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SPX drawings, oh my.


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[COLOR=Red][SIZE=1]I haven't posted any drawings in a good while, so here are some recent ones. Please C/C. ^_^[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[URL=http://www.pixelpolice.com/upd/Trohan-6-04.jpg]Trohan[/URL] [COLOR=Red]I'm not sure whether anyone remembers my trademark character, Trohan but heres my newest version of her. I looked off my original drawing of her to give it the same fee. Theres a huge diffrence in quality from January 2001 to now, heh. You can view the orignal[/COLOR] [URL=http://www.pixelpolice.com/upd/Original Trohan.jpg]here[/URL].

[URL=http://www.pixelpolice.com/upd/Happy-Memorial-Day.jpg]Memorial Day[/URL]

[URL=http://www.pixelpolice.com/upd/Neo-One.jpg]Neo flying[/URL] [COLOR=Red]I know the guns look weird, thats because the image I was using for a reference had the guns blurred so I did it how I saw, and didn't realize how strange they looked untill I already had it inked. -_-[/COLOR]

[URL=http://www.pixelpolice.com/upd/Older-Naruto.jpg]Older Naruto[/URL]

[URL=http://www.pixelpolice.com/upd/Oshii.jpg]Oshii[/URL] [COLOR=Red]This is an original character. I think he looks like a certain Anime/game character but I can't put my finger on it. :/[/COLOR]


[URL=http://www.pixelpolice.com/upd/St.-Patricks-Day.jpg]St. Patrick's Day[/URL][COLOR=Red]I'm not sure whether I poasted this one either.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]I have more I'll add later.[/COLOR]
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I'm not an expert on the art of "Reviewing Pictures" but i'm bored and i like to express what i think. anywho..

Trohan - I love your shading. Her hair looks a bit awkward. It seems too flat against her head. Her breasts are a bit balloonish. Maybe you shouldn't have the lines above them? Her arms are a bit thick..but i suppose they are suppose to be like that? Her facial structure maker her seems very manly o.O I suppose that is to be assumed as well..Everything else is great :D

Memorial Day - Their noses look quite strange. The middle guys head/neck is SLIGHTLY unporportional to his shoulders. The little kid to the left has unporportional ears o.O and the guy in the middle has a mouth thats very much to the side.

or many i'm paying too much attention to the details... -.-...

next picture!

Neo - Again: great job with the shading. Everything is great. Neo looks kinda kiddish/chibi-ish

Older Naruto - The hair above his right ear is kinda weird. I don't think there should be as much shade in the neck.

Oshii - Now Oshii to me, resembles the longed hair magneta demon dude from Saiyuki. To me, he looks like he's faceing the left. But the direction that you put the nose opposes that. And the hair could shine a bit more.

Haruko - Looking good XD. The hair is kinda plain compared to the rest of the body.

St. Patrick's Day - I can't really say anything about this except that is greater then great. Its kinda cute. The pictures got a kinda soft effect to it and it brings out the holiday a bit.
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[COLOR=Red]Thank you for your honesty xx____forbidden, I appriciate it. ^_^

Here are a few more Same as before, C/C.[/COLOR]
[URL=http://www.pixelpolice.com/upd/Sexeh-girl.jpg]Sexeh girl[/URL]

[URL=http://www.pixelpolice.com/upd/Jordan-vg.jpg]Jordan playing games[/URL] [COLOR=Red]This is suppose to be a Chibish version of my brother.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]Its obvious what this is from. His head in the background is men't to be a silhouett. I don't plan on inking it, I'm afraid I'll ruin it. -_-;[/COLOR]

[URL=http://www.pixelpolice.com/upd/Power-boy.jpg]Power boy[/URL]
[COLOR=Red]I got the idea for this from [URL=http://applegeeks.com]AppleGeeks.com[/URL]. I screwed up on the books, the pencil version looked much better.[/COLOR]

[URL=http://www.pixelpolice.com/upd/Sketches.jpg]Sketches[/URL] [COLOR=Red]Random sketche, nuff' said. ^_^[/COLOR]
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Ahhhhh so much to comment on :rolleyes:... So i'll just pick a few of your pieces I like the best :p

Sexah Girl:

:]... I think you really chose a good pose for this image tiz unique, and sexah :love: Now a days i'm big into the yellow-blue color scheme as well so that's another big plus, however I think the extending finger with the fingernail looks somewhat odd x_X... I think you should also have made more of the other fingers visible =O. Other than that, this is probably my favorite piece of yours.

Power Boy:

Um nice pants o_O... Once again I like your shirt design and color scheme, I really wish I could put in wrinkles such as you do; I've never been able to make it look right in either my PC or pencil drawings. As for the books the only problem I see with them is that they're somewhat leaning too far forward and could have been positioned further down (atleast that's how i'd hold my books if they weren't all crammed into my gym bag with my smellah soccer equpiment ^_^'').


=/ with this image I think you made Naruto look a little too old and buff. Hmmm... maybe it's just odd seeing him without his orange jump-suit but overall I think the drawing could use some work... (Possibly a different facial position? It looks weird how he's looking off at nothing...).
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Seeing as I don't have the time to review everything peice by peice, I'll be short.

I'm very happy to see how well you've improved. A step up from that little peice I'm sure you remember. Not to say it was bad. ^_^;

And ah yes, I believe I remember Trohan. Oh, the memories...
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