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Slipknot Wallpapers and Banners


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New stuff from Nomad.... if ya care....

Here are three wallpapers (1024x768) I made with Mick (#7), Shawn 'Clown' (#6) and Corey (#8) from Slipknot wearing their new masks. There are also two banners below, one animated and one not.






What do you all think about em? Feedback appreciated.
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial]You always did do the best job in makeing something look badass/punk. I'm not doing back flips over the banner, but the other images look great. I'm interested in the font you used for all the numbers. Do you happen to remember what you used? Ohh yeah one more thing... You did a sick job.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=darkred]Very...freaky 'papers and banners. They look good and high quality, awesome backgrounds great cropping. All that kind of basic stuff, and your layout is excellent. I don't really understand the point of the numbers, but whatever.Might I ask why they have the freaky masks and stuff? I don't really know anything about them aside from the name.[/size][/color]
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I like the images on the banner better than the images combined with the text. Heh. The font I used for the numbers is called Mom's Typewriter, or something really similar to that. It's a cool font.

Slipknot is a band consisting of nine members. They all have numbers from 0-8. Seven is what number Mick is. Six is what number Shawn 'Clown' is. And Eight is what number Corey is. And ever since Slipknot was started back around 94/95 (can't remember which right now), they've wore masks. It's just some way to express theirselves, I guess. Heh.

Anyways, here's another banner. It's of Joey (#1) from Slipknot.


Comments appreciated.
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