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Dragon Warrior Farm

Dragon Warrior

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[b]Dragon Warrior Farm[/b]

[I]Greetings. You must be the new one that I?ve heard about. The new Monster Breeder, right? What?! You don?t know what I?m talking about? Oy? let me start by saying my name is Yuzi. You may already know that. I certainly hope you do. You?ve inherited a new farm for breeding and raising top-notch monsters! It won?t be easy, though. Oh my, no. There?s caring for them, feeding them, medicating them, making sure their personalities are okay, and of course, battling them to get them stronger.

Sounds like a lot of work, I know, but you?ll get use to it. Let?s first start by seeing if you?re Male or Female (what Yuzi is talking about through this whole intro will be in the signup to pay attention!).



Ah! There you go! Now that you?ve figured out your gender, let?s move on, shall we? Next is to figure out the monster you want. But before you choose your starting creature, you better check all of this first!

[indent][b]Quick Info On RPG[/b][/indent]
This RPG is based off the awesome game series my screen name is based off of: Dragon Warrior. It?s, in a way, like Dragon Warrior Monsters since you train monsters to fight, but this time, you own a farm where you raise them and use them to battle dark forces. In it, you will start with one monster whom you may train and use to collect Egg Shards. Using Egg Shards to get stronger monsters is just another step up the ladder.

You?ll have to be careful and make sure all your monsters back on the farm are happy and well. If they?re not, you may find your ranch quite empty. Don?t forget that the monsters you train to fight will help ward off invading monsters as well as defeat the seven main threats to the world of Asilogard: The Nether Lords.

[indent][b]Egg Shards[/b][/indent]
You were probably confused by this. In the game, you will have to collect egg shards to be able to get another monster. You can collect few Egg Shards and get an egg with a weak Rank-1 monster or save for good time and get an all-powerful Rank-6 monster. In the game, monsters are ranked.

Rank-1: Weakest (Starters Get One)
Rank-2: Decent
Rank-3: Good
Rank-4: Great
Rank-5: Powerful
Rank-6: God-Like

Naturally, even if you get a Rank-6 monster, it?ll need to be trained to get to its full awesome power, but it still beats training a Rank-1 monster that will only, at max level, be as strong as a weak Rank-6. Each rank has a certain about of Egg Shards needed before you can form an egg. Once you have enough, you may choose to get an egg and select a monster of that rank that will be hatched from it. Select any monster of that rank you wish.

Rank-1: 10 Egg Shards Required
Rank-2: 20 Egg Shards Required
Rank-3: 40 Egg Shards Required
Rank-4: 50 Egg Shards Required
Rank-5: 60 Egg Shards Required
Rank-6: 80 Egg Shards Required

Get Egg Shards from winning battles or you may get them from all over the world of Asilogard.

[indent][b]Raising Monsters On Your Farm[/b][/indent]
You will be able to have a max of five monsters nesting on your farm. That includes the one traveling with you and battling. Equip a monster from the ones you own and then you may use it to battle whatever. You can switch between your monsters anytime you feel it?s needed except in a building or battle.

[indent][b]What You Need To Do To Raise Them[/b][/indent]
To raise your monsters, you?ll have to watch the stats of each one all the time. This RPG requires being able to watch your monsters. If their ?Mood? grows to unhappy, you may lose your prized creatures. To keep your monsters happy and healthy, you?ll have to:

-Feed Them When Hungry (Mood will be ?Hungry?)
-Let Them Rest When Tired (Mood will be ?Tired?)
-Heal Them When Injured (Mood may be turn bad when harmed. Check their HP and such to see their health condition)
-Use Them (If you are always using the same monster to battle creatures and never switch between other monsters on your farm, the farm monsters? moods will change. It varies from jealously to unhappy even)
-Train Them (Make them stronger. Don?t have just a level 1 monster on your farm that sits and does nothing all the time! Battle it!)

To make your monsters stronger, you must battle them. Simply select the command ?Battle? and you will receive a list of monsters to battle. Select the one you wish to fight and a one-on-one match will begin between your currently equipped monster and the one you chose to fight. If you win the battle, you will receive gold, experience points, and a certain amount of Egg Shards. Some monsters may not even drop Egg Shards, but give a lot more gold or EXP than other monsters!

-Experience Points (EXP): Your monster needs this to level up. All monsters take the same amount of EXP to level up to the same level. It just depends on the monster to how strong they will be when they level.
-Gold (G): Use this to buy supplies for your farm and other items (from food to healing herbs)
-Egg Shards (ES): See the Egg Shards section.

[indent][b]Battle Menu[/b][/indent]
Upon entering a battle, you will be given a menu. Simply, when you post, choose a command.


Notice the < next to ?Attack.? That is there so everyone knows what option you chose. Place the < there on the command you choose when battling.

-Attack: Put the cursor (<) on Attack when you wish to just use a regular assault.
-Spell: When putting the cursor on this command to select it, also choose a spell from your monster?s spell bank. Make sure the monster has enough MP (Magic Points) to cast that spell. If it doesn?t, the turn is a total flop.
-Item: Select an item you have in your inventory to use.
-Run: Escape the battle. It?ll be a 50/50 chance of escape. You?ll be informed if you did. If you don?t, you will have wasted a turn and still be attacked or whatever. If you do, you?re safe. Some battles won?t allow you to run. If they don?t, the start of the battle will inform you of it.

Also select an option and all that, but allow me to post after you do to show what has happened in the battle (tallying how much damage is done and everything). Your stats will also be edited on my first post of the RPG.

NOTE: So battles aren?t noted as spam, throw in something else to your post along with the command like:

[I]Gavin prepares to attack the opponent![/I]

[indent][b]Monster Stats[/b][/indent]
If you played my other RPG called [u]Lord of Thieves[/u] or have even witnessed it in all its glory, then you may know of my battle system concept. You basically have four stats, but for this, I threw in some new ones:

-Attack (ATK): How much damage you deal.
-Defense (DEF): How much damage is subtracted from opponent attack (doesn?t work against spells)
-Hit Points (HP): How much life your character has.
-Magic Points (MP): The amount of magic your monster has (use with spells).

HP and MP are obvious, but my ATK and DEF idea is slightly altered from regular RPG battle systems. Ya see, it?s simple. If your monster has 20 attack and the opponent monster has 10 defense, then you?d deal 10 damage.

20 (attack) - 10 (defense) = 10 (damage)!

It?s the attack of your monster minus the opponent?s defense to result in damage and vice versa. Simple, yes.

Use items such as Power Seeds to up your monster?s strength without actually having to level up. :^D

[indent][b]Shops and Items[/b][/indent]
There?s actually only one shop so I dunno what I?m saying. But still, this place is a big source to your farm. You purchase ALL your needs here. Here?s a list of everything you?ll need/we have and their prices:

-Herb (G: 10): Heals a monster 20 HP.
-Ether (G: 20): Gives back 20 MP to a monster.
-Leaf of Life (G:50): Heals a monster 100 HP.
-Potion (G: 100): Gives back 100 MP to a monster.
-World Leaf (G: 500): Heals a monster 999 HP.
-Monster Feed (G: 20): One Bag Feeds One Monster for One Meal.
-Power Seed (G: 200): Ups a monster?s ATK by 5.
-Guard Seed (G: 200): Ups a monster?s DEF by 5.
-Life Seed (G: 200): Ups a monster?s HP by 5.
-Spell Seed (G: 200): Ups a monster?s MP by 5.
-Egg Shard (G: 100): Why bother battling or searching when you?ve got THIS in the shop?

[indent][b]Boss Battles[/b][/indent]
To fight a boss, select the command ?Boss.? You will get to choose what boss to face. There are seven. If you?ve only fought the first, the only one you can fight is the 2nd and so on. You cannot skip bosses. You must beat them in a row. Trust me, you?ll want to. Their stats are NOT revealed so it?s an utter surprise until the final blow of the battle!

[indent][b]Main Menu[/b][/indent]
This is your farm menu. You?re on the farm if you?re seeing this.

[b]Equip Another Monster

Select a command using the cursor again (<) and then say your selection if needed.

-Equip Another Monster: Switch the monster you travel with currently to another monster on your farm.
-Battle: Battle a wild monster.
-Boss: Fight a Nether Lord.
-Item: Use an item. Make sure to say what item and how you want to use it.
-Sleep: Let all or one of your monsters sleep (equipped monsters cannot sleep).
-Feed: You cannot feed monsters by using the item. Select this command and what monster to feed them.
-Shop: Go into the shop.

[indent][b]Monster List[/b][/indent]
When the RPG starts, I will have a full fledged list of all Rank monsters as well as ones you fight. Once more, I will say that Nether Lords will not be revealed in stats, but when you fight them, their appearance will be shown.

[indent][b]Rank-1 Starters[/b][/indent]
To complete your signup, you must select one of the following monsters.

-Slime: The regular ole blue slime.
-SpotSlime: The yellow, black-spotted slime.
-DragonKid: Weakest of the dragons--it?s practically like a baby!
-Almiraj: The horned rabbit.
-Picky: A silly bird (best definition I could think of O.o)
-MadPlant: The name speaks for itself.
-ArmyAnt: An ant with an attitude!
-1EyeClown: A clown with one eye. Not suggested for those who hate clowns :P
-Spooky: A creepy ghost with a hat! A HAT!!!!
-MadCandle: Once more--name.

Those are all the Rank-1 monsters. You may start with only one! Choose wisely. It doesn?t really matter since all Rank-1 monsters have the same stats (spells, I mean).

[indent][b]Sign Up[/b][/indent]
[I]Yuzi: I know what you?re thinking--too bad I can?t have Yuzi as a monster. Well, I?m sorry, but I?m one of a kind. Besides, you have loads of monsters to choose from to start you off on your epic quest. You must set up a farm and compete against 2 other monster breeders. Whoever defeats all seven Nether Lords first wins and will be named the best of the Monster Breeders! So join us![/I]

[b]Name:[/b] Think of a fun name (last name not required)
[b]Gender:[/b] Write your gender or just copy and paste one of the pictures above of your gender.
[b]Starting Monster:[/b] The Rank-1 monster you chose to start yourself with.

I?m only allowing 3 in this RPG since it is a long RPG and is very intense. I remember Lord of Thieves had 5 people and some even dropped out and it was still hard. Not easy to keep track of. Please sign up only if you?re able to. If you?re not and you read all this, you have my sympathy. It is a really long first post XD

More information when the RPG starts! Good luck!
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[QUOTE=G/S/B Master]Dragon Warrior, you surprise me sometimes.

Name: Wakka
Gender: Male
Starting Monster: MadPlant[/QUOTE]

I try :P

And I'm sorry, Rose, but there is already 3 other players. I only allow three. Maybe if DWF is a success, you can play the second one.

Thank you all for those who joined. I will begin in a matter of days! You'll be informed when the time comes.
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