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The Suikoden Series


What do you belive is the best feature of the Suikoden series  

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  1. 1. What do you belive is the best feature of the Suikoden series

    • The stars of Destiny system.
    • Chinchorium (However you spell it)
    • The Story
    • The runes
    • The Unites
    • I belive the game sucks and has no good features.

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This would have to be my favourite RPG game of all time and apparently quite popular in Japan and America even though it is rare in the latter. Many people would not like the simple 2D graphics in the first two and overlook the pure quality of the story and battle system or even the 108 stars of destiny part of the games.

Take the final fantasy series for example, All quality games (except forr FF 1,2,8) yet none of them are sequels to any of them opposed to the Suikoden series that are all Pre/Sequels. The series were made by Konami Japan yet all released at the same time as another major rpg that would steal the limelight. I want to hear what others think of the series ok.
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