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Gift Wallpaper

Roxie Faye

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[color=#9933ff]The following wallpapers are supposed to be gifts for members of a message board (not this one). We haven't had a gift item in a long long time, so I decided to make a wallpaper. Before I send it off, I wanted everyone's opinion, and maybe some suggestions on what I could (feasibly)improve. Be aware that this is my first time making a wallpaper!

For these wallpapers, I used:[list]
[*]MS Paint
[*]another free image soft ware that came with my printer (kinda cruddy)
[*]The Gimp, which is similar to PS or PSP but free, but it doesn't have ANY filters on it (I don't know where to download them), so The Gimp is basically MS Paint, save for gradients, patterns, smuding, air brushing, and layers.[/list]

I have these in their 1024x768 size, but I'm only posting the 800x600 versions. The files are jpgs and I made the file size smaller in GIMP, but it's still rather large. Sorry if the files takes a long time to download; it took me a mintue or two to upload them. Copy and paste the link into your browser. I'm not hotlinking direcly because everytime I ever link to someplace in a post at OB, people can never get to it.

P.S.: If you want to use the wallpapers go ahead.[/color]
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[size=1][color=darkred]For something that has come into contact of any form with MS Paint, this has turned out surprisingly well. The font borders get a bit jagged over lighter parts, but the layout of the first one is very nice.

I don't like the hair on the second one. It looks pretty...well, pretty odd. And not very good. Nice layout [Bit too much black] but yeah.

Overall, I'd say that whilst your layouts and ideas are good, quality could be improved somewhat.

About 6.5/10. Considering you used MS Paint though, these are wonderful feats. Good work.

In the future, maybe try designing them entirely in Gimp?[/size][/color]
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