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RPG Dragonball:Kai world mission

Mighty kai

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All right let start this rpg. If anyone still wants to join then sign up in recruitment. Ok here we go. Deep in space where the stars glitter everywhere a ship was travelling through. Its a large ship. A kind of ship which is big enough for a whole army to get on. There was a crew onboard. A group of demons, aliens and other races was at the controls. You heard clicks and beeps as the buttons were being pressed. A large dark figure was on a large seat in the corner. Its evil eyes glowed as it was watching its servents work. It spoke with its deep voice.

"Well how long is it gonna take us to get there"?

A demon at the controls turned to his master and spoke really nervously. He was scared of his master and he showed it alot.

"Em just 3 more days sir"

The figure nodded , smiled and spoke.

"Good im gonna get those kais once and for all".

At the kai world none of the other kais were about. Eh apart from Old Kai. He was again reading his comic books and drinking his coffee.

"Ah peace and quiet this is really relaxing"

But not for long. Someone was creeping up behind him. Ready to give a giant yell and a pounce. It leaped out of the bushes and yelled

"Hi Old Kai"!!!!!!

Old kai give a little squel with fright. The thing which scared Old kai laughed loudly and said

"Ha Old Kai i scared you"

Old kai turned around to see that it was someone he knows really well.

"Shinrall you little young pest. Dont do that!!!"

Old kai yelled
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[SIZE=1][B]Kabito Kai sat under the fairly large tree, crystal ball gazing. Who could have known watching over the Universe was so boring? The other Kai's did their fair share, but after a couple of thousand years... it got boring. Kabito Kai sighed heavily, when the Crystal ball suddenly flicked to a section on Earth. Kabito Kai almost threw up. No doubt Old Kai had been messing around with these things.

"I wonder if you can get parental control on these things..." Kabito sighed heavily, running his hand over the image so it dissappeared. Now he was truly bored, there wasn't much to do. Now training with some of the other Kai's was plain madness, bothering Old Kai was risky, so what was a Kai to do? Train? Kabito sighed again.

[I]Perhaps talking to a few other the Kai's would give me something to do...[/I] He thought to himself. Kabito Kai took off from the ground, flying quickly through the sky, before dissappearing using Kai-Kai (exsactly like Instant translocation, though it has no limit).

Kabito Kai re-appeared again, still flying through the air with amazing speed. He suddenly flew closer to the ground, flying over a lake. The water jumped up, forming an arch behind him as he flew. Kabito Kai looked back, thinking someone was behind him. He shrugged, and turned back around, suddenly noticing he was flying straight at Old Kai.

"Waah!" Kabito Kai yelled, coming to a skidding stop and almost hitting Old Kai. Shinrall was there (hard to miss), and Old Kai didn't look too please.

"Watch where you're going you clumsy giant! You could've flew right into me! You call yourself a Kai when you don't even know when one's in front of you! Watch it!!!" Belowed Old Kai. Kabito Kai laughed lightly and shrugged.

"Forgive me, Ancestor, my thoughts were on something else." Kabito Kai said.

"Well you should take more care!" Old Kai snapped back. Kabito Kai had a good reason to bring up the Crystal Ball image from before, and prove that Old Kai was the bad Kai, but Kabito Kai didn't. As normal, he let Old Kai push him around.[/SIZE][/B]
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From somewhere in th dence forest surrounding the lake, a sigh came, followed by a shadowy figure with glowing blue eyes.

Miatatzu Kai leaned up against a tree and grunted.

"Hmpf..."She twitched" What're they up to?" Miatatzu ventured to the shore of the lake and stood silently in the shallow water.

A small neigh came from back inside the forest. A tall, pegaus bursted from the bushes and trotted up to Miatatzu Kai.

"Don't worry, Whittey, i'll be back soon." Miatatzu said as she floated upwards, holding his horse-like face.

Sorry for such a short post, i gotta go!
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Figaroha awoke to the sound of someone calling for him "Figaroha....Figaroha please wake up, you are greatly needed". Stirring from his nap on the perfect summer day. "Whose there?" He called "And how do you know my name?"

"I am the Grand Kai" Came the voice again "you are greatly needed at the planet of the Kais" "Huh?" Firgaroha thought, "The planet of the Kai's noone has been there since Majin Buu attacked 10years ago"
"I know, He tore apart my planet too, but an even greater threat arrises now..I'm sending a space ship your way, you should arrive there in just a few days....hopefully before this new enemy has had a chance to do too much damage."

"What else can I do?" Figaroha thought, "Goku, Goten, Trunks, Gohan, and the others are away searching for the Dark Star Dragon Balls...." "Exactally right, plus I can feel something inside of you Figaroha, something far greater than anything besides the kais on the planet of the kais....with your combined power you just might be able to stop him.."

Suddenly a small space pod fell out of the sky....."You sure don't waste any time do you?" Figaroha sent telepathically "But one small problem, how am I supposed to train with no room to move?" and as if reading his thoughts the space ship poped a small helmet out of nowher "Internal training, you won't gain much power but you may be able to learn some new techniques." And with that Figaroha climbed into the pod for a destination few eyes have ever seen...the planet of the Kais.
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Shinrall was still laughing after when he scared Old kai. Ofcouse with being just a kid. Old kai turned to Shinrall and shouted

"Would you just up pest".

Then Shinrall had a evil smirk on his face and he replyed

"Ooh thanks for the compliment"

"Its not a compliment. Geez i bet you wouldnt believe like this for your parents",

Shinrall turned to him and said

"Ofcouse not i listen to my parents and not you"

Then Shinrall stuck his tounge out at Old Kai. Old kai looked furious and shouted

"Kabito Kai saw something to that rude youngster at once"
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