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Skies of Arcadia: The Beginnings


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*Note:* This takes place 10 years before SOA, so, of the premade characters, you can not chose the following: Fina, Vise, Akra (Sp?) Afonzo, and are there any others? if so, PM me them. and the prince is also off limits *end note*

[I] The Albatross rocked from the cannon fire, being pummeled. Dyne was fighting off an invading crew of Valuans along with his crew. Dyne needed to reach the lifeboats. Searching for an exit, he found a small hole in the side of the ship in the Lifeboat rooms. He threw a rope over the side, killing the Valuans that were engaged in fighting with Dyne. He busted in the hole a bit more and reached the lifeboats. Without hesation, he opened the back and began to push a small boat out off the hull when a dead Blue Rouge fell into the ship. He pushed it off to a small island, as that was the only land in sight. As he climbed into the second lifeboat, he set all of the boxes of cannonballs on fire. No friendly casualties would come of this, since all of the crew were dead.

*KABOOM!" The ship went down in flames. Dyne steered the ship to the small isle he saw earlier. When he landed, he began to make a fire, and soon a home. 2 years passed and this had become a small settlement known as Pirate Isle. Little did they know, Vaula was coming to get revenge. They struck on the 3rd annaiversary of the
death of the Albatross and its crew. Everything in flames, Dyne and 10 others were the only thing that stood against Vaula on the island....[/I]





Appearance/Picture: If no pic, you MUST be detailed

Weapon:Also include element

Starting magic: Only one element, please, unless you are a premade character.

Side: These are the following sides you can be on: Blue Rouges, Vaulan, Black Pirates, Nasr, Ixa'taxa, Yufotoman.

Short Biography: (how did you get to your rank or whatever, and what are you doing now?

Premade Characters:
De Loco
(I can't remember them all)
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