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If you couldn't tell by my screen name that I love pandas. One of my very favorite pieces of art was made my my hubby and it is of me in panda form. There are some very great furry artists out there. One of my favorite artists is Jeremy Bernal. He really is a great furry artist. He does a lot of rabbits, as do many artists, but his are very good.

Most of the time with furry art you see the same animals over and over. Many rabbits, foxes, cat type animals. I am not really interested in the Scaleys(reptiles) or Featheries (birds). They just don't morp as well in my opinion. Not many pandas but there are a few really good ones out there. Can't go wrong with Shanda! I believe she is the most popular panda furry character out there.

I think what makes a furry look good are the ones that are mostly human shaped. The ones that have too much animal (hoves, beaks, mammory chains) just aren't as attractive. I should have my hubby post his picture of me in panda form on this thread. :D

I wonder if all this knowledge means I am really a furry at heart? ^_^;;
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Guest Novapup
Yes, I love furry art! There are a lot of very good and underappreciated furry artists out there. I'd love to include myself but I haven't done a lot of furry artwork to date. Here is a list of my favorites I think you would enjoy:

Michael Higgs, Eric Schwartz, Megan Giles, Michelle Light, Kevin Mulder... I'm sure there's more. There's also a huge art archive called the VCL. If you haven't found it already, type "vcl" into any search engine. Enjoy!
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