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Here's my thoughts.

Eyes--It seems really cluttered. All it is is a bunch of anime character's eyes pasted together. There is no real theme or flow to the image.

For Her--Text is almost impossible to see. I think I managed to decifer it, and it says "It's always for her". However, the font, color, and picture make it very difficult to make out. Plus, the image also suffers from cluttering

Inu1--This is pretty good. Less cluttered than the previous two, but I'd cut out some of the images.

Always There--This is probably your best. It's pretty well layed out, although it would help if there was more of a background. And I think it might be too large. 500x100 is the maximum size (in pixels)

Flowery One--Kind of...odd. Looks nice, but a little too bright. The color scheme is okay, but I don't like the bright blue.

That's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

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