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Anime Anime Expo 2004


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[b][url=http://www.anime-expo.org/index2004.html]Official Anime Expo 2004 website[/url][/b]

This year's Anime Expo is being held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, which is only about a half hour or so from where I live. The actual convention will be from July 2nd to July 5th and I'm hoping to make it there on either the 4th or the 5th (preferably the 4th, heh). Information about ticket prices and such can be found [b][url=http://www.anime-expo.org/reg/index.html]here[/url][/b].

Now, I'm not really a [i]huge[/i] fan of anime, but I want to go because it seems like it'll be a lot of fun and I'm hoping to meet a few people at the expo. I know that OtakuSennen will be going on the 4th and the 5th (which is why I want to go on either one of those days) and he tells me that KarmaOfChaos will be going on the 4th, as well...so, if you can make it to Anaheim on the 4th or the 5th, maybe it'd be nice to have a good group tour the expo. I'll be getting the final word on whether or not I'll be attending tonight, so hopefully I'll have some good news on my attendance, haha.

Of course, there's going to be plenty of stuff to do there, and you can get more details about the expo on the website, since I don't have the time to really run through everything...again, though, it seems like it'll be tons of fun and, hopefully, I'll be able to make it and see a few people there :)

Any other interested parties? If you're already planning to go, what are you looking forward to? Maybe if someone has attended past Anime Expos, they can give us some anecdotes or something to give us a good idea of what to expect there, especially me, since I'm an Anime Expo virgin :p

EDIT: It's official - I'm going. Yay!
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My hubby and I will be going to AX this year, we already paid for this years expo last year! It is so much fun. It is very hard on the wallet since you want to buy everything there.

The panels are great, meeting VA's and artists is even better. Be sure to take your camera since there are some great cosplayers with amazing costumes. Lots of drawings and givaways. I believe John and I got about 15 free t-shirts last year. If you want to check out some of my Anime Expo memories from last year feel free to visit my website, the link is in my profile.

The highlight of going ot cons for me is meeting people I have met online. It is great to put names and faces together. If there is going to be a get together of some type be sure to let me know and John (Novapup) and I will meet up with everyone! I know how some people are leary of meeting people online. I am not. It is a big converntion and there are lots of people around so it isn't like you are meeting privately. But it is always good to be aware of the weird people out there.

There is a pic of John and I in my profile that my friend Jay who writes for Newtype took of us outside of Bucca de Beppo after dinner with VA Reba West. She did the voices of Minmei in Robotech and Tima in Metropolis to name a few. Anime Expo is so much fun. If you are trying to decide to go, definately go! It is well worth the cost to get in.

There are the 24 hour viewing rooms to watch anime all day. The panels that you can hear from artists (and get autographs!). The vendor room where you can shop to your hearts content. Gaming rooms. Dances. Karaoke. Art rooms. Cosplayers-o-plenty to take pictures of....the list goes on and on. And of course the best....free stuff galore too!! That free stuff is good stuff. Posters, manga, t-shirts....the stuff you haul out of there is great!

I can go on for days about how great the con is. One word of advice. Bathe! There are so many otakus out there that only come out of their caves for conventions to restock their supplies. They stink! There is actually a term used at many cons about "No HOBO zone". It is for Horrible Otaku Body Odor. You will smell people you wish you wouldn't have! ADV actually were selling and handing out Otaku soap. It was bars of soap with little plastic anime figurines inside. You must use the soap to get the toy! Brilliant idea!! Now if only some of those otakus would use it!! :laugh:

If anyone has any questions be sure to PM me. I am more than happy to help out with any info I can give. Comfy shoes and take your own snacks. Important if you want to have a good time. Lots of walking and the price for food and drinks at the con can really cut into your anime spending.

Oh and another funny. The convention center is right across the street from Disneyland so at many of the hotels around the convention center are families visiting the "Magic Kingdom". You should see their faces when they see cosplayers!! Oh, and they do have very strict rules about cosplaying Kingdom Hearts characters so be sure to read the rules on that if you are planing on it. It is because of the close location to Disney. Don't want the happy family from the midwest thinking they are talking to a Disney Cast Member when it is really a cosplayer who is messing with them!

Eeek, long post. I'll quit now!
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[color=deeppink][size=1]I went last year, and it was a lot of fun. ^_^

And I wasn't much of an anime fan, either. Just grab as many freebees (they had cool pens last year) as you can and take as many piccies of the cool cosplayers! You might want to pack your own lunch, or something, though, since the food was kinda expensive. ...And if you've got an autograph book, be sure to bring it. Lots of autography-ness (...from artists I don't know but ANYwho).

(Gah! I can't believe I didn't see you last year, Shinmaru! I met Josh and Yoshi. *was shy-er back then, though* @_@')

Have fun everyone who's going! ^^[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1][FONT=Arial][color=deeppink]I am indeed, going as well. Unless for some reason we can't find a way to get there, which is highly unlikely. Anyway, Shinmaru, OtakuSennen, instantramen47 (I think), and myself, are meeting in the Anaheim Convention Center Lobby on the third day of the convention, which will be the 4th of July, at around noon. So, if you're planning on going and want to meet up with us, let us know so we can look for you!

I think Sennen is planning on wearing a sign, so it shouldn't be that hard to find us, lol. ^^;;

The convention is bound to be a lot of fun, what with the cosplayers, Trade Room goodies, and workshops. So if you think you can be there, do all within your power to get there!


EDIT: I will be there all 4 days of the convention, so if you're not going to be there on the 4th, I can still meet up with you before or after then. Shinmaru, sadly, will only be there on the 4th, and Sennen will be there the 4th and 5th.[/color][/FONT][/SIZE]
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