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jC's poetry thread...

Jesus Chicken

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Self explanetary, I think.
This first poem is about a friend of mine who wanted to do her self in. And being of that opinion myself every now and then, I sympathised with her and wrote this poem.
Its probably not the most anti-suicide poem around, but it does express regret and a feeling of sadness at the loss, even if it doesn't dismiss the action as being the wrong way to go. Thats what I like about this poem...but tell me what you think, please.

[I]"She's my augmentor,
keeps my kicking,
more of less,
she's my mind,
she was pushed out to sea,
and lost to everyone but me,
I brought her back,
and made her mine,
I know she's lost,
she's not yours to find,

don't lose yourself in the years to come,
because I need to you stay as one,
I need you to be there for her,
and I need you to never stir,
trouble, in the heart of me,
because its breaking can't you see?

the past has let me down again,
but I'm sure you can do the same,
just keep yourself together man,
don't fall into the river man,
I won't be following any more,
I won't be coming back to shore,
the ship will lose itself by noon,
and they will wait and stare into the moon,
but no one like you will they find there,
because she was walked a different stair,
sorry Mr, but I shake my head,
the one that we all loved is dead,
hope, it had been lost in time,
meaning, it has been lost in rhyme,
but thats my point, and its mine to make,
just as hers, her life to take..."
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[font=gothic][color=darkslategray]Well, I basically always like your poetry, except for that one about your brother. This one, however, was probably exceptional, mainly due to the subject. I've always been one for freedom of choice. On that note though, you do realise you're meant to talk to people, namely me, when you feel like that, don't you...[/font][/color]
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