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RPG Final Fantasy 13: Evolution Begins


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Reis reread the note, but still couldn't believe it. He finally gave up on trying to understand it and went to the town elder. "Elder, do you know anything about this note?",Reis asked as he handed it to him, as the Elder read the note his face began to pale as he got near the end. "So the time has finally come, Reis I need you to go to the other 7 towns and find the other 7 like you," the Elder said as he put the note down, "What others, are there more that can control elements like me?" Reis asked. "Yes," the Elder replied, "But you must find them with great haste and then meet me in the village of Seak, the hidden city, now go".

Reis ran to his house grabbing his staff and some food for his trip, "Well since Ember is the closest I guess I should go there first, I just hope I make it to all the villages in time". And with that he began to walk away from Coral wondering who could be behind this.

OOC: Ok well I'm going to Ember to meet Proto and so I'm going to need Yotska to continue, just do something about how we meet and decide what city we are going to next. After he picks a city then the person who belongs to that city will continue the story till we get to the his city and then he picks one and so on and so on. Also, Zach and Iris are together and they can each post once what's happening in their part until we reach Seak, but only once after Seak you can post all you want as long as you keep to the story. PM me if any of this confuses you.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]"Ahhhh!" Proto opened his eyes widley, and sprung up. He was sweating madly and was breathing heavy, "What a crazy nightmare, it was so real...". He got dressed and ran to his father, hoping to understand his dream. His father was sitting down with a disturbed look on his face.

Proto ran up to his father, "Father, I need to speak with you! I had the most realistic nightmare. These two figures approached me,stating that my life would soon end--". His father looked up sorrowfully," Yes, I know. I knew that you would have that dream soon". Proto looked at his father quizzically, "Dad, what are you saying?"

His father turned his head suddenly and then jumped up and hurried to the cabinet.Here, take your daggers. Run swiftly towards the path, there should be a wanderer there, tell him your name. Then tell him you can control the element of fire." Proto was still confused, but had no time to speak for his father was pushing him out of the door."Here, take your weapons and be off".

Proto ran towards the path as he was instructed, and ran into a young man, around his age. He walked towards him, "Heloo. You wouldn't happen to be passing through would you?" The young man looked at him, "Yes, tell me. Would you happen to know anyone who can control an element?" The two the then began talking. Proto learned that the young man's name was Reis, and of what the two needed to do."Well... Ocsygin is the closest town," he turned towards the east,"If we head in that direction we should make it there in no time". Reis nodded his head," Alright, then lets go".[/COLOR]

OOC: Well since we're heading to Ocsygin, Kittychanann will need to post next I think.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Calandra stood with the lights on her. She stood on the stage of her father?s tavern. This was the first time she was going to sing in front of people. She had always practiced by herself or sang for her family and friends. She gulped down her fear and started to sing. The song had a catchy fast pace beat and lots of energy in the song. She noticed two boys about her age come in and wonder why someone young was here. The people playing interments next to the stage picked up the beat. She started to dance in place. The song ended and the tavern people clapped. Calandra blushed and gave a bow.

Taking a seat at the counter, "How was that father?"

"You are wonderful child. I knew you had an amazing voice.' Her father told her as he was mixing a drink.

"I don?t know if I like her singing in here. I mean I know we keep most of the filth away.." Calandra's mother cared a tray from the back filled with food.

"Don't worry its safe here."

"Please Mother let me keep singing here. It is so great to be up on stage and singing." She made her eyes big and innocent.

"Do you always have to give that look? You know i can't resist it. Fine you can sing in here." Her mother gave with a resigned look.

"Thank you Mother." She jumped of the seat and hugged her. Yelling and a bottle being broken made them look. Two men were fighting and turning over tables. Calandra bent down and placed her hand on the ground. A small little shack of the ground made the two fighting falls over. The two young men from before both arched an eyebrow at each other. "Please, do not destroy the place. If you want to fight take it outside.

The two approached Calandra. "Hello, did you make the ground shake."

"Um.. Yes I did. My name is Calandra." She said kinda awkwardly.

"My name is Reis and this is Proto. We also have the ability to control the elements as well. Mine is water and Proto is fire. I'm taking yours is earth. Please we need your help."

Calandra looked so confused. " I thought i was the only one to be able to be like this. Why do you need my help? I am just a singer. "

They proceed to explain why they needed her help. Calandra began to grow pale. When she finally spoke it was very soft. "Alright I will come wit you but I must get a few things first." She went to the back and told her parents that she must leave. They nodded their head and her mother gave her some food. She went to her room and grabs a pair of Cat claws that she had been training with. She came back down stair and went to the two men. "Okay I am ready now." She gave her parents a final kiss and hug good bye and they left the tavern.

"So where are we going to head to next?" Proto asked.

"Well the next closes village is Twista." Calandra stated they walked out of the village gates and she looked back to her village.

)CC: Next town Twista for Kyra of wind, so tag your it 0ber0n the Neko.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Kyra was lying out underneath a tree, and trying desperately to stay awake. There wasn't anyone to do anything with. All that ended up happening was an incredible amount of boredom.

"Hm... Twista is way too quiet... Something is probably going on." She stood up and walked to town square. While she was there, she saw two peoplke making haste to the town building. They were talking amongst themselves. "Wow, i never thought that outsides could get past the barrier..." "Yeah, but they say that three of them are coming right this way."

An arm went over both of their shoulders.

"Hello. So, what about these outsiders?" Kyra said smugly, fixing her blade to the left guy's right temple.

"Well! Uh! Um!" The other guy said. "There are three outsiders coming into the town! They got through the barrier, and nobody can explain it!" they said, shaking.

"Huh. Sounds like I'll need to take care of this." Kyra said. "Which way." It wasn't a question. It was an order.

"Th-that way!" He pointed east.


Proto, Reis and Calandra came upon a small villiage. Thjey decided to enter, but before they could, they were blown back by a VERY strong wind. It wasn't natural.

Kyra came out and almost politely said "Get the hell out of here, vermin."

"We're looking for someone in this town. They have strange power..."

"I said-" Kyra rushed forward, pushing herself with the wind. "GET OUT!!"

She drew her dancing blade, and it connected with the daggers of Proto. He didnt count on one thing, though. She turned to the right, pulling the blade around her body, slashing violently at protos' side.

"AGH!" His cry rang out, and quite soon after, he was going after her as she went to get Reis.

The staff went out to block the attack, but the blade was shorter than he anticipated. instead he nearly missed being killed by moving out of the way, and casting a spell on him.

It hit piros.

The last one, the one with claws, came dashing forward. A sudden wind made her come at the enemy faster. Just as she reached her, Kyra moved out of the way of the srtike, and instead made the winds faster, making her run into her friends, slashing at reis by accident.

They were a mess.

"If you guys are supposed to be so tough, then why can't you even achieve teamwork?" She asked. "A simple tri-attack would have surely taken me out." she sat down. "Look guys, teamwork is the only way you're ever gonna kill anything."

The trio looked somewhat embarassed and prideful.

"Okay, I'm coming with you guys. You people need all the help you can get." She said. "I'm even going to teach you a group attack. You should feel lucky as hell to have me on your side."

The four laughed nervously.

"So, what's the motive?" Kyra asked. Reis explained the situation. "Ah. So you mean that I'm supposed to come with you because of my powers, eh?"

"Yeah. So we need to find three more..."

"Okay, who's next?"

"How about Pure? I've really wanted to see that place. It's supposed to be the city of light!" Kyra suggested.

OOC: Alright Rei_man. Your turn. Make it interestin'!
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Iris destroyed the three demons she was practicing on and sighed. The corpes started to move again and Iris waited intill they were back at full strengh again.
"Uhh! The only problem with fitting reanimted corpes is that they don't know when to DIE!!!" Letting the whips extend to their full lengh she spun slicing them and removing body parts. She keep spinning intill there was nothing left. Iris threw her back behind her and started to walk back to Timber. The thick and maze-like forest that surrounded Timber was almost impossable for a forginer to make there way through the woods. Iris grinned as she walked past a skull, the rest of the body was problely beeing devored by the wild animals that wondered the woods. She entered the village many of the houses where in the trees. Wooden planked bridges conected the shops above. Long woodend stairs cirled the trunks of the trees. Iris ran up one of them and pushed open the door. Her father wasn't there.[I] The jerk is problely getting drunk somewhere.[/I] Iris walked into her room and locked the door. She changed out of her training clothes and fixed her hair. She walked over to the window and looked out of it a familair looking person walked out of the forest. She smiled and ran out of her room. She walked slower down the steps so as not to draw attention to herself. Once down the stairs she leaned against a tree trunk and felt the power coming into her body. The man noticed her started to walk over.
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In the deepest sanctum of Pure's temple, Sara sat in a state of deep meditation. Her father, the temple priest, had warned her that she would need to learn how to harness and control her powers quickly. According to 'reliable sources' a time of great need was approaching, and Sara, of course, had no choice in the matter.

Her spear laid on the ground before her, Sara attempted to focus her energy as she had been instructed. Her eyes flashed for an instant, and the spear, slowly but surely, began to rise. As it rose it began to glow with an unusual, yet oddly calming glow.

"Don't find many who can do that"

With Sara's surprise the spear fell, only to be caught in her hand as she turned to face the intruder. Sara spun around expecting an attack, but found the young man standing normally. Though he did have weapons, both were sheithed and in plain sight. This intruder most definitely did not appear to be the aggressive kind.

"What do you think you're doing! This is sacred ground. Get out now or I'll force you out!" To prove that she was serious Sara tightened her grip on the spear and adopted a fighting stance.

"Calm down, we checked with your father. He let us in."

He did not show any signs of lying, but Sara could still not be quite sure. She had never seen this person before, yet his presence felt oddly familiar.
" 'We'?" Looking beyond the stranger, she saw four other figures approaching. The light revealed three more strangers. And Sara's father. "What's going on? Who are you?"

"The name's Proto. This is Reis, Calandra and Kyra. I understand your Sara, right?"

Now that her father stood with them, she felt much more relaxed. She turned her attention back to Proto. "That's right. Explain, please."

And so the four explained the situation. About the elements, the note, everything. All of it matched exactly with what her father had told her before. Sara agreed to join them. If she too controlled an element, which now seemed to make sense, then her life was also at risk.

With a new member added to the group, the five prepared to move on. Leaving all her possessions behind, Sara took only her spear.

"Next up is..... Tricity. Right? If I remember correctly, that's the closest."

OOC: OK ULX, you're up.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]Tyris sat atop the church steeple, high above the city of Tricity. Black storm clouds gathered overhead, in preparation for the rains. Though he didn't know why, Tyris took comfort in the storm.

"Tyris! You're going to be late!"

Tyris smiled at the voice. It was a well-known fact that he would sit on the steeple. He went there almost evey day, just to think. She could easily find him.

"Coming!" he yelled.

Gripping his hand made katana, the Thunder Blade, he jumped off the steeple. Bounding off of outcroppings, statues, and the sheer wall, he made his way down to the ground.

"Show off," she snorted.

"I know," Tyris said, smirking. "But you know that's why you love me, Jeanna."

"Just come on," Jeanna said, hiding a smile. "You're almost late."

"Right, right."

The two made their way to a large arena.

"And finally making his way into the ring...Tyris!" bellowed the announcer.

"Must everyone comment on my lateness," grumbled Tyris.

He drew his blade and stared down his opponent. Youthful, nervous, and weak. A student, undoubtly. He would be easy to take down. Tyris just had to try not to kill the boy.


In a flash, Tyris had closed the gap between himself and the student. The boy fell by a quick kick to the stomach.

"Marius is down! Tyris wins again!"

Smirking, Tyris turned away and walked back to Jeanna.

"See? Didn't matter if I way late or not, the kid wasn't a fight at all."

"Oh, shut up," Jeanna said. She hit Tyris playfully.

The two made their way through town when the alarm was raised.

"Outsiders! They're holding weapons!" yelled the guardsman.

"Weapons? Tyris, I think you should help," Jeanna said.

"Right," Tyris said, nodding.

The warrior made his way towards the East Gate, the gate facing Pure.

[I]If they're bandits, they probably tore Pure apart. That place isn't exactly known for strength. However, if they think they can tear apart Tricity, they have another thing coming![/I]

He reached the gate, and the guardsman let out a sigh of relief.

"Good thing you're here, Tyris. They look like a tough lot."

"How many?"

"5 of 'em, I think. Two men, three women."

"You think they're bandits?"

"Don't know."

"Well, open up," said Tyris. He readied the Thunder Blade.

The five entered the city.

"We haven't come for a fight, or for goods!" yelled the one in front. "We've come to find an Element Wielder!"

"Why do you seek the Element Wielder?" asked Tyris.

The group and the crowd looked over.

"Because their life is in grave danger," another said solemnly. "I am Reis, and this is Proto, Calandra, Kyra, and Sara."

"I wield Thunder," said Tyris. "Why is my life in danger?"

And thus, the story came out. About the elements, the danger, all of it.

"So, you're saying that we need to find the other two?"

"Yes," said the man named Reis.

"Then let's go. Crystal is close. But first, I have to say goodbye."

Tyris sought out Jeanna. He found her quickly.

"Jeanna, I can't answer any questions right now. I just need you to know that...I have to leave. I don't know how long, or if I'll come back, but I just need you to not worry. I'll do everything I can to get back to you, okay?"

"But, Tyris..."

"No. I have to go now."

With that, Tyris left and joined the group, heading off for Crystal.


Next stop, Crystal. Which means 'hEvN is up.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[B][SIZE=1][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Our 6 travelers entered the south gates of the city of Crystal. The city was rich and splendid yet quiet and peaceful. They started the search for the one who wields the ice element but the people of the city seems to know nothing of what they are talking about. For them, it was nothing but a legend.

In the woodead area just outside the east border of the city, Tera stood meters afront a strong tree in a stance concentrating and passing her energy to her sword, hEvN. hEvN started to get cold in Tera's hands. When her arms started to shiver she threw hEvN with a shout and it hit the tree. Cold ice started creeping and covering the tree and in a moment, it broke like a glass and collapsed. Tera walked towards it and picked up hEvN. "It was too strong today."

Back in the city, while the element wielders are out for their search, each heard and saw a tree in the east part of the city slowly turning into ice and then just crumpled away.

"It's him!" Reis shouted and the rest knew what it meant. They all darted towards the direction and found Tera about to hit another tree with hEvN.

"You mean 'It's her'..." Calandra spoke noticing that Tera is in fact a girl. When Tera sensed them she started running speedfast from them and into the city.

"So they finally found me..." Tera spoked to herself.

Tera got away and somehow Reis and the others doesn't exactly know why she is running from them. There was no sign of her anywhere in the city so they seeked the help of the ruler of the city.The ruler of the city welcomed them along with his wife. They told him of their agenda and of the ice weilder they saw. The face of the ruler of Crystal contorted.

"I know nothing of what you speak. That story has long been a legend in our city. Now if there is nothing more I can do for you please leave our city now." he spoke monotonously.

"I'm coming with you." A voice said. The figure Hiding in the dark behind a column slowly walked to the city's ruler.

"Tera..." the ruler's wife spoke.

"I'm coming with them father whether you like it or not. I have long asked you why I am like this, why I have these powers... who i really am! So I practiced with my ability everyday even if you forbid it because I know that I will need to use them somehow someday! Now the time has come, now there are answers to my questions. And they have it. I just don't understand why you have to keep all these things from me!" Tera shouted in rage.

Reis and the others stood in quiet. "They kept it from her? That is so sad." Kyra whispered to Proto. "Yeah, and that's why she ran from us, she thought we were her father's guards!"

"You are not leaving this place and I won't have you questioning me again!" Tera's father shouted back.

"Terrus stop it!" Tera's mother said to his husband and walked to Tera.
"I am sorry Tera. Please forgive us for not letting you know. But the time has come and I know that you have to go even its hard for me. Just please don't ever forget us. We love you so much."

"I will never forget you mother, you have always supported me and I will always love you. I will come back." Tera hugged her mother for the last time and started to walk away with her the others.

"If you leave this place Tera, you can never come back." her father threathened. Terra stopped and thought for a moment. She loved Crystal so much and she needed to come back for her mother, she loved her mother so much. But she had no choice, she has to know who she is. Maybe someday her father will understand that. With that decision, she started walking away.

Outside the city....
"Sorry about the commotion back there guys, family problems... so I heard back there that we needed one more from Kurupt right?" Tera smiled and said.

OOC: sesshomaru 3's turn!
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The village of Kurupt dark and dreary, the caves are based up in rock ways. This gives the feeling of overwhelming anxiety. Ty lies in his cave watching the shadows dance across the walls. Twisting and manipulating the shadows to became other he laughs. A commotion from outside the cave mouth stirs his attention.
The group of elemental warrior comes to the gate of Kurupt. A deep overwhelming comes over them. "This place is very creepy, Reis." Calandra whispered in Reis's ear.
"Yeah I guess you can say that." The group furthered their way in. A group of town's people was gathered around a strange statue. "Can you please help us?"
"Go away outsiders are not welcome here." A brawly looking man said with a sniff.
"Listen we are just looking for someone.
You don't need to get all huff at us buddy." Kyra snapped back.
All the while Ty looks from the entrance of his cave. "This should get interesting." The group of elemental warriors stood and glared back at the crowd.
"Listen we are only looking for the last elemental warrior." Proto growled.
Ty seeing what was coming ahead made his way down to the group. "Okay, what do you want?"
"Who are you?" Tyris questioned.
"I think I am the elemental warrior you are looking for. I can control the shadows round me." Ty said giving a bow.
"That means we found the last one." Calandra stated. They all nodded to each other.
"Now we have to get to Seak." They group headed down the road that lead to Seak. Dangers waiting for them around every corner.
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The 8 kids were walking on the path to Seak, finally it was time for a rest stop in the forest.

"I can't believe how far this place is," Reis said as he sat down, looking at his map. "Yeah, but maybe we can find a shortcu......what's that," Ty said as he heard a branch snap.

"I don't know but let's get out of here" Calandra said as she stood up already walking away from the noise. "You 8 think you can defeat us but you're wrong," said a mysterious voice coming from the right of them, "Flechette Twister!". "Duck" yelled Proto as hundreds of sharp blades flew over their heads, only cutting Ty's arm.

"We have to run" Tera said turning for the path that led deeper in the woods, "We can't defeat what we can't see". Everyone begin to run along the path blasting some magic behind them every few minutes. "You'll have to do better than that to defeat us," said another person, "Splinter Storm!". Sara tripped just in time to miss being cut to oblivion by the sharp splinters.

"Oh yeah, take this, Water!!!" Reis yelled blasting the two minions in the trees, "Let's get out of here while we have a chance".

They could see the tall buildings of Seak up ahead, spiraling into insane heights. "Finally, we can meet the Elder," Reis said as he walked in the city heading for the center. When they all reached the center of the city the Elder materialized from the air, "Good all of you are here, I guess I should explain now" he said. "Yeah that would help a lot," Proto said as he sat down, "First off how are we the only ones with elemental powers?".

"I will tell you soon enough," the Elder said waving his hand as ancient tablets appeared, "You were created by the two sides of Chaos, Angela and Demca, they worked many years to make you until one day Demca was overcome with evil to destroy his sister and to become your master". "She saved 8 of you by throwing you down to this world to keep your use of powers for good not evil. Demca found two that she had missed and they were the ones following you". "Now Demca has revived his sister made two new orbs and has sent his born ones out to destroy you, he will stop at nothing to make sure you don't help Taos". "There is a way to defeat him, you must go to the shrine of your element and capture the evolution orb, which are guarded by evil, but strong monsters. When each of you has found yours, go to the Broken Temple and put them in the right slot, that should give you enough power to at least defend yourselves from his evil. Also, you may come upon your elements in a monstrous form and if you can tame it then you will gain a Xenosin orb. Now, all of you must go before you are found".

Outside............"Did you hear that, we have to find our orbs to or they will be more powerful than us," Zach said to his sister. "Yeah whatever, like they could defeat us, but it would be handy to have more power, so let's go,".

OOC: So now we all have to find the shrine to our element. Each shrine is named after the element so mine would be Water Shrine. Also this part must be at least two posts long, one to get to the shrine and one to get to the Broken Temple. You can have more than 2 but don't go overboard. And we'll get the Xenosin only if you see a natural disaster after we leave the Temple. Also, Ty the reason you got cut by the flechette is becuz of the post you had before you edited it. LOL just pure good fun.
There are no turn order it's just whoever posts posts. [b]Sorry if I didn't make this clear but everyone sets off by themself.[/b]
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OOC: [COLOR=Purple]Alright, Cysword gave a better idea... here goes but still PM me if it looks ugly... ^_^x[/COLOR]


"I don't get it... where in Taos should we start looking for our shrines?", Kyra complained to the others as some of them started to talk at the same time and things get really noisy.

"I think I have an idea where my shrine is...", Tera interrupted. The others stopped and looked at her. "I've seen it in a dream. Over and over I dreamt of it but I didn't know what it was before.", Tera continued.

"A dream? Well, where is it?", Calandra asked confused.

"Well...there were ice everywhere, no people. With all the ice that I saw they probably can't survive there. And then there's the glacier ice cave 700 ft. below, a cathedral of blue ice...", Tera explained.

"Trine...she's talking about the Ice Forest of Trine. The coldest island up north." , Tyris interrupted and explained. Everybody looked at each other.

"Yeah, sounds obvious. She weilds the ice element and the shrine is in the iciest part of Taos... good mind work. So mine should be near the hottest place in Taos?" Proto added.

After a few more conversations they packed their things up and parted ways. Tera travelled all the way up north past sheets of ice, snow, hails and icebergs. She arrived exactly north of Taos and stopped.

"Exactly just my dream.", she uttered as she looked around. She started climbing down the ice cave and reached what seems to be the entrance of the shrine. It's just a dark cave ice but way ahead is light coming from a clearing. She walked near it and on an elaborately designed ice altar she saw her evolution orb. She slowly picked it up and turned around stopping at the center of the vast clearing.

"This is all too simple...", she thought remembering what the Elder said.
[COLOR=SeaGreen][I]Capture the evolution orb, which are guarded by evil, but strong monsters.[/I][/COLOR]

Before she knew it, she was surrounded by monstrous and deformed crabeater and leopard seals. Sharp fangs dripping with saliva met her eyes and all she can think of was attacking them using Hevn's Hail. But then the real boss came out. An evil and messy emperor penguin standing 6ft tall. She fought it but she was exhausted from the previous fights.

Tera fell to the ground but after using up all her energy she gave it one final shot. She picked up Hevn and concentrated all her energy to it. The shrine started to shake and Tera felt power and energy entering her body which is now covered with blue aura. Little did she know that shrine's force is reacting to her powers so in one swift move... she threw Hevn to her enemy and aimed it right through its chest.

The boss quickly turned into ice and exploded. Tera passed out and rested before starting her journey to the Broken Temple.[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
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Sara left the group swiftly and silently. Each of them had their own orb to find, so as far as was concerned, they did not need to know. Besides, she already new where to look for her shrine. It lay beneath the temple in Pure - the entire town had been built on the sacred grounds surrounding it. All she would have to do would be to break the seal on the entrance.

This was easily done, after all, with her father being the temple priest, she already knew how. Locating the orb was even easier. It stood on a pedestal in the centre of a wide circular basin, bathed in a yellow light that made it impossible to miss. However, as she approached, she found that the light was not being cast onto the orb, but was being cast from it. Lost in the orb's undeniable beauty, Sara stood silent and motionless. And in this moment of weakness, her enemy struck.

The attack was swift and strong, sending Sara tumbling across the ground. Standing, Sara gripped her spear firmly and analysed her opponent. Standing relatively tall the being appeared almost human, but for the four wings sprouting from its back. As the creature lunged at her, Sara rolled to the side, dodging the attack. Quickly bringing her spear to bear, Sara swung at her vulnerable enemy, the blade slashing horizontally. The creature fell silently to the ground, and she raised her spear for the kill. The creature, in a final attempt, grabbed Sara by the throat, only to be crushed beneath her as she expanded her Soul Defence.

Struggling to her feet, Sara took the orb in hand and left the shrine, renewing the sacred seal as she went.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Proto smiled to himself as he was walked away from the group. [I]The hottest place in Taos.... ah! The Flaming Volcano of Niro. That must be it,[/I] he thought to himself. [I]He slapped his forehead, grr...that's so far away...that'll take forever to get to. Better get a start on this.[/I] He traveled off towards the south, hoping that geting the Evolution orb would be as easy as it seems. No matter, he thought to himself, anything that gets in my way will get burned. He laughed at his joke and walked off in a good mood.

He stopped walking after a while and set up camp. He started a fire, then went off hunting for his dinner. He went to sleep that night still thinking of the journey ahead of him, and what powers he may acquire. He had a weird dream that night. He dreamed of the Flaming Volcano of Niro. He looked around and saw a temple floating over the volcano. A powerful force was being emitted from the shrine. He began to walk in, but woke up right before entering. "So that's where it is... Awesome!" He jumped up with new inspiration, "Ultimate power, here I come!!"

He arrived at the fiery land around the volcano in no time at all. He looked over at the volcano and frowned. The temple that had appeared in his dream had dissapeared. Suddenly a large beast appeared and lunged at him."Crap", he yelled angrily. [I]That beast must be guarding the temple...I bet if I beat it I'll gain access!![/I] he thought to himself. He pulled out his daggers and charged them with flames. "It's go time....", he muttered under his breath. He dashed at the beast and it knocked him back with a ferocious force.

Proto growled and looked at his advesary."Damn...this beast is strong. This is gettin' intresting.." He jumped up and smiled," You know who I am?" The beast looked confused and nodded his head no. Proto raced towards the beast,"I'm your one way ticket to hell, buddy!"[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]Tyris stared up the Thunder Cliffs. Jutting high into the air, they were one of the highest places in all of Taos. Thunder rumbled permanently overhead, and the land was plagued with lightning.

"This must be the place," he muttered.

Resinging to the fact that there was only one way up, the element-wielder began to climb. The Cliffs were at least 500 feet hight, making it a great challange. Luckily, Tyris was strong and used to heights.

"Stupid shrine...why'd it have to *gasp* be on top of the highest *huff* place in Taos *puff*," Tyris groaned.

He at last, after a full hour of climbing, reached the top.

"Finally," he groaned.

Looking around, he almost instantly spotted the Shrine.

"At least it's easy to get to now," he muttered.

The swordsman quickly crossed the flat plateau and entered the shrine, shutting the large doors behind him.

"Now to find the orb..."

After walking into the temple only a few steps, Tyris found the orb sitting on a pedistal.

"That was easy...too easy..."

He reached out to grab it, but just before he did, light exploded around him.

"Damn!" he swore. "A trap!"

A pair of blurs descended from the high ceiling, bounding off the walls. They landed on either side of Tyris, looking like lean, winged cats with long claws and fangs.



OOC: Yeah, short, I know.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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OOC: Sorry about being so late and all, but I needed time for this one. Sorry, but I hate it when things stay relatively unchanged so I'm gonna ASSERT PLOT! ^_^ sorry...


Kyra sighed. "This is bogus..." she whined, as she climbed the mountain to the wind shrine.

She was almost halfway up, and it had been a half day's walk. She sat down tiredly next to a large rock. She was lulled into peaceful sleep, until the rock moved back and a hole opened up underneath her.

"Goddamn!" She cursed. She stood up, her rear bruised.

[font=arialblack]Who has come to find this shrine?[/font]

She realised that a voice was coming from something above her. She looked up to see a faint green light. A figure stepped into the light, and snapped its fingers. The light grew bright, and the whole room was filled with light. The man was noticably tall, and clad in a sort of golden armor.

He was your average warrior type. Except for the horn, that is.

"Who are you?" Kyra said cautiously.

[font=arialblack]I am the wind sage Gimardi. You must be Kyra. I have forseen this day for many years... You have come to inherit the orb, correct?[/font]

"Yes. I need the power that it eminates."

[font=arialblack]But for what purpose...[/font]

"To become the greatest warrior of all time!" Kyra said, but no sooner had she said it, then he cut her off.

[font=arialblack]You lie. I can see that deep within you lies a desire to help. To protect. But what...hmmmm....[/font]

Kyra lost patience. She pointed toward him and shouted "Vortex wind!" and instantly she was flying towards him, riding the wind. When she had reached him, she pulled out a blade, but was cut off rather suddenly by the armor clad fist of Gimardi.

[font=arialblack]Fool. You cannot defeat me with my own element! I control it! I AM IT.[/font] Gimardi knocked Kyra back behind him and sent her flying with an incredibly powerful vortex wind.

She met the far wall of the shrine. It was completely dark and silent except for the sound of her own heart beating. All dark but a pale golden light.

She groped for the light and then grabbed a very small beadlike object. It was shaped like a six, and had an amber stone in the middle, with strange archaic carvings on it.

It was a summon stone.

Knowing her elemental colors fairly well, she judged it to be an earth-type summon. Earth, the conqueror over wind.

Kyra smiled as she heard the sound of rushing winds. Gimardi was coming, and she had a small surprise for him. [i]If what he said about BEING the wind is correct... then he must be Gimardi, the wind summon.[/i]

He reached her and at that moment, a very well built man clad in astonishing silver armor stood in his path. The wind did not affect him as he wielded his axe and met Gimari with a friendly SMACK!

[font=Arialblack][color=sienna]AHAHAHAHAHA Gimari, you wimp! I thought you were imprisoned! Taken into a stone of sorts! Someone must have released you, so I, Migaro, will gladly help you back to your stone![/font][/color] The man raised his axe once more. He swung it at Gimari, who was incapacitated, and Gimari disappeared. All that was left was a small emerald in the middle of a strangely shaped grey-green rock.

There was an orb next to it.

Kyra ran and grabbed it. She began to leave, but a firm hand gripped her shoulder.

[font=Arialblack][color=sienna]Wait, wait, wait. I should warn you of something. Gimari was a great sage of wind? If you take that orb, you will inherit his power?. but be warned that you may also take with you his corruption? Just be lucky you found me before he decided to kill you.[/font][/color]

Kyra looked into the concerned eyes of Migaro. He really seemed to be bothered by this development.

[font=Arialblack][color=sienna]Once again, this world will be taken by a group of children? You must understand some things. I will teach you for a little while and then you may leave.[/color][/font]

?I have to be back soon! What is so urgent that it can?t wait until later?? Kyra said angrily. She looked again at Migaro.

[font=Arialblack][color=sienna]Alright? I will permit you to take my stone, and the stone of Gimari? but only for safety and demonstration. I just hope that you can find the other sages? Here, let me return to the stone, and let?s get back to your friends.[/color][/font]

The figure of Migaro became more and more faint. The stone began to glow gold again. Kyra picked it up warily. She looked over at Gimari?s stone, and thought about Migaro?s plan for awhile. ?If I take him, he?ll be under my control? and nobody else can use him for evil? I think Migaro would want me to do this. Alright!? She picked up Gimari?s stone, and put it in her pouch.

[center]NEXT SCENE[/center]

Kyra was walking down the mountain, and from the peak could see some very tall peaks. There was constant thunder and lightning coming from them. She could hear Migaro?s voice say [i][color=sienna]That?s where Kimato, the lightning sage, resides. He has apparently broken from his seal? we need to find him and catch him before we find out the hard way whether he is corrupt or not?[/i][/color] She also heard another voice, obviously Gimari?s, say [i][color=orange] I think I feel Masa?s power? The sage of darkness? He may be like Migaro, and not corrupt? Darkness cannot be corrupted, form what I hear. The sage we may have a problem with, however, is Lera. She is the sage of light. She is the most susceptible to corruption. We need to find her first![/color][/i]

Kyra?s head was exploding with Gimari and Migaro?s suggestions.

?Okay, look, just come out and talk to me directly.? Kyra released them.

Migaro and Gimari explained the sages, purpose and otherwise. They were sent to the planet in order to insure the equality of the elements. Their names were

Lera ? Light - Female
Masa ? Dark - Male
Sidon ? Fire - Male
Erica ? Water - Female
Migaro ? Earth - Male
Gimari ? Wind - Male
Razsia ? Metal - Female
Pokua ? Wood - Female
Rika ? Ice - Female
Kimato ? Lightning ? Male

It eventually became apparent that Gimari had feelings for Lera. He had made it such a priority to save her first, that it became obvious.

?We should go back to the elder to tell him about it? Maybe the others could help us find them. But let?s not forget the beasts! The beasts need to be found!?, Kyra said firmly.

?They are the holders of the most powerful orbs. Even I couldn?t destroy one!? Gimari said, folding his arms, rising an eyebrow and blushing.

?That?s because we only exist in an elemental form now. We could teach the kids how to destroy them. They exist both physically and elementally. Kyra, can you take us to them?? Migaro asked politely.

Kyra had figured out the two sages already. Gimari had come around because the wind never stays in the same pattern, but he would make a very unreliable ally, where Migaro was rock-solid (pun intended) in all decisions and in his alliances. No wonder earth always has an advantage over the wind...

?Of course. We just need to get to the elder quickly.?

Migaro and Gimari grinned widely. ?Leave that to us? they said.

No sooner had they said it, then a high peak appeared under them, and then they were flying on a violent wind.

They had reached the elder in less than five minutes.

They told the elder to communicate to the others to find the summon stones and come back quickly.

?I hope they get back soon.? Migaro said to himself.

OOC: I felt like taking the story in a new direction! Sorry if this is inconvenient to anyone!
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