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The planet of Wakusei is at war. The three great nations of Minzoku, Tami, and Kokka are battling over the small continent of Zai. Zai contains the most valuable mineral on the planet, Kouseki. Kouseki contains powerful magic, which the great nations are fighting over to control Wakusei. But, an evil force from Makai, the demon city deep within Wakusei's crust, is planning to take the Kouseki for itself. The demons were banished to Makai centuries ago by the High Council. The High Council sacrificed themselves to banish the demons for all eternity. But their magic that is keeping the demons from escaping Makai has been weakened by a demon by the name of Akuma. The demons are now able to pass through the barrier, and to the surface. If they get the Kouseki, then the planet will be doomed.

The mages of the hidden village of Mura, have had visions of the demons coming, and have sent out their most powerful warriormages to stop them. But they may already be too late...
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The small feild was covered with frost. Although it was summer, it was very cold out. The escaping of the demons of Makai has drastically affected the climate of Wakusei.

A small breeze blew across the field, making Tatsujin shiver. He walked on, breathing out small clouds of mist as he went. The ground was mushy and wet, as Tatsujin's shoes sank in at least four inches. Cluds covered the sky, blocking out the warmth of the sun. It had been like this for days now. Tatsujin reached the end of the field, freezing cold. He was about to step out into the forest at the edge of the field, when he heard a stick crack. The sound echoed through the silence of the air. He thought maybe someone was following him, but decided it was probably nothing. Tatsujin walked on into the forest.

It was even colder here from the shade of the tall trees. No animals were found anywhere in the forest. They had probably fled because of the scent they caught from the demons. Animals had a strange ability to sense a demon long before humans do. Tatsujin reached a small clearing with a stream running through it. He decided to take a rest and refill his water canister. He filled up his canteen, and than layed back to take a rest. The rushing sound the stream made was relaxing. With no other sounds but the rushing of the stream, Tatsujin almost dozed off. Suddenly, he heard some rustling in the bushes.

Now he definetly thought he was being followed. The rustling began again. Tatsujin put a hand on his sword, ready to attack at any time. The bush rustled again, and this time, Tatsujin lunged at it, slicing it with his sword. His very sharp sword easily cut the bush in half. He checked to see if anyone as there, but there wasn't. He turned back around and almost jumped, as right in front of him, was a small child.

The child was at least eight. It stared into Tatsujin's eyes, never blinking.

"So, are you the one whos been following me this whole time" he asked angrily.

The child only stared, with a look that seemed to have no emotions.

"Go away kid"

He stilled stood there, staring even more deeply.

"I said go away"!

The kid didn't move.


Tatsujin turned away fromthe child, about to walk away. He turned back to face the child, but he was gone. It was very strange. Tatsujin had very heightened senses, yet he didn't hear the kid leave.

"Wierd kid", Tatsujin said with a raised eyebrow.

The forest was once again silent as a grave, and tatsujin began his long journey to save the planet.
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Running after Tatsujin through the forest and Zetsumei tripped and fell forward.
Tatsujin turned around."What do you want Zetsumei?"
"I told you it's ZET!"She rose to her feet and gave him an evil look.
"Sorry 'Zet'! Anyway what do you want?"
"Well duh! I'm coming with you to protect Mura! Now lets go. Come on I'm hyped up!"Jumping up and down smiling her midevous grin.
"Your always hyper Zet."He said as he rolled his eyes. Trying to put on a seroius face he broke out lafting. They both smiled and walked or rather Tatsujin walked will Zet ran along his side playing with a ball of water in her hands. She slowed down till she was a good distance away from him. She freezed the water and turned it into snow. Holding it infront of her she threw it at Tatsujin head and hit it dead on. He turned and cast her an angry look. Looking around with her hands behind her back whistling.
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The flutter of a coat caught Zet and Tatsujin's attention. A tall, lean figure stepped out of the forest growth. The light revealed a person with long black hair and pure white eyes. A whip hung in a coil at her hip.
" So you are the ones who are going to save us from the demons?" the girl said breathily. Tatsujin looked this girl up and down, inspecting her.
" Yes, we are. Once we have everyone with us, we'll go after those demons!" Tatsujin said strongly.
" May I join you on your perilous quest?" she asked, eyeing both of them with her pure white eyes, her arms folded.
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"Hey what ya do that for", he asked angrily.

"Do what", said Zet with a smile on her face.

Tatsujin decided to ignore her and kept walking. But before long, he felt another hard whack against his head. He whiped the snow from the back f his neck, conjured up a fireball, and turned back toward Zet.

"Now how many times have I told you not to play with fire", he asked her with a small smirk on his face.

Without even letting her answer, he threw the fireball a foot in front of her. She jumped out of it's way as the flames spitterd out directly where she was standing.

"Hey, you could've fried me"!

"Your the quickest person I know. Even if i was trying to hit you, it would still have missed."

"Well thank you", Zet said proudly.

The two kept walking on till they reached the edge of the forest.

"Hey, look", said Zet, pointing to a small village over the hill.

"That is Shigai, our first stop".

"I know that, I was just informing you that we're here".

They walked up toward the village when they finally reached the gates. They were about to enter when Zet heard a scream.

"Hey what was that", asked Zet.

Without even answering, they both ran back towards the area where the scream came from. They ran till they found a young girl being attacked by a demon.

"The Demons are already here", said tatsujin angrily.

He had barely finished his sentence when Zet shot a many ice spikes out of her hand, impaling the demon and killing it.

Tatsujin sat there with his mouth open.

"Well that was easy", Zet sad rather braggingly.

Without another word, thay headed back toward the village entrance.
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The girl had followed them to Shigai. She could sense evil lurking about in the village, evil that Zet and Tatsujin weren't aware of yet.
" I will not let them get hurt, Ziarre don't you dare let them hurt."
She watched Zet and Tatsujin walk towards the villlage entrance and followed them. Ziarre unhooked her whip from her hip and let it unravel. She followed Zet and Tatsujin until they turned a corner. Ziarre ran to the corner and looked around it. They had disappeared! Frantically, Ziarre looked around the village square. They had disappeared. She made her way to an alley.
" They have to here somewhere!" Ziarre said to herself urgently. Suddenly, she felt the cold sensation of metal against her neck.
" Who are you?" Tatsujin asked.
" I am Ziarre. I want to join your group. I have the power of lightning and thunder and I want to help. If you'll let me."
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"Come on Tatsujin don't be so mean." After Zet spoke Tatsujin lowered his sword.
"Fine you can come with us. I'm going to gather some info."Tatsujin walked of and turned a corner. Zet smiled and turned to Ziarre.
"Hi sorry about him. He can get a little moody. By the way my name's Zetsumei but most people call me Zet.What's your name?"
" Ziarre it means sky goddess."
"Cool my name means death. Well I'm gonna go and find Tatsujin either that or hang out with you. Your pick my friend."
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Ziarre looked at Zet and smiled.
" Let's go see what Tatsujin is doing and what info he's collected." Zet nodded and they both walked out of the alley into the villlage square. Ziarre rubbed her neck where Tatsujin had his sword pressed against it.
" Oh Zet, I never got to thank you."
" For what?" Zet replied.
" For stopping Tatsujin."
" Oh no problem."
" So, can I ask, what elemental powerdo you have?"
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Zet formed another ball of water and looked at Ziarre.
"Water!" Zet smiled and looked around a corner her smile faded. She let the water run threw her fingers. A child sat crying over a body.

[I]"Daddie why won't won't mommie wake up and why is red water coming out of her?"Zet said in a worried voice, tears fell from her eyes.
"It's okay stay next to me Zetsumei."Her father picked up the limp body and grapped Zet's hand harshly and ran back towards Mura.[/I]

Zet had known that her mother was dead and since her mother had died and her father had left her all alone she had never let anyone call her by her full name again. She walked over to the child and bent down.
"Did a demon do this?"
The child nodded with a tear stained face.
"I'll avenge your parent."
Zet stood up with a furry in her eye and looked down. A path of footprints lead to the exit of the town. Grapping her staff and summuning water Zet ran off. The water circled the staff.
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Ziarre sprinted after Zet. After catching up with her, Ziarre grabbed her by the shoulder.
" Zet, hang on. Think about this reasonably. You need to use your element to your full advantage. You can't fight in a battle with anger in your mind. You have to focus. If you don't you could hurt innocent people in your anger." Ziarre took Zet by her hand and looked into her eyes. Ziarre could see the horrible things that hd happened to Zet.
"I can see in your eyes that you have already learnt one of the hardest lessons in life. Just don't make another child go through what you went through because of your anger."
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Tatsujin was going around the town, gathering information. He had just entered a tavern when he sensed something.

"Somethings wrong".

He walked out of the tavern, and back to the main square. He looked towards the village gate and saw Zat and Ziarre talking. Zat looked really angry, and it seemed that Ziarre was trying to calm her down. Tatsujin decided to go and take a look at what was happening. He ran towards them, finally reaching them.

"Hey, whats going on"?

"I have reason to believe that theres a demon here", said Zat.

"Really? how did you find out", asked tatsujin.

"A child's mother had been killed, and the child sad a demon did it".

"Well, you can't go running off to fight it on your own, we don't even know where the demon is", he told her.

"Lets head back to the child and ask if he saw the demon, and if he did, ask him which way it went".

They all headed back towards where the child and his dead mother was. They found him, still crying over her death.

"Hey kid, sorry about your mother, but you are sure it was a demon that did it", tatsujin asked.

The child nodded.

"Did you see where the demon went"?

The child pointed towards the west.

"Thank you. We promise we will avenge your mother", Tatsujin said.

The child gave a weak smile as the group walked off toward the west.
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Zet scowled and started to play with the water in her hand. Giving it a shape she froze it and unfreezing it making it into another shape.
"Don't you dare throw another snowball at me Zet!"
Inorging him Zet keep on playing with the water happily. She formed the water into an ice all and with a wave of her hand she moved it slowly towards Tatsujin's head. Ziarre noticed what she ws doing and smiled. The ball of ice was above his head now, letting it drip abit Zet smiled. As the dorp of water hit his head Tatsujin looked up and Zet quickly unfroze it giving Tatsujin a faceful of water. He turned quickly.
"What you said don't throw 'snowballs' and I didn't. Ask Ziarre. It wasn't a snowball was it?"
"Nope".She answered through her lafter.
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Tatsujin, stood there, cold and wet from Zat's waterball.

"You know what, if you weren't a really good friend, I would of cooked you to a crisp by now", he said angrily.

Zat smiled really wide, while Ziarre let out a small giggle.

"You know, I think we should stay here for the night", said Tatsujin.

"Wait, we need to go after that demon", said Zat.

"Oh, don't worry, I think the demon is right here in this town".

Zat and Ziarre looked confused, but followed Tatsujin to an inn on the other side of the square.

"Hey Tatsujin, what do you mean by the demons still in the town. the child said it went to the west", Zat said informatively.

"Don't worry you guys. Just wait untill nightfall, and I'll show you what i mean", he said.

They walked intot he warm inn. Tatsujin felt the warmth wash over him, giving him a very comfortable feeling. They walked up to the innkeeper.

"Three beds", Tatsujin told the innkeeper.

The innkeeper handed Tatsujin a key, and thay headed up the stairs. Tatsujin unlocked the door to their room, and entered.

"Okay, its almost nightfall guys. I guess its alright to tell you up here", he said.

Zat and Ziarre sat down, looking at Tatsujin.

"Okay, remember that child"?

Zat and Ziarre nodded.

"Well, when we went to the child to ask him where the demon went, I sensed a demon near".

"I did too, but I thought it was just the dead mothers body, because when a demon touches someone, it leaves its scent on them", said Zat.

"I know, I thought it was the mother too, but the scent was coming from the child, meaning that hes a demon. Hes the one who killed his mother".

Before they could continue, they heard a scream, and a liud crash outside. Tatsujin rushed to the window to see outside. He saw a young woman being thrashed about by a small figure. The child.

"Hurry, the demon childs attacking someone else".

They jumped out of the window, and landed smoothly on the ground. Tatsujin threw a fireball at it, but the demon dodged it and ran off.

"Come on we have to chase it", yelled Zat.

They ran towards the demon that had headed towards the village entrance. I ran through the opening and into the forest. They ran after it.

"It's gone into the forest! Come on", yelled Tatsujin.

They ran into the forest, chasing the demon, not knowing what was in the forest now...
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Ziarre unhooked her whip from her side and let it unravel as they sprinted through the forest after the demon.
"Where could have that child got to?" she asked the others. They didn't answer. All of a sudden, a icy cold wind blew through the forest. Zet, Tatsujin and Ziarre stopped dead in their tracks.
" Something doesn't feel right," Tatsujin said coldly. The dark forest seemed to close in around the trio as they all withdrew their weapons. Gleaming red eyes appeared all around them.
" This isn't good," Zet said, a tad nervously, raising her iron staff in a defensive position. Tatsujin gripped the handle of his katana tightly. Ziarre looked around, summing up the situation at hand.
" This is going to be one rough fight..."
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Zet gripped her staff and looked around. Demons ran at them from the clearing. Turning and seeing that Ziarre and Tatsujin where dealing with their own demons. Firing ice spears at the demons she jumped up into a tree and made an ice spear tip on the top of her staff. Diving down and spearing two demons at once she turned to help Ziarre or Tatsujin. Both had killed the demons they where fighting.
"That was easier than I thought it would be."Ziarre said looking around. Tatsujin nodded but then gripped his katana again.
"They're moving again!"Tatsujin shouted.
"Wait that must mean..."Ziarre started.
"They're reanimted corpes! Crap that demon must pretty darn powerful!"
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Ziarre looked mad, her knuckles white from gripping her whip too hard.
" How are we supposed to kill these things if they keep coming back!"
" I don't know but we have to do it somehow!" Zet said, raising her staff again. Tatsujin said nothing, a vein throbbed in his temple. The corpses of the demons slowly crept towards them, their arms out like zombies, calling for the trio to come to their side. Ziarre cracked her whip in anger. Lightning bolts crackled from around the leather and her hand.
Suddenly, Tatsujin had an idea. He turned to Ziarre and Zet.
" I don't really like doing this but this might just work. How about we join our elements together for a single attack?"
Ziarre turned to him. " Are you crazy? Do you know how powerful that would be?"
" It might be our only chance!" Tatsujin replied strongly. Ziarre bit her lip uncertainly.
" That's a good idea Tatsujin. Let's do it," Zet piped up. They both looked at Ziarre for her co-operation.
" Oh alright. But don't come complaining to me if you get hurt!" she said, giving in.
Zet conjured an energy ball of ice while Tatsujin did the same thing with fire. Ziarre conjured a ball of lightning. The corpses closed in around them.
Tatsujin looked the other in the eyes. " We let go on three." Zet and Ziarre nodded.
" One..." The trio turned around to face the demons.
" Two..." They all held out their balls of energy.
" Three...."
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The balls combined and shot throew the demons, it hit them many times. The ball dissapeared and body parts where all over the ground surounding them. The ground was drenched with blood.
" Uh! I think I'm going to be sick!" Zet said crouching down. Ziarre losened her grip on her whip a lttle.
" Zet do you sence any demons? And you've seen more blood and dead bodies than this before what's your problem?" Tatsujin asked looking at her. Shaking her head she spoke," No I don't feel any demon presence. That kid got must of gotten away. Last question does not matter any more. I think I just used to much water magic." Standing up and using her staff as to support her. Smiling to assure that she was okay.
" See it worked Ziarre." Zet said looking up into the sky and the trees above.
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" True, it did work," Ziarre replied, relieved. Zet got to her feet, looking a bit pale. They left the bloodbath and headed back to the town. Ziarre's legs were a little shaky as they walked. She hated seeing so much death, even if it was a demon's death from her own hands. The only one who didn't seemed fazed was Tatsujin. It looked like his face was made from stone.
" Stop for a minute. I have to sit down for a second," Ziarre said as she collapsed heavily onto a rock next to a big tree. Zet sat where she stood. Tatsujin whirled around, his face darkened.
" What's wrong? We still aren't out of danger yet."
" I know, but just let me breathe for a second. I need to calm down after that," Ziarre replied, a little hotly.
" Ok ok you two. Cut it,' Zet said, keeping the piece, even if it was held by a thread. Ziarre coiled her whip and hooked it to her hip. Ziarre breathed in deeply and closed her eyes. She let out the breath and took another. [I]That smell....[/I] Ziarre kept her eyes closed and tried to find the source of it. The softest growl iminated from above. Ziarre opened her eyes quickly.
" ZET!"
The demon dived for Zet from the top of the tree Ziarre sat next to. Ziarre launched herself at Zet who looked bewildered at Ziarre. She pushed Zet out of the road as the demon landed on her back and ripped the top of her right arm. Ziarre flipped over and pinned the demon to the ground. Ziarre looked at Zet and Tatsujin. They were shocked that her eyes had turned completely black. Ziarre looked back at the demon.
" DIE..." Ziarre hissed through her teeth. Dark storm clouds gathered overhead. A single lightning bolt came from the clouds and struck Ziarre and the demon. The flash blinded both Zet and Tatsujin.
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" OH MY GOD!!! ZIARRE!!",leanimg down next to her," Are you okay?!"
" I'm fine. I'm immune to lighting becaues it already flows through my body."
"But your arm! I'm not that good with healing, but maybe we can get you to the local ..." Zet had turned to the now dead demon and noticed something around its neck. Moving her hand to it's neck she removed the chain. Eyes widened as she examined it, a steel pendent hung from the chain. The pendent seemed to let of an bluishglow, which brighted in her hands.
" My mo...", standing up so quickly that Ziarre and Tatsujin moved back a little," I have some business to take care of." Zet fiinshed in a cold icey voice. She shoved the chain in her pocket and went to grab her staff to notice Ziarre was holding it.
" Give it to me!" Zet said angerly. Tatsujin looked a little shocked he had never seen zet so angry before, and they had grown up together.
" No, I'm not letting you hurt!" Ziarre said while shaking her head.
" Fine then I'll just take it from you!" Zet moved her hand infront of her and whatched as the staff quivered in Ziarre's hands. It vibrate so much that Ziarre counldn't hold it any longer in her weakened state. As soon as the staff thouched the palm of her hand, Zet took off running.
" Don't you DARE follow me!" And with that a thick wall of ice blocked the path that Zet toke.
" Can you melt it?" Ziarre asked.
" No, it's to strong and this is something Zet has to take care of on her own."
" What was that chain?"
" I think it belong to her mother." After that final coment Tatsujin turned and walked off." Come we must tend to your wonds."
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Tatsujin and Ziarre walked out of the forest and into the village square. Tatsujin made Ziarre sit down on one of the benches. He bandaged her arm tightly. Ziarre looked up at Tatsujin.
" What's the deal with the chain and the pendant?"
" It belonged to Zet's mother. She was killed by demons," Tatsujin replied.
" Oh......You know me and Zet are kinda the same. My mother....was killed by a demon..." Ziarre said, looking at the ground. Tatsujin looked at her. She was shaking, not with anger, but with fear.
" Are you scared of the demons?" he asked. Ziarre looked up quickly, her eyes narrowed dangerously.
" No way. I fear what the can do to people who can't defend themselves against them."
" Oh."
" So, are we going after Zet?"
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Zet ran through the forest killing the demons in a flash as they came at her. She slowed down and looked around she had been to this place before. [I]Damn it is him.[/I]
" Come out you murder! I know here this illusion can only be done you! So get your *** out here!!!" A tall slender demon jumped down from above. He simlied a smilie that could strick terror into anyone's hearts.
" So you found me. Good your father was such a waste of time. Didn't even taste good."
" Kumori! You'll pay for did to my mother! I really don't about my father so your down one."
" Not for long though child. Though I must your not the sad eyed child I rememered you as. You have grown quite a bit."
" Your right I have changed so that I could kick your *** back to were you came form!"
"Big talk. Let us see if you can fight without that boy by your side."
The demon ran towards Zet claws ready. Ready Zet sidestepped and hit Kumori with her staff. He came up behind her and slashed her right arm with his claws. Grabbing at her arm as a pain raced up it.
" My poison claws shall kill you in a few hours. It shall be slow and painful I promise you."
Zet stood up inorging the pain and stood ready to fight.
" The more you move the faster the venom will spread don't you?"
" Yes but, I made a vow that I would kill you no matter what!"
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Tatsujin stood still for a moment before answering Ziarre's question.

"Were goning after Zet", he said strongly.

"But wait a sec, you said she should take care of this herself", she said.

"I know, but I sense a strong demon force coming from where she went. She might be in trouble".

Ziarre quickly stood up, and they both headed towards the forest. They ran out of the village and straight into the forest.

"Were getting closer, i can sense it", said Tatsujin.

No sooner did they reach another clearing were, directly in the middle, stood Zet, blood pouring endlessly out of her arm. She was fighting a darkened figure.

"It's him", Tatsujin whispered.

Ziarre unravelled her whip.

"No Ziarre, we can't jump in just yet".

"But why, she looks hurt, she might not last any longer".

"Don't worry, Zets stronger than she looks".

Zet's arm seemed to be weakening. The demon's poison was acting fast. But Zet wasn't going to give up, she was going to kill Kumori even if it killed her too...
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Zet looked behind her but, turned back to Kumori. Aming her good hand at the ground she realesed water from her hand, drenching the soil.
" What are you doing you fool. Oh I get it your making the ground soft so it would be easier to dig your grave."
Concertrating on the flow of water she had soon made a moat of water cirlcing her.
" You think that will stop me?"
"No but this well, ",the water swirled fast making a tornado of water around Zet,"COME FORTH! I NEED YOUR POWER!"
The water soon toke the form of a gaint dragon with huge fangs of ice. The pendent that belonged to her mother glowed brightly virbrating. Grabbing it from her pocket she placed it around her neck. The great beast lunged at Kumori tearing at him with his fangs. It leaned back aiming it mouth at the sky and realesed a tornet of snow.
" Finsh him Aisu!"
Aisu raceing towards Kumori fanging ready to tear him to screads.
" Please show mercy!"
" Me show mercy? Not in a million years buddy!"
" Ple...." Before he could finsh Aisu had meet contact and ripped of the demons head. Once the dragon had devored Kumori it turned it's large head toward Zet and spoke.
" You bear my old masters summing charm who are you?"
" I am your old master child. She was killed by the demon you have just destroyed."
" You share a likeness with her. And only her heir would now my name. From this moment on you are my new master."
Moving close to her he touched her body with his nose and slowly was absorbed inside of Zet. From deep inside of Zet Aisu spoke words that only she could hear. [I]Rest now dear Zetsumei, I will protect you with your mother love.[/I] Zet smilied and nodded. She closed her eyes and fell to the ground to venom's effects had started to work.
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"Zet", Ziarre ran up to Zet, who was laying on the ground.

"Zet, Zet! Are you okay", she asked.

All zet could do in her weakened state was moan. Tatsujin walked up to her, picked her up, and began walking in the other direction.

"Where are you going", Ziarre asked.

"Im taking her to the shaman Jukusei. She is the only one that can heal her".

"Where does this shaman live", Ziarre asked.

"About two miles from here", said Tatsujin.

"We'll never make it in time", she said.

"Yes we will, the water dragon Aisu will give us more time".

"what do you mean by that"?

"He will hold off the spread of the poison as long as possible, so we most hurry".

They began to walk a little faster. The night sky became clear, and the air cold. Tatsujin stopped abruptly.

"Here take Zet", he said as he handed Zet to her.

Ziarre grabbed her,"Why".

Ziarre saw Tatsujin grab his katana, knowing that he sensed more demons. Suddenly, at least a dozen dark figures leaped out of a tree up ahead.

"Go, take Zet and run, don't look back, I'll hold them off as long as I can", yelled Tatsujin.

Following his orders, Ziarre ran as fast as she could while holding Zet. she only hoped she would make it in time...
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Ziarre kept running and running. She didn't know where to but she followed Tatsujin's orders. Zet's head flopped around helplessly in Ziarre's arms.
" Oh Zet, please be ok."
Suddenly, Ziarre realised the forest was getting thinner and thinner. Finally Ziarre came to the edge of the forest. A small, cosy looking cottage appeared in front of her. Breath entered and exited her mouth in quick succession. She ran over to the cottage's door and kicked it since her arms were already in use. An elderly man opened the door. His eyes widened at the sight of Zet.
" Zetsumei!"
" Are you Jukusei?" Ziarre puffed.
" I most certainly am. Come in, come in. Lay Zet on the bed over there," Jukusei said as he opened the door wide. Ziarre rushed in, laid Zet gently on the bed and went to go out the door when Jukusei grabbed her by her arm, the injured one.
" Let go Jukusei, I need to go back out there..." Ziarre started.
" You are injured. Your wound is infected with a mild poison is it not?"
" That's not the point. I am immune to poison. The electricity in my body kills it. Now let me go!" Ziarre wrenched her arm out of the old man's grasp. She sprinted out the door and towards the forest. Jukusei shook his head.
" That girl has always been irrational."

Ziarre sprinted back to Tatsujin as fast as she could. Her body screamed at her to stop pushing herself to her limit of endurance. Once she got to the clearing where Tatsujin had left them, he was nowhere to be seen. Body parts of demons lay scattered across the ground. Tears welled up in Ziarre's eyes.
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