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Cloud Nine


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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]This is not the reality you know. It is the reality of the sky. Your dreams, your fears, and your destiny are in the hands of the clouds now. Welcome to Cloud Nine.

The details as to how we came to the sky are not known, all we know is that we live out our lives just way the people of old did, only we are people of the clouds, and they are the earth-bound. The earth-bound are no more than myths now, as is the ground itself. We live above all that is tied with the earth, sailing among the clouds. Who are we? We are people. No different from you or your friends.

Countless centuries ago, we were brought to the sky, and so we lived out our lives among the clouds, without worry or doubt, until the ground itself was thought to be nothing but legend. Great cities, floating in the wind, with the traders, and the merchants, and those along for the ride, sail from place to place on their ships.

Legends also say that the ships used to sail on water, like what we harvest from the clouds. No one can say if the folk-lore is true. All we know is that we are of the sky now, and we shall never return from whence we came.

Now the eccentrics and the wanderers seek one thing... Cloud Nine. It is said to be the final destination, the 'last exile', the last step into paradise... and the truth to all the mysteries.
~~~[/COLOR][COLOR=Sienna]Some of you may recognize the title. I tried a similar RP of the same title a long time ago, and it unfortunately didn't make it far. Let's hope this one turns out better.

The basic plot: You, shall you choose to join, are a person of the clouds, living out your life in one of the great floating cities, or the air-ships that traverse the open skyes. All you've ever known are the skyes, and you probably doubt that real land ever existed. No one knows how the massive cities were built, or who built them, but everyone's here, and most everyone's happy. But you, one way or another, gte caught up in the search for the mystical 'Cloud Nine'.

There is some magic in this RP, but only some. You will be aloud to use magic, but if it exceeds the usual amount, you'll be prohibited from using it. Magic usualy doesn't get much more extreme than a few elemental spells, and even those don't have major effects.

Oh, and remember that this is NOT modern. That means no guns or machines.[/COLOR]

Name: (last name is not required)
Age: anything from 12 to 50
Appearance: pics or description
Personality: how you act, react, and feel.
Magic: (if any) remember to keep it minor.
Bio: your history of course. Be sure to include your hometown.
Weapons/epuipment: max of three weapons.
Other: (not required)[/COLOR]


Name: Isaac Telanthos
Age: 15
Gender: male
Appearance: Attachment, except without the sword.

Personality: Isaac is your basic teenage boy - usualy happy, occasional depression, and/or silence, eager and sometimes adventurous.

Magic: defensive magic

Bio: Isaac grew up in a town called Introth'Din, a smaller, not well known town. Though even the smallest of the floating cities is expansive. Introth'Din is known for being particulary unstable and lofty. Sometimes, all that connects two platforms is a narrow plank of wood. Despite the fact that they seldom recieve visitors, it has a dock jsut like every other city, jutting into the clouds. Isaac was actualy born blind, but can see with the assistance of a magic-empowered strip of cloth wrapped around his eyes. He has become adept at running along the narrow cross-ways of Introth'Din, and spends a lot of time on the edge of a platform, looking into the distant clouds.

Weapons/Equipment: He has no actual weapons, but has built excellent balance living in Introth'Din. As for euipment, he carries an emergy length of rope, like all citizens.[/COLOR]
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Oh... it reminds me of one of my old RPGs about a civilization on the skies. It was fun, but was ruined quickly. I'll join this so I can reminise :D

[b]Name:[/b] Damario Daskar
[b]Age:[/b] 22
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Appearance:[/b] Black hair, green eyes, 6'1'', tanned (mostly sun-baked, if you ask me), being a pirate he wears such a hat, long black coat with tassels, brown pants, black crappy shoes, a belt across his chest and one around his waist. He looks rather beaten up all the time, but handsome, nevertheless.
[b]Personality:[/b] A very iffy man. He likes to be in charge, but also makes terrible decisions. He gets into messes more than he fixes things and if you even slightly insult him, he could snap back. He'll try to keep his cool, but you never know. It also never hurts him to throw in a joke or two.
[b]Magic:[/b] None except his charm ;) (pun intended)
[b]Bio:[/b] Ever since his father left him to be on his own at the age of five, he's fended for his life. He's very self-dependant, but nowadays, he insists on having a crew to back him. He thieved in the town of Lagadore, which was where he remembered being left. After stealing away on a ship at the age of 13, he was found by the crew and put to work. He became a respected member of the crew despite his age. Then there was an attack that he can't really recall. He knows all the crewmates are dead and he's stuck with the large ship of his own. He wants a crew so he become a notorious pirate captain. He currently resides in the city of Pathegari where he's docked his ship and is staying at an inn.
[b]Weapons/epuipment:[/b] Cutlass and a smaller dagger.
[b]Other:[/b] Rum Canteen :D
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Guest wrestlemaniac40
This sounds fun....................

Name: Grim
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Appearance: 6 ft. 4 in. Tall. 245 lbs. Short black hair, Blue eyes. (Eyes turn red when he has bad feeling) Usually shirtless. (Gets over-heated easily). Well built body. On cold days he wears a T-shirt. And always Shorts. Unless, well...... You know. Also wears combat boots or battle shoes.
Personality: A pretty deep person. Sometimes very serious, but also very funny. Can't take a joke. If someone makes the slightest insult, even if it is just a joke, he will hurt you. A very smooth talker with the ladies. But serious smooth talking. Has a very beatiful mind. He's very smart, and has a great personality and view on life.
Magic: Magic?! We don't need no stinking magic!
Bio: Born in Lagadore. His parents died at the age of 13. He then moved to Terra. Grim was originally called Dan, but when he moved to Terra he got caught up in the mafia and drug related gangs. They gave him the nickname Grim. People call him by both. When he turned 20 he led the mafias into a trap, and literally pushed them off Terra. He saved his home from criminalistic tactics. Now Terra lives in peace.
Weapons/ Equipment: 10 in. serated dagger/ fists and legs
Other: Alcohol canteen/ Tobacco
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[B]Name[/B]: Kaiye Trevalis

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Appearance:[/B] See attachment. Slim and skinny, she's much undeveloped. Instead, she's lightly muscled, strength hidden behind her slight form. She usually wears a comfortable tunic and loose shorts.

[B]Personality:[/B] Kaiye seems to never run out of energy. Always eager to be doing something, she's always bright and cheerful. A smile usually lights her face, and she can make almost anyone feel better with her free spirit. Nothing holds her down, and she loves flying through the sky on the ships, hanging off of the rigging. She really doesn't hide her feelings, but is quite an accomplished liar, and if you don't know her, you can't tell. She has a mischievious streak, and if you hang around her, you'll never be bored. Sometimes she has temper problems, but not often.

[B]Magic:[/B] No magic, but she seems to have an amazing sense of balance. However, that probably just comes from her lifestyle.

[B]Bio:[/B] Born in the city of Pathegari, she grew up around the proud, majestic ships of the air. Her father was the famous Trevalis, who was known for his ability to steer any ship through any hardship or storm of the air. He was also well-known for ridding the skies of many pirates. She was his only child, and since her mother had been deceased, she was raised literally on the ships. Having grown up around them, Kaiye naturally became another sailor, answering the call of the air that seemed to free her spirit.

One day, Trevalis's ship did not return. It wasn't odd; many were lost in the turbulent airs of the world, and as another sailor, his death was mourned. But Kaiye moved on; she wouldn't let grief press her down. Instead, she found work on other ships, living as a "rigging rat," her experience proving invaluable. She was a natural for all jobs on the grand air ships; her light form and agile body allowed her to maneuver herself almost anywhere, and she had a daring and spunk that made sure she got any job done, no matter how risky. Her friendly spirit also united numerous crews, making journeys pleasant and binding.

Changing on and off many different ships, she's seen many parts of their world that others haven't. Her experiences and life have also forced her to become quite capable to defend herself. Stories spin off her tongue, transporting her audience to the places that are only dreamed of. Quite popular, many crews that she's been with see her as a daughter or little sister. People are drawn to her because of her free spirit. But just as wild, she's never tied down, and now looks for work back in her home town, watching the ships dock in the great city of the sky.

[B]Weapons/equipment:[/B] Although she doesn't like using them, all sailors need a weapon or two. Kaiye is equipped with a pair of daggers and a sling. However, keep in mind that she will use anything that comes to hand.

[B]Other:[/B] She keeps a small bag of smooth pebbles for her sling.
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Ahhh, excelllent! Dragon Warrior, wonderful as usual. wrestlemaniac, good except I don't think there would be a mafia... oh well, it's a good idea anyway. (BTW, love your magic section... "we don't need no stinkin magic!"). Miki, very very good! Excellent description and personality!

You're all accepted, even though Miki isn't quite finished. So we have...

Dragon Warrior : Damario Daskar

wrestlemaniac40 : Grim

Miki : Kaiye Trevalis
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Is there room for another?

[B]Name:[/B] Arabella ("Pastel Bandit")

[B]Age:[/B] 21

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Appearance:[/B] Tall and slender, she has a lithe, graceful body that's obviously seen its share of conflict. She has typical dark hair wound in a ponytail, and gray, stormy eyes. Her muscles are lightly toned, accenting her slim form, and her expression is languid. She usually wears light, supple clothes in pale colors, matching her light skin. They're usually made of expensive materials, like rich, watered silk, or shimmering satin, which flutter colorfully in the clear skies.

[B]Personality:[/B] Very laid-back and easy-going, she has a good sense of humor. Arabella can be quite sarcastic sometimes, but is usually polite. Her expression is one of calm confidence; one doesn't bother her unless they're either very stupid, or extremely skilled. Her easy-going manner and comfortable air make her a skilled captain, and she's well-liked by her crew, whom she handpicked. However, if you challenge her and are defeated, she will treat you with complete contempt. Her pet peeve is people who think they are superior, and she enjoys bursting egos that have swelled to large.

[B]Magic:[/B] She has the ability to start a light breeze, which propels her ship immediately away. However, this is only very slight, just enough to get her ahead of following crafts, and it soon dies after. She also can feel her own navigation, meaning she doesn't need a compass to tell her the direction.

[B]Bio:[/B] The early years of her life are much unknown. She made her first appearance when she was 18, raiding a small sky village. She instantly gained the name the "Pastel Bandit," because of her light-colored clothing. For a pirate, she's an odd one, as she does not terrorize, but politely takes things when she raids. People don't really fear her, but more are curious or confused about her. She's quite a favorite item for stories for little girls. Even though she's a pirate, she's also known for her manners, noble character, and generosity. People in need will find their houses untouched when her ship passes through.

Her crew is handpicked, and all follow her with much loyalty. There are a few openings, but nothing major, and you must impress her to even be considered. She now is searching for "Cloud Nine," wanting to make her name a legend in the skies. She captains the ship called [I]Angeles[/I], a light ship that is one of the swiftest in the skies. She loves a challenge, and races many fleets.

[B]Weapons/epuipment:[/B] She carries a light scimitar, a dagger, and a white whip.

[B]Other:[/B] She always carries a deck of cards, as she's a fan of many card games. *cough*poker*cough*
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Name: Jack

Age: 19

Gender: erm... *checks* Male!

Appearance: well built but not muscular, grey-full hair, blue eyes, wears a simple shirt and pants both loose and made of leather, also wears a black long coat that stretches down to his ankles.

Personality: is neutral to everyone, has a knack with getting the ladies, light hearted and easy going, shows alot of gentlemanly traits that seem out of place in his occupation, never tells alot about himself.

Magic: Can cause explosions at distances, but they are very minor.

Bio: He has always lived on ships, going from one to another by sneaking aboard at the different ports, has alot of knoledge that he gained from books he reads after stealing them, seems to turn heads when he lands in some cities

Weapons/epuipment: rapier, dagger, a buckler (the top part that he detaches from his lantern, he uses it as a hand-held sheild) with a small blade sticking out of it, several items and bit of partchment and this and that that he stuffs in his pockets, a large sack that contains all the "goodies" he has stolen from people.

Other: can go un-noticed anywhere.
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Alright, this is one of the fastest going sign-ups I've ever made... excellent. :naughty:

OK, Cyriel and Trowa_fan are both in. (thanks for editing your sign-up trowa)

So now we also have...

Cyriel : Arabella

Trowa_fan : Jack

Four (not including me) seems to be enough. Sign-ups will remain open, but I'm gonna start this soon.
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