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RPG Navaret's Rings~

Dragon Warrior

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[size=3][b]Navaret's Rings[/b][/size]
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The following are the players' profiles:
[u]Dragon Warrior[/u]
[b]Name:[/b] Navaret Dirsk (I know! My name is Navaret. I mean, wtf?!)
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Age:[/b] 23
[b]Look:[/b] Normal villager clothes of his town Gotherin. He wears his normal brown shirt and black pants with the dark brown robe. Being a blacksmith, he tends to have a blacksmith?s apron on whether he?s at work, going to work, or coming home from work. He can look a bit dirty from that as well. His dark blonde hair usually shows signs of his messy job. His house is next to a stream so he cleans off there. If he?s not messy, he?s usually not at work that day, but that was rare. Naturally he?s grown some heavy muscle from his hard job. Gotta be strong for this kind of work.
[b]Personality:[/b] Before his wife?s passing, he was usually charming and fun to be around. Like anyone, he had his moments of depression since a blacksmith?s life wasn?t always glamour and gold, especially in Gotherin. Once he met his wife, he never seemed sad and therefore he wed her quickly. After her departure, he never seems too happy. He?ll give a smile to be courteous or a wave to a neighbor. Life is not the same anymore. But he?s still kind. He just shows his hurt for her through a constant frown. As a year passed, he got over it more and became less pesky. He was, after all, very young and time did strange things to people. He needed to move on and so he did. He?s now slightly less cheerful than he was before he met his wife, but more than he was after her passing. He was back--just not as much.
[b]Ring Type:[/b] Sword Ring
[b]Information:[/b] He?s pretty much had a normal life of a person in Denrohedge. He lived a life on a farm with his family until they moved to Gotherin. There, he was trained to be a blacksmith by one of his father?s friends and best customers of their old farm. There was no farming in Gotherin so his father made a living by helping build homes. His mother took care of the family at home. Soon, Navaret was old enough to live by himself (when he got the ring, marking his new age of manhood), so his parents left him a year later to make a new farm not too far North. Navaret stayed happily in the house in Gotherin until he became an official world-class blacksmith and made a profit off his work.

Then he met Lendess. She too possessed the sword ring and was a blacksmith. She was a traveling one, though, so he had never seen her before until she arrived in Gotherin for her first time. Upon meeting her, he talked with her until they grew into a friendship and eventually a relationship. Navaret was only 21 when he wed her, but she was only 20. It wasn?t more than a year later that a crazy man with an eye patch and two missing fingers on his left hand had killed her. He attacked insanely with the power of his ring, being a Black Ring and casting the dark arts on them. For a crazy old man, he was powerful and left Lendess no choice, but to fight back. The moment she released her Second Form, the old man fought her and took her ring away from her finger, killing her instantly. He ran off laughing as if a victory was won for the world. Navaret didn?t move. He wasn?t sure what to do in such a situation.

As said before, he went through depression. His parents never heard about Lendess? death or even Lendess at all. A pity too. She was everything to him. Now he continues to work as a blacksmith in Gotherin. His life wouldn?t seem to be any brighter until one day, he was informed that people of each village must set out and stop the Ring Hunters?

[b]Name:[/b] Keladry Mindelan "Kel"
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Age:[/b] 23
[b]Look:[/b] (also has green pants and black boots/looks a bit older)
[b]Personality:[/b] She is a very kind and sweet person, though she can get angry very easily when she wants too. Kel is a fairly quick thinker and is able to stay calm when in a bad situation. She isn't too serious about things because she always looks to the bright side and never thinks of the worst. She is able to hide her emotions by keeping a strait, solid face. So, if she's ticked off and is actually planing to beat the snot out of you once you turn around, you wouldn't have guessed it. Kel sees her self as a protector, she'll help anyone who needs it.
[b]Ring Type:[/b] Nimble Ring - A Silver ring with a pattern of gold wrapping around it's outside (looks celtic). Is the middle of a swirling gold area is a Light green stone.
[b]Information:[/b] Ever sense she was a young child, Kel had always wanted to be a warrior or knight to protect Denrohedge from what ever would threaten it. She told her parents this when she was a young child and they were a bit surprised because not very many girls wanted to be fighters. When Kel turned 10, she went to a training camp where young people like herself would learn how to fight like warriors until they recieved there rings.

Kel was one of the few girls, so most of the boys there would give her a ruff time and try to convince her to give up. Though, she kept her face straight while cursing inside her own head. Even though she was knocked around, Kel became very strong and was eventually excepted by most boys once they realized she could keep up with them. When Kel recieved her Nimble Ring she headed back to her town and became one of the guards there. It wans't very exciting, but she would get to fight off a Ring Hunter or two every once in a while.

Recently, a message came to the town that all fighter were to go after the Ring Hunters (Who had grown in population) and finish them once and for all. Kel started packing right away.

[b]Name:[/b] Arith Mondar
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Age:[/b] 21
[b]Look:[/b] Arith wears a dark blue sleeveless silk dress that ends a few inches above her knees, and it has a Mandarin collar-thing. Nothing too fancy, but it's practical. Since she's always outside wandering or running errands, she wears a dark green hooded cloak. She has reddish-gold hair tied in a loose braid, and she has dark green eyes.
[b]Personality:[/b] She gets bored easily. And she's claustrophobic. But other than that, she's quick to learn, and loves to spend her free time outside of the village (obviously because of her claustrophobia). But because she tends to avoid people, many people call her antisocial, and some who don't know her very well tend to think that she is a snob.
[b]Ring Type:[/b] Cloak Ring
[b]Information:[/b] Arith has a relatively large family: a mother, a father, 3 older brothers, an older sister, two little brothers, a little sister, and a little dog. (Heh. No wonder she freaks out around large groups.) Her father's a merchant, her oldest two brothers are city guards, and her mother and other siblings help around the house. She also loves maps. Alot. Which is why her family sends her on all the errands to and from different villages, and also why she was given the cloak ring when she turned 20. If she ever came across any trouble on the road---such as Ring Hunters, she could easily avoid it. She's currently trying to start a delivery service.

[b]Name:[/b] Cleon Numair
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Age:[/b] 25
[b]Look:[/b] Cleon Numair Normal Form:
As a young man of 25, from all of his hard work his muscles seem hard packed. When the wind blows through his blonde hair, his light blue eyes scan the surroundings. When he is working he always carries a small blade on his right side, a little above his knee. Standing 6?0, his weight being at 180 pounds. Although none of his weight is fat.

Cleon Numair in his Ring Form:
A large broad double bladed axe located on his back, the handle pointing skywards. Reaching over his back, Cleon, his massive muscles seem to bulge as he grips the axe. Weighing over 220 pounds, none being fat. Swinging his 60 pound axe as if it weighed as much as a feather. Standing there, with his axe handle in his right hand, broad shoulders bulging his shirt. He looked down on both his sides. Seeing around three small axes on his left and around 4 on his right. This small axes weigh around 10 pounds, excellent for throwing. His blue eyes searched the surroundings, eager to do something, blonde hair waving in the wind.
[b]Personality:[/b] Cleon is a very friendly person. Growing up his parents taught him to respect others, although never to trust them thoroughly. When he was around 15 his parents had told him what had happen to there house after trusting a stranger to stay the night. The stranger stole all there gold. The gold that they needed to survive.

His manners is extraordinary due to his raising. Seeing women he always stops and bows or nods his head. When other?s is talking he listens. For he does not talk much, instead he thinks a lot of things through, this his Dad had told him.
[b]Ring Type:[/b] Axe Ring

Axe Ring: The golden ring he was given. This ring means much to Cleon, for his pride and his family. Located on his right hand on his index finger. The ring seemed to grow along with Cleon. Through all his hard work he never took off the ring. Instead he wiped it clean of dirt, water, dust, etc.
[b]History:[/b] Cleon?s past has been hard. Since he was around 12 years of age he worked for what he had to use. Working from morning to almost midnight, his muscles soon became hard. His Dad and Mother always was there for him. When he got the Axe Ring both of his parents were glad for them.

Around the house he used the Ring so that he could help out his Dad and Mom. Both were supremely happy for him. When he told them that it was in him to journey, they accepted and prepared food for him. Also they gave him gold, at first he did not accept but they pushed until he did accept. Hugging them both he stepped out into the afternoon and began his journey at 23. Now he has been journeying for a couple of years, so he does not stay in one place long.

[b]Name:[/b] Denithell Mirith
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Age:[/b] Mid 50s
[b]Look:[/b] As a man and a traveller his age Denithell has a rather worn and aged look to him, his height of 6'2 and his dark piercing blue eyes represent the only physical evidence of strength. His long whitening hair and beard only further thoughts of weakness about him, although to test such a theory would be a mistake. He dresses in long slate grey colored robes to blend in to a crowd during the day and to avoid the contact of those he'd rather not meet during his travels at night.
[b]Personality:[/b] Quiet and reserved, Denithell speaks rarely and only if it is required of him, this restrain often leads to him being regared to as cold and unfeeling. However to Denithell his own silence allow him endless contemplation on what another has said. Once past his seemingly cold exterior, one will find Denithell to be a compassionate soul with a love for nature and all it's beauties, those who go so far as to make his friendship will find him to be a loyal and worthy companion.
[b]Ring Type:[/b] Light Ring
[b]Information:[/b] Little in known about the man known as Denithell Mirith, an aged traveller his legacy lies only from his childhood up until his Coming of Age and finally the revieving of the Ring of Light. (Will continue from here).

Let's start this puppy :devil:

Navaret was on his way. Yep, he was riding his horse Cantalye and things seemed to flowing smoothly as he crossed through the woodland trails. Gotherin was mostly surrounded by forest areas so one couldn't help, but travel to a destination without running through the woods or nearby thicket. It was even that time of day that the sun showed through the canopy above and made the particles of wisp and whatnot in the air seem like floating magic specks. An enchanting time. But naturally, Navaret had his mind elsewhere.

There wasn't a day that passed without him thinking of Lendess, but he tried to occupy his mind with his work and on this day, his work was to find some Ring Hunters. He usually wasn't one of the Ringers in the world to actually use his ring for more than a brawl. This was a special time, it seems.

Navaret rode Cantalye over to a running stream and dismounted him. Splashing the cold water in his face, Navaret began to feel refreshed and his thoughts of his past Lendess slipped away once more. He didn't want them to and yet he did. He wasn't far from Gotherin at the moment. Maybe a day's ride or so. That also meant he was in dangerous territory of monsters.

After some drinking, he felt the forest area grow quiet. The birds no longer chirped and the stream produced the only sound. Even Cantalye looked uneasy. Navaret stood and looked around. Something was coming near. Could it be a fellow Ringer? Maybe an evil one. This could mean trouble so Navaret readied his ring to release his soul. That's when what it was showed through the brush before him.
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[size=1][color=SlateGray]Cleon Numair stepped out from where he had hidden. The brush seemed to blend along with his clothes. Light blue eyes looked over the stranger in front of him. Cleon, clearly not worried, jumped to the other side of the stream. Landing on a soft patch of grass, small dust clouds came from the ground. Standing 6?0 foot right in front of the stranger.

Not liking to talk, Cleon stood there, blonde hair waving in a soft breeze. His blue eyes studying the figure in front of him. Noticing the man?s broad soldier, and the blacksmith?s apron hung on the saddle of his horse. Raising his hand he showed the stranger the gold ring on his index finger.

The stranger stood staring at the ring then showed his own. Sunlight shown through the leaves and bounced off both of there rings. Cleon let his arm fall back to his side. The stranger?s face seemed to show what he was feeling and had felt. Although his eyes showed no weakness. Nodding to the stranger, Cleon went into the brush, no sound was made. It seemed Cleon had disappeared in the woods.

Later, around two miles where he had met a stranger he stopped beside a small stream. Kneeling he cupped his hands under the water and brought it to his face. Never putting his face into the stream. The reason, he could not see his surroundings and some one or something could attack. As he drunk, his eyes scanned the area.

After drinking he leaned himself against a large oak tree and set there. Head and back resting against the bark of the tree, his eyes still ever alert. Studying the sounds around him he accustomed himself with the surrounding sounds, he noted them sounds to pick up any unusual ones. Closing his eyes, he relaxed.[/size][/color]
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[size=2][color=#009966]Arith: "Finally!"[/color][/size]

[size=2][color=#009966][i]Arith was vastly relieved to finally be by herself. She had been trying to get from her home to the village exit so that she could deliver a letter, but today was market day, and all the streets were swarming with merchants, peddlers, and hundreds of people buying food or running errands. Just when she thought that she would go insane, she saw the gates come into sight. She ran to them as if they were her only sanctuary and tried to catch her breath. After she calmed herself, she started walking down the trail, making sure that the letter was still safely secured in her cloak pocket.[/i][/color][/size]

[i][size=2][color=#009966]It was about mid-afternoon when Arith stopped to rest. She sat down under a tree near the edge of a river and took out the letter, making sure she knew exactly where it was to be delivered. She was reciting the address over and over when a gust of wind suddenly ripped the letter out of her hand and flung it into the river. With a wild cry, she ran to the edge and was about to dive into the river when the letter disappeared completely. She stopped herself, letting her shoulders droop as she heaved a deep sigh. [/i][/color][/size]

[size=2][color=#009966]Arith: "Well, there goes the rest of my career...."[/color][/size]

[size=2][color=#009966][i]She turned, facing the direction back home, imagining the woman's anger should she find that the letter was lost when she heard a twig snap some yards behind her. She whirled around, one hand reaching for the hilt of her sword and the other reaching for her ring. She stilled her breathing long enough to listen for any sounds. She heard hooves, moving at an easy walk. Arith moved swiftly off the path, hiding behind the large tree. She held her breath, waiting until she was sure that the horse and rider had passed. She let out her breath softly and stepped back onto the path.[/i][/color][/size]
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Navaret continued riding away on Cantalye, unaware of the presence of Arith. He was making his way along the trail towards a village nearby that had sold some of the best produce in the land. It was indeed time to pick up some raspberry cordial and vittles. He didn't get far, though, for he ran into a wolfenbare. Wolfenbares are the darker form of a werewolf. I know what you're thinking: aren't werewolves dark as it is? Believe it or not, they're the kind ones. Wolfenbares are the hideously larger and more fierce cousin.

Cantalye bucked, but Navaret held on with great ease. "Woah, there, Cantalye!" he said with quick reassurance. Navaret didn't remove his eyes from the approaching wolfenbare. There were a few more howls and more appeared to accompany their blood-thirsty brother. "Wolfenbare? Here? This isn't right." Navaret readied a hand on a small dagger at his side. His ring made a quick flash as if in preparation to unmerge his souls. But there were too many. It didn't matter if he did split into his second form. He had at least ten in front. To his sides, five or six. He wasn't even sure how many watched from hiding places.

Instead, he made evasive action and lashed the reins. He quickly whipped around and charged Cantalye through the three wolfenbares behind him and zipped down the path, kicking up dust like a whirlwind. Wolfenbares were fast animals, but Cantalye was a Helopian Horse, which were a horse breed from the Hills of Casassa and they were definately faster.

At this time, Arith had been back on the path, trying to find the letter that was lost in the river. The hoof sound in the air reformed. "Again?" she said under her breath. She quickly made her way to the side of the road as Navaret rode past, once more unaware of her presence. She glanced down the path after him, then to where he came from. Her lit up at the sight of Wolfenbare. They had spotted her as well. "Wolfenbares!" Navaret heard this and flung Cantalye around. He spotted Arith readying herself. She was definatelty armed, but in no way possible able to fight off a good fifteen wolfenbare alone, give or take a few. Navaret rode back, unsheathing his small dagger and readying his ring. He shouted his warcry as he charged the foul beasts. If he was going to fight, he was gonna do it with style.
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[size=1][Color=SlateGray]Cleon was not far from the small village and heard the large battle like cry. He quickly got to his feet and through the woods. After a few minutes he was there looking into the faces of the Wolfenbares. The stranger he had seen earlier was there, and another young woman. Smiling, he twist his ring and said outloud his name.

"Cleon Numair."

It seemed time kind of stopped, his body was there, but with another much larger one. Cleon along with his other form, charged into the Wolfenbare's. Reaching over he felt a small axe come into his handle. His other self, had gave it to him. Cleon's ring form swung the Broad 60 pound axe easily, under the swing he felt a Wolfenbare give under his axe's blade. Cleon, himself, charged at a Wolfenbare, his small knife along with the 10 pound axe that was given to him. Working on the beast's chest, when he was done, the Wolfenbare lay there howling blood running from it's chest.

The young woman had around three Wolfenbare around her. He knew she could take atleast two because of her second ring. The Axeman charged in, the large broad axe slicing into the nearest Wolfenbare. All three had rings, all three was using them.[/size][/color]
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[color=#009966][i]Arith lashed out with her sword, severing whatever was in the blade's sweeping path. The other two men were doing the same, and for a moment there was a slight break in the onslaught. She took advantage of the pause and activated the ring, muttering the proper words.

For a moment it seemed as if nothing had changed, but then, as if by some invisible force, the wolfenbares were once again under attack, though Arith had made no movement. That was because the warrior side of Arith was invisible, causing confusion among the wolfenbares while both Ariths continued to fight.

One wolfenbare, gathering his wits, used his keen sense of smell to find the invisible Arith. His nostrils flared, and with his notorious speed, his sharp claw slashed at the air. A few drops of Arith's blood from a scratch on her left arm fell on the upturned earth, and in half a moment the wolfenbare's head fell right beside it. She looked up and saw the other two men finish with their lot of the creatures, and the few remaining wolfenbares turned and fled. With the fight finished, she murmered the reverse spell, joining both Arith's back into one.[/i][/color]
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Navaret was pleased his ring was not needed for the fight, though he felt weaker that the other two did most of the work. He scoffed at the fact that a [i]girl[/i] did more of the killing than he. Then again, he was the kind of guy to get jealous over such things. He let that image slip away as he admired the area.

"They may return," said Cleon as he reversed his ring to recollect his soul. Once one again, he began to pace back to where the wolfenbares had fled. "They'll have plenty more. Possibly the rest of the tribe."

Arith nodded and let the new information sink in. She gathered herself and her things and stood at attention. "Then we best get going. No reason to stand around and wait. I'm sure we all have places to go."

Navaret had been mounting Cantalye by this time. "Very well," he said in his business tone. "We shall all go our seperate ways. May your journeys be safe." Cantalye made a few paces forward and back before Navaret lashed the reins and zipped down the trail once more. Arith watched him ride away and turned back to Cleon. He was gone as well. She decided it was her turn to leave the trails. The letter just then washed down the river in her sight. Spotting it, she made haste to catch up with the stream's quick waters.

It wasn't long before the letter caught on a branch that sprouted out into the water's wake. She took cautious steps on the river bank and reached out for it only to fall flat into the water with a splash and a yelp. She got up out of the water and was drenched from head to toe. A small chuckle echoed through the woods and she turned to see Navaret leaning against a tree. "What's so funny?"

"You," he said with the same sly tone of confidence in his voice. He looked Arith over and cracked a larger smile. "Going for a swim?"

"No!" she snapped. She then controlled her tone. "I was retrieving a--" she began, but she thought about the consequences of telling Navaret, for it may help in the damnation of her career so she slyly covered it up, "--something."

"A something?"

"Yes," she said, trying not to make it obvious she was covering something up.

"Did you retrieve it?"

"No, it got away," she said as she approached the river bank and rung out her clothes. Waterfalls of water splashed on to the warm grass grazed with the passionate afternoon sun. "What are you doing here? I thought you were riding somewhere."

"The trail ends up ahead. Big trees had fallen in the way. Cantalye and I had to cross a log to get to this side of the river. We just happened to spot your... foolish attempts." Arith grimaced. What a jerk!
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[size=1][Color=SlateGray]Cleon stood in the midst of the forest, out of sight due to all the foliage around him. Through the crystal clear air he could he had hard what had happened. A smile, appeared on his face. It seemed to disappear as soon as it had appeared. The wind picked up slightly for a second. Cleon Numair's blonde hair blew threw the wind, his blue eyes staring at the two figures away from him.

He knew what he must do, he must follow them, if necassary help them. Earlier he had said that the Wolfenbares may come back, with the rest of the tribe. Standing there, scanning the trail he had just left and watching the path for the Wolfenbares.

They seemed much larger than what he had been told by his parents. Small scratches, and cuts was mainly on his chest. His shirt seemed ripped here and there. Grabbing his small pack of goods, he got out a roll of bread. Breaking a peice from it, he returned the rest to the pack and ate. In the crystal air, words could be hear.

The birds and other animals was talking amounst themselves. The small river's rapids made a small roar, although when he had heard all that was around him now. He could detect whether a sound was out of place.[/size][/color]
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[color=darkblue]Kel read the message from the council over and over again untill she had nearly memorized it in her head. She finally folded it up four times and placed it in a pouch connected to her belt. Peachblossom, her stubborn war horse, gave her a nip on the shoulder for holding onto the reigns while she toyed with the piece of paper. She gave him a smiling glare as they continued to walk along the dirt path, Kel leading him on foot. Soon pushed with another bite on the shoulder, Kel gave in to the redish colored horse and mounted him with some complaining of how she was like the horse and he the owner. They now went at a small trot down the path, the small wood they were in started to grow thicker as they traveled into it.

After hours of riding, the sun was now beating down upon them as it rested right above them. Sweat and foam flew from Peachblossom as he shook his head, trying to be rid of the fly and bugs that were tormenting him. Kel smiled at him and then turned her thoughts back in front of her. Her smile grew even larger as she noticed a small river not too far a head. She patted Peachblossom's neck, assuring him that they would have a break coming up.

As they came closer, Kel could here voices near the river. Though, she didn't think anything of it, most likely they were people who had also been called out to go after the Ring Hunters. There voices soon came to a hush, they had probably heard her coming. After coming into view of the river and its surroundings she saw that her company was of two men and a young women who was soaked to the bone. She quickly noted the rings on there fingers and held up her right hand with a smile, waving to them and also showing them that she had a ring as well. They nodded and the large muscular man motioned for her to join them. [/color]
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