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RPG Final fantasy:blood lines

Prince Van

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Thousands of years ago an ancient evil was unleashed.It was more powerful than all the armies and all the warriors on Crion, it was immense.The people fled in fear of this powerful 'Being' as it approached their land, they abandoned their homes and left their properties, many died out of hunger or thirst.Just the power of the 'being's' presence was enough to completey annihilate kingdoms, it was nearly invincible.The monster used the power of necromancy/necromancery to raise armies of the dead, the armies did his bidding and never questioned him, and what was the fear that he could ressurrect whom ever he wanted.

His armies stormed the towns and with every one person they killed the monsters army grew with power and triumpth.The monsters army was in control of nearly all the kingdoms but one stood strong, the Retgar kingdom.The Retgar kingdom with took all the attacks by the monster's army and retaliated with tremendous force.The key to the Retgar's power lay in magical charms.The charms were as valuable asb the soldiers, but the charms would eventually run out.The charms were losing power ever second, the power of the charms had to be given to a chosen few.A group of young soldiers was chosen to hold this power and they would be the only ones able to defeat the monster.They marched through the 'monster's' armies and headed straight for the monster, because they knew that if they deafeated the 'monster' everything would return to normal.They eventually came to the 'monster's' lair, a volcano just north of the Aros kingdom, they fought the 'demon' for days until eventually, using the knowledge of the ancients trapped the 'demon' in an orb.Everything returned to normal....

But the 'demon' would rise again one day, that day is today.

The power of the ancient charms was passed down through the soldiers blood line.The ancestors of these heroes will have to defeat the 'demon', they are the only ones who can.They must user the powers of the ancients to destroy this 'demon' forever.

[COLOR=Green]Shadowofdeath13 your kingdom is Aros.
I wants oemone else to do the intro scene thingy just too give you more freedom over your character.[/COLOR]
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Letting the arrow fly, Terina watched as the thin shaft made its swift way left of the target. A complete miss. Wiping away a bit of sweat, she felt her heart sink in discouragement. Practicing for two hours had seemed to only make her worse. Not that she had ever been good with a bow and arrow - that was more of her sister's specialty - but she had hoped to improve a bit.

"Princess Terina!"

Terina turned, her eyes concerned at the interruption. But when she saw the mage, she relaxed a bit again. "Oh, yes Tarcen?"

The mage bowed low, but it was only formality, which meant that a guest was present, "Dinner will be served early this evening, as your sister's suitor has just arrived." He left, leaving Terina shocked.

Her dark eyes were wide open. [I]...Another suitor...?[/I] The last one had left about two months ago. Terina, of all people, was extremely wary of suitors, especially her sister's. [I]Oh, Dalila...please don't go.[/I] Dalila, her older sister, had always been her protector; a shield of some sort. Without her guidance...what would she do? Terina shook her head. Brushing dark hair out of her face, she hurried back to the ornate walls of the castle, to get cleaned up and see Delila...
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[COLOR=Sienna]"Hey you! Get off your lazy bum!!"

A hand came down sharply on Zidane's head. Zidane winced and growled,"Hey, what was that for?!?" He looked up to see his twin brother, Dark, staring at him. He grinned,"Let's train. Now. Get up." Zidane rolled over and closed his eyes,"Let me sleeeeep, pleeeeeaase!!" Dark got angry and kicked him. "Get up, NOW!!" Zidane leaped out of bed and grabbed his blade. He turned around and lunged at his brother,"Good enough for you? If I stab you, I'm not taking my blade out of you."

They went outside and sparred for a while, untill Zidane surrendered. "You've *huff*gotten better*huff*. Phew.. let's not do that again." His brother grinned and walked off,"Hey, where are you going?"

"Hmph.Wouldn't you like to know..." Zidane watched his brother walk off. [I]Wait..Is he going to rob someone!?!?[/I], he thought to himself. [I]I've gotta stop him[/I].[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Delila brushed he long hair and watched Terina out her small window. She smiled as she watched her pratcing so hard. Tarcen came into view and bowed to Terina. "He must be telling her that a new sutior has come. She is not going to take this well, she never does." She spoke to no one but herself. Tarcen left and Terina ran up to the castle. She sat at her mirror and finish brushing her hair.

Her door swung open and Terina came in. Delila smiled at her and got up and gave her a hug. "Delila can we talk?"

"Of course we can. You know you can always talk to me." Delila guided her to the chair she was sitting at and started to brush her hair. "I know what is one your mind. My suitors right."

Terina nodded her head. "I don't want them taking you away from me."

Delila leaned down and hugged her again. "No one can ever do that, My dear little sister. You will always be with me. Besides I haven't found one yet that I liked. Mother and Father do pick out the strangest ones and the others seem to follow. even if I did you are welcome to come with me. I do not know what I would without you."

"Do you me that Delila. If I wanted I could come with you." She nodded and smiled at her through the mirror they were both looking at. Delila hugged Terina and she rested her head on Delila's arm.

"Come now we must go down and present ourselves dinner will be served soon." Delila said as she straightend and head for the door.

"Do you know what this one is like?"

"Not a clue. It's always amusing to see them for the first time. Like the one who was almost double my age or the other that I was ten years older. I was honored that they wante dme but.." She trailed off with a laugh.

They headed down the hall and they held hands. The servents bowed as they walked past and Delila nodded her head to them. They went down the grand staircase that was made of marble with redwood bansters. They made a turn right into the dinning hall. Delila seen a young man standing there. [I]Well I guess it time for me to meet him.[/I][/FONT][/COLOR]
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Guest CrazyLatino91
[strike]yo u wanna rap[/strike]

[size=1][color="#FF6666"]Generally speaking, we'd appreciate it if your posts had something to do with the topic at hand. You might also note that the Adventure Arena is for quality role-playing, and in order to participate in one of these RPGs you must first sign up for one in the Recruitment Forum. Rap Battles usually end up in the Battle Arena.

CrazyLatino91, I suggest you read over OB rules before you post again. If you have any questions regarding the rules, feel free to PM a moderator.

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Jim walked around the castle walls followed by some of his advisors, they were all telling him about different ideas and thoughts they had about helping and protecting the Kingdom better. All were crowded around Jim as he tried to make his way to his bedroom and take a breather, once he got there he turned around and slammed the door in front of their faces.

"This is getting out of hand now, there are too many things I have to do" Jim siged as he layed on his bed that was made again by the cleaning service that came around every afternoon. Jim then went to a desk area and started to sign some documents that were left there, it had become nightfall when he was finished but he didn't feel like going to sleep. "Maybe a night walking around the Kingdom might not be so bad" Jim thought as he opene his balcony dooors and stood leaning over the balcony. He had a rope tied to the balcony that lead to the front gates, so Jim climbed down and noticed Marjorjie tapping her foot on the ground as he came to the gorund.

"What are you up to King?" She said as she put her hands to her side.

"Ummm, just going out for a walk. Do you mide at all?" Jim asked, he knew Marjorjie had to come with his anyways, so they both quietly passed the catsle walls and headed towards the town.
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