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Off the coast of pallet town a coloiny off dragonair was descovered by Professor Oak.They gave him the rarest gem in the Kento region knowen as The Orb Of The Dragonair.That night he hade a super natarul experince that showed him that each region has a treasur jem like The Orb Of The Dragonair and that his is to by hand turn them in to balls to capture the rarest pkemon in each region( for they were causeing the balence of natrue to go whacko there were to many rare pokemon emiting aruas). They are Mew,Celibi,and JIRACHI.So he made a ball called the air ball and set out to catch mew he found mew in a mountain near Celidon City , but when he throw the air ball mewto teloported in front to save mew .Then 5 years later the nexted batch of traners is ready to leave as well to become pokemon masters.He gives them the goal of trying to find the treasure gems of the regions and to protect the air ball that now contains mewto from team rocket who want it to control the world and warns them never to open it.
Yet they still colect badges and pokemon battel and ty to become pokemon masters!

Do you like my plot?Well its different any way there needs to be 6 other people besides me. See we need a rival so that was going to be me, but he's not with the group and we dont meet him much ether, so i made up a person that i can be whan the rivals not here so yes i'm 2 people.The rival gets an evee when youn get your first pokemon so here is what i neeed



Pokemon dream(ex- pokemon breeder, master ,best fire trainer stuff like tha):

starter(ones from red blue and yellow)


short bio


please note that we will move to all the rigions but kento is the first and try to remember people get there starting pokemon at 10 the so try and stay around there thank you

here are my 2


dream:best master in the world


description:spicky brown hair ,farly tan skin, brown eyes,dragon tooth necklass,red shirt,black jeads,red and black shoes

short bio:Use to good friends with every one but then they got into a fight and now hes mean to all of them

persnality:out gooing and a smart a** to most people.Very nice to his pokemon but expects there best at all times

nerdy kid



dream:to become a pokemon prfeser

starter :dose not get from oak,he befriends a sick and weak dragonair and throws a pokeball at it so he can take it home and help it get better

description:messy black hair,pale skin, glasses,freckels,green eyes,long sleve navy blue shirt with a gray unzipped vest,blue wind breakers, brown sandels

short bio:friends to every one for as long as anywon can remember. has no dad and mom is always away on work. He is an only child

personality:always worries about every thing and every one.Cares for his Dragonair and all pokemon alike. Caryes around a book with notes , scetches ,messurments,deits,behavore,and evolution for every pokemon he sees (has no poke dex)

Well i hope people came and join remember we need 6 other people even though only 4 of them get a starter. If you dont get a starter they can still have pokemon and they can catch one of the starter pokemon in the wild .this is going to be fun!
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name:Katai Sakurai (Call me Sakura ^^)


Pokemon dream:Traveling nurse. Wants to have the best bug /water/grass Poke'mon in the world. (Best meaning, not strongest, but raised best and healthiest.)


description:Black T-shirt, Green vest, Dark jeans, Long (spikey) Red/pink hair, Green eyes, Huge black boots.

short bio:Lived in Tokyo, but now wants to travel on a Poke'mon journy with her friends and new Poke'mon, Venonat. Her dream party is: Espeon, Venomoth, Golduck, Scizor, Clefable(Or Blissey.)(Space open for injured Poke'mon she finds.) She loves to draw and scetch anything.

personality:Nicey-nice to friends, but hates show-offs and gets angry easily. She is super smart, but never brags about anything. Cares about friends more than herself kinda person.
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name: Kazu Yotsuga

age: 12

Pokemon dream: Best Trainer Ever

starter: Bulbasaur

description: Around 5 feet tall, with short, wavy, silvery hair, and a bandana that looks like a pokeball. Wears normal jeans and purple/green t shirt getup. Dark green eyes.

short bio: A powerhungry boy, who can't stand failing. While he isn't the smartest person on the block, he has ways of accomplishing his dream of becoming a Pokemon Master. His father is a corperate executive, who isn't there most of the time, and his mother died when he was four (though the cause was unknown). Aspiring to become a pokemon trainer, and acting on his dad's words, he headed to Pallet town all the way from Saffaron City.

personality: Snobby, a bit rude, and willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish his dream.
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[I][COLOR=Teal][B]Name:[/B] Aura Mongla

[B]Age:[/B] 13

[B]Pokemon Dream:[/B] To be the best Fire/Dark/Ghost type trainer.

[B]Starter Pokemon:[/B] Charmander

[B]Description:[/B] [url=http://fanart.ctgameinfo.com/pictures/p/Pheonix_Wings/77246.jpg]Where the blue is, it's red![/url]

[B] Bio:[/B] Aura always seemed to be the quiet type unlike her brother. They always seemed to be totally diffrent. One day, Aura was called to be a Pokemon Trainer by Professor Oak. When Aura got to the lab, it was a mess. A Charmander had gotton lose and SHE was causeing major trouble. When the sneaky little Charmander ran by Aura, Aura grabbed her and hugged her. Professor Oak then told Aura to chose her Pokemon. When Aura told the professor she wanted the Charmander she was holding, he pleaded with her to chose a diffrent one. That Charmander would be too much for her to handle. Aura didn't listen and picked up Charmander's Pokeball. She nicknamed her new Pokemon "Charlia".

[B]Personality:[/B] Aura is mostly kind hearted and easy going, but she can have a firey temper sometimes. She gets a little edgey when people make fun of her or her Pokemon.[/COLOR][/I]
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Name: Mizu Takishima

age: 10

Pokemon Dream: Pokemon Master

Starter Pokemon: Squirtle

Description: Dark Brown Hair/eyes, pale skin, wears dark blue short-shorts, and a purple shirt.

Personality: She is very sweet and kind, and totally LOVES Pokemon. But careful, if she gets angry, ur bound to get killed, especially if u disrespect Pokemon in any shape or form possible. She's extremely loyal to her friends, and she cares deeply about all Pokemon. Though she isn't exactly the smartest person u'll meet, (Infact, sometimes she can be downright stupid) at least her physical strength makes up for it! ^^''

Short bio: She grew up in pallet town her whole life, and has a mom, dad, an older brother, (he lives in Hoenn) and she as 2 sisters. (one is older, and one is younger) She's been wanting to be a Pokemon Master since she was little, and now she's actually allowed to go on a Pokemon Journey! (her parents r very protective, so it's a miracle that they're actually letting her go!)
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name: Maura Trepas

age: 15

Pokemon dream: to be a ghost master

starter: Raichu

description: [URL=http://www.psycko-hentai.de/grafix/gallery/bg10/maggirl.jpg]here add black leather pants[/URL]

short bio: She grew up in a very protective family who raised ghost pokemon. Her father dies when she was seven and her mother became even more protective. She always amired her older brother who had become a ghost pokemon master and a gymleader. She strives to become as good as he was.

personality: protective over her pokemon and hates when people make fun of them or her. she's not very competive yet she loves to battle. she's very suportive for her friends.

OOC: that okay now.
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Yah every thing looks good except the to people that start w/ Squirtle ……umm SM13 you could start (well you would not get it from oak but your brother could give it to you (then all we would need is a trainer for pikachu)) with a Gastly (you collect ghost right).Well once that’s all taken care off we’ll only need 1 more spot that’s open filled. If no one fills ether spot at 12:00 tomorrow then I’ll close this thread and start role-play
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The RPG will be in the Adventure Arena, probably with the same title as this thread.

Name: Rorohiko

Age: 16

Pokemon Dream: To know everything there is to know about the Pokemon Absol

Starter: Absol

Description: About 6 feet tall, with brown hair and eyes. He is of average build. He almost always wears shorts and a t-shirt with "My god can beat up your god" written on it.

Short bio: Rorohiko is autistic. He is unable to interpret body language, and as a result seems innappropriate quite often. He sometimes takes offense when none is meant. As a result of this, he tends to be shuned my others, but he doesn't mind. He prefers solitude anyways, though he's willing to help anyone who needs it, as he was helped to learn to function socially.

When he was 9, he first heard of a Pokemon called Absol. He was facinated when he learned that Absol appear before disasters, such as earthquakes, tidal waves, etc. He decided that he would figure out everything there is to know about Absol.

Two years later, his sister, a trainer, encountered an Absol. Thinking of Rorohiko, she caught it, and gave it to him.Since then, he has bonded with his Absol. No trainer has ever developed a bond with his or her Pokemon so strong as the one between Rorohiko and his Absol. He is closer to his Absol than he is to anyone else, human or Pokemon. Rorohiko still has the goal of learning everything about Absol, and he won't let anything stand in his way.

Personality: Rorohiko's kind, and will help out if at all possible. He's a fast thinker, and seems to have a plan for almost any situation. He's also a smart-***, although he can be serious about almost anything when he wants to. The only thing he never jokes about is his passion for his Absol. His Absol is closer to him than any human, and he's willing to do anything to protect his Absol. He's also very determined. If he decides he's going to do something, either help him or get out of his way.

Hope that's OK. This vould be fun.
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