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Helba's banner thread


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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial]I'm back. I havent visted Otakuboards in a awhile and I havent made any banners for a long time, but now that Im in the middle of vacation Im bored and I really have nothing better to do. After a couple months I've decided to open Paint Shop Pro and just have fun, so here I am with more new banners. Enjoy.


This first one I just made today, earlier this morning. I found the picture on animeinternet.com. I'm not sure who it is but the picture looked pretty cool. I tried adding more pictures of the same person, but it just didnt turn out so right. So I just stuck that picuture on, made a graphic background and here we be.

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[quote name='Kusanagi']Cool, its Super Android 17...[/quote]First of all, this kind of post is completely inacceptable not only because it does not include any constructive criticism of the piece to help the artist improve, but you're not even trying. Any more of this, and a ban could be in order.

Second of all, we only allow one banner in your signature at a time. Please remove one that you have now. ~_^
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