think performing any healing techniques on him at this stage would be smart. But we should ask the elders to examin him... Mya, as soon as dawn breaks, I want you to call upon the elder and ask him to come examin Kilik. I will stay here and do what I can to make sure he is ok.
[B]Mya[/B]: Hai Sensei!
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OOC: Hello everyone, I just signed up, under the direction of Cyriel. I hope my sign-up is ok. Check it out in the recruitment.


Her yellow tunic fluttering in the breeze, it lit up the gray atmosphere with its light color. The silver threads glinted, and the small, silver bells chimed as Vera continued climbing. She stopped, looking around at where she was. The mountain was shrouded in a cover of mist and cloud, and the sun barely pierced the shadowy sky. Sometimes bits of light would break through, in small circles of gold at her feet, but mostly the chill air surrounded her.

[I]How much more is it?[/I] She looked up the path again. According to some villagers she had met earlier, the site at the base of the mountains ahead was home to a group of wise and combative monks. Or...that's what she had gleaned. Mostly it had been broken bits of information, which she had tried to rationally piece together. However, their words were so vague and obscure, that she really had no idea what was there. All she knew was that at Veil's name, they had nodded excitedly and pointed their fingers. So Vera took and followed the path, higher and higher towards wherever it was she was headed.

"I wonder if she'll be there," Vera wondered out loud. Her sister, Veil... They had never met before, but she had heard so much about her - their father had talked about his first daughter with rapture and pride...except for the running away bit. She smiled. It was almost ironic that they had [I]both[/I] run away... Shaking her head, she continued up the steep path, keeping her eyes on the terrain...
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Kilik was sound asleep while the elders checked up on him for the problem he was faced with. After an hour or so they only detected some minor herbs that might cause some late reaction to the body and gave him some liquid to cancle out the toxins. Once nightfall came up Kilik felt much better and refreshed than ever, he felt as if he could do the whole course again all day long. Once he got a quick bath and new cloths he headed outside for some fresh air. The moon was covered by some clouds rolling over the midnight sky, some lanterns were lit in the temple by Elders walking along the Cherry-Blossom Tree path. Kilik decided to wqalk around a bt before he heard a voice calling out for him inside.

"Kilik...Kilik you stop right there" Mya said as she came into his sights. She panted a little before standing up straight to speak to him. "Your in no conditon to go anywhere, you should be in bed resting" She added placing her hands on her hips.

"But I'm fine now Mya, I wanna leave the room and walk around....would you like to come with me" Kilik said turning around feeling he was blushing a bit at the thought. She didn't say anything but started to walk down the steps, Kilik thought that meant a yes to him and walked with her. Not before long they came upon two shadows inderneath one of the trees and both got into fighting stances as quickly as they could. to there surprise it was Veil and Siro...they had just visited Sinahiro and decided to head in for the night. After and hour or so Mya and Kilik decided totdo the same.

"Wonder whats our next training gonna be" Mya said as Kilik walked her to her room, they both said goodnight to eachother.

*Yeah, we need some action in this, so who's our new villen gonna be????*
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OOC:I'll be willing to play an extra evil character

IC: Mya when inside the room and took out her braids she had to braid her hair over so she stayed up for a couple more minutes. She started upbraiding her hair and thinking about the evens of the other day .She was excited about the training and anxious to get started. She hadn't been excited about anything for a long while. But, training was the one thing she could look forward to for tomorrow. She though about Kilik and blushed slightly to herself. Then she though about being able to fight and cracked a slight smile. After a couple of minutes she finished braiding and when t to sleep.

The next morning the sun shown brightly in the sky. Every one was ready to train and at the battle area on time. Mya was stretching off to the corner by herself she was almost entirely focused on training. Hentaro, Veil and Kilik looked excited to. Maybe it was the weather or the training but every one seemed ready to battle. Sinahiro was standing next to one of the polls waiting to start the pole jumping again. " Alright now you know which poles you where at last time right? begin climbing." Every one got to the poles and training proceeded as usual.
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In the shadows a figure stood waiting. She pullled a tooth from her necklace and uttered these words, "Minion find the ones who destroyed my teacher" The tooth turns into a small song bird marked with red feathers in it's wings. As it flies away a small slit of sun catches the figures face. "Sirus I will avenge you, they will pay" The figure walks out from the shadow to reveal a regular teenage girl. As she walks away a mutilated rabbit is left on the path.
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As the training keept going, everyone seemed happy and sure of their thing. Sinahiro was pleased to see how experienced they had gotten from one practise session that never even finished.

Suddenly Sinahiro twitched. He could sence something... Something bad...
He looked up and saw a bird flying in curles around the arena.

[b]Sinahiro[/b]: [i]What is this incredible energy?... Could it be that the bird is doing this?[/i]

Suddenly Sinahiro could hear a slight, slithering whisper from an unknown location. "[i]Come back[/i]"... The bird turned around and flew away from the arena.

[B]Sinahiro[/B]: [I]What was that?[/I]

Minutes later...

[B]Sinahiro[/B]: *Whistle*... Ok everyone! Come down!

The group jumped down from their poles, looking really confused.

[B]Veil[/B]: What's the matter Sinahiro-sensei? It hasn't even gone half the time we did this last time.
[B]Sinahiro[/B]: Nothing is the matter Veil... I wanted you to resume your battles instead. And if I remember it correctly, it was you, Veil vs Hentaro... This time however. Let's keep it on ground level... Everyone, go outside of the arena and let Hentaro and Veil continue their battle... [I]This might at least prepare them a little for what might be approaching[/I]
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Everyone was wondering why Sinahiro-sensei made overyone leave the arena, mighty pequiliar to thier thought. But whatever Sinahiro-sensei said, it was basically law to them. Only Veil and Hentaro were battle eachother on the bottom of wooden poles.

"I wonder why he's maing us fight on the gorund" Mya asked to herself, she ten observed the two weaving in and out of the arena trying to lose one another and attack them. Bother looked very serious and ready to do anything to win, but Kilik knew they wouldn't go to exteme measures. Without notice Mya grabbed Kilik's hand gently and they both walked over to Sinahiro to ask him something.

"What's up guys?" He ased while still over-viewing the fight.

"Well Senei.....why are we not practicing on the poles uptop while the others are fighting on the bottom, same as vice versa" Mya replied as she looked at the side of his face firmly.

"Well, its nothing really, after what hapened o Kilik, the heat might get tot he others as well. So it would be best if they stayed on the ground for now Mya, don't worry about it much" He stated while giving Veil and Hentaro some advice on what to do as they attacked eachother. Kilik was satisfied with the answer but it seemed like Mya wasn't persuaded much. She was the kind of that doesn't take no for an answer too often. With a hevey sign she continued to look onto the fight.
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Mya watched the fight. But, being the thick headed and pondering person she is she still came up with thousands of other reasons for them not fighting on the poles. She kept it to herself though. After a couple of minutes of pondering she focused her attention back on the fight which was raging on. Both Veil and Hentaro looked determined. Their agility surprised Mya for a second.

Veil and Hentaro were both talented fighters and nether where willing to lose. She watched them as they started to move faster. "This will be a close match" She though watching the fight continue. She started sweating a little just watching the fight. "The way their moving if they had fought on the poles they might have passed out." She studied their fighting styes for a second.

Mya turned away from the fight and looked down. She didn't realize she had been holding Kilik's hand. She turned red and then looked at Kilik who didn't seem to notice yet. So she just stared at him for a second. Since he didn't seem to bothered by it she tried to watch the fight continue. She looked away from Kilik a little and turned to Sinahiro who was to focused on the fight to noticed Mya was Blushing.

Sinahiro was focused on the others battle. He watched the fight like a hawk. He looked like he was noting every mistake made in battle. Mya was grateful for that. If they ever got in a battle she wanted to fight with as close to no mistakes as possible. She turned back to the fight which was still in progress.
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Veil clenched her jaw - the last blow from Hentaro had drawn a bit of blood. [I]I'm...not going to lose...even if it's just training. If I lose in training, how can I win in a battle?[/I] Crouching, she propelled herself into the air again, the small bells on her tunic chiming with her momentum. She whipped her glaive towards Hentaro, who deflected it by slapping the flat part, sending it spinning in her hand. She let her fingers slide around the handle, and spun in another movement, smooth and graceful as a dancer. Even if her mind faltered, her body didn't - somehow, as if by pure instinct, she knew which way to turn, where to move. Her eyes didn't even follow his movements. Instead, it was as if she didn't even need her sight - every one of her other senses were perfectly attuned to his body.

He slipped past her gliding blade again, sweeping under and moving into a twirling kick. Veil caught his foot with her own, and both pushed away from each other. Standing a little distance apart, they watched each other, both of them breathing heavily. Then Hentaro stood straight, smiled, and beckoned to her.

Veil couldn't help but smile herself - Hentaro was always so...happy? Cheerful? No...but...he made her smile. His calm outward appearance completely hid the dangerous skills that he wielded so well...and she was glad that she could at least keep up with him for a bit. Shaking her head, she narrowed her eyes, and then hurdled forward again. Her glaive was held parallel to her outstretched arm, and swept diagonally across her body. Anticipating another head-on attack, Hentaro was mildly surprised when her glaive hit the ground heavily, but he quickly readjusted himself.

Tipping herself up onto the staff of her weapon, Veil swung over and around, using her inertia to fling herself at a high speed around the handle. Her bells chimed, and she felt her foot connect barely with Hentaro's knee. Using the chance, she hooked her foot behind his leg, flipping him off balance. Hentaro quickly regained his stance, using the momentum from her attack to flip himself up into the air, ready to catch her off guard.

Veil, expecting Hentaro to be on the ground recovering, was surprised to see the space empty. And then she looked up, just in time to see Hentaro's feet coming down on her head. Lightning fast, Veil brought her arms up, catching his shins by locking her wrists across her forehead. She twisted at the same time she launched him off, and he spun through the air again, landing softly on the ground. Picking up her glaive again, she watched him again, catching her breath as she waited.
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The bird flew from the training ground to a little house out in the forest. Flies can be seen buzzing around the place, while a scream erupts from the inside. The bird lands on what is left of a pile of bodies. Kinesha is seen cutting into a man's stomach while he lays with his throat cut open. "You've returned my minion, you're a little early, but I don't mind. Now tell me, what did you see?"

The bird widens and expands into a screen, on it you can see the the warriors climbing the poles, but being sent down in a couple of minutes. "Ahhh...so these are the ones that defeated my teacher. Well...:she slammed a knife into the man's stomach and gurgling noises are heard:...I think some one should go pay them a visit." As Kinesha's eyes scanned the room her eyes widened in surprise. "Well, maybe my free time can be used against them" Kinesha holds out her hands and the room warms slighty. The pile of leftover bodies slowly rise and piece together. "Go and kill the ones who have destroyed my teacher, bring back their bodies though, those'll come in handy. You bird thing, turn into a crow, I need a lookout for these pitiful things" The army of the dead leave the house, marching in a single line of bones and rotted flesh. The body leading the pack is of a once alive little girl, holding a doll, with her eyes cut out.
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The battle raged on between Veil and Hentaro. They were both starting to get tired from the battle, but neither would give up.
Veil charged straight at Hentaro, but before she reached him he jumped high into the air, looked down and threw ducins of shuriken. Veil managed to stop by gliding after she missed Hentaro. She looked up and saw the shuriken coming, so she liften her glaiv and spun it in high speed. The shuriken were deflected, and Veil stopped to look and see what happened to Hentaro, he wasn't in the air any more.
Suddenly Veil turned around and stopped Hentaro who was behind her with a kunai in his hand, they were both pushing hard with their weapons. But then Veil takes a step back and Hentaro falls down in front of her. Veil then uses the back of her glaiv to hit him on his back, but when she does that his body suddenly explodes into smoke. Before she had time to react she herd a voice behind her...


Those words echode in Veils head, she had hurd them before. Her first reaction had to be the right one or she would lose. She jumped straight ahead with her arms out, landing right outside an orb which was suddenly created at the area where she was standing...
Veil trew a shuriken at Hentaro but the orb was between them and deflected the shuriken. Hentaro realized the seal failed so he let go of it. Veil saw an opening so she jumped at him again, Hentaro grabbed a kunai and was about to block, but...


Suddenly Sinahiro appeared between them holding Hentaros hand in his left hand and Veils in his right. Everything stopped.

[B]Sinahiro[/B]: This match is over.
[B]Mya[/B]: What's the matter Sinahiro-Sensei?
Shouted Mya from outside the arena.
[B]Sinahiro[/B]: Something is coming, we need to be ready.

Everyone looked surprised at each other. What was coming and was it so powerful that Sinahiro was getting nervous?
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When Sinahiro-Sensei stopped the battle and asked everyone to be prepared for something, it made everyone a bit worried. Seeing their master in a state of shock and confusion was something they didn't see every day, and they didn't want to see it ever. They looked up to Sinahiro for support and strength when things look their grimest, they know his fighting spirit keeps them going. After a min. or so, everyone went back to the temple to see that everything was a mess, the hounds were barking at any random thing...they even looked like they wanted to kill. The lower level students were trying to gather all the training equiptment that they used outside.

"Hurry, hurry....there is something wrong in the air. We must find shelter" one of the elders said as he instructed the students, the more stronger elders helped the with their task.

"What could be doing all of this" Veil ased herself as she tried to get her hair out of her eyes as the wind blew with great force. The group was in a circle standing side-by-side, back-to-back from eachother.

"Let's split up and search the temple.....we might find the source of all this disterbence" Sinahiro said as he and Hentaro went to the west wing od the temple, Veil went to the east, Mya and Kilik covered the north and south ends. They didn't know what they were looking for, but it might be dangerous so they prepared their weapons for combat.
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