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RPG Immortal Wars: Earth's Battle


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[CENTER][SIZE=7][U][FONT=chiller]Immortal Wars: Earth's Battle[/SIZE][/U][/FONT][/CENTER]

[SIZE=1]Before the Earth came to form, before the Universe was ready to have life in it, there were 6 God's. 3 Goddess', and 3 God's. They went by many names, and had many dreams. One God, who called himself "Hanzou" was evil. He was the God of Darkness, Shadow, Loneliness, everything dark. His dream was to take over, defeat the other God's. However, one of the God's found out his plan, and tried to stop Hanzou. The God of War, who called himself "Zeberi" was defeated by Hanzou, and Hanzou took his soul for his own. Hanzou claimed he was higher than the God's and the others, had said he was more powerful, the first of a new kind, and since then, he forgot his name, he forgot his power, he forgot everything.

The 5 God's and Goddess' all went away, claiming different parts of the Universe. The God once known as Hanzou, did not. He went to Earth, as a human. There, he got his knew name, "En-Sabah-Nur", meaning "The First One". It was then, he started his rain of terror. He did not start with Earth, he started with the very end of the Universe, annihilating the Goddess on that side. This left one God, and two Godess'. Nur could not be stopped. However, the three remaining God's combine their powers, and locked Nur away in the most dangerous part of the Universe. It was said, Nur lost his soul...

However, the eye of the three God's did not see En-Sabah-Nur break from his prison, and lived on Earth. A forth God was used to replace the old Goddess that was killed by Nur, but the God of War that soul lingers inside Nur could not be replaced. Nur knew of this, and he gave the God's his own names, calling them what he pleased:

The God of Sky, and Thunder: Sethos (Quad)

The God of Fire, and the Sun: Tarik (Lynx)

The Goddess of Earth, and Nature: Umi (Kittychanan)

The Goddess of Water, and Ice: Saira (Arika)

[CENTER][B][U]Who's Who[/U][/B][/CENTER]

[B]Nur's Name for them - Real Name - Element - Played by[/B]

Sethos - Jetaro "Jet" - Sky and Thunder - Quad
Tarik - Apollo - Fire and Sun(also taking over as God of War) - Lynx
Umi - Freya - Earth and Nature - Kittychanann
Saira - Aquaria - Water and Ice - Arika

[B]Warrior's Name - Element - Played by[/B]

Seiko "Sei" Enoki - Fire and Sun - DaisukeAngel
Sephiroth - Sky and Thunder - Sephiroth

[B]Name - Rank - Played By[/B]
En-Sabah-Nur (real name: Hanzou) - Leader - Vicky (me)
---- - Second in Command/Lieutenant - Cloud Strife (awaiting finished Sign-Up)

[CENTER]--- Now, it Begins ---[/CENTER]

[B]The 10 Objects powering Nur's army are easy to find. They can look like anything, be tiny, big or even an Animals bone (not likely). The Objects have either red colours mxing into each other or black shades. When a God or Warrior comes near these Objects, the colours begin to shift. Only two Objects will be the hardest to find: "The Dragon's Stone" and the Unknown Object (can be any colour, and the colours don't mix together when a God comes near). The other way to find out if its one of the 10, is if it's unbreakable (applies for all, even the two unknown Objects). Not only will the Adventure include finding these Objects, but also stopping some of Nur's Army and trying to keep Nur from attacking any cities. God's have two names, one which Nur calls them, and the real one. The people playing the God's can use either one, however Nur will continue to call them by the names he called them. And so... it begins...[/B]


[I]En-Sabah-Nur found himself staring at the old version of the Palace, the one he and his friends built... from years ago. He was staring at the younger version of the God's, including himself. The white room seemed to be lit up with invisiable lights, and the whole thing seemed like a blurred dream. Nur stood there, staring at himself... laughing with the others. Back then, he was short haired, with green eyes and a happy look on his face. He was dressed in black robes, as were the others. Zeberi in silver robes. Aquaria, whom Nur called Saira now was stood close by watching, not really joining in if Hanzou was there. In those times... Nur remembered the God's would normally have fun, or get into dangerous situation. Most of the time, they wouldn't use their powers, making things far more dangerous. Nur continued to stare, as they all ran up the marble stairs. Zeberi was the first one up, and went to talk to Aquaria. Apollo ran up seconded, followed by the Goddess of Sky and Thunder. Nur watched himself running up in front of Freya. Suddenly, Freya had slipped, but Hanzou had caught her hand. The danger of not using their powers wasn't so bad...

After awhile of watching the misty old film, Nur began to regret opening his eyes... he knew what was coming next. The white marble around them began to turn into red flames, the palace itself became a wreck, walls all over and dark all around. The God's, except for Hanzou had changed. Their personality, their looks, and now they all stared at Zeberi and Hanzou, stood face to face. The misty white was turning black, as Zeberi and Hanzou began to fight. Niether had weapons, they just grabbed each others throats and pushed back. Zeberi was being forced backwards by Hanzou, any minute now he was going to fall down the stairs. But Zeberi tossed Hanzou over, sending him flying down the stairs. Hanzou's back hit the first step, and as he tumbled down his arms and legs seemed to crack. Blood dripped from his forehead when he finally landed, lifeless on the marble ground. Nur continued to watch, wanting to turn around, but he had to watch. Suddenly, Hanzou rose. He ran up the stairs with speed that no other God had seen before. Before Zeberi even knew it, Hanzou was ripping at Zeberi's face. Hanzou's left hand began to grow longer nails, enough to dig into someone's flesh. Hanzou knocked Zeberi to the ground, and began to rip at his eyes and face. He could feel the blood of Zeberi dripping on his hand, like warm, red wine. Zeberi screamed in pain, but Hanzou didn't stop. Then, as if a white ghost was being forced out of the wounds of Zeberi, his soul flew into Hanzou.

The white ghost-like mist ran up Hanzou's arms, twisting around his face forming into an Egyptian dog-like mask. Hanzou became En-Sabah-Nur... Suddenly, the Goddess of Thunder came from behind, grabbing Nur by the shoulders and trying to rip him off. Nur swung round, slashing her face with a sword that appeared in his hand. He didn't stop there. Nur drove his blade through the Goddess' chest, then kicked her down the marble stairs. The three remaining God's watched in horror, all except Apollo. His face was full of rage, and anger. He was known for a bad temper, but Nur had never seen him look this mad.

He closed his eyes, blocking out the image. Nur was watching himself... the remake of all things that had happened in his time... from Hanzou to En-Sabah-Nur... He closed his eyes tighter... blocking out the noise and the image completely...[/I]

En-Sabah-Nur opened his bright blue eyes. No emotion showed, his face was masked. It was a dream... but a dream that told everything in a horrible way. Nur was lay down on the stone tablet, staring up at the dark ceiling of his lair. Water dripped from the roof, but not on Nur. He sighed heavily, standing upright and looking around the room. There was hardly anything in the room, except for one large mirror, and a passage way leaning down to the main room of his lair, were most of his army were. Nur sighed again. To his left, a warrior stood with a long sword in his hand and armour, to his right, another warrior with the same sword and armour.

"Gather 10 Horsemen and my Liuetenant, we ride for the mountains... for the chosen ones will begin looking for the first Object soon..."[/SIZE]
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[I] Sephiroth peered out the the dusty window into the falling mists of the night sky. He sat there for a while, pondering what he should do when this is all over,..... If it is ever over. He flashed back to when he was in the tournment, the day his life had changed. He entered the Tournamet for the money. Nothing else. Blades gleaming in the light, he struck first always, and then it ended, always. Until he met Jetaro. Shocked at what had just appeared, Sephiroth had lunged out and... and he met another blade, shaped like a lightning bolt. He sparred with the apperation until he gave up, as the creature had no signs of Tiring.

The world had spun away, a mix of orange, crimson, azure, emerald, all of the colors of the elements. Jet approached him, and spoke,

"Brave Warrior,you are angry. I can tell. You want revenge on your adoptees. Be calm and think. There were many other was to get money. You could of done a number of things. But you chose to fight. I admire that. Do you know what I am?
I am the god of Sky and Thunder, Jetaro. I have chosen you to be the Harbringer of Lightning and Fierce Winds." Said the God in his mythacal voice.

"Do you accept? I think I have some knowledge able to get you to join. Your "family" died in prison. They were killed by The god of Darkness, Hanzou. Do not speak his name in front of him. You will be killed. However, back to the point. They are in his army of the dead, this could very well be your chance to have your beloved revenge. I will give you the strength to fight them, and win. Now, do you accept?"
Inquired Jetaro.

"I accept." Sephiroth said shortly. Jetaro led him out of the portal and back to his dwelling. As soon as Jetaro left, a curious sword flew out of the heveans and into his hands....

His jouney had begun. [/I] [/COLOR]
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[color=orange]Jet appeared through a cloud of smoke and sparks standing right in front of Aquaria, the Water Goddess. She jumped slightly at his sudden appearance and then glared at him. Aquaria had never completally gotten used to having Jet around, replacing the Goddess of Sky and Thunder who had been killed by Hanzou. Jet made an innocent smile and quickly scooted away from her before she decided to hurt him in any way. The gods and goddesses were gathered in a small woods on Earth that wasn't inhabbited by humans. They were the last four of the original six gods and goddess, except for Jet, he was created to be the replacement of the Goddess of Sky and Thunder, who had been brutaly murdered by Hanzou. Hanzou was the God of darkness who had turned evil and taken the War God's soul for him own. The only ones left were Aquaria: Goddess of Water and Ice, Apollo: God of Fire and The Sun, Freya: Goddess of Earth and Nature, and of course himself; Jetaro: God of Sky and Thunder.

"Did you deliver your message?" Apollo asked with a concerned look in his eye. Jet cocked an eyebrow, wondering what he ever did to make them uncertain of his ability to give a simple message to some mortal.

"Of course I did, and I made it seem like I was all powerful and could smite him with ease if I wanted to. Ya know, the way Aquaria would have done it." Jet announced with a laugh as he crossed his arm behind his back. He soon stopped his giggling when Aquaria gave him another one of her death stares. [/color]
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