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Art The Scream [Sculpture]


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[size=1]This is a sculpture I made during art this last semester. I was given free reign with some clay, and this is what turned out.

I've always liked the painting [i]The Scream[/i], and an odd series of conversations and other things led to my sculpting the focus character of it. It's made of clay, fired and whatnot, and the stuff's painted on there with acrylic. The color scheme isn't entirely canon--I tried his face with yellows, but it didn't look right. The green seemed to suit, though, so that's what I ended up with.

Anyway. I'm inordinately proud of this, so I'm showing it off a bit. *laughs* [/size]
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Whoa...thats pretty cool.

You replicated the figure from Edvard Munch's painting very well, even with the paint job. Good job.

It'd be cool if you made a small, matching background painting to go along with it, and have a diarama-like display peice.
Heh...but thats just my opinion. :D
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