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Well, I know they aren't great because I'm not that good at banner-making. But why not post 'em anyway? Here they are:





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I liked them better when the url did not work... Let me put it this way... Ugly bevel, ugly typography, with random images slapped on :rolleyes:. You obviously aren't using any worthwhile program to create your banners my advice to you is to in one way or another upgrade to a better program so you can atleast create something that doesn't hurt people's eyes x_X.

1st Banner Comments:

Odd image placement/that particular image looks odd the way you used it, odd text placement (looks like it was randomly slapped on). Bland green ackground clashes badly with the pure black border... Hmm... Advice = Try maintaining a color scheme throughout the banner instead of choosing random colors to make the banner more colorful. Also I believe with that particular stock image you shouldn't have shrunk it that much and instead of trying to fit the entire image into the signature you should have either focused on fitting one of the two character into the banner.

2nd Banner Comments:

The beveled border is what really deters me from this particular banner. Aside from that though it's just a stock image with a border o_O... Oh yes the banner could also do without the duplicated character with the purple hair who you tried to fade into the banner. Using the same character from the same stock image twice in the same banner is usually a bad idea (unless say one was faded out or something like that), just keep that in mind for the future.

3rd Banner Comments:

Once again reoccuring problems = stick with a color scheme not random colors. Bevel border = bad looking. Text = Hard to read and placement is questionable.

The other problem I see with this banner is how there's no transition between the two stock image it's blatantly obvious that those two stock images were just placed one on top of another =/. Also correct me if i'm wrong but I detect a hint of lens flare in the upper right corner o_O? While the lens flare is a flashy feature i'll be straight out honest and tell you 90% of the time when it's used the image is already bad because of that. Most people don't know how to use lens flares properly and have no understanding of light direction.

4th Banner Comments:

I'm saved! Errr I mean... The url isn't working so you might want to fix that ^_^''.

5th Banner Comments:

*sigh* Okay... No bevel border = good. But the text color and placement could all drastically be improved on. Also i'd reccomend adding a white/off-white border to the image. My only other complaint is that the stock image itself is bad quality and you didn't do much to the image itself.

Okay to sum this all up... *drum roll please* If your not using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, or another program similar to one of those I reccomend you go out and buy one of those (if your going to download i'd say try Photoshop, if you plan on buying you should go with Paintshop Pro). Secondly take more times thinking things through and working on one banner instead of multiple banners. When choosing what color to make your text and borders look at the stock image you are using. Choose colors that will not blend in with the image but will not clash with the image either! I hope that all of that will be of some help to you and don't take anything too personally because I was just stating my o_-
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First Banner:

That picture doesn't fit well. If you downsize anymore, it will look bad. If you move it up to see more Daisuke, you cut off Dark. Move down to see Dark, no more Daisuke. SO pretty much anyway you move it, the picture still won't look amazing here. I think you might add something, even if it is just a texture, to the background. The green just looks way too plain and boring. And the color of the text clashes horribley with the green of the background. As Hittokiri said, stick with a color scheme. And lastly standard banner size here is 500 x 100. Yours is 32 pixels too tall.

Second Banner:

Hmmm....It looks like all you did was take some random DNAngel picture and crop it then add some beveled edges. Bad move. Generally, banners aren't that special or adored if they are just stocks with borders. Anyways, my first piece of advice for this particular piece is to loose the bevel. Bevels make [b]almost everything[/b] they touch look tacky and crappy. As you can tell, I'm not a big fan. Also when you add in a character to an image, such as how you did here with the second Dark, fade them. When I first saw it, I simply wondered why there were two Darks. It made no sense. If you take a different picture of Dark, and fade it into this one it would look way better. And lastly this one is 45 pixels too high.

Third Banner:

Oh........ Ummm.....This one needs loads of work. First off, the images should be cropped. As I stated earlier, don't just take a stock and shove it on something. It looks unprofessional and tacky. Also like I already said, bevels aren't too great. And once again, as I said above, work on text colors. You can barely read the text, and in some places you just can't. Stick with just one simple, readable color. Don't do that crazy Rainbow gradient mess. You can almost never read it. And those sun rays just detract from your banner. They don't look very pretty.

I'm a bit unsure of why you have text about Kagome and Kikyo, but you have a picture of Kaoru from RK on there?

Oh, and on this one you were 27 pixels over.

Fourth Banner:

Heh....it doesn't work.....sillly Hittokiri.....

Fifth Banner:

Urps. Once agin you did nothing but crop an image. No good. The image quality is really low. It looks like a screen cap.....which would explain the crappiness. It's nice not to see a bevel on there, but it definitely needs some type of border. Preferably just a single pixel one. Also the gradient text doesn't work here. It just look plain tacky. And on this one you are 50 pixels too tall.

My main advice to you is that if you wish to keep on doing stuff like this and move on to things that are more technical and more amazing, you need to invest in a good program that will allow you to do so. My personal choice is Paint Shop Pro 8, but it doesn't have alot of the things that many other programs do. Go for that or something from Adobe or even Photo Shop. Many of these programs run for upwards of $100. I know you are thinking "I'm only 13!?!? How am I supposed to afford that???!!!" Well I am only 15, and I have multiple programs like this. [b][i][u]Save up!!!![/u][/i][/b] That is the key. ^__^ If you go out and buy one of these, you can only improve, trust me.

The key things you need to work on are text placement, text colors, adding cropped images to a background that isn't just one color, and size. I think the most important thing is size. Once you start getting used to a background that is 500 x 100 or smaller, you won't have to worry about them being to big. For me, making a banner that isn't that size feels.....wrong somehow. Or if you want to use larger images and backgrounds, try making some wallpapers. It is pretty much the same as making banners.

Also quality images are a [u]must[/u]!
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Also quality images are a [u]must[/u]![/QUOTE]

Okay, two of those were requests. They supplied the pictures, so I didn't ask questions.

Also, I use PSP8. "Save up?" I'm 12. Not everyone's parents can afford to go out and buy 3 different programs for $200. I'm spoiled, but not that spoiled.

You liked it better when the URLs didn't work? Fine. Can a moderator delete this thread? Frankly, I'm not interested in two people flaming me.
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Don't worry about it Tenshi. I don't believe they were particularly trying to flame you, maybe they just had a bad day...? Sorry, I'm not used to being positive. But anyway, comments like these feel like someone's trying to grate off your skin with a cheese grater. I know because it happened to me a couple of times a few years back. Don't let the criticism discourage you- turn it around, and use it to improve what you're doing. Sometimes it can come in handy. I always save all the little notes my critics give me, so I can check through them whenever I feel my work is getting sloppy. But whatever you do, don't give up. Practice makes perfect, or at least improvement. In cases of art, it can be hard to achieve perfect ;) Actually, it's darn near impossible. But now I'm rambling.
Keep it up ^^ Everyone has to start somewhere.
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[quote] You liked it better when the URLs didn't work? Fine. Can a moderator delete this thread? Frankly, I'm not interested in two people flaming me.[/quote]

It's called constructive criticism, I didn't say anything towards you I just commented on your "artwork". Since your only twelve i'll take it you haven't been into the graphics community too long so basically let me put it this was: not everyone is going to be all happy jolly, love your artwork, and say nice and spiffy things about what you create. It's quite the contrary really ask some of the better graphic designers out there and they'll tell you the same thing. So don't take any offense to what either Haze or I said, just use what we said to help you improve.

The truth of the matter regarding the banners is that you didn't do that much to the banners themselves and just in general as well as in [b]MY opinion[/b] I don't like the banners that much (*the banners, not you, the banners...*)
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Well put Hitto, I agree with both you and Haze.

What he said is true Tenshi. You say you use PSP8? Well then practice alot. I used PSP7 for along time before I got PS. Practice makes perfect. ~_^

Some tips, don't used the bevel border so much, I used to do the same thing. It doesn't add anything positive to the image, use a simple 1or 2 pixel border. This makes it much neater.

Also, don't use the shine effect as much either. Try to be original, it makes it seem cluttered. Now for the text, as Hittokiri said, try to have a color scheme that works with the image, and this does include the text. Try using a stroke around the type aswell, preferably black, but anything that will stand out a bit but not too much.

Remember, placement of images and type matters. Be unique with your images, place them going off the banner(cropping), or off to the side, but never directly in the center, that would become distracting. When placing type experiment, but I find it works best of to the side of the image, ormaybe slighty on the image, but never slap it on and say your done. ~_o

One last thing, image quality. When making banners go for the best quality images you can find. Screen caps arn't always the best choice.

If you need any help/tips you can contact me on aim/msn messenger if you like, or PM.
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Alright, alright, this thread may need to calm down a little. All artists can use constructive criticism, and should embrace it rather than reject it to help them improve. However, I'd have to side with Tenshi when saying that such a comment about liking it better when the URL didn't work was a low blow, and said something more like "you suck" rather than "you can improve to make them better".

Constructive criticism is great, even encouraged, but try to at least keep them on the positive side or else the recieving party will disregard it completely and never take your comments seriously.
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Also, I use PSP8. "Save up?" I'm 12. Not everyone's parents can afford to go out and buy 3 different programs for $200. I'm spoiled, but not that spoiled.

I was unaware you used PSP8. I didn't think before I spoke. I will choose to ignore the fact that you basicly called me spoiled. But to clarify, [b]I[/b] bought those 4 programs, not my parents. [b]ME[/b].

Anyways, I am sorry that you took my comments the wrong way. The very first comment I made about agreeing with Hittokiri was a joke. I seem to forget every now and then that I don't personally kow everyone on the boards so my sarcasm is sometimes taken the wrong way. I deleted the comment since you didn't appear to take it well.

You put your artwork up here for people to critique, so we did. If you didn't want people to speak the truth, you shouldn't have posted. Rereading my post, I didn't find anything that was particurly mean, but I will say I am sorry if you took it that way. I said what I thought about your art, not about you.

Once again I am sorry if I said anything that you found mean or lead to the belief that I was "flaming" you.
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I didn't mean to make it seem that way. That's not what I meant, it came out wrong.

I made a few more banners. Here they are:






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