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Once upon a time....There was a small cheery city....the name....Venice.Were everything was possible.Women argued in the streets,bakerys filled with people.Venice....were everything can happen.Three young children worked thier way through teh large crowd."Bo,wait up!" called the older boy.The one named Bo was racing through the crowd and soon emerged from a group of tourist ho took pictures of him.The older boy took Bo and dragged him out of the plaza before the toourist could falsh the picture."Bo,how many times do i have to tell you keep a LOW profile".The girl who was behing them a little bit younger than the older boy,who was named Prosper,sighed as she flipped he rlong braid over her shoulder "You know what Prop..Th e Thief Lord is gonna catch you being mean to Bo one of these days.." she rolled her eyes "Well..HORNET..If you didn't need so much books we wouldn't have less and less money!".Hornet and Prosper argued on the street as Bo ran a got a free cake from the baker who though he was 'angelo.'
Italian for angelic.Hornet nodded her head as they headed toward a canal.

They walked slowly to a meatal door that said "KEEP OUT!NO ENTRANCE!" Hornet knocked on the door and said 'Riccio open up!". A voice said "Password?" "Riccio..no one renember the Thief Lords passwords" a boy opned the door who had spiked hair,though he was very charming "Well eb that way!".Riccio was teh same age as the two older children.Though Bo was only 7.They all walked in and there was a tall dark skinned mucled teen ager fiddeling with a radio."Mosca,you still fighting with that thing?".Mosca was older than all of them he was 19."Its called a radio...thank you very much..".Prosper took a seat on a couch.The hideout was ntohign but a mere cave with a bunch of junk.Hornet sat next to Prosper and started reading.Then someone walked in dressed in black with a mask that seemed like a bird on.The Thief Lord was home.

Yes this is based on the book and here is my sign-up

Name:Hornet Vacerro
Appearance:Hornet is tall and short at the same time.She had one long braid witch reached her waist.She wasn't very athletic,but matained her very attractive look.Her blue eyes seem to be a perfect match with her brown freckles.Oh yes her hair is also an autmn color.
Bio:Hornet is a orphan like all the others.She was the second to come to the Thief Lord.Her nice personality cuaght Riccio and the Thief Lords eye.Her long hair witch ended in a sharp point earned her the nickname Hornet.She never gives out her real name due to goverment issues.She is a thief in training,hoping she will be next in line to become a Thief Lord.

OOC:OK,I hope this will be a hit..unlike my other two rpgs....so we will ned teh following chars
The Thief Lord
And one other char,it dosn't matter who.
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Name: Mosca Antonio


Appearance: Mosca stands about 6'9" , and very muscular. He weighs around 200 lbs. He has dark skin and has black hair. He has hazel eye and a scar over his right eye. He has cornrows in his hair. He wears cloths made just for him from the Thief Lord. He wears running sneakers because he is usually always on the run from the law.

Bio: Mosca is very competitive. He is always serious about his job or mission. He is always trying to make himself stronger either mentally or physically and loves to work out. He loves to do a lot of atheletic things like swim, or just play any sport he can find.He hates to lose and is known as the best person at sports in Venice and is the second best thief in Venice other than The Thief Lord but Hornet is very close to him.
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