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The planet of Wakusei is at war. The three great nations of Minzoku, Tami, and Kokka are battling over the small continent of Zai. Zai contains the most valuable mineral on the planet, Kouseki. Kouseki contains powerful magic, which the great nations are fighting over to control Wakusei. But, an evil force from Makai, the demon city deep within Wakusei's crust, is planning to take the Kouseki for itself. The demons were banished to Makai centuries ago by the High Council. The High Council sacrificed themselves to banish the demons for all eternity. But their magic that is keeping the demons from escaping Makai has been weakened by a demon by the name of Akuma. The demons are now able to pass through the barrier, and to the surface. If they get the Kouseki, then the planet will be doomed.

The mages of the hidden village of Mura, have had visions of the demons coming, and have sent out their most powerful warriormages to stop them. But they may already be too late...

Please read the entire sheet before signing up, because if you don't, you won't have acorrect sign-up!!!

What your sign-up should contain:
Side: (are you helping the demons, the three great nations in their battle, or the people of Mura?)
Race: (demon or human)
Bio: (make it short)
Magic Element: (the type of magic you use)

My sign-up:
Name: Tatsujin
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Side: The people of Mura
Race: Human
Bio: Was born to a family of mages in Mura. He has been training in the mages ways since he was five, and has now become a full-fledged mage. He was chosen by his people to aid in the fight against the demons.
Magic Element: Fire
Weapon: Katana

Magic Elements:
Water(includes ice)
Thunder(includes lightning)
Holy(I will choose who gets to be this element, since it will be very powerful)
None(If you are a soldier for the three great nations, then you have no element)

Also, only the first 10 people who sign-up can be part of the Mura clan. If you are a demon, the only element you can have is fire or thunder. Also, if your a demon, you have to help the demons of Makai.
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name: mizukage

age: 18

gender: male

bio: an orphan from the start. mizukage learned magic from a retired mage. mizukage looked up to the old mage as his father. one day the old mage slipped and he broke his hips. from that day the old mage got bedridden, and slowly his strength deteriorated. and after a few months he died of old age. his last words to mizukage was to follow his "dreams", which he did not understand at first. but that night he had a dream of demons sealed long ago had become active and began to surface again. he awoke from this nightmare and realized his mentors last words...

magic element: water (isnt water same as ice?)

weapon: battou-style katana
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Yeah, your right. Im going to take ice out of the list and just say that water includes ice.[/QUOTE]

cool! thanks man! cause i got a lot of ideas for water/ice attacks. this will be dope( can i say dope? is it ok? ) anyway i hope to start this soon. so future peeps (people) whos gonna sign up. do it now!!!!!!
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Hey, Im going to do a few changes to the RPG. Not ones that will change the whole story, so don't worry. Im also going to add appearence to the sign-up sheet, which you will need to describe the look of your character. And, Im going to allow you to pick wheter your a demon, or a human. Also, if your human, then you can pick whether your helping the great nations, or the eople of Mura.
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[color=orange][size=2][font=times new roman]Name: Rynia
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Side: Mura
Race: Human
Bio: Rynia was an orphan since she was 5. Her parents were killed somewhere, and all she knows is that they are dead. She is very secluded, and quiet. She doesn?t have many friends, but those she does have she is close to. A down to earth type, Rynia is smart, and very polite.
Appearance: [url=http://www.atpictures.com/display.php?g=clover&img=clover002.jpghttp://www.atpictures.com/display.php?g=clover&img=clover002.jpg]Rynia[/url]
Magic Element: Earth
Weapon: Quarter staff[/color][/font][/size]

Good RPG, Jacob!
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Name: Ziarre (it means sky goddess)
Age: 17
Side: Mura
Race: Human
Bio: Ziarre just appeared out of nowhere. She rarely talks about her parents. She is a very mysterious person.
Appearance: Long black hair, usually in a plait with white eyes. Tall with a commanding presence. Lean, a little muscular.
Magic Element: Thunder
Weapon: Lightning whip
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Name: Zetsumei (nickname- Zet)
Age: 18
Side: Mura
Race: human
Bio: Her family and Tatsujin family were close friends and that caused Zet and Tatsujin to become the best of friends. They are very close and wouldn't go anywhere without the other. Her mother was killed by a demon and he father went after the killers, leaving Zet alone.
Appearance: [URL=http://www.psycko-hentai.de/grafix/gallery/bg10/maggirl.jpg]here add black leather pants[/URL]
Magic Element: water
Weapon: iron staff and gloves with retractble daggers
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