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Second rate Hero's: an super hero rpg


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Too many serious rpg's it's time for an rpg that you can take lightly and just relax.

When the city is under attack you can call on the team of superheros that fight for the city from the forces of evil the lurk with in the shadows.Only one tiny problem these heros are a rag tag group put together at the last second. A group of heros that consist of second rate heros,rookies and retired veteran's, what can you say that's what you get for beeing cheap with your money. It's up too this rag tag group to save the city and one day become legend's if they can take the punishment of being a hero in Capital City.


1. be original with names
2. no over powered heros

Name: Shinobi Shaw

powers: ninja abilities , and non power martial arts.

appearence: An black stealth ninja suit , armlets around his left and right arm , black boots, an shinobi scarf flowing from his neck.

bio: Shinobi Shaw was granted ninja abilities by finding the mystic ninja katana of old japan. Once taking a possesion of the katana he gained the abilities to save the world from evil.

villians: Super Space Oni , Shinobi X , Ninja Lord
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I'm in. But no Captain Confederate for me though (My own disturbed comic character.)

shouldn't there be a rule against copyrights? Like no Marvel mutants or licenced chars?

Name: Jason Berman

Codename: Berater

Age: unknown

Height: 7'

Weight: 380 lbs.

Abilites: Awesome strength and resiliance from experimentation on street thugs (hey It's a damn comic!). Expert in machines.

apperance: has dreads pulled into a long ponytail. Usually wears some street clothes or some special one peice suit designed for him (think a solid black variation of Tim Drake's costume without the cape)

Bio: Originally a street kid with kack for body building and machines Jason seemed to enjoy his life as he was accepted to MIT. As he was finishing his research in his sophmore year he was taken by some secret organization and experimented on. His body became much stronger than ever seen in a human being. Able to press over 70 tons, his muscles also became much stronger and resilant. Force fed drugs his skin became much more resliant to pain and lacerations making bullets simply collide with him and his natural kevlar flesh.

Soon he escaped and became a helper for those who need it. Becoming a sort of protector of the weak.

Villans: anyone who pisses him off.
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