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Sign Up Nt Warriors: The new threat

Mighty kai

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[COLOR=Red]Yep guys this is the first rpg which is based on Megaman. I have just became a fan of it so dont blame me if i do something wrong. But this is introducing a whole load of new characters. Well here is the story. Its now been about 4 years since the final defeat of the evil World 3. Lan and the rest of his pals are all older and they are busy studying harder then ever. Now a new evil organisation by the name of Dark hole. And they are planning to delete all the net navi's who protect all our computer networks with their own evil bunch of warriors. Not only that the leader of the organisation has kidnapped Lan and his buddies. And our characters have to defeat all the evil net navi's in order to let the pals go. There are at least 10 evil net navis to defeat and all of them are all really though. Even one of them can make a net navi's speed go down very low and drain their energy. So guys do you think you and your net navis have what it takes to save the friends and the world? Let me tell you that one of you has to be the cousin to me and one of you can be my childhood friend[girl or boy. And my bro or sister and only two of us is allowed net navis that look like animals. Oh yeah i almost forgot. We need a few people to be members of Dark Hole.Dont worry people Megaman is gonna be there to give us help . Since Lan jacked him in before he got caught. Heres different types of net navies you can choose


Here is the pro you should put down

small bio:
3 of your battle chips:

your net navi pro

small bio:

Heres mine




small bio:Mikco is the daughter of two famous Archaeologists who travels around the world in search of great things. So she lives with her uncle who is the owner of a net navi shop. She does practise battles all of the time.

description: Short black hair, blue eyes and glasses. She usually wears a light blue tracksuit and a whitsle around her neck.

3 of your battle chips:Holy sword, mega speed and great wings

personality:Kind, caring and friendly. Loves making new friends.

your net navi pro




personality:Sweet. loyal, funny and sometimes can be sarcastic.

Ok people thats it for now. I try to get some pics up. If u have any questions just pm me. :) [/COLOR]
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Name: Maura Trepas

Gender: Female

Age: 13

small bio: Maura is Mikco cousin. Maura can be a little morbid at time and makes fun of people causeing her to have a sortage of friends. Maura tends to have the feeling of proving herself to others. Her parents left her alone thinking thats what she wanted put she never really wanted to be alone. Her parents never said 'no' to her, letting her do as she pleased.she might had turned out different if her parents laid down some guidelines. Maura has a very close bond with her navi.

description: Long black hair iwith dark red bangs in a thight braid.Grey eyes.Red tee and torn black jeans with flames on the bottom.Black scarf tied around neck.

3 of your battle chips: Blade of Dispair,Zetsumei Cannon,Flame Armor

personality: cold-hearted, and mean.Caring toward her navi.Hates people trying to be nice to her.

[U]net navi pro[/U]

Name: Okibi

Gender: male

description: red armor with flames around feet and hands.Helment is black with
flames running on the side.Cold-hard black eyes with red specks and short spicky bright red hair.Long black scarf tied around neck.

personality: Loyal. Kind and caring towards Maura. Untrustworthy towards other navis and their owners.
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Well I hope i dont do any thing wrong i just started likeing it to and i'm a little :confused: about the show but here i go




small bio:A small time hacker ,who can jack in miles away from people and hack so his navie is fighting rigght next to them ,because of this the group may never meet him in person just throw email and his navie (if thats ok with you guys)

description;(If they ever do meet)short for his age.Messy brown hair,tan skin,brown eyes.Skinny but not punnie looking.

3 battel chips: (please keep in mind that i dont know may i like so if mine have different name please tell me in pm thanks)twin sword,speed,high jump

personality:in email and real life (cant forget chat rooms) he is layed back but always planing aheadkind of a smart a** and annoys many.

net navi info



description:Angel shape, spicky purple hair,white armor with the fluffy cloud stuff(like balmung of the azur sky).Dark blue wings(if they have wings)

personality:sence he may go wear he wants he gos around killing other navis of course they go to the P.E.T. to recover but its annoying to the navis owner. he can turn any thing in to a joke or a funny but hurtful phrase and annoys EVERYONE.Most only put up with him when they need they help.
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[I][COLOR=Teal][B]Name:[/B] Kit Combos AKA Kitty
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Age:[/B] 15
[B]Bio:[/B] Kit is a rich girl! Her dad helps make the Battle Chips and her mom is an actress. Even though Kit is rich, she doesn't act it. She's more like a punk if anything. She doesn't like too much attention, but you really can't avoid that when you're rich. Kit got her Net Navi, Kattaco, from her dad. Someone at his job was going to throw her out because they said she was too weak. Even though they said Kattaco was weak, Kit loved her. She thanked her dad over and over again. Now her and Kattaco are unbeatable. She has the odd feeling that Kattaco's old owner wants her back now.
[B]Description:[/B] [url=http://ic1.deviantart.com/images3.deviantart.com/i/2004/162/8/6/me_2.jpg]The girl in the front with the glasses on![/url]
[B]Battle Chips:[/B] (I'm not too fimilar with the show, but I think you want to make this up) Shadow Claws, Steel Armor, and Super Speed
[B]Personality:[/B] Kit is kind, caring, and outgoing. She can get a temper when you mess with her though. She has been know to punch "things" when she gets too mad.

[B][U]Net Navi[/U][/B]

[B]Name:[/B] Kattaco
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Bio:[/B] Kattaco was once own by a BOY! All he wanted was power though and Kattaco just couldn't give him the power he wanted. The boy just gave up on Kattaco and tossed her aside. He got a more powerful Net Navi and the boys father took Kattaco to work with him. He was asking if anyone's kid wanted her. When he finally gave up and was about to throw Kattaco away, Kit's dad stopped him. He took Kattaco off his hands and gave her to Kit. Now, her and Kit share a special bond. Something in Kattaco's heart seems to be there where it wasn't.
[B]Description:[/B] [url=http://www.nekosplayground.com/catgirl/c005.jpg]Only diffrence is her fur is white and she's more covered. :sweat:[/url]
[B]Personality:[/B] Kattaco is cute and likes to remain calm, but she can get ruthless. When all stakes are high, Kattaco tends to lose control. She's very edgey and powerful dispite her out look.

OOC: I hope this is ok! [/COLOR][/I]
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Guest protovy
small bio:He is chaud lost little brother
description:black hair red coat blue jean.
3 of your battle chips:cyber sword, steal mini,bomer


Gender: male
small bio:was found by vy
description:look like protoman but with shairt hair.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Blue][I][B][U]Human Profile[/U][/B][/I]
Name: Lance Redwin
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Small Bio: Lance's parents love him alot and always treated him fairly. But he wasn't raised as a brat. He loved to watch navis battle, so his parents gave him his own net navi.He was thrilled beyond belief.He may seem spoiled, but he grew up a well mannered young man who has a deep bond with his navi. They battle togther whenever they can.
Description: [URL=http://people.freenet.de/kagome-chan/dnangel.jpg]Lance[/URL]
3 battle chips:Wide sword, Barrier, Speed +10
Personality: Lance is very care-free, but at times he can be outgoing. He's very friendly as well. Is also very polite.

[I][B][U]Net-navi profile[/U][/B][/I]
Name: Ridge
Gender: Male
Bio: Lance and him always had a strong bond with each other, and still do. Ridge hasn't lost many fights, but when he does lose Lance is there to support him.
[URL=http://www.geocities.com/poggy81/megaman_zero002.jpg]Ridge 1[/URL]
[URL=http://www.geocities.com/poggy81/megaman_zero001.jpg]Ridge 2[/URL]
Personality: Funny, sarcastic, and laid back. Extremely loyal to Lance. Ridge has a knack for telling apart enemies and foes. He's also very understanding[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Darkred][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Lloyd Irving

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Age:[/b] 14

[b]Small Bio:[/b] Lloyd's mother was killed by an orgainzation known as Diasins for a strange crystal orb imbedded on her left hand. A scraggly old man found him, and took him in as his own. The strange sphere, is the almighty Exsphere, which brings out one's true strength. His Navi and him share their appearance, and the Exsphere.

[b]Apperance:[/b] [URL=http://www.nintendomaine.com/ngc/previews/talesofsymphonia/art-lloyd.jpg]Lose the twin katanas at his side[/URL]

[b]Three chips:[/b] Tempest, Demon Fang, Sonic Stab.

[b]Personality:[/b] Lloyd is withdrawn, and cold. He takes pride in his Navi Battling, and his unique Exsphere, the only momento of his mother.

[u]Net Navi:[/u]

[b]Name:[/b] Sol

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Short Bio:[/b] One day, as Lloyd was surfing the net with an old and obsolete Navi, the Exsphere began to glow, and Sol was born. No one knows how this happened, but Sol is Lloyd's only friend/

[b]Apperance:[/b] [URL=http://www.nintendomaine.com/ngc/previews/talesofsymphonia/art-lloyd.jpg]Sol keeps the Katanas but where its red, its now black[/URL]

[b]Personality:[/b] Sol is essentally like Lloyd, but he's a bit more open and understanding. He sticks by Lloyd forever. Some say it's his mother, acting through the Exsphere...[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Name: Vance Riadas

Gender: Male

Age: 13

History: Vance's father works for one of his peer's (Chaud Blazes) father. By working there his father gets him very good chips for his Net Navi. Vance's mother is the personal assistant to the mayor of ACDC Town.

Appearance: Similar to Chaud's hair, green eyes, wears a green vest with a black shirt under, and wears grey cargo pants.

3 Chips: Sword, WideSword LongSword

[U]Net Navi[/U]

Name: White Knight

Gender: Male

History: White was created by Vance's father and was given to him on his tenth birthday. An now White is by his side all the time.

Appearance: My Avatar

Personality: Sincere
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