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Mario collecters edition??


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I have a question, why has nintendo not made a Mario colectors edition for gamecube like they did Zelda in stead of just remaking the games for GBA?(mario advanced set)
it would be like mario all stars for snes!! and we could all play our fav game for snes... thats right you guessed it...Mario RPG!!!!!!

(now wouldn't I look stupid if they were actually making one :smirk: )
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[color=#707875]Well, there's one clear reason why. Money. lol

Nintendo can make more money releasing the games seperately. It's as simple as that really.

Super Mario All-Stars was made during a time when SNES was coming toward the end of its life cycle. It was in the period just before the Saturn/PSX launch in Japan. So Nintendo needed something compelling. And among other titles, they released Mario All-Stars (which went on to do quite well worldwide).[/color]
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