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[color=darkgreen]I'v been messing around with this manga idea for the past few months and finally decided to post it on OB to get some ideas and such. This is like an American Manga, so the characters names won't be Hoshi or any of that sort. The manga will most likely take place in the future (but everything will be like it is now, no hover cars) or on a different planet. It's mainly action with some humor in it, possibly romance, but I doubt that.

Past Info: For 10 long years the Civil War between _____ and _____ has raged on. Neither sides show signs of surrender. During these years of fighting; land has been destroyed, the economey has been damaged, and many innocent people have been killed on both sides. If the war continues, there will be nothing left to fight for and the country that both sides live on will be nothing but a waste land. Luckily, the [i]real[/i] leader of the country was able to run the _____ into southern areas and won the War.

Story: It's been 40 years sense the end of the _____ war. At Jack Grove High School (and many others around the country) a new sport that has actually been around for quite a while is finally being recognized [i]as[/i] a sport and not some silly club that ends up in the back of the year book! Yes, believe it or not, Marching band has officially been declared a sport.
Kay has alwasy seen herself as a normal high school student who likes to play it up on the tenor drums (quads) with the rest of the Jack Grove High drumline. Well, she did until she ran into an odd snare player who ends up knocking her out and taking her as a captive at the weirdest military base in the country. As Kay escapes (after stealing some good looking quads) she discovers with twist of a mallet and push of a hidden button, her newly gained quads produce differnet gun barrels that shoot bullets depending on what drums (beats) she plays. After being captured again (along with the snare player) by a different military group, Kay soon learns that the _____ returned from the south 8 years ago. Not wanting to cause another disasterous war though, both sides either take, force, or hire young musicians to fight for them with advanced weapons that can be disguised as any normal musical instrument. Before she knows it, Kay is partly forced/partly hired into being a secret fighter of the organization. The Snare player, known as Adam is forced into fighting for this new organization and not the one he had just been on. Now a new student at Jack Grove High, Kay has to keep one eye on Adam at all times to make sure he doesn't try to back stab her, while fighting the opposing force and keeping up with school. Can High school get any odder?

Thats a rough intro into the manga. I'v pretty much come up with characters and how the story will develope into an actual war with the instruments. The story has mainly drumers (percussionists) in it though. Any tips, comments, ect. would be nice. I also havn't come up with some of the names (noticed the blank spots) and I havn't come up with a title yet.

*goes to sleep after writing for the past hour* :sleep: [/color]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=deeppink]That's pretty cool. Definetly original. For the missing names, you could try and use an actual subject. Like using words such as Armor, Trade, Integrate, and etc to name an organization or in your case countries and armies. If you notice, it's taken a lot of different things have turned out that way. Or by using the name of a real country like Mesopotamia.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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