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(1 last thing they have our technowledgy)

It was a dark morning in Pysic, it has ben storming for the last week. The weather usually has to do with somthing or someone. Victor was in his yard training with his weapons, getting ready. Then he herd somone knocking on the door.
"Hello?" said victor looking through the peep holes."Who is it?"
"This is marrot from the PPD(pysic police department) we have ben noticing that you have ben training every day, why?"
"I...just want to keep in shape is all" said victor
"Oh...we'll keep in touch."
Victor closed the door with a slam not caring about the officer.
"I wonder whats going on now!!" Victor said to himself.
He turned on the news just in time. The news reporter the news reporter was talking about how there is thousands of orc ships planning to take over the planet for our recourses. Then Victor found out why the police officer was asking why he was training. Victor was going to help save the planet but he will need more skilled fighters.

(How was that?)
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[COLOR=Green]Good considering your a newbie.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue]The pub was calm, not a sound until a small dwarf fellow walked in.

"Get me a dwarven ale and then off to kick some orcish as*"He said.

"What you calling me family for."And orcish fellow stood up.

"No good fellow and I'll be sure to ask 'em if they're a relative of yours before we kill each other."The dwarf said.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Green]Oh *hit it's half eleven in england and I've got school at 8 in the motning I'll edit this tommorrow, I've gott a go now.[/COLOR]
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Ahchigo glanced around. He had been wandering the forest, but found nothing worth a fight. Sighing, he began to walk home.
Ahchigo: "Damn...nothing to fight...oh we-oof!"
His breath was cut short as a rather heavy blow to the back of the head brought him to his knees. Glaring, he lashed out with his fists, forcing his attacker to back up. He stared at the large bear.Smiling, Ahchigo bashed the mouth of his attacker shut. A whirlwind of fists surrounded the bear, forcing its retreat. Ahchigo laughed happily. Not a single bruise. Whistling happily, he walked back towards town, leaving the bear to nurse his wounds and growl at his back. The bear would be fine, just a day or two of rest.
Ahchigo: "Nice warm-up back there...wish there had been more though. Oh well."
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Upon arriving to his abode the elf just sat. He thought of was what to come of the land of Pysic. 'If these orcs keep coming it would seem I would have to fight. I would not want to see my wife react to me fighting.'
Tetuga, a young elf from the village of Gong-go. In his home village forestry makes up most of the town. Many of the elves are archers for they can practice upon the trees. When news came in about the orcs people of the village started swarming into battle. Tetuga had second thoughts though.
"I'll do it!" "What was that dear?" "I'm awfully sorry Marina, but I have to fight for Pysic. it is the only way to insure you are safe and no one is to die of innocence." "But I thought you said you weren't going to." "Well it seems I have to. i will be gone in the morning. I'll be at the pub saying my good-byes to everyone there." "And would you like me to come with you." "Well I would be very much obliged. Oh and by the way stay away from Yamasaku. He has a few unscrewed bolts.? ?All right. Let me get ready.? So, they went to the pub to say good bye.
?So, the great Tetuga finally leaves.? ?Well I wouldn?t call me that great.? ?Are you kidding? You are the best archer in the entire village.? ?Well, I would like to say something. Good-bye and have a great time. Through thick or thing remember that we are all here waiting for your return so don?t go and die on us.? *Laugh laugh* The entire bar went up in laughter. Even Tetuga laughed a bit of a sarcastic laugh. The rest of the night was laughter.
Finally morning came. Tetuga got out of bed. ?Well, I guess it is time.? A quiet chant came from the streets. It started to get louder, and finally he herd the town chanting ?Tetuga-Tetuga-Tetuga.? He left his house with his armor and his green clothes. ?Good-bye everyone. The orcs will not survive. Once I leave I will search for a party to help my cause for leaving. I will assure everyone that I will return alive!? ?Raaaaaaaaah! Raaaaaaah!? He left with a wind kicking up the dust in the road. As he left the sounds of the cheering were getting distant and soon enough he found himself tackling his first obstacle. The Great Forest of Pysic.
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Victor had started gathering his belongings to set off to help save the world. He figured his town (Lyrie) was going to be attacked soon. He gathered his sword, his bow and lots of arrows and food. He put all of his stuff back into his pack and finaly set off. On the way out of town he saw a army of orcs comming from a distance. So he went around spreading the news that they will be attacked soon. He took out his sword with a tremendus SHING from the sword and the sheath rubbing together.

10 minnutes later he and a small group of soldiers were going into battle to try and save Lyrie. Victor was surprised by the strength of the men he was fighting with they were still holding there ground. Victor began swinging his sword taking out 2 orcs per swing. He started noticing that the soldiers were getting tierd, and the orcs have already killed 1/3 of the army.

4 hours lateer the battle was over, there was only 50 soldiers and victor left alive. Half of the town was destroyed by the orc army. No villagers were killed by the attack because of victors warning. They all went to the other side of the city before the battle began to try and save there familys.

"Good job soldiers, I never thought that we would have this many still alive." Shouted Victor.

"THANK YOU SIR!" Said the group of 50 soldiers.

"I have got to go save more citys, it was an honor working with all of you." Said Victor leaving the army.

Victor showed up at a village that was still left alive. He stopped in the pub to rest and get a drink.

"Is there an Inn anywhere near here?" Victor said while having a mouth full of ale.

"Yes you are at the Inn its the upper level, would you like to rent a room?" Said the bar keeper.

"Yes please." victor said kindly.

He went up to his room and set his pack on the chair by the door and plopped onto the bed. He woke up the next day all refreashed and ready to continue his adventure. He said bye to the bar keeper and set off out of the village. He ran into a few orc a little bit later after leaving that village, it was no problem there was only 5 of them. He took them out in 2 mighty swings of his gleaming sword. He started to walk off again while cleaning his sword with his shirt.
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[size=1]Death. Chaos. Destruction. War. Suffering. Deceit. Such words were not known in the village of Vail. People called them old-fashioned, the ones who lived there. Always doing things the long way, always at peace. Never even a television or radio to be found, not the slightest trace of a modern commodity. In that town men were [i]real[/i] men, women were [i]real[/i] women, and small pink things that looked suspiciously like frogs were [i]real[/i] small pink things that looked suspiciously like frogs. A person's word could be held as the truth without being questioned. That someone could hide some terrible secret, or house some evil will was never even questioned.
For now, at least.
A tall man walked up to an unusually modern-style house, hauling a huge log behind him.
[COLOR=Indigo]"Hey, kids, I'm back!"[/COLOR]he called.
[COLOR=Indigo]"Daddy!"[/COLOR]came a cry from inside the house. Two young children came running out of the house and hugged him.[COLOR=Indigo]"You're back!"[/COLOR]one of them added, somewhat unnecesarrily. The mother soon followed.[COLOR=Indigo]"Hi, honey,"[/COLOR]she said.
[COLOR=Indigo]"Hi, honey...???Hey, where's Kato?"[/COLOR]the father asked.
[COLOR=Indigo]"Oh...well, your [i]son[/i] has gone off on one of his 'adventures' again...he should be back soon."
"Ah, the wonders of the young adolesent mind..."[/COLOR]the father sighed,[COLOR=Indigo]"Well, he'll probably be back soon..."[/COLOR]
So, the family went back inside the house. It was dinner time, and the table was already set with the dish of the day. While they were eating, the younger of the two little ones spoke up again.
"Yes, Kia?"
When's Kato coming back?"
"Well, it's hard to say...he'll be back soon, don't worry."[/COLOR]
Suddenly, a piercing scream resonated through the village. Curious, the whole family ran outside.
A hulking green orc held a sword in one hand, [COLOR=DarkRed]and one of the villagers' heads in the other[/COLOR]. There was in fact a full troop of orcs ransacking the village. people were screaming, orcs were slashing, [COLOR=DarkRed]blood was being spilled[/COLOR]. Even as Kia looked on in horror, an orc swiftly ran up to her father and ran its sword fully through his body. He died a painful death by the orcish blade. Blood sputtered all over Kia's kimono. It sprayed into her eyes. It seeped into her light blue hair. She screamed.
Similar fates met with the rest of her family. Her sister was speared through when an one of the hulking green brutes ran an orcish flag into the ground. It never even noticed that it had just killed a small child with the tall, ugly avatar of the orc race.
Her mother was mugged for her wedding ring, then killed with an orcish axe. The city started to burn with the orcs' wrath. Death spread like a black, filth-ridden disease through the village.
At last, she was the only one left. Orcs ran freely throughout the town. Homes burned. Blood flowed like a river down the streets. Kia, lone survivor of the entire village, stood there alone in front of the scene that would burn in the back of her mind forever. Rain began to pour down, almost as if to match her horror and despair.
The leader of this particular pack of orcs finally noticed her standing among the chaos, eyes wide in terror. It walked up to her until it was about ten feet away.
[COLOR=Indigo]"Are you scared, little girl?"[/COLOR]it laughed in a grating voice. Kia couldn't do any more than nod shakily. The orc laughed again.
[COLOR=Indigo]"Don't worry,"[/COLOR]it laughed,[COLOR=Indigo]"you'll be with your precious family soon!"[/COLOR]The huge thing jumped the full ten feet between them and swung it's sword down upon her, full force...


Kia looked up in surprise. Another sword, glittering in the rain, stood inches above her head, holding the orcish blade fast in its place.
[COLOR=Indigo]"You shall not lay claw [i]or[/i] blade [i]or[/i] axe upon her, so long as I draw breath,"[/COLOR]a familiar voice said softly, yet sternly from somewhere above her. She looked up and saw her brother there standing above her. There would be no mistaking it; the sheen of his platinum-colored hair was immistakeable. He was clad in transparent armor which, the orc realized with awe and greed, was forged of pure diamond. Kia's brother's normal clothes could be seen through it, as though one was looking through glass. The orc's blade began to hiss, as if the presence of the glittering sword somehow afflicted it. It turned red briefly and exploded.
[COLOR=Indigo]"My name is Kato Sasaki..."[/COLOR]Kia's brother whispered,[COLOR=Indigo]"you sought to slay my sister. Now suffer my wrath as your consequence!"[/COLOR]He now shouted, his voice doubling and tripling in resonance. He lifted the blade up to the stunned orc's neck. The orc stared down at it; for it was forged of the most intriguing material! It was white, as of a pearl, but it glittered so, that to name it of pearl would be a disgrace.
[COLOR=Indigo]"That blade..."[/COLOR]the orc growled,[COLOR=Indigo]Is that...mythril?"
"In it's purest of forms,"[/COLOR]Kato replied,[COLOR=Indigo]"and now you shall die by it!"[/COLOR]he finished, and as he did so he ran the entire blade through the orc's neck, making an odd wheezing sound eminate from it's throat. Black-tinted blood spattered all over as Kato withdrew the blade from the orc's windpipe. At the sight of their fallen commander, the orcs that had been watching stood there, stupefied.
[COLOR=Indigo]"Let's get him, boys! That blade is made of the rarest metal on this planet!"[/COLOR]one of them yelled suddenly, and the entire orc legion charged on Kato. [i]Damn orcs aren't interested in anything that can't make them money...[/i]Kato thought.
[COLOR=Indigo]"Kia!"[/COLOR]he shouted over the rushing of clawed feet to his little sister,[COLOR=Indigo]"You'd better get out of here while you still can! I'll hold them off for as long as possible, but...but I don't think...that I'll be able to hold this many off for long...NOW GO! MAKE HASTE!"[/COLOR]and as Kia ran for the village exit, his mithril sword claimed it's second victom.
Kia looked back as she ran. She wanted to see her brother's bravery. Slashing down orcs like there would be no tomorrow (and, she thought sadly, there probably wouldn't be, for him), hewing away at the huge green monsters surrounding him. Now he beheaded one, now he ran another through the head, stabbing another one right behind it...now he clove a poorly crafted orc-sword in half before clearing its head from its shoulders. The black orc-blood mixed with the blood of Vail, the village on fire. This is the image Kia wanted to remember her brother by: [i]last stand of Kato Sasaki[/i].

On she ran, unnoticed, into the White Forest, the legendary land of the Spirits.

[COLOR=Red]OOC: Sorry this took so long...but it was a lot of typing, you know?[/COLOR][/size]
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Ahchigo bent over, picking up a piece of wood from outside the house. It was little more then a hut on the outskirts of his village. He glanced at the door. A sharp hissing noise was issuing from it.
An old man came running out, soot all over his face, and smoke billowing out behind him. Ahchigo smiled. The old man was coughing loudly as he waved smoke away from his face.
"Almost had it that time, I did. Huh? Oh, Ahchigo! Were did you come from?"
"The Forest you old dud. What exploded this time?"
"I tell ya, Im close my boy, very close! Ive almost perfected it."
Ahchigo smiled again, following the dittering old man into his house. Contraptions of all shapes and sizes littered the area. Ahchigo poked at one, its top whirring around sporadically. Glancing at the old man, he barely managed to catch the map he threw at him.
"Sempa, what in the hell are you..."
The fighter's voice was cut off as another cough erupted from Sempa's throat.
"No time for talk boy, no time. Council wants you to head to Geldra. Here, take this."
Ahchigo caught random items thrown at him.
"Geldra? But why would they want me to go there?"
"Your the only one the bloody wolf will speak to. Theres a rumor circulating that orcs are attacking random villages. They want you to speak with Geldra about it."
"Geldra doesn's speak. She communicates with emotions. If any others would bother to realize this, they could talk to her as well..." Ahchigo felt his temper rise. He was surrounded by idiots, short of Sempa.
"Well, I know that. But anyway, take this...and this...and this..."
Ahchigo glanced at his bursting pack.
"Uhm...Sempa...anything else?"
"Oh yes! Take this! Tis a littel doodad Ive been working on in my spare time."
Handing Ahchigo a small orb, he stood back, beaming.
"Great...what is it?"
"Why ya ignorant fool! Anyone can see that its a...its a...Thoodang! THats right!"
Ahchigo glanced at the orb. A small button was on it. Pushing it, he placed it on the ground. after a moment of whirring and smoking, five blades shot out of its sides. Ahchigo barely managed to dodge them in time. Sempa was giggling like a maniac.
"See? Useful in a tight spot. Notice the cords attached to the blades? They're unbreakable!" THe blades whirred back in. Ahchigo smiled happily.
"Well well Sempa. You've created something destructive on purpose!"
"Gah! Begone you ungrateful turd!"
Laughing, Ahchigo headed out north, in the direction of the Spirit Wolf Geldra.
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Victor was still cleaning off his blade when a group of orcs came up to him asking where the other orcs were. for some reason they were being kind and not attacking him. Suddenly all the orcs eyes turned fire red and started to draw there weapons. Victor looked deeply into the orcs eyes and all of them had a faint claw symbol glowing in them. It was a dragon claw. They started to swing at Victor with thier swords and axes, but they didnt even hit him once only the ground. The orcs got tierd and stopped waiting for the smoke to clear, and when it did Victor was standing there unphased. So they all started attacking him again, this time with more intencity and they were hiting him. Then victor jumped into the air to get out of the middle of all the orcs. He ended up landing right behind the orcs. He saw what he thought the leader was and swong at him making the orc fly into a tree snapping it in half like a twig. All the other orcs stopped and were glancing back and fourth between thier dead leader and victor. The all charged at victor at full speed mad that thier leader was destroyed. Victor was blocking all of the swords and axes but was getting tierd. So he swong himself around tripping all of them, and started to swing at them while they were down. He was swinging away at several of the orcs that got back up untill he felt a sharp blinding pain in his shoulder. He turnd around to see another orc standing there laughing at victor. So he picked up his sword and stabbed the orc right in the chest causeing blood to spray all over victor and the ground. He turned back the other way to see the other orcs getting ready to fight again. Victor ran up to 1 of them and swung his sword cutting the orcs head off. Victor regained his balance and started to charge at the 5 that were left when he herd the orcs head hit the ground. He swung his sword in circles and cut all of the orcs up like a paper shreader. At the end of the battle victor passed out in a pile of orc blood and mangled orc bodies.
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