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Bloody Roar 5


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[I][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]There are two beings that govern life in the Universe. There is Gaia, which destroys that which does not deserve life or who destroy life. And there is the Unborn, which is the embodiment of those that Gaia has destroyed. It was long believed that they were the only two beings. However, this is not the truth. Each being had two sides to its being, and those two sides made up two other beings. There was the Master One, which held the good traits. Gaia's justice, strength, and love of life; the Unborns pride, honor, and pure power. On the other side was the Dark One, the embodiment of the two beings evil. Gaia's destructive power and its merciless nature; the Unborns fury, vengeful nature, and its hatred of life. These two beings, though, were safely sealed inside Gaia and the Unborn. However, it is said that when Gaia and the Unborn are both struck down, they will release the Master One and Dark One from their slumber. And the Master One shall be born to the reformed Unborn, while the Dark One shall be born to a scourge of all Zoanthrope kind.
-Book of Zoanthropes, History of Gaia and the Unborn[/SIZE][/COLOR][/I]

It's the year 2030, and Zoanthropes are now a widely known and studied phenomena. An entire industry has sprung up from the study, aid, and even manufacture of Zoanthropes. The industry is Z-Technologies, and has become a menace to society. They have a strict policy and enforcement is powerful, with all Zoanthropes needing to be registered and known about. It is hell.
But, several outlaw Zoanthropes have banded together from across the world, attempting to stop the flow of terror from Z-Tech.
They are lead by Zeos, son of the Unborn, Xion. Zeos is the Master One, a being with the sheer power of the Unborn, but greater and far mor lethal. He is followed by several others, and has fallen for one female member of the group, being more emotional and kind than his father.
It is up to them to stop Z-Tech.
But Z-Tech has a secret weapon. After careful study of the Z-Gene, as it is called, the top scientists have created the 'Perfect Zoanthrope', named Jason. He is the Dark One, an abomination to all. And the worst part...is that it, too, is part Unborn. Zeos takes this as a personal insult, and has taken it upon himself to slay Jason and any others that stand in his way.
Death to all...except those who fight for Zoanthrope-kind.

Sign-Up Sheet-
Nationality: Anywhere, really.
Beast Form: Only Jason and I are made-up creatures
Fighting Style: Can be something like street-fighting, or something
Short Bio:

I need someone to be Jason, and the love interest of Zeos...whose info is here...

Name: Zeos Xion
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Nationality: Swedish (Father)/Japanese (Mother)
Beast Form: The Master One (Xion named it, feeling it was perfected)
Fighting Style: Street Fighting, learned from his father
Appearance: Zeos is almost a clone of his dad, but looks more Asian, with black hair and a darker complexion. Wears a black coat, much like his dads, and the reast of the wardrobe is similar.
Personality: Zeos is cold and sarcastic, mainly driven by self-interest, only caring about fellow Zoanthropes because he, himself, is on the line. However, he is more caring than his father, being less sadistic and cruel.
Short Bio: Zeos is the son of Xion, as stated above, growing up with his parents in Sweden, during the better times before Z-Tech. When he was 13, Z-Tech appeared, and the terror started. Xion refused to submit to their demands, and was killed, right in front of Zeos. He escaped with his mother, leaving for Japan. There he decided to fight back against Z-Tech, recruiting a few other rebels. They did minor terrorist acts, vandalizing institutions and beating up Z-Tech employees, but nothing major. Until they decided to raid the major Z-Tech opperations building in Kyoto. There, his fellows were caught and killed, and he barely escaped. By then, he was 18. In the three years since, he has recruited his new squad, and has decided to take out the Z-Tech main office...the one in Kyoto...

Well, there you go. Have fun.
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Name: Talahan

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Nationality: American

Beast Form: Bear (Grizzly to be exact)

Fighting Style: Brawling. Using slow, but very strong attacks in conjunction with grappling.

Appearance: Talahan is generally huge and very muscular. He has black hair and wears a black shirth with a black and white camo vest over it. He has a scar running from his right temple to his jaw.

Personality: Talahan is stiff and unsocial--not to mention very practical. He never does things that aren't useful, and is critical of all others. He assumes most zoanthropes--and all humans--are beneath him in some fashion or another.

Short Bio: Talahan grew up in Japan, hiding his powers from everyone he met. His parents hid him so that he could have equal opportunities in the world and not be discriminated against. One day, however, he got engaged in a schoolyard fight where he revealed himself to be a Zoanthrope. Since then, he has been on the run--hiding from the Z-Tech agents and trying to stay out of sight. One year ago, he found that his parents had been imprsioned for not informing Z-Tech about him. Talahan then joined a small resistance faction based in China, slowly growing in power before they moved their operations back to Japan....

Evil Clone: Stun the Ogre
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Name: Yikona
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Beast Form: Arctic Fox/Wolf
Fighting Style: street-fighting mix with ninjitsu.
Appearance: 5'6, long black hair, Plugg baggy pants, and a white shirt.
Personality: Likes to keep to himself, but is friendly once you get to know him.
Short Bio: Gew up in alaska and when he came to Connecticut because of his father's job, he became really depressed. Even more so after his parents died. He went to Z-Technologies and signed up so that he could show the world his pain and earn money on the side. He then was recruited by Zeos to stop Z-Technologies and Jason to stop Zeos, so he's kinda working both sides of the field.

Evil Clone:Yugo the Anubis
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Name: Bastian Junghen

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Nationality: Germany

Beast Form: Spider

Fighting Style: Quick and Efficient, very fast, weak attacks

Appearance: About 5'11. Quite thin and wiry. He always dons a long, brown-leather jacket along with his black shirt and nondescript black pants. He has short black hair and a pair of unusual top canines, which are surprisingly long and thin.

Personality: Bastian is very elusive, he doesn't give away much information. He wouldn't be described as lonely, as he dislikes the company of others. He tells himself that they are not worthy of his presence, but he knows that he just can't let anyone know what dark secrets he conceals, for it may kill him. Bastian keeps himself to himself, and always travels alone.

Short Bio: Bastian was born and raised in Germany until the age 16, when it was discovered that he had the Zoanthrope gene. Though his parents would accept him for what he was, other people would generally stare at him, or avoid eye contact altogether. So, when he was able to drive, Bastian left Germany in search of Z-Technologies. He says he is attempting to find out who he really is, but also, deep down, he doesn't wish others to suffer as he has.
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Thanks, guys.

Anyway, I've added a new plot point. You see, Z-Tech has made clones of some of the Bloody Roar fighters. Dark Copies. They have different, mystical, EVIL beasts now. But fundamentaly, physically, and genetically, they are the same. The people on Zeos' team will be fighting them.

They are...
Yugo the Anubis (A Fearsome black Jackal-like beast)-Jagan
Alice the Hydra (No longer a rabbit, but a multi-headed snake woman. My rational? They both mulitply endlessly.)-
Bakuryu the Minotaur (A bull-headed, big clawed musuclar beast)-
Gado the Griffon (Basically, a winged Lion with talons)-
Shina the Manticore (A Leopard with a scorpion tail)-
Long the Sphinx (A winged tiger with a golden mane)-
Shenlong the Blood Tiger (A blood red tiger striped with dark purple. Not much different)-JoyKaiba
Stun the Ogre (Same body type, just a blue-skinned monster-man instead of a giant beetle)-Lord Rannos
Uriko the Chimera (She has degressed into the Chimera state)-G.D. Ryoko
Busuzima the Basilik (A large snake monster)-Johnny_Mako
Jenny the Harpy (A feathered Bat)-
Xion the Dragon (Ryoho's beast...Xion's body...)-ULX

Naturally, my guy has taken the Dragon. It is his father, after all. You need to pick one of these.

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[I][COLOR=Teal]OOC: I'll be the love intrest! LOL

[B]Name:[/B] Amika (Mika) Rouge

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Nationality:[/B] British

[B]Beast Form:[/B] White Tiger

[B]Fighting Style:[/B] Street Fighting

[B]Appearance:[/B] See attachment! Also minus the tail and basket. LOL

[B]Personality:[/B] Amika is the happy-go-lucky type. She can get a tad agressive when you make her angry or hurt someone she loves or likes.

[B]Short Bio:[/B] Amika seemed to be normal until her 16th birthday. Then she started changeing without knowing it. He father know what was going on. He was Zoanthrope himself. He calmed Amika by telling her what was going on. He tought her to fight and how to control her transformation. One day, Z-Technologies invaded Amika's home. They killed her mother and took her father. Amika followed Z-Technologies, but relized she was powerless to do anything by herself. She wondered around for a few years until she met up with Zeos. Now, with some help, Amika knows that she might be able to rescue her father and destroy Z-Technologies.

[B]Evil Clone:[/B] Shenlong the Blood Tiger[/COLOR][/I]
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I'm going to make myself! :toothy:

Name: Johnny Mako
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Beast Form: Shark
Fighting Style: Involves a lot of powerful yet clumsy strikes.

Appearance: Johnny stands a lanky 6'ft 2"in and weighs about 175 pounds. He has big, curly, brown hair and a charming toothy smile. He wears jet-black glasses, a royal blue "I Love Tokyo" shirt, purple "mermaid" shorts, and red "Chuck Taylor" shoes.

Personality: Johnny isn't particularly attractive, yet he seems to be unusually charming. He has a good sense of humor and a generally friendly attitude, although he doesn't usually trust strangers. His quirky nature belies the ferocious beast he can become.

Short Bio:
Johnny didn't realize that he was a zoanthrope until his sixteenth birthday. His senses started to become more acute, and he even began to harness the ability to locate other zoanthropes by scent alone. Yet, he didn't truly understand the changes he was going through until an incident at a local beach triggered an involuntary transformation, as well the attention of the zeos. After realizing what he really was, Johnny told himself that he could no longer stay with his family and decided to flee. He now lives in a small coastal town with his girlfriend and a handful of other young zoanthropes.

Evil Clone: Busuzima the Basilisk
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Name: Hikari "Kari" Sakazaki

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Nationality: Japanese

Beast Form: Siberian Husky

Fighting Style: Street fighting(a bit of jijitsu)

Appearance: Hikari is 5'6 and has long dark hiar. She is pretty attractive and is found waering a black tank top, black jacket, and black jeans with sneakers.

Personality: Hikari is freindly but also shy and quiet. She usually keeps to herself but enjoys the company of others.

Short Bio: Hikari was born in Japan and raised there until she was 10. Her family was being hunted down by z-technologies. They came to America and stayed in New York until her 18th birthday. Her parents had been captured and now she is on the run from Z-Technologies. She heard about a group that was rebelling against them so she joined up with them.

Evil clone: Uriko the Chimera
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[color=green]Hi Johnny_Mako, and welcome to the forums.

A PM is a Private Message, which is sort of like e-mail within the forums that individual members can send to each other. Unborn Lord Xion rightly requested you PM him questions instead of posting here, because we try to avoid cluttering up Recruitment threads with conversations between individuals. Basically, if you have a question that could be handled privately, please do so rather than posting here.

As for information on how games in the Adventure Arena are played, I'd advise you to look around at the other games going on in the Arena. Most games are basically collaborative story-writing efforts in which each person mainly controls one character. If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me or the creator of any RPG you're participating in.

You can PM a member by clicking on his/her name above a post, and choosing "Send a private message to ___".

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