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Sign Up DOD: Day of Destruction

Drizzt Do'urden

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I had originally hoped for this story to only have a few characters in it, but this time I'm re-writting it a little to add room for more.

On the planet of Dayora (Day-Aura) a battle raged like none other. The armies of the world fought valliantly. Elves: Dark, Wood, Moon. Dwarves, Men, Gnomes, Orcs, and so fourth. They all fought against one man Ghaleonous
"The messenger". The war raged for many years the minions of Ghaleonous gaining strength everyday it seemed were ravaging the lands. Finally 8 warriors stepped forwarth. Each armed with the spirits of their long forgotten ancestors. And all given the power to control a singal element. Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Ice, Lightning, Spirit, and Darkness. With a warrior of true heart and true love wielding the power of spirit.

The battle raged between the warriors and Ghaleonous. Just when the battle seemed to be won, the power of Darkness overwhellmed the Elf wielding it. Without warning he struck down Tatorous (The wielder of Wind) throwing his true love Tera into a fit of rage releasing the true power of her spirit. The release of her spirit was enough to destory everything.....the spirit crystal impriosoned Ghaleonous and the wielder of darkness. At the cost of everything....The entire planet destroyed...nothing remained not even a single plant. The underground denzions of Dayora all perished.....Just when everything seemed lost The spirits of the 8 warriors gave themselves one last time, sacrificying their afterlife, they used their spirits to recreate the planet, in hopes that their descendents would one day battle again with Ghaleonous and finish the job they started so many years prior.....

10,000 moonspans later.......

Okay basically the races are anything you want to be. All I need are.....
Race: (If you'd like to create a new race that none have heard of just make sure you describe it in detail.)
Element you would like to control:
All characters should start with a vision of the end of the world but I'll elaborate on that when we get ready to start. Also someone can be Ghaleonous but they need to make a post claiming it thats it just say "I WANT TO BE GHALEONOUS" and then PM me so I can make the final call.

ANYBODY ELSE who wishes to participate as a good character after all the elements are taken, I can still use you as a major role. Just PM me that you want to be a character thats not one of the Choosen who can wield the elements.

Here's my character.
Name: Jimil
Age: 24
Race: Half Elf
Appearance: Jimil looks completly human (no more than 18 or 19) with short brown hair and sky blue eyes. He wears simple leather armor to allow him to use his speed to his advantage.
Element: Wind
Personality: Jimil is a loner, very mysterious. When he opens up he is lively and has a very bright sense of humor. He hates to battle, and has not seen very much in his lifetime. But will take up arms to defend the ones he loves.....if he ever finds neone.
Weapons: A simple bow and arrow. A curved bladed dagger, and a long thing bladed Sabre. (Though he doesn't realize it yet, the Sabre was used by an ancestor and possesses some magical qualities)
Background: Jimil relized something was amis in his life when he had a dream....a vision that caused him to leave his friends and family....well the two friends, and the one mother that didn't really care about him....In this vision he saw a man...well a shape of a man, the man spoke to him "Keeper of the wind, I warn you....nay I beg of you, find Furtag the Shaman of the wilderness, he will tell you everything you need to know...just know the fate of the world is resting on you"...The vision suddenly ended with an explosion that Threw Jimil into a pit, or was it? Hadn't there just been a mountain there? ....Jimil didn't know what to make of the vision but felt he had to act with the upmost urgency. Mounting his fathers horse he quickly set off to find anybody with anything regarding Furtag.
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ok Drizzt since i like the character you choose as your name, i'll give you the benifit of the doubt and help ya out.

Name: Kal'Daka Moonstar
Age: looks 20ish (not to sure on the elvish age thing)
Race: Half dark elf, half werewolf
Element: Fire
Weapon: Falchion (those who don't know, think two handed scimitar)

The info i left i will fill in, but i have to go to work, so i will edit the finshing touches later, don't want it to be sloppy now do we :D
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Okay I'm new at this, well not new at RPing, but alil rusty. I'm going to straight shut this down before it gets started b/c just from rereading my original post (I've been kicking myself since) I still think the story line has great potential and I'll work on my writing alil bit and try this again. Thanks alot wolfmaximas. And when I do this again ( prolly in a week or so) I'll deffinateally leave you a spot if ur interested.
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