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    Born, went to school, moved, more school, moved some more and here I am.
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  1. RainbowChick

    Van Helsing

    Well I've seen it and I really was expecting some action movie with a crappy plot line...so it was better than I thought it would be. I had fun even thought the acting was horrid and the accents even more. The vamps didn't exactly look like vamps to me...strange and the whole baby vampire thing was whacked. But I already knew that stuff before seeing the movie so it wasn't all that disappointing.
  2. RainbowChick

    How did you get your user name?

    My name was begotten when I was going through happy days of my life, which are still here...It sounds really lame but I like it because it's me. Although it might have something to do with the fact that I was visiting Rainbow Lake with my dad at the moment...meh.
  3. RainbowChick

    extreme sports

    Now that I think of it, I do more stuff than that. I've done bungi jumping a couple of times...so much fun. And I mountain bike all the time. Let's see...oh I tried ice climbing once. That was scary. And white water rafting is awesome, once you get over the fear of drowning that is, lol. A lot of my friends skateboard but I haven't tried it yet...I might but rollerblades are fine with me, for now.
  4. Name: Vanessa Avery Age: 16 Gender: female Grade: 11 Bio: Vanessa is the youngest of three siblings in her family. Both her older brother and sister went to Jamie Anders and came out alive, not having ever seen anything strange. Her parents thought that the ghost story was stupid and weren't willing to send Vanessa to another school since both their other children had excelled in Jamie Anders. Interests: Vanessa's interest lie around sports related things. She was a star soccer and basketball player for her former school and loves those sports still. She also has some interests in acting and so forth, but not as much as athletic stuff. Human or spirit: human Description: Vanessa stands at 5' 6, with a slender yet firm build. Her light brown hair which usually falls down her back in soft curls is put in a high ponytail, held up with a red scrunchy. Her eyes are a pale blue with a shade of green in them. She wears a white tank top with a red zip-up hoodie over it and a white skirt that falls short of her knees. Her red ankle socks are worn under her white platform sneakers. Two intertwined, red sex bracelets are on her right wrist. Vanessa's left wrist is occupied by an expensive watch, with the date and time. She's also carrying a small purse with a few items in it. Personality: Vanessa is an optimistic person. She's happy and likes to be helpful. She easily befriends people and loves company. Though, rarely seen, her temper is a nasty one when she is provoked. She is generally a good sport and can be quite competative. Compassionate about people close to her and always stands up for them.
  5. RainbowChick

    Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners

    [size=2]I found this comletely revolting. I wasn't exactly expecting a clean war, since there's never been a such thing but this is bit much. It's disgusting that these soldiers are stooping to the level of Iraqi soldiers. I totally disagree with this concept.[/size] [size=2][/size] [size=2]However, I don't think that higher personnel should be held responsible for the doings of every single soldier, that would be impossible. They should be apologetic on their part but nobody has the right to blame them. It'd be like saying that the president/prime minister need to oversee every soldier personally, not only impractical but impossible.[/size] [size=3][/size]
  6. RainbowChick

    Sign Up The Mechanical Angel

    Name: Katherine Lilly Age: (not sure...15-18...I'll get back on that) Gender: female Species: human (another unawakened angel) Appearance: Katherine has a tall, slender figure, a pale face with animated features. Her blonde hair flows down half way down her back. A few wisps of grown out bangs sometimes fall into her violet eyes. Her clothes change often, but she's mostly seen in a white, long-sleeved shirt with a navy blue zip-up vest over it and a navy blue skirt that falls short of her knees. With that outfit, she wears skater shoes and nave blue socks. Side: undecided Powers: none so far Personality: Katherine is a headstrong and sensible person. She is bright and optimistic. Much liked by people. You can always find a smile on her face. On the inside though, she has problems determining who she is. Has problems "finding" herself(reason in bio). Bio: Katherine always had a life clogged up with her social affairs, school, extra-carricular stuff but lately all that stuff seems unimportant. She feels she should be doing something else...almost as if someone is calling her. As of late, she has also been having strange dreams...oddly like her childhood fantasies of angels. She will soon find that it is not a mere coincedence. If there are any problems let me know. And is it okay that there are 2 unawakened angels?
  7. RainbowChick

    Request Eva banner/avi request

    I haven't played the game but I've heard of it from a friend. Anywho, both are nice but I like the first one better. Thankies.
  8. RainbowChick

    extreme sports

    Heh. I love rock climbing too. I sometimes do extreme biking. I've tried skydiving during summer a few times and it's awesome. Scared the hell out of me but still fun. That's all I do for extreme sports but my friend is into extreme snowboarding. I don't know if I'll ever try it...looks scary to me. Plus I'd be happy to just plain old snowboard without falling, lol.
  9. RainbowChick

    Request Eva banner/avi request

    Thanks so much! I love it. The banners awesome, I like you made the rainbow background. And I love the avi too. But out of curiosity, can I see the other avi, want to see what it looks like. Thanks again.
  10. RainbowChick

    Local Urban Legends

    I haven't heard any recently but a long time ago, there was this elementary school I was going to go into and my cousin, a sixth grader in that school, told me about this ghost in an abandoned hall that is closed off to students. He said that long ago, a girl had died in a room at the end of that hall. Her body was taken and buried but her spirit lived on in that room, seeking revenge on anyone that may be fool enough to enter. One day, a girl in grade three went up there for a dare. There was a bet that she would never agree to go up and to save her pride the girl, Emma, agreed to go up. If she made it back, she would be ten dollars richer. Emma climbed up the steps leading to the hall. When she reached the top of the flight of stair, she heard these agonized cries for help. The cries were coming from the end of the hall. By then, Emma was shaking but decided to go and help whoever was locked in the room. Her hesitant feet reached the end of the hall and her quavering hand twisted the doorknob. The door opened easily, with no excess pressure on Emma's behalf. As the door creaked open, Emma peered inside the room looking for the source of the cries she heard. By the time the door had been completely pushed opened, it was clear that no one was in the room. Emma gathered her courage and walked into the room. Suddenly, the door slammed closed behind her. Next, came a piercing scream that was heard throughout the school campus. By the time teachers made their way up, it was too late. Emma was found covered in blood and a butcher's knife in her hand. Nobody knows what happened to her but since then, no one has dared to go up those stairs again. [center]... ... ...[/center] [center] [/center] [left]I never found out if that school actually started that story or if my cousin was telling me to scare me, which he did, because I moved far away from that city.[/left]
  11. RainbowChick

    Shrek 2

    I'm looking forward to Shrek 2. Shrek was a pleasant surprise when it came out and from the trailers, Shrek 2 seems interesting enough. I'm definately going to go see it.
  12. Very interesting thread. My house hasn't been broken into ever but my grandma's friend's house was broken into and the thieves stole a bunch of stuff. They had guns and they were threatening my grandma's friend with it. Nobody was able to call the police and the owner of the house was shot at when he protested. The thieves got away but were caught later...don't remember how... As for guns, I live in Canada and guns are a no-go for self defence...unless things have changed a lot, lol.
  13. RainbowChick


    Funny story. I find algebra pretty easy but nevertheless, if that was true I'd be very mad at that certain teacher, lol. Might not be written very well but still amusing.
  14. RainbowChick

    Sign Up Bloody Roar 5

    Are sign ups still open or is that it?
  15. RainbowChick

    Van Helsing

    I'm looking forward to see Van Helsing even though I'm not expecting a great movie. True the plot will probably be rushed and it might ruin some great characters but I still want to see if it's any good. Although it's a bit disappointing with the whole romanian accent. I didn't even realize she had one untill I read this.