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Warmaster: Deliverance

Guest ScirosDarkblade

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Guest ScirosDarkblade
[This will follow my own format. I don't know if it's like the usual on Otakuboards but it doesn't matter to me.] Here are the rules:
1. I (Sciros) set the stage. I will give a scenario, and your characters can react to it and do whatever you want, as long as it does not change the plot flow too drastically (I have this story figured out until the very end).
2. I will designate certain characters as unkillable or un-turnable (good to evil and vice versa) as they appear, and occasionally remind you with the following code:
name[G] = good no matter what; name[E] = evil no matter what; name[A] = alive no matter what. name[Van Damme] = this character is played by Jean-Claude Van Damme. That last one is a joke hahahahah!
3. I will also designate key plot directions as something you cannot change the flow of. I will do this by isolating the important information into a paragraph and preceding it with [P] = plot flow.
4. The above are still very general and will not restrict your freedom of developing your own character in any way. A large range of actions will always be available. Think D&D. The following, however, will limit your characters.
5. You cannot be some crazy-*** mage who just annihilates armies. You can be pretty badass, but I want it to make sense that your character CANNOT change the flow of the plot and doesn't just forget to or something. I want the story to seem logical. This also means that you are responsible for adjusting your character's abilities to the point that you can survive the enemy but not past the point that the enemy would be retarded to try and fight you. Be sensible about it.
6. Don't be futuristic, or even contemporary. Limit yourself to traditional fantasy-level tech. This story will take place in a fantasy world, with no real technology. No guns, no lightsabers, no cars, no pavement. Brick roads perhaps. Well you get the idea.
7. It would be really awesome if you could be humanoid, and not some bizarro sentient sand that tickles people to get its point across.

I hope I am not being too restrictive.

Anyway, as soon as I have 2 people I will start my story. So just join in, telling me the following (and not too much more, please, unless you are sure it won't get in the way):
OCCUPATION (don't be something b.s.-ish like professional undead hair stylist; just be a soldier or bounty hunter or farmer or adventurer or former gladiator or mercenary or something along those lines)
ARMAMENTS (only if very personal should you care; otherwise I will let you equip yourself with stuff in the city we'll start in, and there will be a nigh-unlimited selection)
MARITAL STATUS (and if you have children, etc.) -- this might matter later on

One last thing: you're a good guy. You're not going to backstab anyone all of a sudden. Got that? If you backstab Sciros will kill you.

I promise I will try very hard to make this as fun as possible for everyone. I am looking forward to a great adventure where characters will develop meaningful bonds. If you ever have any comments or concerns or complaints, please PM me.
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Guest ScirosDarkblade
Sorry for "cheating" this thing back to the top, but I really would like more than one sign-up. The story so far is nothing more than an introduction, and it would actually make sense to read though it before joining. As long as your post quality is decent and thoughtful I will accept you, at least for a time.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Century Gothic]Here goes my sign up

Name: Lucifer

Age: 21

Occupation: Berserker

Armaments: A custom broad sword and Black armor

Click [URL=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=magnacarta&image=6]Here[/URL] For pic

Marital Status: Unmarried [/FONT] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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Guest ScirosDarkblade
Ok Lucifer, you're in. Just read through the story so far (it'll take 3 minutes tops) and get yourself over to Crescent City somehow. Either request an audience with Sciros or just do something that will get Sciros to notice you. We'll go from there.

One more sign-up and we'll be all set! (well we can make do with two, but three is better)
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