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Dragon Warrior

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[b]Dragon Warrior[/b]
Name: Damien Gallendino
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Weapon: His Company and Connections
Who Hired You: Himself

Name: Greg Sanders AKA Loan Shark AAKA Shark (damn...)
Age: 28
Gender: male
Weapon: Flame Thrower
Who Hired You: Gavin Brown

Name: Andrew Mayo
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Weapon: Two Glock 9mm
Who Hired You: Adrien Smith

Name: Tanji Jacobson AKA Fury (Or Tornado... figure that one out. >:/ )
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Weapon: (Sharp)metal capped quarter staff(other than her fists and feet..?), medium fighting knife
Who Hired You: Adrien Smith

Name- Mya Willson
Age- 25
Weapon-sniper gun
Who Hired You- Shyquan Willson( Mya's cousin)

Name: Alanna del Re
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Weapon: Brass Knuckles and a small pocket knife
Who Hired You: Matthew del Re, a former business partner of Damien's and Alanna's half-brother

Name: Kenji Tsuron (AKA no-one)
Age: 21
Gender: male
Weapon: A long rifle (can't think of any particular names) and a few throwing knives.
Who hired me: Mathew del Re

Name: Sara Sanai
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Weapon: Talon Dagger, two automatic guns in holsters under her jacket.
Who Hired You: Marie Antoinette(Sara's boss, she's rich and wants Damien gone so she can be one of the richest people in the world.)

[b]G/S/B Master[/b]
Name: Shinyu Aranta
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Weapon: Katana, 2 glocks, and a m4a1
Who Hired You: Makiyu Mishima. A mysterious man who calls Shinyu for various missions for his unknown goal.

Name:Kau Manamazi
Weapon:Semiatuomatic Uzi, and blades on arms, Feet and legs.
Who hired me:Kau's brother Oden, Damien owes Oden Green, and lots of it. Oden promised Kau half of what They get from Damien.


Damien walked out of his mansion in India on the very humid morning. The vegetation provided cool shade for it's master who walked along the stone patio to overlook his genuine pool. It glissened in the sunlight and he knew it was quite cool thanks to his system built in to keep it as such.

He stepped down the stairs to where he'd take a swim and was about to go in before one of his men in a nice white suit (oh yeah... silky :D ) approached him. "Sir, you must leave now, for your own safety."

"In good time, Laveo," Damien said before doing a perfect dive.


I got you all started so now post :) My posts will most likely be like this until some action happens. It's not like I plot to kill you all... or do I?
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OOC: heh... you probably do.

IC: Kenji ran through the streets of India, knowing by information provided by his employer that the target would be outside any minute now. He must have looked rather conspicuous, but he needed to hurry. He found his way to the mansion, cut off from the rest of the indian city and swarming with security.

He must be rich indeed... Kenji backed into the midst of the crowded street, avoiding people and the occasional cow while circeling around to the other side of the mansion.

There didn't seem to be any obvious breaks in the security system, but he had to look anyway. On almost the complete opposite side, there was a seven foot high wall, made in the ornamental indian style. That must be where he was.

Kenji gripped his rifle among the folds of his clothing, fumbling slightly with the strap that held it in place. He had dressed indian style to fit in with the crowd. Now he just had to figure out how to get over that wall...
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Andy made his way down the crowded streets of New Delhi. He had to find a hotel whose name was written in Hindi, rather than English. At first he thought it would be difficult, but he soon found out that it wouldn't be. Since most places names were in English.

Finally he came across it. The only hotel so far that is in Hindi. He entered quickly, and wished he had not. The sight was horrendous. Beggars were stuffed to the brim in there, not only did they look bad, but the smell wasn't much better. He wished he didn't have to meet one of the other two people that Adrien Smith had hired to dispose of Damien.

He didn't know who he was to meet so he went to the Hotel Manager and asked, "Do you speak English?"

"Oh yes Sir, I speak English well." The man said with a big smile and terrible breath.

Andy held back the urge to gag and continued, "Alright, good, have you seen any other American in here?"

"Oh yes, I have, he is up in his room, uh... 212 I believe." The Manager said.

"What do the numbers look like?" Andy asked afraid of what they could look like.

"Like what you would expect Sir."

"Thank you," Andy said, then started up to the room.

Andy found 212 rather easily after making his way up 2 flights of stairs. He stood next to the door and knocked on it.

"Who's there?" asked a gruff voice from a distance.

"Andy--" was all he got out before he heard the cocking of a shotgun and the sound of it being shot. He was glad he stood next to the door when he watched the door splinter into many pieces.

"Damn!" Andy said as he pulled his two Glocks out and took a deep breath. He spun in front of the door and started blasting away. He got five shots off when he heard the shotgun again. He spun back around just as the trigger was pulled.

After the debris cleared again Andy swung once more and let off more rounds, this time diving into the door. He heard a soft squish as a bullet found a home.

"GAH!" was the response, then there was a thump and some whimpering.

Andy stood up and walked toward the person. "You know Al, if you would have just opened the door this wouldn't have happened. The man looked at Andy and got very angry. He tried to go for the shotgun but Andy was quicker. He raised up his Glocks and shot a total of six rounds into Al's head.

He heard shouting and running from below, and knew that is was time to go. He ran to the window, and saw to his luck a balcony. He swung over the balcony and started to carefuly make his way down to each one below it. Finally he was back on the road and few paid any attention to him. He quickly blended into the crowded street, and disappeared.
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[COLOR=Gray][SIZE=1][FONT=Century Gothic]
"Damn, if I stay out, I might as well be a walking raisin." mumbled Shinyu.

Shinyu, with his black coat, red shirt, jeans, a hat, and a cool pair of shades, walked along the Indian street. Shinyu attracted a lot of attention due to his appearance, but that didn't stop the Asian assassin from stopping his objective.

"Yo, Shinyu, I got a lock on Damien's location," said a mysterious voice. The sound was coming from the earpiece that Shinyu equipped before he set to India.

"I already know his whereabouts, just tell me if there's any security there," whispered Shinyu as he walked towards a mansion.

"Well, the only security I've nabbed from my system is a huge wall..... Thats all. I don't think he could put anything else in there since well, the heat of India could well burn a microchip in seconds. Unless that guy did some coating into the metal."

"Heh, tell me about, my skin is wrinkling," said Shinyu

"Anyways, talk to ya later, until I can find out more," replied the voice then a small static took over the earpiece. Shinyu turned it off and he stopped to marvel at the great wall.

"My m4a1 can blast through the wall, but how thick is it? And how much commotion can it make? Better not risk it, besides, I might lose a lot of ammo....."

Shinyu thought about and sat down next to the wall.
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[COLOR=Navy]Sara walked delicately through the streets of New Delhi, stopping at several stores to pretend like she was a real Indian maiden. She was wearing a sari, a veil and sandels to make her blend in with the other females.

Sara ducked into a small alleyway between two buildings and fell into a shadow. She reached into her sari and retrieved her flip cell phone. She flipped it quickly and speed-dialed two.

"This is Sara reporting. I've successfully reached India and I know there's other assassins here, all here to assassinate Damien. I need a location fast, I gotta get to him." Sara told her team.
"Your assumption is confirmed, there [i]are[/i] other assassins with you and they [i]are[/i] there to assassinate Damien. The only location we've gotten so far is that he's in a mansion somewhere in India, and that can be anywhere." the voice replied.
"A mansion isn't good enough. I need an exact location." Sara said firmly.
"We're working on it." the voice said with obvious stress.
"Well work harder!" Sara yelled.
"We're trying Sara." the voice said trying to calm down.
"Hmph, get back to me when you get an exact location." Sara said hanging up.

Sara looked around and pulled off her sari and veil, she had been wearing her normal clothes underneath the whole time and was happy she was out of the Indian clothes. Sara exchanged her sandels for her shoes and stuffed her Indian clothes into a hidden gap. She checked that her weapons were still with her and scaled the wall in front of her. She stood on top of the building and let the warm breeze blow her hair. She palmed her Talon Dagger and ran forwards over flat roofs and leaped over the gaps between the roofs.

"I'm coming to get you Damien." Sara whispered with a smirk.[/COLOR]
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Kenji suddenly noticed someone. He looked american... he was sitting right next to the wall Kenji was attempting to figure out. [I]What a fool...[/I] Kenji thought, bringing his rifle to his eye. There was only one explanation for this man, and Kenji didn't like the sound of copetition.

The he froze... if he fires now, the guards, and possibly Damien himself, would hear. He couldn't afford that. [I]Damn it![/I] he thought. Now he had to deal with this guy [i]and[/i] the wall. Well, it was worth a try.

Kenji backed away and moved through the streets until he was nearly behind the man. Now he just had to get in range. He grabbed a throwing knife from within his clothes and walked as silently as he could.


Too late. Kenji's foot hit a twig, and though this was very bad, he couldn't help but laugh mentaly at the irony. The man turned around quickly and pulled out a gun. [i]This is not my day...[/i]
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[size=1][color=darkgreen]Shark's ears pirked up as he heard feet running in a familiar pace. Every so seconds the foot steps would stop and then continue going. Shark looked to the side, barely moving his head at all to see a women running along the roof tops. [i]****...[/i] Shark crouched low when he realized she had weapons with her, but he didn't reach for his own.
"What [i]is[/i] she doing?" Shark whispered to himself, "Someone is going to easily spot her frolicin' on the roof tops." Shark decided that if he didn't want his own cover on the roof to be blown, he would have to either take her off the roofs for sure... or he himself just get off the roof. Shark sratched his small beard as he watched her come closer, she was about 7 or so building away now. He wouldn't kill her...yet. Plus, he would still take care of Damien...

Shark jumped up from his crouching position and stuck his tongue out at the women on the roof, well, she obviously noticed him and picked up her pace with a curse. Shark laughed to himself as he spun around and sprinted off in the direction she was heading in. His tan trinch coat flapped behind him in the wind, revealing his flame thrower... He really needed to get some more weapons... Shark glanced behind his back casually to see the lady catching up with him, she was only two houses behind. Shark quickly picked up his pace, noticing that he was coming to an end of houses up a head and in a short distance further there was a large wall. [i]Damien...[/i] Shark was now running as fast as he could go, the wind whipping around him wildly as he was only 5, no.. 4 houses away from the end of buildings. He glanced behind one more time to see the lady pull out a gun.

"Oh... now you pull out the gun..." Shark grumbled in a mocking tone. [/size][/color]
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Alanna yawned, just a little bored with the room Matt had picked out for her. "'You'll be safer here'", she said, mocking his concern before she'd left. "'The others I've hired will protect you.' Why does he always think I need protection?" She walked into the hotel room's bathroom, checking her reflection quickly. "Perfect, he doesn't seem to have ruined anything." She strode out of the room, careful to step over the bodyguards. "Protect me? Ha!" She walked down the three flights of stairs quickly, stopping at the manager's desk before leaving.
"Is there anything you'd like, Ms. del Re?" he asked.
[i]Damn, Matt. I must admit, you've frightened all the right people. Mostly.[/i] "Yes, could you send a maid to my room? It's a bit messy. If Mr. del Re calls for me, tell him to call my cell and that I'm not coming back here."
"Yes, ma'am," he replied, scribbling down all she'd said. "I hope you enjoyed your stay."
"Oh, most definitely." With a smirk, she walked out into the streets of New Dehli. After a small breakfast in a nearby restaurant, she called Kenji, her 'partner' according to Matt.
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Kenji ran for it, not wanting to be killed so early in his mission, not to mention his life. It would seem, however, that his competition didn't want to shoot, most likely for the same reason Kenji had not taken him out from a distance.

His cell phone rang... odd. If there was ever a time that Kenji didn't want a phone call, it was now. He pulled it out and answered it, "What is it? Who is this?"

A woman's voice answered, "Kenji?"

He thought about wether or not he should give her his name... "Yes."

"You were hired by Mr. del Re, correct?"

"Give me a reason I should tell you." Kenji said angrily, stopping and sinking next to a building.

"I would be your 'partner'." [i]Oh for God's sake..[/i] Kenji thought.

"Del Re said nothing about a partner. I don't trust you." The sooner this call was over, the better.

"That would be a problem." there was a short pause, "If you decide to get over yourself, meet me near the hotel in the east corner. I'll be waiting."

[I]Great... I should never have accepted this job.[/I] He would have protested, but the woman had already hung up. He supposed he should go see what this was alla bout... but descretely.
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Mya walks through the airport." I can't believe I'm late." She muttered as she got off the plane in to the sun. They had to walk out side to get to the main building. While the guide wasn't looking she slipped away from the group. She notices some people who looked as if they had come strait out the matrix and smiled. The people looked like they wanted to get away from the guide." Whats the point of coming if you never get pass the metal detector.

After a bit of walking she found a small hotel and set up her stuff their for the time being. Which was basically her gun, some clothes and a laptop. Mya picked up her cell To call Shyquan. " Come on pick up.... Hello Shy. I'm Here" "Good, Be careful...there are others after him to" Shyquans voice was a low whisper over the phone." I know that in fact thats why I'm making you pay more than before. The last guy was to easy...This one will take a bit of work." "I-" "I'll call you back" She hung up the phone hearing a loud knock on the door.

She edged close to the window with her gun. " Hum not that far a fall." She thought hearing a Knock again. She climbed out the window. "Manager Open the door!" The door swung open. A rather tall man walked in the room and looked around. He looked out the window." No one here, heh." He said walking back out the door and closing it. Mya jumped down from the window above her room. " That was way to close." She picked up her phone again." Shyquan what did you get me in to?" She thought waiting for him to pick up.
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[COLOR=Gray][SIZE=1][FONT=Century Gothic]
[i]"What a beginner, he thought he can take me from person to person range?" thought Shinyu. [/i]

Shinyu smirked, [i]"I'm gonna teach him a lesson...."[/i]

Shinu ran after Kenji. After Kenji got off the phone, Shinyu aimed for Kenji's head and punched him in the right cheek, causing Kenji to spin around. Shinyu then took and grab hold of Kenji's Indian styled collar. Shinyu was 6'7, so Kenji was a smallfry compared to him. Shinyu held him up into the air and they were directly, face-to-face.

"Look kid, if your going to kill someone, do it right." said Shinyu. Then he swung Kenji into the wall, back first, then Kenji landed on his face, groaning in pain.

"Cause if ya don't, it's going to be VERRRY painful. And often, life-threatening for you."

Shinyu walked away from the young assassin and looked up, there was 2 people on a building, a lady and a man.

"Yo Shinyu, you know the guys who are up on roof that you're staring at?" said a voice from the earpiece.


"Well, those are assassins that are trained to kill Damien, like you. And also the dude who you just threw to the wall."

"You're kidding me right? That little twerp can't even sneak behind me"

"Well, don't underestimate your opponents, they could gang up on ya and kill you."

"I don't care, as long as they die by the blade of my katana." Then Shinyu carressed his sheath that was hidden behind his coat which was carrying his katana.

".......... Ooooh Kay, anyways, th guards of Damien has been released after the impact that dude made. I expect thatthey will kill that kid, Kenji, in seconds like vultures."

"Good.. I'm gonna welcome the 2 people of that roof"

Shinyu turned off his earpiece again and ran towards the building. Shinyu jumped and miraculously, Shinyu made it, by his hands. He was holding on the edge of the roof. Shinyu then climbed up and grabbed his 2 glocks.

"Welcome to New Delhi :). Now drop the weapons and surrender." said Shinyu. He raised his glock at Sara and Shark.
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Tanji walked down the street, whistling. She seemed innocent enough, and looked like a regular adult in the crowded streets of New Delhi. SHe bustled around, using her staff as a walking stick. She glanced around, looking for a place to crash. She spotted a place - it was an English named hotel, but who cared? Her boss didn't as long as she got the job done.

Tanji looked around, still whistling. SHe went to the door of the English hotel, and leaned on her staff as if tired as a young couple exited the building. She flashed them a smile, then entered. SHe went to the lobby counter. "Sir? Do you have a small room free?" The man looked up. A smile flashed up. "Of course. Follow Daniel." It was an English name - she wondered what an English boy was doing in New Delhi.

Tanji followed the boy to her room, and be left her to get comfertable. She leaned her staff on the wall, and locked the door behind her.
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[COLOR=Navy]Sara and Shark swivelled to face the new-comer. Sara pointed her gun at him and Shark gripped his flamethrower.

"You're not the only one with weapons." Sara said coldly.

It was a standoff. Sara noticed Shinyu reach for his other glock and she revealed her other automatic gun and pointed them both at him.

"Hm...Looks like we gots an old fashion stand off." Shinyu said, pointing a gun at Sara and the other at Shark.

Shark glared and had his flamethrower pointed towards Shinyu.

"Drop your weapons and surrender." Shinyu repeated

"Hahaha...I don't surrender." Sara laughed, Shark smirked, meaning he didn't surrender either.

"Why don't we forget this for now, if I'm right, we're all here to assassinate Damien, correct?" Sara asked. She got no answer.

"Well I'll take it as a yes, we can do this after he's dead. Killing Damien is my top priority. So Seeya!" Sara said with a wink and she backflipped into a gap between building and ran through alleys swiftly, making sure not to be seen again.[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=darkgreen]"Pansy..." Shark grumbled as she jumped away from him and Shinyu. How did he not see that coming from a women. He cursed a bit and then looked back ahead at the man he was facing. "Shinyu huh?" He said casually, he didn't drop the flame thrower, but he did lower it so that it was facing the roof below him. Shinyu still had the smirk on his face, it seemed as long as he had one person he could kill in front of him everything was peachy keen. Shark mimicked the smirk and held out his hands, completely letting go of his flame thrower and held them as if he was holding two clocks, both facing Shinyu. "Can't wait to get some of my own..." Shark chuckled. Shinyu's smile seemed to fade slightly.

"What kind of trick are you trying to play on me?" He asked, his finger seemed to trimble with anticipation of wanting to pull the trigger and blow a hole through Shark's head. Shark grinned even more, a twinkle seemed to flash through his eyes as he slowly turned his head and looked to his right, still keeping one eye on Shinyu though. Shinyu followed his gaze, turning his head and looking to see if someone was coming towards them. Shark took his chance and ran from the other assasin who soon noticed him and began firing shots of bullets at him. Shark did a summersault off of the roof, grabbing the edge as he went off. He then let himself fall and landed on the ground below, pushing through a door and into a crowded building. [/size][/color]
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Kenji got up slowly, every nerve in his back aking. Nothing was going the way it should today. He picked up his rifle from where it lay on the dusty ground and checked to see if anyone was looking. There was no one but himself.

Kenji carefully placed the rifle back in it's strap, arranging it so that nothing was showing. Now he had to find the hotel his 'partner' had been talking about.

It took only a few minutes, as it stood out in the streets of New Delhi. Kenji approached it from the south side, sticking close to a nearby building. It was very possible some one was trying to trick him. He found a comfy spot in a gap between the hotel and it's neighbor building and watched for any sign of who he was supposed to meet.

A few minutes later, a woman not too much older than himself came up to the hotel and leaned on the side. Was that her? No, she got up and entered. Kenji would have to wait a little longer.
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"Hello, Kenji." Alanna walked around from the opposite side of the building. He took aim, finger on the trigger of his rifle. She smirked. "Do that, and Matt will kill you himself, regardless of what he wants. I'm afraid I'm a bit more important than you think." She watched him carefully for a moment. Slowly, he lowered the rifle, still not taking his finger from the trigger. She pulled out her phone again, this time dialing Matthew. She waited for a moment as she was connected.
"Hello?" came the voice on the other end.
"Tell him we've met and I'll call him later. We're leaving behind the others for stealth." She hung up immeadiately and looked to Kenji again.
"We need another hotel, this one is...inhabitable for the moment. Know of one?"
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Andy was calmly making his way down the street enjoying the scenery. He had always enjoyed seeing new foreign soil. Especially one with such a rich history as this one. So many wars fought with just a neighbor, peaceful independence from the United Kingdom... it was all wonderful to Andy.

He tipped his fedora forward more to keep the scorching sun out of his eyes. That was India's one downfall. The damn heat. He didn't mind it though, even with his long sleeved shirt and denim blue jeans. He was sweating, but comfortable.

He was taken out of his peaceful walk when somebody rudely bumped into him. "Hey you-" he started to say, then he felt the chain on his wallet tug. "Damnit!" Someone had decided to steal his wallet. Thank goodness for the creator of wallet chains.

He reached his hand out and followed the direction of the chain and grabbed the would-be thief and gave him a good yank back. When the person got into a closer range he punched them right in the face. "That is mine I believe," he said as he reclaimed his wallet.

The crowd around him stopped and staired at the scene. "Nothing to see here, go on about your business." Andy smirked, he sounded like a cop at a crime scene, how ironic.

The smirk was somewhat whiped away when he heard sirens. He turned his head just in time to see cops quickly speeding down the road, even though they weren't going that fast, considering all the pedestrians diving out of the way. He looked ahead of where the police were heading and saw a large mansion.

"Let the cops get the fools already attempting to get Damien, and make my job easier. Imbeciles." Andy said. This job wasn't going to be as hard as he thought. He just had to wait for the opportune moment to carry out his plan.
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Tanji looked around her room. Small, but comfy. She smirked. [i]Like I'm gonna be in here for long.[/i] SHe put her hands on her hips as she surveyed her surroudnings. "Not much," she muttereed. SHe grabbed her staff, and went to the small window. She watched the street from there, and drew the blinds.

SHe unlocked the door, exited, then re-locked it behind her. SHe left the building, whistling a tune that wasn't really a tune. She hummed, and made a bee-line for the large mansion. Her sharp eyes locked on a pair, then she shook herself. Oddly, she ran into someone.


She gave Andy a smirk. "WHy, if it isn't Andy."
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She hung up the phone. Mya looked around the room to check if anything was placed wrong or missing. She noticed a book on the bed that wasn't their before. Mya picked up the book and threw it out the window. She then made her way out of the room. She didn't plan on staying very long i she had to. She picked up all her stuff and left the hotel with her gun hidden. She noticed another man hurrying out the building as well.

She walked out the hotel and when after the man who had went out in such a hurry. Mya had a bad feeling about him. After a bit of walking the man turned around.But, didn't seem to notice anything. Thats when she heard the blast from near by. " Don't these people know how to keep a low profile." She though going in to one of the near by building. She went to the roofdoor wich was armed by an alarm. After sniping a couple of wires she got to the roof very quickly. " Time for a little target pratice" She aimed at the man who was in shooting range and shot.
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"Yes, it is Andy, now leave me the hell alone for now. I've already taken care of the other person that Adrien hired besides us." Andy said with an annoyed look. He despised the fact that she carried around a stick, like that would do much damage.

"Oh really? How did you manage that?" She asked.

"It took about two bullets. One to make him stop, and one to kill him..."

"And...?" she asked.

"And about ten more to make sure." Andy said. "Now leave me alone before I do the same to you."

"You wouldn't kill me in the public's eye," she teased.

"So you think," he said as he turned a corner away from the mansion.

"Hey You, the target is that way," Tanji said.

"Yes, well, unlike the other imbeciles I choose not to get caught by the police the first day out. This may not be America, or wherever else they come from, but that doesnt' mean they are entirely uncivilized," he said as he passed a food stand that was selling bug kabobs. "Now shoo, I want some rest, the jetlag is still affecting me." Andy then turned again and entered a hotel. English named, so he liked it.

He walked up to the desk clerk, "Hello, I'm an egotistic American that believes everyone in the world should speak English, do you have any rooms?"
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[size=1][color=indigo]Shark looked took in his surroudings, noticing that he had ran into a small bar. It was flooded with men who were tiher drunk or trying to get durnk. Shark's Flame Thrower was already hidden back behind his trench coat, in case the other assasin was going to follow him, he slipped himsefl into a table across from one of the very few men who had not yet been taken over by the alcohal's power. He gave a toothy grin and took a sip of his beer, Shark smiled back, though he didn't like showing his teeth. The man a two drinks, and to Sharks' surprise, he passed the second one two him, motioning with his hand for him to have it. Shark nodded his head in thanks and took a chug of the liquor.

"Veerrrry... Goooooood." Shark sounded out the words, trying to see if the Indian man could understand him. The man smiled knowingly and took another sip of his own drink. Shark suddenly noticed the side dorr which he had came in from open and then shut quickly. He bit his lower lip and noticed that his beer buddy was wearing a cloak around his back. [i]How can he stand wearing the friggin' thing in the heat?[/i] Shark shook the thought from his head and thought of what was going on now, that could have been Kinyu who had come in. "Caaaan Iiiiii weeeeeaaaar yoooour Clooooaaak?" Shark asked slowly as he nudged on the man's cloak with his hand. He hoped he would understand and give him the cloak, although he was a hired assasin, he didn't enjoy killing the public.

"Sure, it pretty hot in here anyway." The man said in a thick Indian accent. He took off the cloak and gave it to the "surprised that an Indian man could speek english" Shark. Shark draped the cloak over his back and cover most of his face. It was very long too and he was able to cover the left side of his body, which was facing the crowd. [/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Navy]As Sara switched from rooftops to ground level she noticed a particular man entering a hotel she had seen quite a number of other particular people enter. Sara decided that most of the assassins were staying in hotels in the main area, Sara smirked and ran towards a long alley street. She entered and made sure no one was following her before she ran to the end and took a route and came across a building. Sara knocked on the door of an old looking house. No one would know it was there unless someone who knew saw it or you walked into the alley and followed it to the end and took the route by accident. The door opened and a young Indian lady answered.

"Risha. Do you remember your old friend?" Sara asked with a smile.
"Sasha! What a surprise, it's been so many years." Risha said, using a fake name.
"I'm in India for a while and I don't have anywhere to stay, could I possibly stay here?" Sara asked kindly.
"Of course, anything for an old friend that helped me in trouble." Risha said, looking for anyone before letting her in.

Sara walked in and Risha closed the door and bolted it.

"So how've you been?" Sara asked sitting on her couch.
"Not bad. Who are you after this time?" Risha asked sitting next to her.
"This rich guy, Damien. There's other people here that are after him too, that's why I don't want to stay in the hotels. Too public. Marie wants this Damien guy dead so it's my job to do what she says." Sara explained.
"Yeah, stay around for as long as you want."
"Are you after anyone?" Sara asked.
"Ya, it's this other rich guy, he's the owner of most of the hotels around India." Risha said.

Sara and Risha continued to talk, the blinds were down and they were safe, for now.[/COLOR]
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