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RPG Brave Fencer Musashiden: Thirstquencher's Revenge


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[i]A massive scaley foot drove itself into the mud, a young boy with firey red-orange hair leapt out of the way. He retreated swiftly, hardly letting his feet make contact with the squishy ground. It was hard enough being completely soaked in the gooey mud. His light-weight, white gi was now a sickening brown and weighed at least fifteen pounds. His arms painted with the muck, as was his face. His hair had some chunks left in it, but was for the most part clean.

The boy vaulted to a stop, his feet sunk deep. As the shrill roar of the lizard-like beast behind him bellowed through the air, he nervously struggled to free his legs from their captive position. The creature stalked towards him on its four legs. It was at least three times the boys height, and it was drooling syrupy saliva from its gaping mouth.

The boy glanced backwards. It was getting close, and he was up to his thighs in mud. Thinking on the spot, he grabbed two handfuls of the mud, turned his torso as much as he could each way, launching the mudballs through the air the best he could. The monster buckled back wailing as one ball hit it in an eye. This bought him some time. He reached into his vest and pulled out five shuriken stars. By now the beast had recovered and was seething. It began to charge, which was more like a trot since its feet would get sucked into the mud. The boy wiggled his hips back, forth, and around to give him some leeway in his movements.

Just then he was pelted in the back by several chunks of mud. He turned and looked to see that the creature had made a leap for the boy. He instinctively threw the shuriken sailing toward the beast. Each one cut deep into the beast's soft neck as it then just began its limp plummet. The boy let out a shocked yell when he realized he was not far from where it would probably land. He fiercly struggledto get out of the mud. He was up to his knees when the lizard landed a good thirty feet behind him, which would not have been a problem if its forward momentum did not make it slide.

The boy worked quickly to finally free his feet. He looked back just as the monster came upon him. He placed his hands on the beast's nose to try and stop himself from being run over as it slid forward. He was pushed back further and further. He closed his eyes tight as he pushed with all his might. In a matter of seconds, he had stopped, and all was quiet except for the disrupted breathing of the creature. The boy opened his eyes only to find himself now neck-deep in the muck. A calm, irritated look overtook his face.

Luckily there was an area between him in the monster where he was pushed at that depth, so he was not surrounded from all sides. He grabbed hold of one of the creature's nostrils and pulled himself forward, freeing his back from the mud. He climbed out of the hole carefully so as not to get himself stuck once more.

He turned around and examined the monster. It was weezing and nearly choking as it just layed helplessly on its side in the swamp. One of his shuriken must have cut through its trachea.

The boy walked to the monsters open mouth and stepped inside. The smell of its breath was gut-wrenching, but he was on a mission. He looked to his left, then to his right, searching along the roof and lower portion of the mouth. Almost confused, the boy wandered to the tip of the beasts tongue, and, with all his might, moved it out of the way so he could see under it. The beast moaned briefly getting a full taste of the mud.

Sure enough, stuck in the back of the monsters front teeth was a rather large piece of silk cloth. He yanked it free with relative ease. Whatever it was, it was soaked in saliva. The boy shrugged it off, got a good grip on it and ran off toward a castle that could be seen in the horizon.

Two polished, wooden doors flung open to a long red carpet. The room was large, decorated with ivory pillars, artwork, random silk drapes -- riches all around. There were scattered people of noticable wealth about the area talking amongst themselves who looked to the doorway when they were so boldly opened.[/i]

[b]King:[/b] Ah, Kamikasai, you have returned!

[i]The king was sporting a nice round belly. A very jolly-looking fellow, with a short, white beard and red outfit. The boy with the firey hair, Kamikasai, strided down the carpet. He was now clean, but still had the retreived silk cloth in hand.[/i]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] Yes, and I have what you sent me for.

[i]He approached the king and held out the cloth, which was now dry and clean. The king took it from the boy with a nod and held it behind his back.[/i]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] What was that, anyway?

[i]The king chuckled a portly chuckle.[/i]

[b]King:[/b] They are my most prized underwear.

[i]Kamikasai's eyes widened with a raised eyebrow and a dropped jaw. Underwear?! That is what his quest was about?![/i]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] You blindly sent me to hunt down what turned out to be a Gryzindine, armed only with shuriken stars, for a piece of underwear?!

[i]The boy was shocked, appalled, sickened, and yet ... slightly amused at the same time. He sternly folded his arms across his chest.[/i]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] You had to have been sipping a bit too much wine when you gave me that assignment.

[b]King:[/b] But they are not just any underwear!

[i]The king exclaimed holding out his briefs.[/i]

[b]King:[/b] This is high-grade silk right here. Come on, you felt them when you held them. Would you not like to have these against your bum?

[i]Kamikasai broke his serious attitude nearly bursting into laughter. He could not believe the king had sent him on the mission the way he did, but it was all just so silly.[/i]

[b]King:[/b] You know I would not send you on a mission I did not think you could accomplish, Kamikasai. You are most definitely one of our most talented and skill young Heroes of this land.

[i]The king's mood suddenly turned a bit solemn.[/i]

[b]King:[/b] And with Musashiden gone, you were the only person I could think of on such short notice.

[i]Kamikasai cracked a smile out of the corner of his mouth. He was modest about his talent as a Hero, and he always was a bit flattered whenever compared to Musashiden in the slightest way.[/i]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] Well, it sure was a test of my abilites, being put up against something so big, with only small weapons.

[i]The king laughed once, and looked at Kamikasai, knowing something he did not know.[/i]

[b]King:[/b] It was a test, that is one thing for sure.

[i]Kamikasai flashed a questioning look.[/i]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] What?

[i]Before he could even make another move or speak another word, he was encased in a Bincho Crystal, which quickly shrank until it vanished.[/i]

[i]A cool mid-morning breeze swept across the grassy mountaintop. The clear, blue water of the natural pool in the center flowed steadily into the small river that winded down the mountainside. At an edge, facing outward, looking down on a small village just outside a fanciful palace, was a figure adorned in a earthly brown cloak with a gold filigree design reaching up from the bottom. There was a large hood covering his head and shadowing his face. He stood still and silent.

In the center of the pool, a Bincho Crystal expand out of thin air and then dissipated, dropping the fire-haired boy, Kamikasai, who landed with a messy splash.[/i]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] Ack! What's the big deal throwing water all over me?! And waddaya mean that Gryzindine was a te-- ...

[i]After scambling to his feet in the water, Kamikasai realized he was in a new surrounding. He was now dripping with water, but he hardly noticed.[/i]

[b]----:[/b] If you are done screaming like a little child, I can explain the reason for your presence here.

[i]It was an elderly, but strong voice; the cloaked figure. Kamikasai treaded out of the waist-deep water toward the figure. When he was finally on the grass, he shook himself off and spoke to him.[/i]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] Who are you?

[i]The figure made no motion of acknowledgment, speaking while continuing to look down upon the little village.[/i]

[b]----:[/b] Seer. I am the ally your land has with the humble kingdom of Allucaneet. I am the last existing power of the kingdom who has not fallen to its rival's clutches.

[i]Kamikasai started to make sense of certain aspects. He was familiar of the connections with Allucaneet. There were a couple times when Kamikasai was going to be sent there before, but Musashiden was sent in his place, as was Musashiden's rival Kojiro. However, due to Kojiro's aide of Allucaneet's enemy, he was taken off the list of available Heroes that could be sent anywhere.[/i]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] Why have I been brought here?

[b]Seer:[/b] About twenty years ago, the Thirstquencher Empire, nemesis of Allucaneet, made a full-scale invasion on Allucaneet, starting with its neighbor, Grillin Village. The village was destroyed. Many people fled to the forest, while a handful were captured. Troops of Allucaneet stormed out of the palace and collided with the Thirstquencher forces. However, Thirstquencher was too much. Allucaneet was overpowered. But before they could get to the palace, Princess Poisson was able to summon a Hero to aide the kingdom. That Hero was the one we both know as the Legendary Brave Fencer Musashiden. He level the Thirstquencher troops with the swords of Fusion and the renown Lumina, the Sword of Luminescence. He boldly made his way to the Thirstquencher Fortress in the sky. There he barged into the throne room and was caught off-guard by the powerful force that now rules over the empire. He was trapped in a Bincho Crystal, but not before he could use all of his last power to launch the two Swords through the Thirstquencher roof and into nowhere.

[i]Kamikasai folded his arms across his chest. This was not new information.[/i]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] Yes, I am very familiar with that event. I have heard it many times. But that was twenty years ago, what does that have to do with me being here, now?

[b]Seer:[/b] Since the Thirstquencher Empire took over Allucaneet, the people have been allowed to rebuild the village and come to back and live their lives. It has been more or less peaceful up until recently. There have been rumors flying all around that the Thirstquencher Empire has begun constructing an Ultimate Weapon to destroy these lands. Obviously, that is one of the last things we want to happen, and since Musashiden has been captured, the Allucaneet Kingdom needs a new hope ...

[i]There was a dramatic silence as Kamikasai took in this new information. He averted his eyes to the side. It was apparent where Seer was going to take this. This was becoming a little overwhelming. Perhaps if he had been forewarned by his king, rather than just yanked into this situation, he would be a little more prepare--mentally, emotionally, physically ...[/i]

[b]Seer:[/b] Kamikasai, we need you to rescue the kingdom: the Princess, Musashiden ... I had your king send you on that quest because I figured a Hero who can defeat a large beast with a small weapon is a good place to start. You may not run into anything quite so big just in the forests, but I hate to think about what Thirstquencher has up their sleeve.

[i]Kamikasai put out a stopping hand, even though he knew Seer could not see it ... ironically enough.[/i]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] Hold on, if the Princess is captured, how was I brought here. It was to my knowledge that only the Princess was given the power to perform the Hero Summon.

[b]Seer:[/b] As I said, I am the only power remaining of Allucaneet, and fortunately I am also the strongest. I do not need the Hero Summon in order to call a Hero. The Princess is always given the task because of tradition, and the Hero Summon is a bit more fool-proof.

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] Well ... if you are so powerful, then why do you not just take down the empire by yourself?

[b]Seer:[/b] They know who I am. They will be looking for me. If the empire is alerted of my location, they will send everything they have to capture me. As powerful as you believe me to be, I could not take on the entire Thirstquencher army, plus whatever else they may have. My main power lies mostly in the ability to aide others. You have the most potential, Kamikasai. That is why I have brought you here.

[i]Taking a couple steps back, Kamikasai humbly lowered his head. He almost hated being praised in any way. He was ready confident in his abilities, and it almost seemed too much to be reminded of them.[/i]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] How have they not discovered you up here ... ?

[b]Seer:[/b] The Thirstquencher Empire is not familiar with the area of Twinpeak Mountain, and have yet to find a way to the top of either peak. It is a rather treacherous path to the top of either mountain, and the Thirstquencher soldiers so far lack the ability to make it past all of the obstacles.

[i]Again, a silence ensued. Kamikasai looked around the lands from the moutaintop, then walked to Seer's side, peering down at Grillin Village and the Allucaneet Palace.[/i]

[b]Seer:[/b] Kamikasai, you want to be the next Legend of Musashiden, do you not?

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] No ... I want to be the first Legend of Kamikasai.

[i]Seer chuckled a bit. The boy certainly had the right attitude for the job. He reached into his cloak and pulled out a long, rolled-up cloth, handing it to Kamikasai who talked further back onto the grass to unroll it. Seer turned around from his post and walked up behind Kamikasai. As the cloth was unrolled, several items were revealed: a sheathed katana, a canteen, a pouch containing some bread, and a pack of five small tablets.[/i]

[b]Seer:[/b] I knew you would have no weapon, so I am giving you this sword ... Fill the canteen with the water here at the top. This pool is known as Aqualin, it has healing abilities. You can sell the bread at the Bakery in Grillin Village if you want, for some Dran, the currency of Allucaneet, or keep it for your own health. The tablets are what are as Mint. If you are ever tired while venturing, take one, and you will be woken up a bit.

[i]Kamikasai opened the canteen and dipped it into Aqualin and filled it up. The Mint was tucked into his vest, the bread pouch and canteen were strapped to his belt, as was the sheath with the sword. He then turned to face Seer.[/i]

[b]Seer:[/b] You will not be able to do this on your own. Go Grillin Village and simply tell them that you need a group who is willing to take down the Thristquencher Empire. The guards there will just think you are crazy, but there should be some citizens willing to band with you. I shall take you as far down as the bridge between these to mountains. You are on your own from there.

[i]With that, Seer placed his hand on Kamikasai's shoulder and they vanished.

On an old, wooden bridge, they reappeared. Kamikasai looked below the bridge where there were several large rocks in the rapids of a river. There was an entrance to a cave in the mountains on either side of the bridge.[/i]

[b]Seer:[/b] When you get to Grillin Village, and gather your group, bring them back to this point. I shall need to give each of you something before you continue your quest. Ah!, which reminds me ... There is one last thing I need to give you.

[i]Seer chanted some inaudible words under his breath. Kamikasai could not make it out, he was not sure if it was even a language he could understand. When Seer finished, he reached up and flicked Kamikasai in the nose. The boy flinched back and winced his face.[/i]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] Hey! What was tha--

[i]As he spoke, a translucent green bubble appeared around Kamikasai briefly, then disappeared.[/i]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] ... What was that?

[b]Seer:[/b] You now have the magic ability to create a temporary shield of Bincho Power around yourself. It consumes Bincho Power to use it, so keep that in mind. It provides full protection against phsyical attacks, and half against magic. However, against more powerful foes, it will not do anything.

[i]Kamikasai nodded. He had never been in this world before, and therefore was unsure what exactly was waiting out there for him. Surely, as peaceful as this place seemed to be, there could not be anything to dangerous, but he could never be too sure.[/i]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] So that is why you flicked me ...

[i]Kamikasai rubbed his nose a bit, almost feeling the urge to sneeze. He scrunched his nose several times in attempt to stop this from happening, and shook his head wildly. However, it was to no avail. He sneezed. Seer chuckled as he staightened up his garments a bit.[/i]

[b]Seer:[/b] Actually, I did not have to do that.

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] What?!

[i]It was too late. Seer vanished, back to the mountain top by Aqualin. Kamikasai sighed, a little discontented, and adjusted his equipment real quick so he was as comfortable as could be. Then, he turned around and cautiousluy made his way across the shakey bridge to make his way down to Grillin Village.[/i]

[size=1]If any of you other members want to use the nifty little table as well, PM me and I shall give you the code for it, heh. If possibly it would be cool if everyone did, and I gave each Class their respective color (from the Armor area, notice how my background is Red because I am a Hero). I think I shall give everyone the chance to do that, I shall be sending you all a PM shortly. ^_~[/size]
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Marya awoke slowly, as usual, snuggling deeper into the bright green comforter her mother had made for her eight years ago. She hated sleeping without its fluffiness, always such a comforting softness to bury her face in and get away from that annoying sunlight that [i]would[/i] persist in trying to bother her out of her rest.

After a few more blissful moments, Marya sat up, squinting slightly. The sun was in full effect and directly in her eyes, but she had left her blinds open on purpose; otherwise, she might not have gotten up until her mother came in with a frying pan and a spoon and banged them right next to her ear, and she didn't want a repeat of that experience. Her mother had a very distinctive sense of humor.

Marya dressed and stumbled into the bathroom, splashing cold water onto her face until she felt ready to face the day. She dried herself off, avoiding the sight of herself in the mirror as she customarily did, and headed downstairs. The hearty smell of sizzling bacon was already permeating the house, and that helped wake her more than the cold water.

She sat at the table expectantly, her mother appearing a moment after with a heaping plateful of eggs, bacon, toast, and hash browns.

Marya looked mournfully at the food. The memory of the self-imposed diet she had been attempting for the past week had hit her again. Something she didn't dare mention to Brin, and had only told her parents about in hopes that they would help her. But they didn't. Apparently nobody except her even had a hope that she could change her body to what she wanted it to be.

Her mother, reading her mind, tsked her. "Dear, you need all of your strength today," she said said with a small smile, "you're meeting with Brin, aren't you? I don't want him complaining I haven't been giving you enough to eat, so just eat up, and don't worry about the diet. You exercise plenty enough as it is, you're completely healthy, and nothing about you needs to change."

Marya resisted the urge to roll her eyes, but she began tucking in anyway.

"Mom, could you get my sword and shield for me?" she asked, as she swirled her toast around her plate to catch all of the yolk from the egg. She did love toast and eggs. "I'm running late already, I should really be out the door by now ..." But she couldn't resist taking a bite of hash brown as she said so.

"Darling, you know I can't pick up those things," her mother said with a laugh.

Glancing over at her mom, it was obvious to see why. She was a willowy, absurdly thin figure who always wore high heels, even now, just serving her daughter breakfast. Marya experienced one of the rare moments when she was proud to be of her own stature.

It passed too fleetingly, and she stood up to get her sword and shield from the closet herself. "Thanks for breakfast," she said, kissed her mother on the cheek, and was out the door to meet Brin for her lessons.
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[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1][i]twang[/i][/size][/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]

[/size][/font] [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]The knife lodged itself into a nearby tree. It had been flung with such force that it had nearly split the young oak in half. Sen walked stiffly towards the sapling and ripped out his blade, sheathing it alongside its twin. The oak creaked as though it were in agony. He dropped the herbs he had gathered, discarding them as though they were pieces of trash. He walked closer to the campsite, his temper reaching the boiling point.[/size][/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]

[/size][/font] [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]"Vandals trashing my camp," he seethed, "I need a better lock for my-" Sen's eyes widened. "Where are my books?" He dug his foot into the ground as though he were a bull ready to charge, when he noticed that every single volume he possessed was stacked neatly on a table in front of his tent. [/size][/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]

[/size][/font] [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]Sen looked questioningly at the books, and turned back to survey his campsite more closely. Nothing was stolen. It was simply out of place. He sighed. Whatever they were looking for they hadn't found.[/size][/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]

[/size][/font] [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]"[i]At least they were neat about it.[/i]" he thought. He strode towards the table, picked up a stack of papers, and flipped through its contents. All was there, even his journal. A pouch with some spare dran was even left intact. He looked over his shoulder anxously, and tapped his fingers on the top of his walking stick. [i]"What's going on?"[/i][/size][/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]

[/size][/font] [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]He quickly returned everything to where it had been, and picked up the lock for his book chest. He narrowed his eyes, and looked at the lock again. It was in perfect condition, as though someone had used the key, though he had it in his back pocket at that moment. He shook his head, and locked the chest anyway.[/size][/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]

[/size][/font] [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]He took another look around the campsite. He thought the fence looked old, and could be replaced. Maybe a sign too. 'Warning, pet poison plant' could do the trick. Still, he didn't like how clean this raid was. Raids weren't supposed to be clean. Maybe it wasn't a raid. Maybe it was meant to tell him that he was vulnerable. A pawn, to be manipulated or withdrawn at any time. Maybe he was paranoid.[/size][/font][font=Trebuchet MS][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1][i]"I [b]should [/b]get a pet poison plant..." [/i][/size][/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]Instead, he decided on new wood for fencing and a sign to scare away bandits.

"This is [b]stupid[/b]. [i]I'm [/i]supposed to be the one doing the stealing."
[/size][/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]
Walking towards Grillin Village, he didn't dare look behind him, because he knew that would only make him feel like he was being watched. [i]"What does it matter," [/i]he thought, [i]"If I'm being warned?" [/i]He clasped his walking stick tightly. [i]"Did I not do satisfactory work on Steamwood last time, or is Sir King just keeping me in line?"[/i] Sen stopped abrubtly and chuckled.

He continued walking towards town with a broad grin on his face, swinging his cane as though nothing had happened. "[i]Sir [/i]King." he said to himself as though it were the funniest joke he had ever heard. "I think I'll call him that from now on. [i]Sir [/i]King. That's a laugh."
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Taruto awoke in a bad mood. Again.
He was busy rummaging through the trunk at the end of his bed looking for something. Something important.
"Where the hell is it?" he snapped at no one in particular.

He sat back and thought for a moment.
[i]Last time I used it I went over to that guy in the field to...[/i]
Taruto hopped up and sprinted outside, ignoring the two or three people he knocked over somewhere down the stairs and the hall in his rush to get outside.
"That idiot had better still be here somewhere...cause when I find him I'm gonna..." he muttered to himself and trailed off into the nothingness of speech as his mind went blank.
[i]Wait a sec...I never fought anyone...did I?[/i]
"OH! I remember now!" he ran back into the Inn and back through the hall and up the stairs, knocking over the same people as before who had just managed to pick everything up.
One of them shook a fist lamely and the others just shook their heads.

Taruto couldn't care less. As long as he found Seiin-Chin the Heavy Blade. The weapon passed down his family for over 5 generations.
Seiin-Chin wasn't just any sword. It was [b]the[/b] biggest sword anyone had seen in Grillin Village since before Taruto's ancestors had brought it there over 350 years ago.

Seiin-Chin was named after the first real important soldier of the Misheima family (Taruto's great-great-grandfather). Before that, it had been known as the Misheima Blade. Known soley for cleaving the skulls of any who dared challenge its masters.
The huge blade was so heavy that every man down the line of the Misheimas had to be built physically and be able to lift over 260lbs (Seiin-Chin the Heavy Blade weighed 240lbs).

"Finally! That's where you are!" Taruto knelt down to look under his bed, sliding the heavy sword out from underneath, its metal shining brightly in the morning light, the small chain dangling off the end with the family crest engraved into it.

"Taruto! Get your fine hiney down here this instant!" called his single aunt. She was always drunk, and always hitting on her nephew, no matter how hard he tried to brush her off. It was embarrassing in front of friends. Which was ok, since Taruto's friends were few.
Taruto shivered as he heard his aunt hiccup as she stumbled up the stairs, obviously running into one of the people Taruto had knocked over numerous of times.
He snuck out his window and sild down off the roof to get the hell outta there.

OOC: For the reader's convenience, I quickly whipped up a Misheima family crest in paint so they wouldn't spend the entire time guessing what it looks like. See the attatched piccy.
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Flik awoke with a large yawn that sounded similar to a, [i]'Aghaw'.[/i] This usually worked in his parents favor as it gave them a warning that he would be awakening any moment.

With a large stretch of his arms, Flik moisturised his dry lips with his tongue and took a large breath of the fresh air that supplied Grillin Village in the mornings. Still laying down with the quilt tucked just about his neckline, Flik turned his head to survey his surroundings.

He was in his room. A small, yet cosy little area with some paper sliding doors that acted as an entrance and exit to the room. In the corner was Flik's desk supporting numerous books splayed messily open, and of course his thin, blue bandanna. On the wall in Flik's range of sight was a beautiful, black sheath with silver embroidery on it, and to his right was his window, the blinds open. It wasn't much, but it was his, and that was what counted.

After throwing over the sheets that gave him warmth, Flik, dressed in only a white shirt and polkadot boxers, sat on the edge of his bed and enjoyed the warm sun beams across his back. He then stood up, stretched once more, and bent over to pick up his black trousers.

After putting them on, he ran over to his bandanna and strapped it around his head. He was now prepared for the day ahead of him. And so, without bothering to open the sliding doors, Flik jumped through the paper and slid down the square, rotary banister down to the kitchen.

He was met by his father who sat at the table reading a few bills mournfully. His father was a very burly man with a gigantic black moustache and eyebrows to match. He was dressed in a white T-Shirt, brown working trousers, and a murky green apron that was stained with many oils and paints from his job as a carpenter.

"Morning father, 'tis I! Flik Threepwood, of the Threepwood family name! How would you be doing on this fine morning!?" Flik shouted as he sat down at the table with fork in one hand and a knife in the other.

"Would you stop bloody shouting every morning you get up!? And why are you talking like that? You'd think you were part of royalty." Flik's father shouted back in his disciplinary, manly tone.

"Aha! Father has taken his red peppers once again!" No one knew quite what Flik meant about these 'red peppers', but they just put up with it, as they did with everything Flik did.

His father just stared back, eyebrows trembling every now and again as he looked down to the bills and lowered his tone, "You at work today?"

"Yup." Flik replied with a joyful tone and then took a sip from his orange juice. He enjoyed his job at the Inn. It didn't pay very well, nor was it the most active of jobs, but he still liked it. "Where's mum?"

"That's more like it. Just talk like that will ya'?"

"Nope." Flik replied once more and sliced a bit of bread from the loaf sitting in front of him, waiting for the answer to his question.

"Your mother's out. Probably shopping."

Flik nodded and pushed his chair out noisily as he stood up. He then walked over to his boots at the bottom of the stairs and slid his feet into them. Pulling up the backs to make sure they weren't trodden down, and tieing the laces, Flik was ready.

"Well father, I bid you farewell. I am now going to venture into the lively streets of Grillin Village where I shall--" Flik spoke until he was interrupted.

"Just go will ya'!?" His father interrupted and threw the rest of the loaf at him.

Upon catching it, he ran to the door, slammed it behind him, and began to head towards the Inn.
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Gasuke flew through the inn door and fell onto his back in a huddle, rolling slightly. Dirt kicked over his image, as he slowly awoke from his slumber. [I]Thats a nice way to wake up...[/I] he thought to himself as a barrage of insults flew through the Inn. "Listen you stupid freeloader!!!" the Innkeeper called out. He was in a particularly bad mood today. "Unless you plan on paying for the room, DON'T TRY TO SNEEK IN!" he yelled out in a snarling voice. Gasuke was still scratching his head and trying to brush the dirt off himself. But a head ache slowly formed.

Gasuke slowly got up from his laying down position, "Listen old man! I was gonna p...." Gasuke's sentence was interupted by the large clatter of his luggage and weapons all crashing down on him, causing him to lay flat once again.

"And don't forget your worthless crap!" the Innkeeper screamed threw his door. Gasuke was left on the ground, twicthing an eyebrow as he lay on the dirty ground, held down by his heavy luggage. The Innkeeper muttered as he walked back into the building, low and under his breath. But Gasuke heard most of it. "Damned freeloaders..." Gasuke just sighed as waited a few seconds to move. It was then he noticed all the strange and humorous looks he was catching from all the villagers. Scringing his face into an angry frown, he continued gathering his things into backpack, frustratingly. It was until Gasuke was away from the Inn that he noticed what a bright and sunny day it was. This brought up his spirits a bit as he strolled along the streets of Grillin Village. Smiling now at the happy mood of the lighthearted town. He breathed deep in the fresh air, feeling invigorated. Gasuke made his way to the Resturaunt, seeing if the pretty owner (or waitress, Gasuke could never figure it out) would let the scruffy young 'hero' have some food scraps for the little money he had, but half way there, he stopped and turned to the bakery instead. Realizing that he had no amount of money worth their food. He walked in and greeted the cheerful baker. A nice woman, full of life, and a little hefty.

"Well Howdy! What can I do for ya?" she said in a nice, almost motherly tone, smiling big. She was wearing an apron and a kitchen bandana, and her face was white from flour.

"Ugh... can I have your cheapest bread and some milk?" Gasuke asked hesitantly as he counted pennies. He was never good with math as it was, and he really didn't want to waste the little money he had left. He knew he would have to go monster hunting out in the Somnolent Forest or Twin Peak Mountain, soon. Gasiuke slowly took the 240 dran from his hands and placed it on the counter.

"Glad to oblige!" she said loudly turning around to gather the items requested. She quickly returned with the bread and milk and handed it to Gasuke. "Now, you have a nice day young man..." she said with a big smile as Gasuke turned around towards the door.

"I'll be sure to..." Gasuke called out as he left the Bakery. He then huffed in another breath of fresh air and made his way towards Twin Peak Mountain. Thats a best place to start off as any, and he hadn't been there in some time. It'd be a nice change of scenery. And so, Gasuke took off.

[size=1][color=green]OOC: I hope to meet Kamikasai on his way down the mountain as Gasuke goes up the mountain.[/color][/size]
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"Aw, come on, please?"

Akira followed the innkeeper around the inn while shamelessly pleading for his old job back. He was clad in his fathers tracelling cloar, a partial face mask, and several bags of his belongings. "Kid, first of all, take that thing off of your face, I can't hear a thing that you're saying." Akira began to pull down the mask that covered the lower half of his face, but when the pungent stench of muck tracked in by the boots of countless travellers assailed his nostrils, he decided against it. "Secondly," the innkeeper continued, "I've got way too many things to do to talk to you about...whatever it is that you're here for. Have a seat, and I'll deal with you as soon as I can." The inkeeper threw Akira into a corner booth and quickly walked off. Akira opened his mouth to call after him, but then he remembered that in all the time that he had worked there, he had never learned the man's name. Akira frowned slightly and took a look around the inn.

A dull roar cicrulated about the various conversations going on in the dimly lit bar below the inn. It had been a long time since Akira had been in the Inn and he had forgotten how dank it was, how impersonal, how...peaceful. Akira's eyelids began to droop as he was lulled to sleep by the steady white noise around him. His head repeatedly nodded down and back up again as....everything seemed...to...slow....down...

"Aha!" the inkeeper shouted. Akira jerked his head off of the food speckled table and hit the back of his head on the low handing lamp above him.

"Aha what?" he asked as he rubbed the back of his head.

The innkeeper raised an eyebrow, almost as if it were the stupidest question in his entire life. "Isn't it obvious? You were gone for three years, and in all of that time, you didn't even develop the smallest measure of responsibility. If you can't even wait for me by yourself for fifteen minutes, how do you expect me to give you a job there you'll have to mind the inn by yourself for hours at a time?"

It wasn't Akira's fault. His master lived just beyond outskirts of the village and the young wizard wished to make it to the inn before the usual morning rush of people checking out. He had travelled without rest through the night just to make it there in time. It was an impressive feat to just be able to lift his head. The inkeeper shook his head and turned to walk away, but Akira grabbed the back of his shirt and whirled him around. Akira lowered his face to a few inches in front of the inkeeper's and spoke in a slow deliberate tone.

"You're right. I was gone for three years, and in that time, I became a completely different person from who I was before. Don't act like you ever knew me." Akira turned to walk away when he realized something that the innkeeper had said. "Wait a minute, you said that you couldn't hear me through my face mask. How did you even know that I was asking for my job?"

"I lied. I wanted to test you, so that I could have another reason to reject you from the job."

"What are the other reasons?" Akira asked.

"There's only one reason. The position has been filled."

"Filled?" Akira asked incredulously. [i]What kind of person would would want this hopeless job?[/i]

The doors to the inn swung wide open, causing many of the inn's patrons to cringe backwards as they were bathed in direct sunlight. A young man, clothed in a t-shirt and a stark white apron bobbed into the inn. He was nibbling on the end of a loaf of bread.

"Good morning noble innkeeper, 'tis I! Flik Threepwood, of the Threepwood family name reporting for work bright and early!"
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The forest was quiet. To be cliché, it was even [I]too[/I] quiet. Dose shifted uncomfortably. [I]"This is the Somnolent Forest."[/I] he thought to himself. [I]"It's supposed to be full of dangerous creatures and such. Where the heck are they?"[/I] Dose quickly spun and looked behind him, drawing a kama with his right hand. This had become a habitual for Dose. He feared that he might suffer the same fate as his father; swallowed whole by a Man Eater.

A small noise caused Dose to spin back around quickly. A Magician had snuck up behind him, and was now just about to cast a spell. Dose threw the kama at the Magician, but it shrank before it reached him, and simply fell to the ground some feet away. Dose jumped out of the way before the Magician cast another shrinking spell, and then drew his bow from behind his back. The Magician disappeared as Dose knocked an arrow, and then reappeared behind him. Dose was suddenly shrunken to about a foot tall. The Magician hovered in closer to squash him flat. Dose put away his bow and ran, leaping over fallen tree limbs and dodging the Bee Plants that were suddenly all around him.

"I think I liked the silence better." he huffed as he carefully sidestepped another stinger.

Suddenly, the spell wore off and Dose found himself once again standing higher than the Bee Plants. He drew his kama, and used it to ward off the nearest stinger. He quickly jumped out of the Bee Plants' range, and then drew his bow again. "Crap." he muttered. "I've got to get my kama back." Having practically been raised in the forest, Dose every now and then thought that he shared some sort of special bond with the creatures that lived there. Except Man Eaters, of course. They could never be anything but complete and adorable evil.

"Come on now guys, I just want to get through." he said to the Bee Plants.

They arced through the air threateningly.

"Now, I'm going to take a few steps. Don't sting me." he said quietly.

Dose took one step closer to the first plant, and then quickly withdrew his foot as the thing stabbed at him. "You asked for it." he muttered.

Dose drew back his bow and fired it beneath the first Bee Plant's pot. The pot tipped over, knocking over the one next to it, and so on and so forth. Soon all of the Bee Plants were writhing around o the ground, unable to get up or sting anything. Dose took a quick glance behind him to be sure there were no Man Eaters, and then he marched past the Bee Plants to retrieve his kama.


Dose's arrow sank itself straight into the deer's chest, felling it quickly. The other animals scattered quickly. A squirrel angrily chittered at Dose until its eyes became level with the tip of an arrow. The squirrel turned and bolted. Squirrels annoyed Dose. Dose checked behind him for Man Eaters and then stepped out from his hiding place to retrieve the deer.

Dose returned to his small, cozy cabin and prepared the deer for market. He skinned it and took out all the unnecessary organs, and then he carved the meat into thick slices to sell to the restaurant. Venison steaks were growing more and more popular as the chef grew more talented in preparing them. Dose made a good sum of money selling the restaurant meat. Stealing food also cut down on his budget, but that's what Dose did when he entered a well-stocked kitchen. In his eyes, he needed it much more than did the restaurant patrons. And he really wasn't paid enough for his services anyways.
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Stepping out into the fresh sunlight of the morning, Marya allowed herself a small grin. It was hard for her to stay tired with the bathing warmth, and she paused on the threshold of her house for a moment to relax -- after all, as soon as she met Brin, he would be putting her through more of his grueling training.

Something felt ... strange.

Marya sensed him before she heard him, and heard him before she saw him. Instinct told her to whirl around with her shield up, and she ducked under the pressure as a reverberating clang told her something heavy and metal had slammed into it with some force. Feeling her attacker move back, presumably to swing again, she took advantage of the moment to thrust forward with her sword as she'd been taught years ago. The Sword of Marken met another blade, and after a few quick parries her own sword was held definitively against the ground, underneath someone else's foot.

"You're late," Brin said with a trace of amusement on his face.

"Urgh," Marya grunted, trying to pull her sword out from Brin's implacable foot. "Won't you get up, Brin? Besides, I'm not late yet."

"You would've been if I hadn't been waiting outside your door," Brin replied before removing his foot from her sword and allowing her to lift it. "And you were slow, didn't even realize I was there until I made a move. You should always be on the alert."

Marya nodded, but couldn't help but speak up again. "There aren't exactly predators waiting outside, ready to jump on any unsuspecting Grillin Villagers at any moment."

Brin merely raised an eyebrow. "That attitude won't get you very far when you're alone in the Somnolent Forest."

"I've never been [i]in[/i] the Somnolent Forest by myself."

Brin shrugged. "One day, that might change. For now, shall we begin our lessons? I thought we'd start today with some running, a couple of miles at least."

Marya's eyes widened. She [i]hated[/i] running, but she knew better than to argue with Brin. She stopped to put down her shield, but the sound of Brin clearing his throat gave her pause.

"With our weapons, of course."

"[i]With[/i] my [i]sword[/i]? Brin, this thing is heavy!"

"And you think this thing isn't?" Brin indicated the gleaming sword at his own side. "Sometimes you need to run in battle, and you won't want to be leaving your weapons behind unless it's absolutely necessary."

"Anyone would think you were training a soldier for a war, not just giving a few lessons to a fifteen-year-old girl," Marya muttered under her breath, but Brin didn't hear her. He was already jogging off at a decent pace, and Marya shouldered her shield and followed.
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The trek was becoming a bit tiresome, but Kamikasai could at least see the bottom now. He had already made it about half of the way down from where he was, which meant he should be approximately three-fourths of the way down the entire mountain. He had encountered several obstacles, monsters of these parts. The most irritating of which was a strange, overgrown mushroom-like creature, which expelled sleep-inducing powder at its target. He found that out the hard way, as it is even shaken loose when hit with his blade. He was forced to use a [b]mint[/b] already in order to recover. Nothing he had come across yet was exceptionally difficult, but then again, it was all one-on-one.

Kamikasai came to an edge, where there was a strategically-placed pole extending from the ground far below. He rubbed his brow, and took a few steps back. Then, in a quick sprint, Kamikasai leapt off the ledge through the air. He was able to snatch the pole with both hands and gripped it for dear life as his body continued its outward path. He strained a bit to pull himself in, and secured his legs firmly around the pole. He held the pole tightly with them as he released his hands to wipe is sweating forehead.

"I hate jumping like that," he said to himself. He latched on with one hand and leaned away from the pole as far as he could to see the powerful river that would have await him if he missed the pole. He nervously chuckled a little before pulling himself back to the pole. Then, he carefully slid his way down to the bottom.

The river grew even louder now, he was nearing the bottom. Excited to be nearly done with the mountain, he picked up his pace into more of a light jog.

"Hey, kid!" an armed reached out from behind a boulder as Kamikasai went by and snatched the back of his gi. Kamikasai came to an unpleasant hault nearly slipping off balance. As soon as he stood still, he felt the grip release his gi, and Kamikasai turned around. A large, funny-looking person, but considerably armored stood behind the large rock armed with a spear.

"I've seen just about every stupid child from Grillin Village come up to explore the mountain, but your face doesn't look familiar," the figure said. Kamikasai took an uncomfortable step backwards, unnoticably reaching for his sword.

"As a guard of the Thirstquencher Empire, overlooking this area of the mountain, I demand you tell me who you are and what your business is here," ordered the guard.

[i]Thirstquencher ...[/i] Kamikasai thought, [i]I probably shouldn't tell him my real name ...[/i] "My name is ... uhh, Iasak Imak," Kamikasai said halfhumoredly as he reached back and scratched his head with his free hand, "I am the, um, cousin of one of the villagers who lives in the village." Kamikasai nodded his head as if he was believing his own lie. The guard stood silent for a moment.

"... Very well," he said, "go on now. Leave." Kamikasai fakely smiled, and nodded as he turned to finished his way down the rest of the mountain. However, he only made it a good fifty feet down the path before he was interrupted once more.

"Wait!" shouted the guard after him, "what it a kid like you doing with such a dangerous weapon?" The guard had eye his sheath as Kamikasai walked away.

[i]Darn it,[/i] Kamikasai thought. [i]What should I do now?[/i] He turned face the guard again. "I just brought it with me to protect myself while, uhh, traveling from my village, and over this mountain, you know? This isn't the safest place in the lands."

The guard grumbled under his breath. "Bring it here! Let me see it!" the guard demanded. Kamikasai hesitated, but figured it would be worse to disobey what was the law of the land. He cautiously began walking back as he brought out his sword. The guard squinted his eyes to try and see it better from a distance.

"It ... can't be ... ?!" exclaimed the guard to himself. His jaw was dropped open. [i]Impossible,[/i] he thought, [i]how would a mere child come across something like that?[/i] Kamikasai had drawn closer, and he could definitely see it clearly now. In shock, his spear dropped from his hand. The guard quickly remembered his actions should he ever come upon this situation.

"Kid, you are under arrest!" the guard stated. Kamikasai's eyes widened as he stopped in his tracks.

"B-but, what did I do?!" Kamikasai anxiously inquired. He began sweating once again. This was bad.

"We do not allow foreigners into this village! You are to be taken to the Thirstquencher Empire immediately!" shouted the guard.

"You just let me pass without any problems!" Kamikasai retorted. [i]Crap![/i] he thought to himself. He could not let himself be captured. It was obvious the guard had an alternate motive. Kamikasai quickly slipped his sword back into its sheath and made to run towards Grillin Village.

The guard was not about to let him escape. In an instant he snatched his spear off the ground and hurled at the fleeing boy. He was, after all, told to bring them back ... dead or alive. Kamikasai looked back in time to see it coming and came to an abrupt stop. He turned to face it, seeing that the guard meant business.


"What?!?" exclaimed the guard as he watched his spear break in half upon impact with what appeared to be a Bincho Shield surrounding the boy. [i]Children shouldn't be able to control their Bincho Power nearly that well, especially at his age, and in such a moments notice! Kids these days.[/i]

"Hmph," grunted the guard, "fine, punk. We'll play it hard if that's how you want it." The guard cracked his knuckles as he stalked toward the boy. Kamikasai unsheathed his sword, and charged with considerable speed. The guard had nothing but his fists now.

The guard grinned, and drew back his fist as Kamikasai came within range, and threw his punch. Kamikasai dodged it quite easily as he took a clean leap over the head of the guard. He landed safely on the other side and whirled around with his sword out as it slammed into the guard's armored side. The armor was rather weak, however, and took a cut. Kamikasai swiftly drew back as the guard turned.

"Who the hell do you think you are, boy?" stated the guard. He reached to his side and retreived his Bincho Gun, aiming it directly at Kamikasai. "Dodge this."

"Darn it!" Kamikasai exclaimed under his breath. He quickly brought up his Bincho Shield once again as the guard fired. His shield dissipated upon contact with the shot of Binchotite energy, which became considerably smaller but hit Kamikasai in the shoulder. The boy yelled at the stinging sensation, and retreated on the other side of the boulder.

"You and your blasted shield," said the guard as he began walking to the concealed child. "You can hide all you want, but you are coming back to the empire no matter what."

The guard turned the corner and fired a quick shot, only hitting the moutainside wall. There was nothing. The guard let out a dumbfounded grunt as he looked both ways along the path.

"Where did he go ... ?" The guard turned around and looked down the edge to see if the boy dropped down to the path a distance below, but there was nothing.

"Idiot," a voice interrupted from above. The guard turned around to see Kamikasai vaulting from atop the boulder and above the guard, sword raised overhead. The guard fumbled to draw his gun, but hilt met head too quickly as Kamikasai brought the butt of his sword down upon the guards skull. He stumbled backwards as the boy landed. Immediately, Kamikasai leapt backwards planting his feet on the wall and pushing off. He spun around and planted a strong foot beneath the guards jaw sending him flying off the edge. Kamikasai scattered to the edge just as the guard plunged into the river below and carried off by the sweeping current.

Finally at the bottom of Twinpeak Mountain, Kamikasai just needed to make it across the river. Of course, to his disliking, there were four poles sticking up from the water to get to the other side. Strategically and carefully, he made his way to the other side, and continued on towards Grillin Village.

After a while he came to a spot where there was a break in the path where the river water and eroded it away. There were two large rocks stick out of the water to side where he could jump and get across to the other path.

"Hey, kid!" a voice interrupted.

[i]Not again![/i] Kamikasai thought as he instantaneously drew his blade and pointed it to the other side of the path, where there was another boy about his age standing, looking rather confused by Kamikasai.

"Huh?" Kamikasai said, realizing it was no another guard. "Oh, sorry about that ..." The boy was a bit taller than Kamikasai and looked tough enough, but his humorous expression told Kamikasai he was friendly.

"Um, right. So what's your name? I don't think I've seen you around," said the boy. His expression was normal now. Kamikasai looked him over once again. He was pretty well decked out in apparel and equipment, particularly noting the large blade he was carrying and fancy gauntlets on his hands.

"I'm, uh, Kamikasai. I am a Hero, heh," Kamikasai shuffled his feet, a bit nervous meeting this new person. The boy laughed.

"Hero, huh? Aren't we all? My name is Gasuke Mochi ..."

Much further down the river, an armored hand thrust itself into the water and grabbed the guard which had been knocked in by Kamikasai, and pulled him out of the river. It was another guard.

"You idiot," said the dry guard, "there is no swimming on duty, especially in a current such as this. And where is your weapon!?" The other guard was drenched, soaked head to toe. He coughed incessantly finally able to breathe air normally instead of in gasps. As soon as he regained composure, he snatched the mouthy guard by the top of his breast plate and brought him sternly face-to-face.

"We must get to the empire as soon as possible," he said in an urgent tone. "We have a situation." The other guards face drooped as the angered guard stormed away toward the Thirstquencher Empire. After a few brief moments, the other scrambled to follow.

[size=1]Meh, it seems I have run out of storage space on my image host. >_>; So, until I can fix this somehow, that grey background signifies Thirstquencherness.[/size]
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[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]
[/font] [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]As Sen approached town, he could hear the river flowing peacefully. He sighed. It had been a while since he had been in town. His father would no doubt be ectsatic with joy. His stomach turned. [i]"Stupid emotions."[/i][/size]

[/font] [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]He walked over the wooden bridge that seperated the outskirts from the rest of the town, and gazed blankly at the villiagers that passed. A girl and a man clad in armor ran by to his right, a considerably large cloud of dust trailing them. He shook his head and turned to get another look at the girl. She seemed in some way out of proportion, but not so much that she hadn't caught his eye. He began to whistle as he strolled by the small farm houses.[/size]

[/font] [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]When he finally made it to the pawn shop in the main part of town, he felt a reservation for disturbing his father. He never liked the way he clapped him on the back and asked him questions. [b]So many questions[/b]. Something hit his spine sharply, and he fell over rather comically.[/size]

[/font] [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]"Oh, hi dad..." said Sen as he brushed himself off. The pawnbroker laughed, and extended a calloused hand to help him up. [/size]

[/font] [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]"I saw you standing there in the doorway while I was coming back from the bakery. You looked like you were unsure as to whether you wanted to see me, so I thought I'd initiate the conversation." he coughed feverishly, and opened the door. Sen nodded, which he used as a combination thank you/hello, and stepped inside the dimly lit room.[/size]

[/font] [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]He had never understood how so many things could fit in such a cramped room. Various tools along with other useless objects where both stacked along the wall. His father didn't like throwing things away. Niether did he. The pawnbroker sat down behind the desk as though Sen was a normal customer.[/size]

[/font] [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]"What can I do for you?" he said in his rough voice, and stared at him with the gleam in his eye that meant he wanted money. Sen composed himself, and looked back at his father,[/size]

[/font] [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]"I need some wood for a sign and fencing. Someone went through my stuff, and I want to be more secure." The pawnbroker looked concerned.[/size]

[/font] [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]"Was anything stolen?"[/size]

[/font] [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]"That's just the thing. Nothing was missing. All my possesions, even the ones I keep locked up, where out of place." Sen's father was silent for a moment.[/size]

[/font] [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]"Well, that's odd," he said disregardingly, "The amount you're going to need comes to 1,000 Dran, but since you're like a son I'll cut the price in half." Sen nodded in approval. "I'll need to find someone to get the wood for me, so it'll take a little while."[/size]

[/font] [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]"Thanks." said Sen, and he stepped outside. [/size]

[/font] [font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1][i]"I need to relax..." [/i]he thought, and stretched, and yawning savored the scent of the morning air and baking bread. He jogged in place for a few seconds before walking off in the direction of[/size][/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1] the river.[/size][/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode] [i][size=1]"I haven't fished in a while..."[/size][/i][size=1]
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Gasuke and the strange young man made their way down the steep mountain slope. Gasuke was a little confused by the strang boy, but he thought not much of it. The two talked as Gasuke escorted the young man. "Sooo. Your name is Kamikasai, right?" Gasuke asked with a goofy tone and look on his face.

"Yep yep. And Gasuke Riceball...." Kamikasai said with a big smile and closed eyes. Gasuke's eyebrow flinched a little at the crack of his name.

Tipping his chin up with a forced frown, Gasuke just snorted a little and said, "Kamikasai, eh... strange name. Were'd you get it?"

"Ugh.... my parents?" he said with a confused look at the repeated quesiton.

"Must have hated you..." Gasuke said with a stuck out tongue and a toothy smile, winking humourosly. Kamikasai pushed him a little with a laugh. It was then Gasuke noticed the red scar on his shoulder. It had black cinders around it, like a burn mark. "Say, were did ya pick that little beauty mark up?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh... ugh. Well... promise not to tell?" Kamikasai whispered looking up to Gasuke.

"Just spit it out, shorty." Gasuke said jokingly, nudging Kamikasai in the ribs.

"Well..." he started out. Gasuke listened as Kamikasai spilt the long and at many parts, confusing story to him. Gasuke was left with a feeling of disbeleif. "... then a thirstquencher guard caught up with me, attacked me, and he friggin' shot me! Can you beleive the guy shot me. And I thought this place would be like Medievil Times or something... gah." Kamikasai blabbered. Then he looked up to the befuddeled and disbeleiving Gasuke who stared at him with a blank expression. "Hey, its the truth. I hope I can trust you."

Gasuke stared at Kamikasai a little while longer. Stopping in his tracks. Suddenly he burst into laughter. "AAHHAHAHAHA!!! Thats a good one, man. I havn't had a laugh like that in a while. Whew. Good one. Hero of the Allucaneet. Born from a crystal. What do you take me for, dude? I mean, I'm not scientist, but thats one far fetched story you got there." Gasuke rubbed a tear from his eye, still smiling and catching his breath.

"Well, its the truth! I swear it!" Kamikasai explained to him, seriously in tone.

"Whatever dude. Don't try to convince me." He said, still trying to releive his laughters tension on his chest.

Kamikasai sighed at Gasuke's laughter and kept on walking. They were getting closer to the village, and Gasuke could almost smell the food from the resturaunt, and then it hit him. "Oh CRAP! I was supposed to..." Suddenly, a rustle came from the bushes at Gasuke turned with his weapon drawn. Thirstquencher guards slowly emerged from the shadows cast by the trees, brandishing their spears and bincho guns. Gasuke and Kamikasai both took stiff battle stances. "Well, this outta take care of my money troubles." Gasuke whispered into Kamikasai's here with a smile. Kamikasai just raised a confused and worried eyebrow.

"Citizen. You are a wanted by the Thirstquencher Empire. Our sources lead us to beleive you may be a hostile threat to the Empire's well being." a particularly thick gaurd called out, holding his spear straight, pointing towards the air.

"Hold on, what did I do, big guy?" Gasuke said loudly, almost obnoxiously. He came to a confused expression.

"Not you, rock head. The fellow dressed in white. He is our suspect." he called out loudly. Almost angrily.

Gasuke's face was shocked as he looked over to Kamikasai, who kept a straight face. [I]Guess he was telling the truth... B-but what does that mean?[/I] Gasuke thought to himself. He then looked up again at the fat guard. "Citizen! Move away, if you do not wish to be harmed." the obnoxious guard called out. Gasuke just made an angry face and kept looking up at the guard. He snorted with his pig face and made a snide look. "Very well then. GUARDS! ATTACK BOTH OF THEM!" he called out loudly. The Thirstquencher Guards slowly made their way towards Gasuke and Kamikasai.

"You can leave now, I won't hold it against you." Kamikasai whispered to Gasuke.

Gasuke scoffed a bit and look over to Kamikasai from the corner of his eyes. "What?! And let you have all the fun!? Screw you pally." Gasuke said with a smile. He began to laugh as the guards leaped at the two fighers...

Hope you don't mind getting in a second fight. But this will help explain to my character your position in the story and will create a bond so that our characters can trust each other enought to persue the story and the conflicts more.[/size]
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A sharp metal clang split the air as both Gasuke and Kamikasai whipped their blades out to meet the oncoming spears being driven to them. Gasuke hooked his curved blade around theshaft of the spear and used the leverage to throw the guard into the others. The two boys used this short opportunity to gain some distance.

"Darn it!" Kamikasai said, "the other one must have gotten out of the river and informed other guards around here. This is [i]not[/i] going as planned, they will be looking for me in Grillin Village, too." He kept his focus on the recuperating guards, there were about five of them. Fortunately, they were slow, but they could pack quite a wallop.

"Don't worry about it," Gasuke responded, "these are just the Twinpeak guards. It is a long way to Thirstquencher Empire, so the guard you beat should still be on his way there. We shouldn't have to worry about town interruptions for another day." Kamikasai nodded, then looked at Gasuke questionably.

"Have you ever killed someone before?" Kamikasai rhetorically inquired before dashing the guards. Gasuke stood shocked. He did not realize that Kamikasai was not going to be able to let these guards go, for they would follow him to the village. He watched Kamikasai battle the guards, fairing rather well, but not without some close calls. He had slayed monsters of this land before, but never another person, even from Thirstquencher. But then he remembered his father, who so bravely fought when Thirstquencher invaded these lands. There are some things that just have to be done.

Gasuke switched gears, his face was now serious. He resheathed his blade and began to focus his Bincho. He brought a gourd to his lips, which he had at his side, took a drink, and placed it back. He then lifted a hand, clad by his gifted gauntlets, to his mouth, his index finger and thumb placed firmly against each other.

"Kamikasai!," he shouted with warning, "Jump!" In the midst of battle Kamikasai made a quick glance at Gasuke as his focus was drawn to a spark that was emitted with the snap of his fingers. He instantaneously took one solid effort into a bountiful leap as a massive stream of fire was expelled from Gasuke's mouth and into the group of guards. They all caught on fire, as the blast withdrew.

Kamikasai landed just outside the group and range of the devastating attack, and took no hesitation in charging in for the coup. The guards were too panicked to realize what was happening as one took a sword through his side, another cut across the neck, a skull crushed by the hilt. Kamikasai swept his foot behind the legs of another knocking him to the ground. Kamikasai leapt on top of him and coarsly thrust his blade through the armor and into the guards chest. The final guard saw this and began to run. Kamikasai tried to remove his blade, but it was stuck. In his struggle he heard a slight yelp, and looked back to the fleeing guard as it fell to the ground with Gasuke's blade cleaved into its back.

Kamikasai was shocked to say the least. He did not think the boy had it in him. He looked over at Gasuke. He was still looking in the direction he threw his blade, breathing heavily. Kamikasai yanked his blade free from the guard and walked slowly toward Gasuke, who, not noticing Kamikasai walking toward him, went to retrieve his blade. When he had, he faced Kamikasai with a dramatic silence.

"... Not bad," Kamikasai said with a slight chuckle, "... for your first time." Gasuke kept quiet.

Kamikasai turned to the riverside and dipped his blade in, letting the current wash the blood away. Gasuke joined him by his side and did the same.

"That was a pretty nice technique back there ... with the fire," Kamikasai complemented. Gasuke nodded.

"It is not difficult, but is potentially dangerous," Gasuke explained. "I use Bincho Power to protect the inside of my body while I consume gasoline from this gourd at my side. Then with a spark that emits from these specially designed gauntlets of my father's, I forcefully regurgitate the gas which catches fire and continues its path. It becomes dangerous if I am too low on Bincho Power to fully protect my insides, or simply do not use enough. Fortunately, that is rather easy to avoid."

Kamikasai nodded as he resheathed his sword, Gasuke followed suit. "And all I have is a shield, heh," replied Kamikasai.

Gasuke smirked a bit, "You have more than enough fighting skills to make up for it, though. You handle that sword very well." Kamikasai responded with a smirk as well.

"Right, well, we should probably dump the bodies in the river, then head back to town quickly." And they did just that. The current would easily wash the guards away, and they both sprinted back to town.
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[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]The hook of the fishing rod landed in the river with a soft [i]plunk. [/i]Sen sighed and leaned against the wooden railing. It creaked slightly.[/size][/font]

[i][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]"I guess this old bridge could use some new wood too..."[/size][/font][/i]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]This got him thinking about the strange vandalizing of his camp. It was too odd to be just a coincidence. No one in their right mind would leave Dran. It would be just... [b]stupid. [/b]He chuckled softly to himself. Stupid like him being so paranoid. what was there to worry about? This was just a small town in the middle of nowhe-[/size][/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]Sen had forgotten about fishing he felt a tug on the line, and leapt up in surprise. He peeked over to see what was on the line, when he saw something in the water. At first he thought it was the glare on the water made by the sun, but he soon realized it was different. It was part of the water.. but not, like... [i]blood. [/i][/size][/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]His brain made the connection. Blood in the river, coming from the direction of Twinpeak Mountain. What was up there? Just Thirstquencher soldiers, and some undiscovered treasure. But didn't the Legends of Musashi mention something about the top of that very mountain? No, he was just over anylizing the situation. Maybe a soldier had gotten a bloody nose, or possibly even fell. It wouldn't be suprising, but... If someone fell, wouldn't there be a body?[/size][/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]Sen walked the the other side of the bridge, and peeked over. Nothing. He walked to the shore, and looked under the bridge. Nothing there either. He stroked his chin, deep in thought. A body could get trapped by something on the side of the river, but the blood would keep flowing. Yes that was a logical explanation. [/size][/font]

[i][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]"I should go check it out then... do something helpful for the empire..."[/size][/font][/i]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]He knew he was just excusing his personal reasons for going to the mountain, but he was content to lie to himself.[/size][/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]"Yes... I'll do a good deed for [i]Sir [/i]King..."[/size][/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]He started on his way up the path to Twinpeak Mountain. His eyes darted back and forth. He was filled with a sensation of urgency. Maybe the books were true...? If they were, he wanted to be the first to meet the legendary Musashiden, if it was him, and to behold Lumina and Fusion.[/size][/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1][i]"This is foolish. Even if it is a Legendary Hero, it won't be Musashiden. He is encased in a bincho crystal. This would be someone altogether different... and chances are he won't have either sword. [b]Assuming I'm not going insane, of course.[/b]"[/i][/size][/font]

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[size=1]On her knees in her family?s garden, picking various fruits and vegetables for her parents and avoiding thoughts about the incident that sent her out in the garden in the first place, Melon began to wonder how she ever got such klutzy genes. Her mother was the very picture of grace, and grandmother before that was one of the foremost female wizards of her time. Even the males in her family had all the grace that should have come naturally to her. And yet her little branch of the family tree was sadly lacking.

She rubbed away a ticklish feeling on her nose, and then wiped her forehead, turning her gaze towards her house. From her spot under the oak, she could see her mother working in the kitchen, probably cooking up something wonderful and disaster-free.

[I]The problem isn?t that I can?t cook,[/I] Melon thought to herself, sitting back in the dirt with a sigh. That much was true; the few times she?d managed to cook something without blowing up the kitchen the dishes had been quite delectable. [I]It?s just that I have the amazing ability to cause chaos with a simple flick of my wrist.[/I] And for a wizard, she flicked her wrists very well.

?Melon, dear, you?re sitting on the strawberries,? Her mother called from the window then, her expression a mix of humor and concern. The green-haired wizard just stared at her for a few seconds before dropping her head in her hands. [I]Why me?[/I]

She spent the next half an hour salvaging whatever strawberries she could, muttering over the terrible irony of the situation and the terrible condition her robes would be in after she was through. She filled a small wicker basket full of them, and then set it by the window and then knocked on the glass. Her mother appeared and smiled, opening the window again. ?Thank you, Melon.? The older wizard took the basket and held it in one arm, using the other to prop the window open with a heavy stone. ?Finish filling the other basket and then we?ll see about picking up some extra milk from the grocery.?

Melon nodded, wiping her forehead again before returning to the garden. Running errands was her usual job, seeing as she was not as likely to destroy something. It would be nice to see a few familiar faces, as well, and a trip to the grocery was exactly the way to do it.

Once the vegetables were picked and sorted neatly in the larger basket, Melon grabbed it by the handles and began to carry it back into her house but unfortunately didn?t make it very far. As she stepped around the old oak, her foot caught on one of the roots and sent her sprawling. The basket nearly exploded, spilling its fresh, green contents all around her in a rather decorative way. A loud sigh escaped her lips as she set her chin in her hand, chewing lightly on one of her braids. ?Figures.?[/size]
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[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]
[left][size=2][size=1][font=lucida sans unicode]Sen sidled slowly along the wall as he approached the base of Twinpeak Mountain. He felt exhilarated, even though he knew how let down he would be if it [i]was [/i]just a soldier that had fallen from the cliff. He narrowed his eyes and stared intently into the brush on the other side of the stream. He was careful to be alert, defensive, and most of all; stealthy. His thief training was kicking in, though his usual lust for treasure was dampened by his desire to uncover a legend, or legendary hero for that matter. His ears perked up. He heard voices. And heavy footsteps...[/font][/size][/size][/left]

[/b][size=1]He realized his problem too late. The two sprinting figures sharply turned around the corner,The smaller one[/size][/size][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1][size=3][size=1] hitting him directly, and catching the other person's side. They had hit him with so much force that he flipped like an acrobat into the air, and landed face-first in the dirt, sliding several feet.

[i]"VERY smooth."

[/i]His body responded from muscle memory, twisting both legs into the air and launching himself back to his feet, restoring his pride. As he did this he split and drew one of his butterfly swords, and landed holding the blade in a stab/slash ready stance.

The taller figure had pulled himself up even more quickly, as his fall hadn't been as bad, and was already holding his weapon. On his right, a kid with a katana glared at him, appearing irritated with the anime style-looking lump that was forming on his head. He didn't draw his weapon, but instead looked straight at Sen, unmoving. He wasn't even really a kid; he looked to be about the same age as Sen himself, just a few inches shorter.

'Watch where you're going." he said.

Sen shook his head in surprise. He kept staring at the kid, who was still standing in place like a statue. Sen looked down at his small sword, and in embarrassment, sheathed it.

[i]"Sen you idiot! Remember what you're here for!"

[/i]He quickly composed himself, brushing off his pants. While he did this, he managed a quick glance at the katana.

"So, why are you in such a hurry to get away from Twinpeak Mountain, [i]with weapons[/i]? " he asked, trying not to ask what he really wanted to.

"We just want to get back to town before it gets dark." said Gasuke. Sen looked at him in amusement. He flicked away a fly, and continued.

"I don't think you're going to have to worry about that. It's barely noon," he said, "And at the pace you were going I can tell you for certain that you'd make it in time." Sen looked at them like a doctor examining a patient. he wasn't in the village often, but he was pretty sure that he had never seen the kid with the katana before. However, he couldn't be certain.

"Look, we have to go," said the katana-kid, "Later."

Both Gasuke and Kamikasai broke into a run and continued down the path.

"Oh no you don't-" said Sen under his breath, "Wait...!"[/size]
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Gasuke and Kamikasai came to a sliding stop from their run not far from the Twinpeak Mountain/Grillin Village entrance. They both turned around to wait for the boy they have met eariler, who was calling after them. They did not have to wait long, they noticed, he speed exceeded their own. When he arrived, he directly approached Kamikasai.

"You are not going to get very far carrying that sword," he warned. Kamikasai took a defensive step back, hovering a ready hand over the grip of his weapon. His face was tense, burning with fury on the inside. He was getting irritated by all the people making such a big deal about his sword.

"Who are you to be so concerned about it?," Kamikasai responded. The boy sighed. He figured it was highly unlikely Kamikasai came upon that sword himself. Someone must have given to him, and that someone probably had an agenda. He would have to dance around the subject so as not to interfere with that plan. It was best to not ask many questions.

"My name is Sen Mocha," the boy said. "I am a regular around these parts, and I am knowledgable in the myths and legends that surround this kingdom."

Kamikasai relaxed. He still had no idea what this Sen guy was talking about, but he did not present himself as threatening.

"As I was saying," said Sen, "you would be wise to conceal your weapon."

Kamikasai gritted his teeth. He felt like he was at the butt of some cruel joke. Many people seemed to know something he did not, and that irritated him. Regardless, if the Sen guy does know something, it would probably be best to heed his warning. Especially considering the behaviour of the guards in the Twinpeak Mountain area. Kamikasai removed his sheath and sword while stripping off the jacket of his gi, leaving him in his vest. He wrapped his jacket all around the weapon and carried it under his arm.

"Good," acknowledged Sen, "the Thirstquencher Guards have a keen eye, but are too lazy to care to check under wrappings. You said you were heading to Grillin Village, yes?"

Kamikasai and Gasuke looked at each other, exchanging glances.

"That is correct," confirmed Gasuke.

Sen stood silent for a moment, analyzing the two in front of him. If the short, firey-haired kid truly was who he thought him to be, and if he has already teamed up with who could only be the son of the revered "Fire Dragon of Allucaneet" ... surely a plan to take down the empire was already underway. The Kamikasai boy just needs more people.

"Very well, I shall accompany you," Sen said. Kamikasai and Gasuke were astonished at first.

"Are you sure you know what you are getting yourself into?," asked Kamikasai, raising and eyebrow.

"I know more than you give me credit for," answered Sen. "I'm a scholar in legends as I told you."

Kamikasai nodded. This boy did seem rather keen on things. Just as Kamikasai was about to turn and continue walking toward Grillin Village, he noticed he was at a fork in the road, and he forgot which way he was going. They were currently on the path leading down from the Twinpeak Mountain area. In front of them was a hard dirt path, with obviously pits dug across the road in some places and high walls on either side; and to his right was just a clear path. A dumbfounded expression flushed down Kamikasai face.

"So, uhh, Sen," asked Kamikasai, "where do these roads go?"

"This one is the road to Hell's Valley," he said as he pointed in the direction of the road with high walls. "It was once a high-security prison used by Allucaneet, but they don't use it anymore. And to our right is the path to the Grillin Village area."

"Right," said Kamikasai as he immediately trotted off towards Grillin. The others soon followed.
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Dose walked out of the restaurant, grumbling. 180 Dran per steak?! That was twenty less than last week, which was five less then the week before that. They were cheating him, he knew. 60 more Dran than a loaf of bread? Puh-lease....

That was not to say that Dose's venture into town had been unprofitable. He had managed to get a good four steaks from the scrawny deer. That amounted to....what?

Dose paused in the street for a moment. "Carry the three..." he puzzled through it. He knew a great deal about geometry, whether or not he knew it; he could calculate the precise range of a target and the angle and the level of the arc his arrows would take. Multiplying Dran went into a whole different category, somehow.

"Seven hundred and seventy." he finally concluded. Dose then counted the Dran in his pocket. Seven hundred and twenty! They had cheated him! "Good thing I left my kama there." he growled quietly.

Dose always left at least one of his kama at the restaurant, to give him an excuse to return unannounced. The owners of the restaurants did not think anything of it, besides getting the impression that Dose was a forgetful twit.

So, he sauntered back into the kitchen, stealthily liberating half a loaf of bread from the countertop. It took refuge in the sheltered area under his cloak. There was 60 Dran recovered, in and of itself. Then he went to the restaurant owner, a ferret-like sort of woman with pinched cheeks and a thing mouth. "Now what do you want, cherry-hair?" she snapped.

"I want the other fifty Dran I was promised."

"What fifty Dran?" she demanded.

Dose patiently explained the mathematics of the situation to her. She sat there, her face growing sallower. "Seven times eight is [B]not[/B] thirty-seven you clot! It's thirty-two!"

Dose frowned at this new development. Then he redid the math and, amazingly, it came out to seven hundred and twenty; just what he had been given. Dose looked up at the woman sheepishly. "Hehe, sorry. I'm not all that good at math."

"Get out of my restaurant!" she shrieked in his face, and then spun around swiftly.

Dose's kama, of it's own accord (really!) whipped out into his right hand and neatly hooked the purse off of the cranky lady's belt. In it was another three hundred Dran. He took one hundred of it, and then left it on the counter. "That's what I get for putting up with this woman." he excused himself.

Dose grabbed the kama he had left. On his way out, almost as an afterthought, he grabbed a glass of milk. Then he walked out into the street, eating his bread and washing it down with fresh milk.

"Nod a dab bay's gurk." he mumbled around a mouthful of bread.
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[font=Trebuchet MS][font=Verdana][size=1]Sen sat down on the edge of the fountain in the middle of the village. It wasn't really meant to be used as a seat, due to the lack of space to accommodate someone's rear end, but he usually rested here anyway. Kamikasai looked at him anxiously as he put his hand into a brown paper bag, and pulled out a loaf of bread. He handed it to the fiery-haired boy, who took it gratefully. Sen took out an identical loaf for Gasuke.

"Hey, thanks." Gasuke said as he started eating the bread. Sen nodded, and took a chuck from what he had bought himself.

"Yea, thanks," said Kamikasai between mouthfuls. After he had swallowed the portion, Sen snatched three bottles of milk from the ground between his fingers, and passed them out among the group.The other two grunted in thanks when they received the drink. Sen took a swig, and prepared to reveal what his intentions were.

[i] "Down to 1830 Dran thanks to them and Dad. Damn, he charged me way too much for wood. I'd better be right about this..."[/i]

Sen cleared his throat, to get the attention of the two sitting beside him. "Where are you headed, once you're full? Where do you plan to go?" Kamikasai shrugged.

"I don't know. I guess we'll have to find the thirstque-" Sen clamped his hand over his mouth quickly, and smiled casually at some villagers who stared at him as they passed by. Once the coast was clear, Sen allowed Kamikasai to continue speaking.

"It wouldn't be wise to inform half the town that you're planning a revolt against the Thirstquencher Empire," he explained, "You may cause some worry among the palace, or the various guards roaming the town. And by worry, I mean 'trap the rebels in crystals of binchotite'. Not something you want to happen." Kamikasai raised an eyebrow at him.

"How'd you know I was gonna say something like that?" Sen smiled, and chugged the rest of his milk.

"Lucky guess," said Sen. He stood up, turned around, and faced the two before him. "Why don't we go somewhere more private to discuss such matters?" Gasuke pointed to the outskirts of town.

"We could go to the forest."

Sen had a flashback of what had happened to his camp that morning, and felt a crawling feeling in his stomach. "No... I'm not sure how safe even the forest is. There are a lot more places for a spy to hide."

Kamikasai finished his loaf of bread, and stood up. "We could just go the outskirts themselves. That way, we're far enough from both the majority of the people and the forest." Sen smiled.

"An excellent idea. Once we finish our lunch, we can head that way.[/size][/font]" [/font]
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Gasuke looked a bit dumbfounded as he listened to the conspiring of the two fellows who he had been accompanying. Gasuke wasn't really sure how big a plot he was setting himself into. He had a worried feeling in the pits of his stomache. But something deeper than that burned, and wanted him to continue on this journey with the two strange adventurers. "So, ugh... where going to the outskirts only to speak of plans? Well *sigh*... I guess I have nothing better to do. Shall we be off then?" Gasuke said to the two other young men. The three all rose to their feet and nodded as they set off towards Grillin's outskirts... basically where they had just come from. This really didn't bother Gasuke though, he had a full stomache, and any way he looked at it, he was happy. But he had still a strange gut feeling. Were they really going to overtake an empire alone? Gasuke shuttered.

The three adventurers kept silent on their way towards the town outskirts. A longer walk than they first thought it would be. Gasuke was actually a bit fatigued when he got to their destination. Not only was he the shorter out of the bunch, but also, he carried the largest weapon, and had been active threw out most of the day. And so he allowed the other two to speak while he gained his breath, flopping down on the floor and popping the top off of his cantine to take a swig of water.

Sen himself down on a fallen log, green with moss, Sen spread his legs out and put his wrists on his knees. "Now, you say your name is Kamikasai. That sword you carry, its name is Fusion. It is a magical sword, with an amazing power."

"I kinda figured as much." Kamikasai interrupted, sticking the sword out and examining it.

"Yes, that it is. The magic it withholds is actually the ability to withdraw the skills and abilities of those that you focus the power upon, this is where the name comes from, Fusion."

"Could of made it LESS obvious..." Gasuke said snidely, cleaning his fingernails.

"AS I was saying..." Sen continued. "The blade has a sister sword named Lumina. A sword of great power and renown for its power. Aswell, it is said that it was the key to the Kingdom's power. YOU, Kamikasai, are chosen to find that blade, and restore the Kingdom to its valiant power."

This time, Kamikasai had nothing to say. He stared in silence and suprise. It was obvious he knew not what to think. Gasuke found it very hard to beleive aswell. It would take some time and work to help Kamikasai to come to grips with this. Gasuke knew the sooner the better.


Sorry if my post was kinda blah. I simply just don't know what to post.[/color][/size]
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[I]"Wow....that's pretty deep stuff."[/I] Dose thought.

Dose was sitting rather precariously on a tree branch above the three other boys. After he had eaten his stolen food and stopped by the grocery store, Dose had started on his way home. Dose lived in the Somnolent Forest, and so he had been taking a nap on the outskirts of the town when the three other boys showed up. He was tired from a strenuous morning of hunting, and the walk from his house to the town was a substantial one. Naps were essential to Dose between the two locations.

As the three boys mulled over what the one called Sen said, Dose shifted uncomfortably in the tree. Some manner of bug had crawled down his shirt, and he was trying to get it out without attracting too much attention to himself. The unknown thing bit him, and Dose slammed up against the tree trunk, squashing it. The move had cost him his camouflage, however, as the tree branch he was sitting on snapped, and he fell amongst the three adventurers below. All three had weapons drawn and pointing in his direction by the time he had blinked twice. He grinned sheepishly at them.

"I was just wondering if any of you fine gentlemen would like to join me in searching for Lumina and restoring the Kingdom to its valiant power." he said quickly. "No, really, I was."
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[font=Book Antiqua][color=#000080]OOC: I've been waiting for [/color][/font][url="http://www.otakuboards.com/member.php?u=842"][font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#000080]Zidargh[/color][/size][/font][/url][color=#000000][font=Book Antiqua] [color=navy]to post, but oh well...[/color][/font][/color]

"[/i]Akira stared at the boy with his mouth slightly agape. Since the inkeeper merely shook his head at him and walked away, Flik busied himself by wiping up the pools of...stuff collecting around various sleeping patrons in the bar. Dunbfounded, Akira grabbed his stuff and slowly shuffled over to Flik. Even though he had only been at his task a few minutes, his stark white apron was already a dingy brown. Akira carefully put his hand on the last clean part on Flik's shoulder.

"Hey kid," he started.

"Not now kind sir, this slumbering gentleman is dirty, so clean him I must!" The sleeping man stirred, then rolled over onto the cloth that Flik had been using to mop him up. Following the inkeeper's example, the young wizard merely shook his head and walked away. With a last glance at Flik trying to gently free his rag, Akira left the inn.

"[i]Jeez, it's nearly noon! I was in there way too long[/i]."Akira thought to himself. He looked up into the sky, trying to judge what time it was by the placement of the sun. He walked steadily, still unsure it it was noon or four He walked clear past the bank and out of the village. Akira continued to walk until he ran into a solid object. it was a Thirstquencher guard who had been fishing near the bank of the river. The guard windmilled his arms, but it was far too late for him to regain his balance. He fell in head first, and feebly kicked and screamed all the way down the river.

[i]"Oh boy," [/i]Akira thought to himself. [i]"First I lose my job, then I knock a Thirsquencher guard into the river. How could this crappy day get any worse?[/i]
[i] Oops, I shouldn't have asked-" [/i]

"You Fiend! How dare you dishonor my fellow guardsman like that! You shall never live to tell the tale!" Another two Thirstquencher Guards emerged from the bushes and reached to draw there their spears.

[i]"I should have known..." [/i]Akira dropped his stuff and reached for [font=Book Antiqua][color=#000080][font=Tahoma][color=black]Tengukou,[/color][/font] [font=Tahoma][color=black]which was strapped to his back. He twirled it quickly a few times, and extended it to it's full lenth. [/color][/font][/color][/font]

[i]"Time to see if any of my lessons stuck[/i]."
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[size=1]"Well, this is silly."

After somehow making it out of her family's garden alive and cleaning as much strawberry as she could out of her robes, Melon's mother had immediately set her to work again. This time she was to make a quick trip to the grocery to get a few things here and there for dinner, which was her usual job in the first place. But as she stood outside the grocery, Melon realized that she couldn?t remember what it was her mother had sent her out for in the first place. [I]It?s nothing if not up to par,[/I] she thought absently, chewing on one of her many braids.

Ten minutes later, Melon realized she was still standing in front of the grocery. A slight bit of pink colored her cheeks and she sighed, and then started towards the fountain. She hoped that if she sat and thought about it, she might be able to remember what it was that she needed to buy.

?Not that it had ever worked for her before, but it was at least worth a shot.

Besides, she had always liked the fountain. The water was so clean and sparkling and it was always a great spot to relax. There were times that Melon was sure the sound of splashing of water helped clear her thoughts. Her mother had even told her once that there was some water that, when you drank it, actually did heal and cleanse.

Her eyes wandered around the center of the village as she perched herself on the cool stone. There were a few people out and about, but she only recognized one person, a boy in white robes with a strange black cloth over his mouth. She might not have actually known the boy, though. It was entirely possible, in fact, that she didn?t know him at all. That sort of thing did occasionally happen to her, after all.

A sudden ticklish feeling in her nose caught Melon?s attention and she froze instantly. A wave of dread washed over her as she whispered urgently to nothing, ?Oh no, not now, not now, not now...? She tried to rub away the sensation, but it only grew stronger. She shook her head, sending her braids flying, but still it grew stronger. And then it happened ? the unthinkable! - her eyes squeezed shut and her hands flew up to cover her nose as? [I]she sneezed[/I]. Not once, but three times.

There was a pause before Melon cracked one eye open, half expecting the fountain to be in shambles or thunder clouds to come rolling in. But there was nothing. Nothing! ?Nothing!? She cheered happily, jumping to her feet. ?Nothing, nothing, nothing!?

Immediately following her victory dance, Melon remembered exactly what it was that her mother wanted her to buy: extra milk for dinner. Now feeling particularly fabulous (despite the rather unattractive strawberry stains on her robe that had cause her some grief earlier), Melon skipped off to the grocery to finish her mission, humming happily.[/size]
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[size=1][b]OOC:[/b] I thought for sure this was dead, heh. Glad to see you people are keeping it alive.[/size]

Kamikasai and the other three warriors sheathed their weapons after being startled by the apparent eavesdropper. Gasuke helped the stranger to his feet.

"The name's Dose," he said. "I apologize for overhearing your conversation ... it seemed rather secret."

Sen and Gasuke both sighed a bit, disappointed their plans had already began to leak out. Kamikasai stepped forward.

"You hid yourself pretty well," Kamikasai complemented, "I don't think any of us knew you were there." Gasuke agreed, but Sen shook his head.

"I suspected something. I could tell you were up there, but I could not see you," he said. Dose smirked.

"A fellow thief, eh? No normal person would have been aware of me."

Sen nodded as Kamikasai spoke again.

"If you serious about questing to overthrow Thirstquencher, we could definitely use some help. Even then, I am sure we'll still need more than four people," Kamikasai said.

Dose adjusted the equipment he was carrying with him. "Yes, I want to join you. If you're looking for more people, you could always try Grillin Village."

Kamikasai scratched the back of his head. All this hero stuff came with a lot of travelling it seemed. It has hardly been half a day and already so much had happened.

"Yeah, we just came from there," he said. "We were not there for long though. Perhaps we should go there and rest, while looking for more people."

Gasuke and Sen both sighed. The heavy travelling was gettnig to them, too. However, they were glad to hear a rest seemed to be in the future. They all picked up their belongings and headed back into town. Luckily they were not far, only in the outskirts. They were soon in the village, making their way past the resident houses and into the market area.

"Okay," Kamikasai said, "we don't really need to stick together in the town. If you have any business to tend to or check up on, go ahead. We can just meet at the fountain I guess."

The others acknowledged, and just continued idly walking. Kamikasai observed the market area. When they passed through before, he did not have the time to take in what was around him. The fountain particularly grabbed his attention. It certainly stood out among the hussle-and-bussle of the villagers. It stood strong and peaceful. The fountain however was not the only thing that caught his eye. A young, green-haired girl sat on the stone ledge around the fountain. She appeared to be very inquisitive, as if she was thinking about something, or trying to recall something she had forgotten. She suddenly looked incredibly anxious and nervous. Fidgeting about, shaking her head back and forth. Then, in a moment, she covered her mouth and nose as she sneezed.

Kamikasai raised an eyebrow. "All that panic just for that?" He noticed she suddenly started doing a celebratory dance before coming back to her senses. His cheeks pulled at the corners of his mouth for a faint smile. The next thing he knew the girl was heading his way. Not directly towards him, but in his direct. Kamikasai felt a strange sensation as he became tense. He stood still as he nonchalantly passed by him on her way to the grocery, not even taking notice he was there. Once she was within the shop, Kamikasai loosened up again.

"Heh ... well that was weird. I've never done [i]that[/i] before," Kamikasai said to himself. After all, there were not a lot of girls where he was from, at least not in his line of work.
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Sen was walking slowly around town, deep in thought. He didn't feel comfortable not having his eye on Kamikasai. After all, what if something noteworthy were to happen while he was away? He would miss both a legendary moment, as well as the possibility of great treasure.


Sen had walked strait into the wall of a house, having veered off the path while he wasn't paying attention. He rubbed his head, and turned to see who's house he had walked into. IT was his father's, the pawn shop.

"He charged me too much for that wood," thought Sen, "I'm not going to take that."

He boldly turned to the door, and after a minute's hesitation, grabbed the iron handle and pulled open the door. His father looked up at him, and smiled in a 'you're back again?' kind of way. He was about to greet his son, but he spoke first.

"Dad, I want a refund," he said, "I ordered wood, not steel. Wood is not worth 500 Dran, and I'm not paying any more than 150 for something that I'm surrounded by where I live."

The pawn shop owner thought for a minute, and looked at Sen questioningly. Finally, he decided to give in.

"Alright, You get your 350 back, but just because we're related," he said dejectedly, "Wood is worth at least 500 Dran." He reached into a drawer, and pulled out a few coins, which he then tossed to Sen. He caught it expertly, and sighed a relieved thank-you. The man muttered something under his breath about ungratefulness, and Sen walked outside, the happy victor.

He began strolling aimlessly throughout town searching for something to amuse himself with. Eventually, his feet took him back to the center of the village, where he noticed the toy store.

"I haven't been in there a while..." he thought as he stared up at the garish sign. Without thinking, he found himself inside, browsing the inventory. Eventually, he found a toy that caught his eye. It was a rather familiar figure of a boy with blue hair and two swords.

Sen picked the toy up off the shelf, and read the explanation of what is was on the back. He chuckled in amusement, and walked up to the counter, where he placed a 500 Dran coin on the counter. The storekeeper nodded and took the money. Sen walked outside, and sat on the edge of the fountain. He earnestly ripped open the package, discarding the trash in a disposal nearby. He placed both swords in the figure's corresponding hands, and pressed a button on the back.

The toy animatedly shouted a battle cry, and swung the larger sword downwards. Sen smirked again, and pressed another button that made the plastic warrior swing the smaller weapon horizontally.

"This will make a great visual aid," Sen said happily, "Even if it cost me 500 Dran."
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