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RPG Essence: The Haru's last defense


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OOC: Well here I go, enjoy.


Anorith had been walking through the path in the woods, when heard a scream. "What could that have been?" He heard it again, then clenched his bow. Only one word uttered from his mouth before he ran in the direction of the yell,"Demons...". He decided the fastest way would be to travel by treetop, so he climbed into the nearest tree and began jumping from tree to tree, bow in hand.

He stopped and perched on one tree where he thought the cry of distress had come from. He looked down and saw a group of demon harrasing a young girl."Come on show us your beautiful figure", one of the demon got closer to her,"We promise not to hurt you, yet. The group of demon laughed. Anorith was disgusted with them and ferociouly shot an arrow through the forehead of the demon who had been talking. He then jumped down and put his bow back on his back," Get out of here mam. Let me take care of this vermon".The girl ran away, and Anorith drew his daggers.

"You demons are scum, messing witha young girl like that. I'll make you pay for what you've done." One demon laughed and stepped forward,"Just try and--", the next moment Anorith had one of his daggers lodged in the demons throat. The other demons became outraged and rushed him. Anorith retreaved his blade from the demons neck and spun around. The first demon jumped into the air claws stretched out. The other two ran to both of his sides and gashed them. Anorith yelled in fury and began slashing at his two opponents on the ground furiously. Once they were dead he pulled out his bow and shot an arrow straight through the body of the demon in mid-air.

Anorith looked around, sheathed his daggers, and then collapsed. He looked up and saw a silver falcon hovering above him.[I]I've finally found one worthy[/I]...Anorith opened his eyes in shock. He looked at the falcon,"Did you just--."He was cut off, for at that moment the falcon became a silver streak diving towards the ground, straight at him. The falcon hit and became a part of Anorith. He suddenly felt a change draw over him. His hair turned silver, and his eyes became a transparent blue. What's..going..on?"Anorith suddenly felt drowsy, and fell into a deep sleep.[/COLOR]

OOC:Your essence should approach you as some animal, and when it goes into you you can aqcuire a special attribute of the animal as well. Since my essence approached me as a falcon, I'll gain wings later on. Something along those lines.
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Reis was walking through the forest when he found the carcass of a haru. "This is just what I needed to see, I feel all relaxed finally and then I see more death," he said angrily as he heard something move behind him,[i] Great more demons, [/i]he thought as 4 of them flew out of the forest, lashing out with their claws. Reis dodged as many as he could but his face still got cut, "Okay that's it you're all toast". He pulled out his swords and jumped over two demons throwing the swords in their heads, as he turned he pulled out his pistols and blasted the other two to pieces.

[i]Finally they are gone,[/i] Reis sighed grabbing the swords out of the demon's heads, when he heard another noise. "Who are you, come out now or die,", [i]Do not fear me, I'll will help you[/i], a voice said as a snake came out throwing itself at Reis. [i]Now we are one, together we shall defeat the demonssssss.[/i]
OOC: Well since snake's are poisonous I thought that the ability I get from it should be something like whenever I cut someone with my sword it would launch poison into their body.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Lilka placed a basket of withered vegetables down on a cutting table. ?Lil you are back from the market.?

?I found the best that I could.? Her voice small and meek replied.

The head chief picked through the vegetables. ?These are fine, best I?ve seen in a while.?

Lilka went to the corner and picked up a broom. She looked at the floor that was once again dirty and started to sweep it up. She made quick work of the floors and piled the dirt into a corner. She went to a small closet and grabbed a flat piece of metal to sweep the dust onto. Dumping the dirt back outside she put the broom and metal into the closet. She brushed her hands into the air and looked for something else to clean. A small ?Meow? came from behind her.

?Get out of her you stupid cat.? A small white cat was standing on the table the cook was at. ?You want to be dinner huh.?

Lilka ran over to the cat and picked it up. ?No don?t hurt it. Please don?t.?

?Lil!? He looked at her clutching the cat. He chuckled. ?You know you are suppose to run the Kitchens. So if you don?t want it killed than it won?t be okay.?

She gave him a smile, ?Thank you.? She headed her way out of the Kitchen to outside by a doorway. She grabbed a small container of cream and a bowl. She placed the white cat down on the ground. Taking the container of cream and pouring some in the bowl. ?Here you go kitty. You are very cute you know. Do you have a home?? The cat looked up at her a meowed. She giggled, ?does that mean no. Well in that case you can come lives with me.? She smiled and scratched behind the cat?s ears.
You are a very kind person and someone I can trust. Please will you help?[/I]

Lilka rubbed her eyes and looked around. ?Did you just talk to me kitty??

[I]Yes it was I. Will you help me?[/I]

?Of course I will. How can I just tell me.? She did even think twice about if she was going to help the cat or not. The cat leapt at her and became one with Lilka. ?What is happening?? Her voice was panicked and freighted.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Zauriel sat against a tree. Staring at the glowing orb, he watched the symbols flash through it.
"...the haru are being chosen...finally..."
The angel picked up his sword, and headed off through the woods. Still staring at the orb, he waited till a symbol flashed into view. He pocketed the orb, then set off at a steady lope. He was held up once by a few demons, but they were quickly dispatched. Wiping the dark blood off his blade, he sighed.
"Maybe its a mistake to trust humans to save the world. Oh well. I really hope Im wrong about that."
He stopped at the outskirts of the woods. Looking around, he saw several demons at the edge of a river. Growling, he launched himself at them, failing to see the archers behind them. Several arrows impaled him, but he gave no heed. Landing on a demon, he stabbed it through the head. Giving a twirl, he beheaded another two. Snarling, he took slashes and stabs. More arrows rained down on him. After killing the last of the melee, he ran into the archers. As good as they were in ranged, they fell quickly to his blade. He staggered a little bit, blood draining out of his body. He ripped an arrow out of his side, then collapsed into the river, his limp body floating downstream. He soon fell unconscious, drifting slowly away.
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[COLOR=Red]" Ka, are you ready for your next assignment?"

Ka snapped to attention,"Huh..yah, I'm ready." Ka got up and approached his leader,Torozosa."There's a band of Demons attacking the village, Pasadera. All you have to do is kill off the squadron of demon, there should only be about...10 of them." Ka still wasn't paying attention."Ka!!" La looked over at Torozosa,"Yah,yah. Demons. 10. Kill. Got it." Ka walked out of the house. He looked around for a moment, and then went on his way.

Ka decided the fastest way to travel towards the village would be to travel through the forest. As he was walking a Demon jumped out in front of him."Heh, I've been waiting all day for Haru blood, and along comes an unsuspecting idiot right to me. I'll make your death swift." Ka laughed as the Demon licked it's lips."If you can touch me, I'd be happy to let you taste blood. But it won't be mine". Ka grinned at the Demon,"Well..make your move *****". The Demon flew into a frenzied rage and charged towards Ka. Ka leaped high into the air and slashed it across its back. With that the demon howled with pain, and spun around swiftly to slashed at Ka's shins only to find he had swiped at air. Confused, he quikly turned up to find Ka standing on a branched. As the beast stood, stunned by his agility, Ka flung a needle towards his neck. Blood sprayed from the demon as it fell noislessly, followed by a hollow 'thud'. Ka jumped down to survey his adversary's last moments as he gagged blood. Then silence. Ka stared at the lifeless corpse, "Pity",hemumbled under his breath.

[I]Excellent work young one...[/I] Ka spun, fists at the ready, only to see nothing but a Phoenix perched on the highest bough. "Odd, where did that voice come from", then Ka turns towards the mythical bird," and I thought Phoenix's were--" He was cut off, for at that moment the bird glowed a firery red and swooped down towards him. Ka braced himself for the impact, but as the bird drew near it became an aura of light, and merged with Ka. Ka was knocked into a tree by the unsurpassed force and became overwhelmed by a fiery presence, that sent him into unconciosness.

He awoke a few hours later with a throbbing headache. He reached towards the back of his head, to find a bruise. Suddenly he beacme aware of his surrondings. The clearing had been burt to cinders. "What the hell happened? All I remember was that bird and then..." He faintly rembered a bright light. " Whatever", he looked up to see that the sky had been darkened,"****. I've still got to complete my miission". He dashed off into the forest, but after a distance he tripped over something big, and fell flat on his face. He quickly got up, "What the h---" He started to yell but noticed it was a guy around his age. "Hmmm..." He and poked at him, "Hey dude...", no reply. He knocked on his head a few times, "Hey, get up.", he said louder. Ka stood up and sighed. As he began to walk away the boy began to stir..., "Hunh..ugh...wha...?" "Hey buddy, you alright?" Ka asked, confused. "Yah, I'm fine",the boy rubbed his head,"Man I've got a major headache. All I can remember is this silver light streaking towards the ground..." The boy touched his hair,"After that my hair changed color, and I think my eyes did to--"

Ka just stared,"Well, uh..the name's Ka". The boy looked up and grinned," Hmm...my names Anorith, nice to---", Anorith was interrupted by a tall woman in wraps with two iron poles on her back. Ka got pissed," One suprise after anotha..."[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Cyan]"One suprise after anotha..."
Anorith stared in disbelief,"Who the hell are you?"
The woman looked over at Anorith and Ka,"You both had run in's with odd creatures, have you not?"Anorith and Ka both nodded suspicously,"Well than, you both now control an element. Anorith, you control the element of the Sky, and Ka you control Flame".Ka laughed,"Don't ******** us, lady. Now, who are you?"She nodded her head no,"Hold out your hands",Anorith glanced at Ka, then the two of them held out their hands.

"Good, now...", the mystery woman pulled out an orb and began to chant into it. It began to glow, and then rattled. Suddeny, Ka and Anorith were surronded by auras. Fire sprang from Ka's hand, and Anorith's hand began to spark. Once the woman appeared satisfied she put the orb away, and just as quickly Anorith and Ka lost their aura's."Alright,"Anorith was the first to speak," Obviously you're not bullshiting us. Now that we believe you...your name, please?"The woman looked up and nodded,"My name is Rafa. Ican not stay long. You both must got to the next city, the city of Triyu. There resides Tonfu, the Demon God of Flame. You must defeat him, and then defeat the other 7 Gods.But do not fret, for there are 6 others who will aid you in your quest, and they control elements as well. You will also be accompinied by the Angels. That is all I wll tell you for now. Farewell." Then, in a flash of light, Rafa was gone.

"Uh...That didn't sound to hard", Ka said. Anorith looked over and laughed."Right..." Anorith lokked down at his hands,"What an awesome power, I can't even comprehend it..." Ka just smiled,"Woohoo, now I can burn stuff down!!"[/COLOR]

OOC: When your quest begins you will be met either by Rafa, or someone like her. There are three others, you can name them. These 4 control the powers of Heaven, Hell, Time, and Space. Yah, they're on our side. Rafa controls time.
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