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Request NERV child, Rei


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[color=darkslategray][size=1][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Hello all ^_^

I have come here on a request, der. This time, it's from the kick *** anime that we all love, Evangelion. I want a banner and matching avatar of my favorite character, Rei.

[url=http://www.animelab.com/anime.manga/pics/Evangelion/20/20/0rei-org02.jpg]Evangelion Pilot: Rei Ayanami[/url]

It's a big picture, so be careful. I would like her rotated to be horizontal, giving her the apearance she's laying down. A nice border would be lovely ^_^, no fonts or what not, just plain Rei.

As for the avi....um..be creative.

Have at it..[/color][/size][/font]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Hm, not quite what I'm looking for. What would be cool is if someone could make the border look like a pencil scribble, you know, giving the affect that the picture of Rei was just drawn straight onto my signature. If someone could do that, it would be most appreciated.

For the avi, eh..I don't think I'm too fond of her expression.

I'm sorry, I know I'm being picky...but that's what happens when you are an artist who can't create their own thoughts on a computer T_T[/color][/size][/font]
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