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Bonds of Love, Tears of the Heart (spoilers)


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OOC: Reading over my posts recently, I have realized how my quality is severely lacking. I have sinced changed the way I write, and will do my best to keep it that way. I apologize to the moderaters who I have caused more work for, I promise it won't happen again.

In The World of Kair, trouble has been brewing. A great darkness has overtaken all of the southern lands, and is spreading quickly. People take their families and run for their lives. No one knows exactly where or how it started, no one paid any attention, all they know is that what it takes, it doesn't give back. Heroes have been called from the farthest reaches of every universe, every dimension and time. People live in fear, doing all they can to survive, praying they won't awaken to dark.

The characters are the "Main Pairing(s)" from a RPG. One character to a person, one post to a pairing. People playing the characters in a pairing should be close, at least remotely friends, tremendous communication will be needed. In a case where one of the characters is dead, that character will be responsible for any and all of the other character's flashbacks that involve the dead character. When there is more than one Main Pairing in the game, as long as they don't involve one of the characters in another pairing, that is allowed.

I know I'm forgetting something... Oh well, if you have any questions, or if I confusued you to no end, contact me.
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