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Digimon: Dark Virus


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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]It is many years after the occurances of Digimon Adventures. The Digital World and the Normal world are at peace. Nothing seems out of place. For now.

A Darkness is rising in the Digital World, a powerful force that wishes for absolute power. It obtains its strength by infecting other Digimon with a powerful Virus, known as the E-Virus.

The E-Virus is dangerous, yet beneficial to the host. It grants the infected incredible power, making Baby-level Digimon strong enough to take on a regular Rookie Digimon. However, it is slowly draining the data of these infected Digimon and transmitting it to the force, known througout the Digital World as the Puppet Master.

There is one hope for the Digital World...the Human World. Eight humans have been transported to the Digital World, each using the power of one of the Legendary Crests, used to save the Digital World from so many evils.

The Humans, the new Digidestined, cannot rely on any Digimon due to the Virus. All the Puppet Master need do is infect a Partner, or Digidestined while in a Digimon Form, and the world will lose its only saviors. Thus, the Humans must rely on their own power...in the form of the Crest Weapons.

The Puppet Master knows they are coming...he senses their powerful prescence, and is determined to either obtain that power...or destroy it.


Zeos slung his backpack on a chair immediately after entering his home. He had just ended a long day, and long year, of school. Freshman Year is over for him.

"Need...caffine..." he groaned.

He staggered through the house, managing to reach the refridgirator (sp?), open it, and remove a can of Coke. Drinking deep from the crimson chalice, he felt immediately revitalized by the rush of sugar and caffine.

"Caffine good," he said, grinning. "Now, for computer."

Unceremoniously, he plopped into the swivel-chair in front of the computer, and clicked onto the internet. Hotmail alerted him to a new message.

"Message? Who from?"

The "sender" bar read [email]digi@world.net[/email]

".World? Haven't heard of that one before. Must be new. Don't know any Digi at World, though. Wonder what it says..."

He clicked into the message, and it was blank, except for an orange sun-like symbol.
"What the hell is that?" he asked. As soon as he did, he knew only darkness.


Zeos awoke face-down in the dirt. Raising his head, he surveyed the area.

The place seemed to be a canyon, with high rock-walls and a sandy floor. The walls were jagged and rough, but too sheer to climb.

"Great. I'm hallucinating. And talking to myself. Great."

"Ah, but you aren't talking to yourself," sneered a high-pitched voice. "And you certainly aren't hallucinating." The irritating voice cackled evilly.

"And I'm hearing voices," sighed Zeos. "Irritating voices."

"I am not some hallucination, human!" snarled the voice. "I am Botamon, and I shall kill you!"

Zeos turned, finally realizing where the sound is coming from.

"Wha...?" he began, but stopped, laughing wildly.

The "[URL=http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied/digidex/Botamon.html]killer[/URL]" was a small ball of black fluff, glaring at the teen.

"What's so funny!?" Botamon barked.

"You...you are gonna kill me?" laughed Zeos. "You're just a puny fuzz-ball!"

"Puny, am I?" asked Botamon. If he had a mouth, he would've probably been grinning evilly. "We'll see how puny I am!"

Suddenly, an evil-looking red eye(see attachment) flashed above Botamon's regular eyes. The tiny beast let out a loud, distorted roar, and a gigantic pair of bat-wings erupted from it's back.

[COLOR=Red][B][FONT=Fixedsys]"Now how puny am I?"[/FONT] [/B] [/COLOR] it asked, voice distored and rumbling.

"Not as much..." Zeos said, stunned.

[COLOR=Red][B][FONT=Fixedsys]"The Power of my E-Virus increased the strength of this puny Baby level so that it can easily destroy you human!"[/FONT][/B][/COLOR]

"Don't you mean 'my power'?"

[B][COLOR=Red][FONT=Fixedsys]"I am controlling this creature through the E-Virus. You speak not to Botamon, but to me, the Puppet Master!"[/FONT] [/COLOR] [/B] Botamon laughed menacingly. [B][COLOR=Red][FONT=Fixedsys]"Once I take control of the Digital World, all shall bow to my might! And you best not slay this poor body, for it is but an innocent, assimilated by my power. You do not wish to slay an innocent, and have innocent blood on your hands, do you?"[/FONT][/COLOR][/B]

"****!" Zeos swore. "I don't want to deal with this!"

[B][COLOR=Red][FONT=Fixedsys]"Then submit to my power, and join me!"[/FONT][/COLOR][/B]

Zeos looked contemplative for a moment, then smirked.

"Sorry, I don't side with crazy megalomaniac stereotypes. Just the original ones."

[COLOR=Red][B][FONT=Fixedsys]"Insolent whelp! Botamon, kill him!"[/FONT][/B][/COLOR]

The eye faded from Botamon's forehead. With a powerful flap of its wings, the tiny Digimon took to the air.

"Pepper Bubbles!" it yelled.

Small orange orbs rained down upon Zeos. He ran from the assault, and the projectiles exploded in puffs of smoke on contact with the ground.

"****!" bellowed Zeos.

The teen continued running from the aerial attacker through the canyon...until the canyon ended. Zeos whirled on the flying demon.

"Now, human, submit to your doom! Pepper Bubbles!"

"I don't submit!" roared Zeos.

The human ran straight towards the Digimon. With one powerful kick-off, Zeos was air-borne, sailing towards the fiery projectiles.

"I'd rather go down fighting!"

Just as Zeos and the Pepper Bubbles were about to meet, the sun-like symbol appeared in the sky, directly between Zeos and his doom. The world faded from around him into a darkness.

"Wha?" asked Zeos.

With a flash of crimson, a small electronic device appeared in his hand. It was a Digivice. Inspiration struck him, and he held the Digivice high above his head and let loose a cry of, "CREST WEAPON ACTIVATE!"

The world appeared again, and Zeos found himself holding a katana high above his head instead of the Digivice. Without thinking, he swept the blade down, detonating the Pepper Bubbles. He arced back down to the ground.

Staring at the blade in his hand, he grinned. Tilting his head up, he stared the flying beast down.

"This evens the playing field, doesn't it?"

"Insolent hu-" Botamon started, but he was cut off...literally.

The cut appeared slowly at first, and then Botamon's left wing flew off in classic anime style. Instead of blood, a large, grotesque sphere emerged from the wound. It pulsated and was still connected with some purple organic matter. On the orb itself was the red eye and the letter E.

"The Virus!" Zeos said, stunned.

Not knowing what else to do, Zeos pulled back his sword arm and hurled the blade with all his might towards the virus. The weapon pierced the orb straight through the "pupil", and it disentigrated along with the other wing...causing Botamon to begin plummeting towards the earth. Instantly, Zeos was moving, and he dove just in time to catch the falling Digimon.

"Thanks...for...saving...me..." the little creature said.

"No problem. Could you, possibly, explain the whole Digimon/Digital World/Puppet Master/Virus scenario for me."

And thus, Botamon explained all this, which we know already so I won't waste words.

"I believe that you can find the other humans using your Digivice."

"The electronic thing?" asked Zeos, clarifying.

"Yes, that."

"Okay then," said Zeos.

He walked over to the sword, and it changed back when he picked it up.

"Thanks for the info!" Zeos yelled to the Digimon.

"Thanks for my life," the Digimon called back.

And thus began Zeos's journey.


Your first post should follow the basic formula mine did. Get a message, end up in Digital World, meet first evil Digimon, fight it a little, get your Digivice, beat Digimon, learn about Digital World. Simple?
For good Digimon ideas...go here: [URL=http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied/digidexE.html]Digidex[/URL]
Have fun! Also, no Special Attacks yet, and Love is still open.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Lance burst through the door into his house, breathing heavy and grinning stupidly. He walked over to his mom and kissed her on the cheek.

His mom smiled,"What's got you all riled up? And why are you breathing so heavy? You really should lie down, you appear to be exhausted."

Lance grinned at his mother," It's the [I]summer[/I]. Who cares if I'm exhausted, I've got all rights to be." He walked over to the fridge and grabbed an open bottle of Coke from the fridge,"If you must know, I just had an awesome game of soccer. We beat the other team by...."he took a second to figure it out, "well I forgot, but it was by alot." He picked up the soda and took a drink from it. When he put it back down he realized how quite the house was and became confused.

"Where's the tot lot? Did you take 'em over to babies'R'us and leave 'em there?" He chuckled at his joke.

His mom frowned deeply,"I've told you a million times. Do not call your brothers and sisters names. They look up to you, you know that", Lance just shrugged. His mother continued,"Well anyway, they're at the park. I finally convinced them to get out of the house so I could rest."

Lance got up and walked over to his mom," [I]You[/I] should be the one resting, not me." He helped her to her room,"Just lay down mom. I'll be in my room if you need me. When the kids get back I'll watch 'em, and we'll only wake you up if it's an emergency."

His mom pulled the sheets over her,"You're a good boy, Lance. *yawn* enjoy your..." She fell asleep suddenly.

Lance smiled and slowly backed out of the room, closing the door behind him."Rest well mom..." He turned around, grabbed his soda and his bag, then went into his room.

He threw his bag onto his bed, grabbed the remote, and sat down in front of his desk. He turned on the computer and the T.V, then began flipping through the channels. As he was browsing, the computer began to beep. He turned around and looked at the message.

"digiworld.net" he read aloud to himself."Hmm....never seen this before, wonder what it could be?"

He looked into the hallway to make sure no one was coming,"Well better open it up..." He clicked the message and was met by a blank screen with a large, funny symbol on it.

"What the hell?" He became woosy and suddenly fell unconcious.

Lance began to stir and then woke up. He groaned and then held his head,"What happened? All I remember is that weird message and then---" he stopped talking and opened his eyes wide. No longer in front of him was his room, but instead there wasa grassy plain, with a stream behind him.

He started to walk backwards,"I don't believe it. Ugh.. maybe there was rum in the Coke? Yah that's gotta--" he was interupted by a squeaky,"Ow!!", from underneath his foot. He raised his foot in alarm to see an odd creature sitting there.

"Oh! I'm sorry little dude. You alright?"He looked at it quizically. It shook itself off angrily.

"You stepped on me!!", it yelled angrily,"ME!! The great [URL=http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied/digidex/Dodomon.html]Dodomon[/URL] !!"

Lance began laughing uncontrolably,"You..*heh, heh* great? *huff, huff* that's hillarious..*hooo*." He turned around and walked off,"If you're great, I'm Elvis."

A dark shadow developed behind him. A dark force spoke out[/SIZE],[B] [COLOR=Red][SIZE=3]"You dare turn your back to me?" [/SIZE][/COLOR][/B][SIZE=1] a deep, evil voice said from behind.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]Lance stooped walking and slowly turned around. There, instead of the small wimpy creature flew a beast. The creature's eyes were red, and the was a huge horn growing from it's forehead. It had demon like wings and giant fangs, as well.

Lance stuttered at the beast, over come with shock," Wha..what..what happened to you!?!" Dodomon laughed mockingly[/SIZE][SIZE=3][B][COLOR=Red]," No longer so whimpy eh? This is the power of my E-Virus at work. Heh, heh."[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]"...E-Virus...[I]you[/I]did this? But how... you were just some weak pathetic monster..." Lance could barely talk.

Dodomon laughed again[/SIZE][SIZE=3][B][COLOR=Red],"Do you really believe this puny weakling is in possesion of this great power? No it is I, the Puppet Master, and soon I will rule this world. Hah, hah, hah!"[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]Lance roled his eyes,"*sigh*, just another crazed wacko in pursuit of grand power. This is like a bad T.V. show..."

Dodomon flew towards him[/SIZE][SIZE=3][B][COLOR=Red]," Join me, and I will supply you with endless power and control of any region of the Digital World. What do you say?"[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]Lance lowered his head. He waited a second, then punched Dodomon right between the eyes."I'd never join you. Besides, I don't want any of your "digital world". I just wanna get back to mine. And I'll do anything to get back, and I think beating you is the way to go!"[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]Dodomon growled loudly, then smiled. Lance looked at it, confused. Dodomon began talking[/SIZE][SIZE=3][B][COLOR=Red],"How are you to defeat me? Would you attack the powerless digimon I have taken possesion of? Could you hurt an innocent?" [/COLOR][/B][/SIZE] [SIZE=1]The beast cackled and tilted it's head back[/SIZE][SIZE=3][COLOR=Red][B],"Take this human...Giant Iron drop!!"[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=1]Dodomon shot it's horn at him.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]Lance dodged out of the way and rolled behind a rock,"This is pointless!! What did I do?!?" The rock was pummeted by another attack. Dodomon took control of itself for a moment and yelled, "Get away, human!" The Puppet Master took control again and banged it's haed against a rock in order to hurt his tool.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]Lance jumped up in outrage and ran towards it,"No body purposely hurts the defenseless without punishment!!" Lance reared back his fist and was about to swing at Dodomon, when all of a sudden everything went black. He looked around, once again confused. He looked ahead and saw the funny symbol that he had seen in the message. It drifted towards him, landed in his hand, and became a digvice. He held his digivice high over his head and looked down," I know what I must do...CREST WEAPON ACTIVATE!!"[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]He was once again in the Digital World and was holdong two daggers instead of a digivice.He looked up at the frightened Puppet Master and smiled.

"Now you get the punishment you deserve!!" Lance ran forwards and lunged at the Dodomon.

Dodomon spoke frantically[/SIZE][SIZE=3][B][COLOR=Red],"You think defeating me in this body means anything? This is only a tool, you'll never---" [/COLOR][/B][/SIZE] [SIZE=1]Lance interrupted the Puppet Master by cutting off it's wings and horn. He jumped back and stared at the wounded Dodomon Then something strange happened. From Dodomon's wound came a large orb with the letter E on it.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][I]That must be the E-Virus[/I], he thought to himself. He ran forward at the orb,"Puppet Master! Your stay in Dodomon's body has just ended!!" He leaped at the orb and slashed it in half. The orb obliterated, and Dodomon returned back to normal. The creature lowered itself to the ground in pain. Lance walked over twoards it.

"You alright now?" He bent down in front of the creature to make sure.

Dodomon smiled op at him,"Yah, just fine now! Thanks alot for helping me, that Puppet Master is one horrid force. He' been torturing the Digimon in this world for a long time know." And then Dodomon explained everything to Lance. By the end Lance was so furious he was steaming.

Lance stood up in anger,"I cannot allow this to continue! I will stop him, no matter what it costs!"

Dodomon got up and smiled,"Oh thank you! But do not worry, you are not alone. There are other humans like youself who will journey with you. You can find them with your digivice."

Lance looked at his daggers,"You mean the thing that turned into these? Wicked." Lance became bewildered as the daggers turned back into a digivice. He examined his digivice, and suddenly it began beeping. Lance looked up at the Dodomon to see it start walking away. He yelled up frantically,"Wait! Why is my digivice beeping?!?"

Dodomon yelled back,"That means another human is nearby! Go look for him! I must be going now, but good luck on your journey!"

Lance watched the digimon walk off. [I]This doesn't make any sense...[/I]he looked down at his digivice and saw that there was a compass pointing east. [I]Well, I guess it's pointin in the direction of the other human,[/I] he thought to himself.

And with that he began his adventure..[/SIZE]
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Darien stumbled through his door, eyes only half closed behind his glasses. His sister, Seina, lowered her head over the couch she was sitting on and stared at him quizzically.

"Whats up with you?" She asked rather dully, her fingers twitching with anticipation over the remote she was holding. He tossed his one-strap backpack abrubtly over the kitchen table and grinned, though still looking as tired as ever.

"One hell of a long day today, sis." He stretched and revolved his shoulder blades in the most gratifying way possible. "But," he winked, " one year is down, two more to go."

Seina smiled at him, relieving herself of the pain of hanging her head over the chair's back and turning around completely.

"You know..." She started seriously, taking the annoying, overbearing tone of their mother, "Mother and father are going to demand you go to college to get your degree."

Darien scowled at her, "So, you are going to go "mother and father" on me, now? I'll go to college if it want to! You-!" He was silenced by a well-aimed soda can to the face.

"No genius brother of mine is going to waste his life working at McDonalds! You'll go to college and get your masters degree so you can be the doctor you've wanted to be since you were 9!"

The whole speech was made in a final tone of voice. Darien knew there was to be no more arguing with his sister, so his eyes drifted down to crumpled soda can by his feet.

"Any more..?" He asked hopefully, grinning again to his sister in his carefree way.

"Fridge." She said simply, and turned back to the TV.

"Lates." He said in valediction walking into the kitchen and grabbing a can of Mountain Dew and stalking back into his room. Almost instantly he pressed the little button on his computer and then his modem, the [i]whoosh[/i] noise signaling everything was in tip top shape.

He set the already half empty can on his desk and sitting on his swivel chair with his back facing the screen. Flipping on the TV and quickly skimming through the endless channels of his DirecTV cable options.

"You've Got Mail!" The robotic voice emitted from the PC made Darien jump slightly, but he clicked his mail option.

"Digi@world.net? Probably some stupid spammer..." He clicked the message, and all that appeared was a large image of what looked to be a green teardrop with two circles inside.

"Is this some kind of joke?" He muttered, and before he could make it sound like a question, his mind slipped away pleasantly into darkness.


Darien's eyes slowly opened and he got a good veiw of his surroundings. He was lying face up on a patch of green grass. All around him was the same, save for a few leafy trees around him.

"Where the hell am I?" He muttered groggily, sitting up slowly.

"Stupid pathetic human! I hope not all of you are this weak... lying on the ground for hours..." Came a very irratated voice behind him. Darien turned slowly, and found himself face-to-face with a blue, shapeless blob with long ears, small spikes down its back, little red eyes and freakish arms.

"And what the hell are you?" Darien asked coldly, wanting answers.

"I am the almighty Pichimon! I will be your murderer today."

Darien started laughing insanely. How could he not have? This little thing killing [i]him,[/i] a six foot tall sixteen yearold. He opened his closed-from-laughing eyes, and stopped laughing suddenly. Pichimon had suddenly grown much lager, had some nasty spikes and it's eys had turned blood red. On it's forehead, although, was a new eye. Darien stood up quickly and backed away slowly.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][COLOR=red][B]"Foolish human!"[/b][/COLOR] [COLOR=indigo]A new voice boomed from the now bigger blob,[/COLOR][COLOR=red][b]" How dare you laugh at my servant!? I am the Puppet master, and using my E-Virus to control this Baby Digimon, I shall destroy you! Unless, you join with me, in which you would have powers beyong your imagination."[/b][/COLOR]

[COLOR=indigo] "Forget it! I'd rather die then help you!" Darien spat, now quite a few feet away from the digimon.

Chilling laughter filled his ears, [/SIZE][/COLOR][SIZE=1][COLOR=red][b]"Very well, human. I must admit you show spirit. But spirit alone ownt help you now! And, by the way, Pichimon here? He knows nothing of fighting you. He is but an innocent. Do you have enough spirit to kill an innocent, I wonder? Kill him, Pichimon!"[/COLOR][/b][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][COLOR=indigo] The eye vanished, and almost instantly Pichimon shouted out "Tidal Bubbles!" Darien jumped narrowly missing the giant bubbles.

"It's no use, human! Your death is my victory!"

"I wont go down without a fight!"

With an inhuman roar, Pichimon sped towards Darien with amazing speed. Darien held his ground, when suddenly, everything around him went black again, but he was still concious to his knowing. He blinked, confused, when everything was illuminated again by the same symbol from his Email. The Teardrop flashed, and in a flash of bright green light, a small electronic device appeared in Damien's hand. Out of nowhere, a phrase appeared in his head. Holding the digivice above his head dramatically, he bellowed to no one,


The world sped back to meet him, and to his suprise, he was now, instead of the digivice, holding a long, beautifully crafted glaive. Pichimon stopped in mid-charge, apparently startled at the appearance of the weapon. Darien blinked again, and suddenly struck with a new inspiration, charged at the frozen Digimon. Withing attacking distance of Pichimon, he brought the Glaive into a graceful spinning arc, cutting off the main horn on its forehead.

Pichimon blinked in suprise as the horn slowly slid off its face, and a sphere emerged from the fresh wound.

"The E-Virus..." Darien muttered to himself, and before he could get a grip, he lunged the Glaive into the center of the sphere, decimating it. He looked down to the now normal sized Pichimon and smiled, it was actually pretty cute.

"Thank you for saving me, s-sir." The little thing stuttered.

"No prob, little buddy. Can you tell me just what the hell is going on here?"

The appreciative Pichimon told him everything Darien could possibly want to know.

"And, there are more like you, too! You can find them with the Digivice you posess."

"That little electronic thing?"

Pichimon nodded enthusiastically, and instantly the Glaive in Darien's hand turned into the same device it had been before it changed.

"Well, thank you, buddy. I'll be sure to find these guys and save this place."

"Thank you! The Digiworld is in the human's hands now! Good luck."

Looking down at the digivice, he noticed two simultanious beeps near him. With a backward wave to Pichimon, Darien was off on his journey.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Indigo]Imi sighed and lay down her chopsticks on the table. She bowed her head and then spoke in her most polite voice.
"Mother, may I be excused?"
Her mother smiled and nodded happily, "Of course you may dear, now, remember.....I've left the number of the restaurant by the phone and I bought some chocolate ice-cream today in case you get hungry."
Imi's dad rolled his eyes and looked at her mum, "Oh come on, she's 16. She doesn?t need to be babied any more!"
The women laughed, "Yes....I know."
By this time Imi had left the room, she went upstairs to her bedroom and was about to get changed into her usual nightwear; blue fluffy PJs with matching slippers and teddy, when her computer bleeped, letting her know that she had mail.
She raised an eyebrow and sat down,
'Hardly anyone mails me these days....bunch of jerks.' she thought as she clicked on the alert.
She squinted and looked at the screen, thinking that she had misread....
"Digi@World.net?!" she said out loud, "What the hell is this, better not be a viru-" she was cut by a mouthful of grass.
"Peh!" she spat out the plants and rubbed her mouth, sticking out her tongue. "Ewww...that's awful." she said, sounding like a total snob.
Imi then heard a little chuckle behind her, "Posh girl, eh?" it said in a mocking tone.
Imi turned around to see who had spoken to her, what greeted her was a small red ball with wings for ears.
Her eyes lit up, "My God!" she squealed (very out of character) "You are so cute...and you talk!" she ran over to cuddle the monster when it spoke up.
"Ho...how dare you!" it said sounding flustered, "I am the great Jarimon and I will be your demise! Do not speak to me as if I am some little puppy!" it spat, finishing off the angry rant.
Imi tried to hold back her laughter but it was too difficult. She burst into a fit off giggles and the Digimon just glared.
"What?s so funny?!" it asked angrily, the small squeaky voice really not giving the desired effect need to stop the teen.
Imi continued to laugh and tried to speak, "Gomen gomen....." she said, gasping for air...."But you are just so.....kawaii!" she finished, running over and hugging Jarimon.
[COLOR=Red]"Oh am I?"[/COLOR] the voice had changed and become so much more evil. Imi flinched and dropped the Digimon, "You?re not cute anymore..." she said, sounding slightly disappointed.
[COLOR=Red]"Good! Now, listen here! If you want me to spare you the horrible fate you would endure...JOIN ME!!"[/COLOR] the Digimon shouted.
Imi stared and she fixed her serious expression back in place,
"Join....you?" she scoffed.
[COLOR=Red]"That's it...I've had it with you!"[/COLOR] with that the seemingly harmless Digimon shouted in pain and two massive clawed arms burst from it's underside. Imi's eyes widened, "Holy ****!" she exclaimed, backing up against a tree.
The Digimon seemed to smirk, [COLOR=Red]"Now what will you do?"[/COLOR] he asked her, but before she could reply,
Imi shouted and ducked behind the tree just before she was burned by her opponents attacks.
"Hey, listen!" she shouted, "Before you kill me, who the hell are you?!"
[COLOR=Red]"I am the puppet master and this innocent baby is my pawn, when I destroy you and the others I will take total control of the Digital World and nothing will stand in my way!"[/COLOR] he finished off with insane laughter and Imi just stared.
"Well...that was lame." she said before being attacked by another wave of bubbles.
"Will you stop that?" she screamed as she jumped from her refuge. At that moment a giant symbol appeared in the sky. It?s blue light bathed the grassy field and Imi had to shield her eyes. When she opened them again all was black. She looked to her hand and grasped with it was a...."Digivice?" she said not actually knowing were she pulled the information from. In an instant she was back, Jarimon blinked an then glared. It breathed in for another attack but Imi cut him off. She felt a sudden surge of power come over her,
"CREST WEAPON ACTIVATE!" she bellowed, punching the air with her Digivice firmly in her palm. A blue light shone out and in her hand she held a spear. She looked down at this new weapon, a smirk from Jarimon made her confidence wane,
"Would you hurt an innocent?" he asked plainly, "For this is not my body, but a host...this Digimon does now know what it is--" the voice stopped and Jarimons body disappeared into data.
Imi closed her eyes, "Do you think I care for innocents?" she said. When she raised her eyes again, an orb was floating in front of her. She blinked and then thrust her spears through it. Her weapon then turned back into her Digivice the task was now complete. Imi was about to walk away when she heard a scared voice behind her.
"M...Miss?" it stuttered out. She didn?t even bother to turn around but replied with a simple, "What?"
The voice, a young Digimon, spoke again. "Even though you killed that innocent," a sniff, "We respect you for the power you have...please...this world is in danger, use the power of your crest and Digivice to find the other chosen and save the Digiworld from destruction...." the voice trailed off and Imi turned around.
"I'll see what I can do...." she said and walked off.
In a few seconds she heard a beep form her clenched fist. She looked to her Digivice screen and saw three other dots all moving and spaced out. She chose the one on her far right and headed that way.
"If this is a dream....it makes no sense!" she shouted to the sky.[/COLOR]
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Takuto stood in the door way. [I]Today was a rough day.[/I] Flopping on the couch he looked out the window. The animals was well fed and watered so he did not have to worry about anything else for tonight. Although they lived outside of the City. He did have a computer, so he decided to get on.

Walking over he turned the computer on, then logged on. In a matter of seconds the computer was up and ready to surf the internet. Slouching in the large brown chair, he typed in the password to connect. [I]I wish we had DSL![/I] After it got done connecting he clicked the Internet icon. It took awhile, but not to long, to load up hotmail. Searching through his mail, most of it junk mail. He found a curious e-mail.

Hmmm what is this? It?s from [email]digital@world.com[/email], what is that? Never heard of that type of address before. Oh well let?s see what it is. ? Moving his mouse he clicked on the mail icon.

In a instant the room was in a yellow aura, shadows showing only from him. Takuto, blinked, in that instant he was transported. Landing in a small river, he quickly recovered from what had happened and swam to the back. Spitting out the water he looked around. [I]What is this place?[/I]

Mountains, dunes, forests, all was around him. The mountains, with their peaks was to the north. Dunes to the south, their sudden drops seemed immeasurable. A small forest was to the west, it?s green leaves blowing slightly in the wind. Looking around, Takuto was stunned by it?s beauty.

?Well, where ever I am at least it is beautiful.? Smiling he got up, stepping into the sun to dry off. Later he started to walk around, small creatures was everywhere!

OOC: I do not want to be like everyone else. I will meet a Digimon in another Post, that way the battle may be longer.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Closing the wooden brown door behind her, Kenmei looked around. The window shades hadn't been opened. Walking out into the living room. She went around, setting her backpack on couch. She turned around and went back up quickly. Coming down to the end of the winds, on the right hand side, she jumped trying to reach the cord that would open all the shades. Standing on her tip toes she got hold and went back flat footed pulling the cord leaver making the huge shades rise and light in. Going back to get her backpack, she went down two halls and to her room.

Leaning over her chair, Kenmei unlocked her laptop she pushed back the upper hand screen flip. Cutting open the package there was a peeping sound. Quickly sticking a piece into her mouth she put back the scissors she ran back to her room and grabbed her things. It was just an e-mail message. Setting the bottle and packaged container besides the laptop on her computer desk. She opened the e-mail.

[i] - Sender: [EMAIL]digi@world.net[/EMAIL]
- Subject: ----[/i]

The subject was black. And all that was in the e-mail was a picture of a pink, french curved, heart. Staring for a few seconds more, she realized that the edges were faintly glowing. Curious, she placed her cursor over it. Soon, every thing disappeared. Engulfed within a white light.

Opening her eyes, she looked around. There were rocks, rocks, and more of the same shade of gray rocks. Standing up she dusted her self off. Looking up, the sky was blue with white clouds. But there were waves of data coming in and out, just like the one's on her computer. "Where am I?" she whispered to her self. "Never mind that...What's this place's location? I don't remember any where having this kind of location." Within her head she pointed out North, South, West and East. Turning she began to walk to the North. However after sometime she came to a high mount of rocks.

"Stop!" came a voice.

She looked to the top, there was a ball of white fluff with a purple face and ears. It's eyes were beady, small, and black. The creature reminded her of some of the stuffed animals she had in her room.

"Excuse me, but could you please; tell me this location."

It pouted, "This is the Digital World."

"Longitude and Longitude?"

"How am I meant to know?" the creature sounded angry.

"I see." she nodded, and quickly bowed before she began to walk away, "Thank you, for the information."

"Where in the world to you think your going?"

She turned, but before she could answer she was forced back and to the ground. Rubbing her head she stood; looking on. She noticed how another eye had appeared. It was red and seemed angry.

"My apologizes if I had up-setted you." she said getting up.

The thing yelled; Bubble blow! And another wave pushed her back.

[COLOR=red][b][SIZE=2]How dare you turn your back to me as I speak! Do you not know who I am? I'm the Puppet Master![/COLOR][/b][/SIZE]

"Well then, my apologizes "Puppet Master"...But I really must get going." she stood and began to walk away again, but was hit with a different stronger attack. Turning she heard the words; [SIZE=2][COLOR=red][b]Foolish human! Kill her, Yuramon![/b][/COLOR][/SIZE]

Pulling her self up again, she watched as another attack was about to hit her. But to her surprise, nothing came but the attack was still there. Like it was still in time, she felt as something formed in her hand. Looking down at it, three words ran rapidly around in her head. Holding the device above her head, she yelled out;


She felt it change as light surrounded and was send away from the device. Looking up she came back, and the attack was no longer still. It sent her flying back crashing into rocks. She could hear the thing laughing.


Standing up she found that the device was gone and in it's place a boh. Standing she began to spin.

"Forgive me!" she said as she charged and landed two direct hits to the head. The thing was on the ground with the top end pointing straight between the eyes.

[COLOR=red][b][SIZE=2]Do NOT think that you have won[/b][/COLOR][/SIZE]

Within a few seconds the eye began to disappear, upwards in red streams. The thing looked up in confusion. Grapping her hand, there was not longer a boh but the device again. The thing jumped up and down cheerfully, saying; Digi-destained,

"Please explain."

"That Digi-vice is a symbol that you are a Digi-Destained." it ran around her in circles, "You've come to help save the Digital World, along with your friends, haven't you?"

"There are other humans here?"


"Can you tell me where they are?"

"I cannot, but sometimes if your Digi-vice peeps it means there is one close by."

"Thank you," she bowed down and gave it a kiss on the forehead. "I'm going to look for them now. But again thank you for all your help."

The two then walked off, going their separate ways.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Elena walked in through the door of herr house. The TV was blaring with her father sitting in his usual grubby armchair with a can of beer in his hand. As soon as the door closed behind her, a demand was thrust upon her.
" Get me another beer girl!" her father shouted. Elena looked at him. It disgusted her how he lived, she didn't even know how they managed to pay for food, clothing, etc.
" No, you've already had enough. I can smell your breath from here," she replied.
" I said get me another beer!"
" Get it yourself, you have your own pain of legs," Elena replied hotly. She swept past him and entered the sanctuary of her bedroom. With the door closed behind her, Elena slumped to the floor. Tears of pain fell freely from her silver eyes. A sudden beeping caught Elena's attention. Wiping, the tears out of her eyes, Elena approached her computer, the one piece of technology she, herself, owned. A message appeared on the screen, telling her she had a new mail message.
" Ooo. I wonder who this is from." The message brightened her mood substantially. She clicked on the message. The sender was [COLOR=Red]digital@world.net[/COLOR]. As soon as she opened the message, a pink, flower-like symbol appeared on the screen. Darkness crept into Elena's vision.

Elena opened her eyes. Green, leafy trees obscured the vew of the sky above her. Elena sat up, rubbed her eyes and looked around. She was in the middle of a forest. [I] How is that possible?[/I] Elena got to her feet and dusted herself off.
" Where am I?"
" I can answer that for you," came a voice from in front of her. Elena lifted her head and came eye-to-eye with a flying bird. More precisely, a [B] talking[/B] flying bird.
" Well, where am I?" Elena asked this bird uncertainly.
" You are in the Digital World," it answered.
" The digital world...right..." Elena said as she turned to walk away. She took one step when an almighty thump collided with her head. It send Elena sprawling across the dirt.
" I haven't finished talking with you yet..." the bird's voice said again, " I'm Feathomon."
" Ok...[I] Feathomon[/I], why did you do that?" Elena said as she stood up, rubbing the back of her head.
[COLOR=Red]" Because it wasn't Feathomon. I am the Puppet Master. With my E-Virus at my side, I will be able to control the Digital World through the very digimon that inhabit it. Everything will be mine. Join me...while you still can."[/COLOR]

Elena's eyes narrowed dangerously. [I]This Pupper Master is using these poor creatures for his own chaotic purposes. Does he realise that he will hurt them? That this is cruel - controlling these poor creatures' minds. I will not stand by and watch this world be destroyed by this one person. I have to serve justice. I can't just stand here and do nothing. I have to do something! I will NOT STAND BY AND SEE THESE CREATURES HURT![/I] The last part Elena screamed in anger. Suddenly, the sky darkened and a symbol appeared out of Elena's chest. It moved to in front of her face and revolved around. [I]It's the same pink, flower-like symbol that was on the screen before I woke up here![/I]

Elena reached out and grabbed the pink symbol. It turned into a hand held, electroniic device in her hand. At once, Elena knew what to do. With fire in her eyes, she looked up at Feathomon.
" Pupper Master...I will not stand idly by as I watch you destroy this beautiful world. It isn't right. Now I will show you why I was sent here. CREST WEAPON ACTIVATE!"
Elena pulled the Digivice downwards while it turned into a whip. A sharp crack split the air. Feathomon backed away.
[COLOR=Red]" You cannot defeat me, not by yourself. I will be back,"[/COLOR] the Pupper Master said through this innocent as he watched Elena approach. She cracked her whip. A small cutt appeared on Feathomon. A back bulge with a red 'E' on it appeared out of the cut.
" The infamous E-Virus," Elena said to herself. She cracked her whip again. A slice of light flew towards the bulge and destroyed it.
" The darkness cannot defeat the light...."

Feathomon opened his eyes to find himself being cradled in the arms of a human, a human that was faintly familiar to him. Elena looked down at the Digimon.
" Good, you're back.'
" Digi-destined!" Feathomon said as he hopped out of Elena's arms and explained everything from the Puppet Master to the Digivice. At that moment, Elena's Digivice started going beserk. Dots of different colours moved around on the screen.
" That's the other Digi-destined," Feathomon said. Elena stood up.
" Thanks." She turned and started her adventure in the Digital World.
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[font=Verdana][size=2]"I hate exams," moaned Reis when he walked in from a tiring day of school. "Stupid exams, stupid kids, stupid damn everything," he said walking into the kitchen and grabbing a pepsi, "This is much better than exams,". "Sweetheart I'm going to the store to get some groceries, will you be ok here by yourself?" his mother asked, "Yeah, I'll be fine," he yelled back down the hallway as he turned the T.V. on. As he was flicking through the channels a symbol appeared, it said press 3 to go to the Digital World.[/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2]Reis was so bored he pressed the button wondering what would happen. He found himself being sucked into the screen and the last thing he remembered was thinking his pepsi would be warm.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]"Oww my head hurts, who the hell put a huge rock here," Reis said as he got up.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]"Hi, I'm [url="http://free.hostultra.com/~digitalempire/digidex/dex-d/DemiMeramon.html"]DemiMeramon[/url], you will surrender or be destroyed right away," a little fireball said.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]"Yeah right, have a joy ride," Reis said as he flicked the little digimon away.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red]"HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO THE PUPPET MASTER!!!![color=black]," the monster yelled when Reis turned away, "[/color][color=red]BOW DOWN TO ME OR BE DESTROYED,"[/color][color=black]. [/color][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]"Listen I already told you I'm not afra....," Reis said as he turned around looking at the new creature. It had become serpent like and the flames had flared out more.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]"I think I'm going to run now," Reis said as he backed away, breaking into a full sprint.[/size][/font]
[color=red]"WHAT HAPPENED TO PUNY LITTLE DEMIMERAMON?"[/color][color=black] it yelled as it flew after Reis, "[/color][color=red]RAINING FIRE!!!!!".[/color]
[color=black]Right at that moment a light glowed out of Reis's hand, forming a small device. He felt the power surging through him as two swords appeared in his hand.[/color]

"Take this little demon," he yelled throwing both swords at the digimon and through the flames.

[color=red]"NOOOOOOO," [/color][color=black]the digimon said as an E with an eye on it flew out of him,[/color][color=red] "I've lost more of my control,".[/color]
[color=black]"Time to take out the trash," Reis said as he slashed the E in half, "Now to find out what this is all about".[/color]

Later Demimeramon told him about everything he needed to know. "So this little thing will show me where to find other humans?" Reis asked, "Yep and sometimes enemies too,".

At the end of the sentence Reis' digivice began to beep showing a huge cluster of dots. "Guess that's where I'll head now,".

And with that he set off towards the other humans.\

OOC: Really Really srry about it taking so long to fill this in.
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[Size=1][color=SlateGray]Takuto stood there, looking into the eyes of a small creature.

"What are you?!" Sweat dropped from Takuto's face.

A low angry voice spoke. [B]"What am I? I am the last thing you shall see. If you do join me. The Puppet Master, I have taken control of this [URL=http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied/digidex/Monodramon.html]Monodramon[/URL]." [/B]

"No thanks, the 'I am the last thing you shall see.' That kind of ticked me off." Takuto started to laugh, although Monodramon did not seem like it was laughing.

[B]"Then you shall die! [I]Beat Nuckle[/I][/B]" Monodramon lept into the air, soaring down at Takuto. The dinosaur looking creature's right knuckle was growing bright yellow, it punched out. Takuto jumped backwards, the punch hit the ground. Arm's up protecting his face, Takuto was bombarded by rocks and debry. When the dust cleared, they was a large crater in the ground.

"Woah! That is so cool!" Takuto looked at the creature, knowing it was powerful.

Then time seemed to stop, the icon that was on his computer, when he opened the e-mail. [I]This is the crest of hope.[/I] a voice called out in his head. He reached out at the sign, his hand seemed to disappear. Quickly he jerked it back, it was a small mechanical device. [I]Crest Weapon Activate.[/I] The voice called out again.

"Crest Weapon Activate!" Takuto yelled.

The machine he held suddenely turned Yellow. It's body seemed to grow, the top into a axe's blade. The handle into a wonderful handle. Extincts hit Takuto, swiping out, time was again. The creature had a eye located on its horn. Takuto's swope hit the eye. Tearing the horn off, along with the eye, that now disappeared.

Takuto landed on the ground, ready for another attack.

"Thanks, but no thanks cutting off my horn!" Monodramon called out.

Takuto appologized and asked, "What is going on?"

Monodramon briefly explained, pointing to the device that went back to normal. Takuto nodded, [I]This will be alot better than working at the house I jsut hope my parents will be okay for awhile.[/I][/size][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Elena kept walking, looking at her Digivice. One of the dots came closer and closer to her dot. Suddenly, she ran into something and was knocked to the ground.
" Ouch!" came a guy's voice from opposite her. Elena looked up. A tall boy with silver hair and grey eyes sat opposite of her.
" Hey, watch where you were going!" Elena said angrily at him as she stood up, dusting herself off.
" You watch where you were going!" the boy said as he jumped up, ready to defend himself verbally or physically. Suddenly, Elena noticed something in his hand. [I] A Digivice![/I]
" You're a Digi-destined too!" Elena said in shock, still looking at his hand. The boy looked down at his hand and backed up to Elena.
" Yeah, what's it to you?"
" I'm a Digi-destined also. I saw you, well your dot on my Digivice. Since you were the closest, I was going to try and find you. I'm Elena, by the way, owner of the Light crest. And you are?"
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"I'm Zeos, holder of..."

Suddenly, it flashed in his head.

"...Courage. I'm Zeos of Courage."

"Cool. We should see if there are any others," Elena said.


Zeos looked down at the screen of his Digivice. There were two dots on the screen, a crimson one in the center that Zeos assumed was himself, and a light pink one that was probably Elena off to the side.

"If that's me and Elena...then were are these 'others' I've been told about?" he asked aloud.

"Don't ask me," Elena said, shrugging.

"It was rhetorical," Zeos sighed.

The two exited the canyon, and just then, they saw another dot appear on the screen. It was a dark pink.

"That must be someone else!"

The teens picked up the pace and raced through the rocky field. As they climbed a small hill, he saw someone in the distance.

"Hey!" Zeos yelled out.

The figure turned to face him.

"You human?" Zeos asked.

"Yeah!" was the reply. It was a girl. "How about you two?"

"As far as I know!" Zeos yelled.

"Same goes for me," Elena said.

The two walked towards the one in the distance. Zeos saw that she was slightly younger than he was, with limp black hair and white bangs, wearing a black vest and a black skirt.

"The name's Zeos Uchiyama, holder of Courage," said the elder of the two. He extended his hand to her.

"I'm Kenmei Lei, and I think I'm holder of Love," she said, taking his hand. She smiled weakly.

"I'm Elena, holder of Light," said Elena, also shaking Kenmei's hand.

"Were you, perchance, attacked by a cute little thing that turned not-so-cute?" Zeos asked.

"Yeah!" Kenmei said, shocked. "How did you know?"

"Happened to us too. You get a little electronic thing?"

"Yep. Turned into a weapon, too."

"Mine too! What was yours?" Zeos asked.

"A boh, yours?" Kenmei replied.

"I got a whip," said Elena.

"Mine was a sword, a katana to be precise. Want to come with us?" asked Zeos.

"Why not."


OOC: No more monster attacks for a little while, folks. Let's just have our characters meet up, okay?[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Imi heard people talking but she hadn't seen them yet. For the last half hour she had been following a crimson dot on her screen and it wouldn't stop moving. She was hot, tired and her feet hurt...whoever was attached to that dot was going to get it....
She rounded a corner and stood with her hands on her hips and her feet apart in a sort of 'battle-stance'. The trio saw her as the walked forward. Imi thought that the boy would be the one who was represented by red.
She walked over to them, her fists balled at her sides. The boy looked up and smiled,
"Hi there, I?m Zeos Uchiyama, holder of...."
"Like a give a ****!" Imi shouted at him. She leaned forward and glared right at him. "I have been following you for the last half hour and you wouldn?t stand still! My feet hurt, I'm tired, hot, hungry and I don?t know where the hell I am! Why couldn't you just stay still?!"
The boy, Zeos, looked shocked by this raving girl that had just appeared. the two other gi8rls that flanked him just looked at each other and then started giggling. Imi glared, "What's so funny?" she asked, her face was flushed from shouting so much and now she was getting angry.
Zeos sighed, "Listen, I'm sorry that you've been through all of that trouble just to find me....but it seems we have to work together." he bowed his head slightly, "My name is Zeos Uchiyama, holder of courage."
"Elena of the Light Crest." the girl smiled.
The final girl looked up and seemed a bit nervous, "I'm Kenmei Lei, holder of the Crest of Love."
Imi rolled her eyes, "Fine then, Imi Kagami, holder of the Crest of...." she paused and looked at her Digivice then she scowled, "Holder of the Crest of Friendship."
Zeos burst out laughing and Elena had to stifle a giggle, Kenmei just looked down as she struggled to keep herself from laughing.
Imi's face flushed again, "What it's not as if I asked for it!" she growled at Zeos.
"Okay...okay" he said still laughing in-between words, "I think we should get going and find the others....and get ourselves introduced."
"Fine!" Imi said and she stalked ahead of the group, keeping her head high and her arms folded.
Elena blinked, "Do you know were you are going?" she asked.
"Of coarse I do!" came the harsh reply from Imi....just before she tripped over a rock....and slipped down a small slope onto a path below.
When the whole group saw this they burst out laughing, even Kenmei, all they heard from below was an annoyed,
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Takuto walked through the stillness of the desert. Looking down at the small digivice that was in his hand. He saw that they were around four dots. All different colors, Takuto was sweating from the heat of the desert. He did not have anything to drink or eat. Suddenly he was out of the desert. [I]That was strange.[/I]

?[B]Imi[/B], are you okay?? A deep voice called out.

Takuto looked down before him, a deep ditch was in front of him. If head taken another step he would have fallen.

?Hey, are you okay?? Takuto asked, the girl looked up. Although, she could not see who it was that said that. The sun was brightly signing in her eyes.

?Are you human?? The girl replied.

?Well, the last time I checked, I was.? Takuto laughed deeply and jumped into the air. His black hair flapped against the wind. His white shirt also flapped as he flew through the air.

Takuto landed around three feet from the girl. He looked over, she was basically cussing. Laughing he reached over offering her a hand up. Her face flushed with anger and she got up her own self. Dusting her self off she looked up at the others.

?Just great?? She was still cussing.

?The name is Takuto, I believe you and the other?s are a Digivice. Mine if of [I]Hope[/I]. What is your name?? Takuto stiffened a laugh at the dusty figure in front of him.

?The name is [B]Imi[/B], of [I]Friendship[/I].? [B]Imi[/B] nodded, dusting herself off.

OOC: Sorry for the other post. It had typos, etc. in it. So sorry![/size][/color]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=1]Lance walked along, trying to enjoy the Digital Worlds beautiful scenery and landscapes.He could not though, for he was deep in thought. His heart and mind were still racing after the encounter with the "Puppet Master". He could barely control himself, that dark creature had thrown Lance into such a rage.[I]I can't believe anyone is heartless enough to do somthing like that,[/I] he started thinking to himself,[I] I can't wait to find the others I've heard of, I know I can't bring him down alone...[/I]He soon grew weary of stressing and walking, and hoped to find the others quickly before he went mad.

He continued along aways, and saw three figures in the distance, standing around what appeared to be a ditch. He griped his digivice and caustiosly walked towards them.

"They look human enough", he said silently to himself,"but that 'Puppet Master' is full of tricks it would seem, so I should be cautious..." He walked close enough to see what they were doing, then hid behind a rock. They seemed to be lauhng at something in the ditch.

"Well, I suppose everything looks alright..", he mumbled to himself. He stood up from behind the rock, brushed his hair out of his face and strode towards them. He took a few steps, when the human with the leather jacket heard him walking up. He said something to the two next to him, and w to whatever was in the ditch. The two humans next to him turned around and smiled. The three walked over to him, and then two more people jumped out of the ditch behind them. All of them stopped right in front of Lance. Lance observed them all, but one of them caught his eye

"Hello." Lance said to the odd group in front of him,."Can I ask you all something? Since you all look human, do you all have odd mechanical objects with funny symbols in them? And if so, did they change into weapons?" The one in front answered.

" Yah, that happened to all of us. The funny symbols are called crests. But first let me introduce everyone. My name's Zeos Uchiyama and I have the crest of Courage," he turned around and adressed the rest of the group,"That's Elena with the crest of Light,Takuto with the crest of Hope, Kenmei with the crest of Love, and she's Imi with the crest of*hem,hem*friendship." Lance looked over at Imi and winked. She shot a dirty look at him.

He just smiled,"My name's Lance. I have the crest of...um...", suddenly it came to him,"of Reliability. So... you're the others I've heard so much about?" He walked over to Imi and put his arm around her,"Friendship, eh? I wouldn't mind being your frie--", he was cut off as Imi uppercutted him. He fell backwards and held his head. Everybody laughed at him. Imi glared over him,"Don't ever put you arm around me again!!"Lance looked up,"Beautiful and spunky...."[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Imi glared at the boy who had just....complimented her.
"Don't ever do that again....I'm warning you...and don?t say stuff like that!" she glared again.
Lance stood up and smiled, he bowed his head to Imi, "Whatever you say...ma'am."
Imi growled and Kenmei stood in front of her, "Now now, I don't think we should be fighting...we've only just met!" she laughed nervously and Imi folded her arms.
Lance held his face and pouted slightly, "I was only being nice..." he insisted.
Imi rolled her eyes, "Being nice doesn't always get you very far...." she walked off in a huff yet again.
"Make sure not to fall down this time!" Zeos shouted after her.
Elena laughed, "Zeos, don't be cruel." she said...even though she thought the joke was funny. Imi clearly didn't and shot them both a 'death glare'. They just giggled and continued walking, following the random beeps from their Digivices.
Takuto shrugged and trudged behind the rest of the group with Kenmei just in front of him.
"So...you're Kenmei, of Love?" he asked, she nodded in reply and didn't speak.

Imi folded her arms and wanted to close her eyes, but fear of falling in another ditch stopped her form doing so. Lance was jogging backwards trying to talk to her (and being ignored) while Zeos and Elena were talking about the Digiworld.

"So?" Lance started, "What weapon have you got?" he narrowly missed running into a bush.
Imi looked up at him. "Spear." she answered simply.
Lance blinked, "You could give me more than one word answers...unless you cant handle that."
Imi glared and punched him in the arm...hard.
Lance winced, "You always hurt the ones you love...."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]OOC: By the way, Assasin, it's [B]Imi[/B] not Elena :p [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]"So," Zeos began. "What's your opinion on the Digital World, Elena?"

Elena looked contemplative for a moment before speaking.

"I think it's an interesting and fairly beautiful place. However, the whole Puppet Master thing does put a damper on things."

"I know what you mean," Zeos said, grinning. "What's your opinion on the others?"

"Kenmei seems nice, but awfully quiet. Imi's...too cold. Too solitary. Takuto's...interesting. I don't know what to think. And Lance tries too hard."

"What about me?" Zeos asked, flashing a smile.

"You're...different," was all Elena would say.

Zeos shrugged off her answer and looked at his Digivice. There were now six dots. One crimson (Zeos), one light pink (Elena), one dark magenta (Kenmei), one yellow (Takuto), one icy blue (Imi), and one gray (Lance). He then catalogued their weapons.

[I]I have a sword, Elena has a whip, Kenmei has a boh, Imi said she has a spear, I think Takuto's got an ax, and Lance has got...?[/I]

"Hey, Lance!" yelled Zeos.

"What?" he replied.

"What's your weapon?"

"Daggers. Two of 'em. Why?"

"Just keeping track."

The group trudged along through the field. They came to a large stone sitting in the field, and a figure sat in the distance.

"Hey!" Zeos yelled.

"What are you doing?" Imi asked sharply. "It could be a Digimon."

"Looks human to me," said Takuto, shrugging.

"You human?" Zeos called.

"Yeah! You?" answered the figure.

"Yeah! Name's Zeos, holder of Courage!"

"I'm Reis, holder of Knowledge!"

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Elena looked at the group.
[I]So, there are seven of us, including myself.
Zeos who holds Courage and has a katana.
Kenmei - Love - Boh
Takuto - Hope - Axe
Lance - Faith - Daggers
Imi - Friendship - Spear
Reis - Knowledge - Twin Sword
and me. Why do I have the feeling that we have one person missing?[/I] She looked at the group. She liked Zeos a lot but she didn't want to play all her cards at once. Tactics first. Kenmei was a nice person from the few words she could gather from her. Imi was a bit cold but hopefully she would eventually warm to the group since there was no way out of this place and back home. Elena didn't want to go home at all. She'd rather be here helping where she could. Lance was a bit of a try-hard but she respects people so she let it pass. Takuto was pretty cool, so was Reis. But Elena hardly knew any of these people but in time, hopefully,friends they might become.

The sky started to darken. Zeos looked up at the sky as it slowly, but surely, grew pink.
" I think it's time we find a place to camp the night."
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]"Well, how do you suggest we do that?" asked Imi.

"We could chisel some ice off your heart and make an igloo," Zeos grumbled.

The silver haired boy ignored her shouts of indignation and searched for wood.

"Don't talk to her that way!" barked Lance.

Zeos simply stared at the other guy, one eyebrow raised.

"Maybe hot head can supply the camp-fire."

Zeos went back to his search, not seeing the death glares that Imi and Lance supplied.

Zeos's search took him into a small patch of trees. He managed to find an arm-load of wood, and saw much more. As he returned to the "camp-site," he took initiative.

"Lance, Reis," Zeos snapped. "Help me get wood. Kenmei, Elena, Imi, see if you can find rocks to make a fire-circle. And perhaps something to make a blanket out of."

"Who made you leader?" asked Imi, glaring.

"No one else is taking initiative," said Zeos, shrugging.

Reis and Lance, having nothing else to do, followed the newly appointed "leader."

While the trio were searching for wood, Lance walked over to Zeos.

"Um, Zeos, can I talk to you for a minute?" asked Lance.

"Why?" Zeos said, unsure.

"It's, uh, about Imi..."

"What about her?"

"You...you think I got a shot?"



"Yeah. She's way too...cold. Probably plays for the other team."

Lance just stared for a moment.

"I mean she...doesn't drive a stick-shift."

More staring.

"She...doesn't just double-click her own mouse."

More staring.

"My God..." Zeos sighed. He rubbed the edges of his nose. "I'm saying she might like other women, Lance. Get a friggin clue."






A little interaction between Zeos and Lance. I hope neither Imi nor Yotska mind my "interpretations" of their characters. Also, I'm showing Zeos's drive and how he tends to make...assumptions. And that he can be...brutally honest.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Elena came back to the group with a pile of rocks in her hands. Someone bumped into the back of her, almost sending her flying. She turned around to abuse however it was only to find it was Zeos, who had just finished his conversation with Lance. Elena blushed red immediately.
" Here's some rocks for your circle Zeos," she said, looking at the ground.
" Thanks, you can dump them over there."
" Sure." She put the rocks and let out a sigh of relief. She sat down. Kenmei joined Elena by her side. Elena looked at her.
" You're Kenmei?"
" Yes."
" What do you think about this world?"
" It's ok."
" Are you always this timid?" Elena asked kindly. Kenmei didn't answer. Elena sighed.
" Do you miss home?" Kenmei asked suddenly.
" No."
" Why?"
" Well I miss my friends but I don't miss my father."
" Oh."
Elena started making a circle with the rocks she found. Kenmei helped. Imi returned with some more which completed the circle. Lance and Reis returned with some wood and in no time at all, a fire was crackling cheerfully. All sat around it in an uncomfortable silence. Suddenly Lance's stomach growled rather loudly. Elena, Reis, Takuto and Zeos burst out laughing.
" What? I'm hungry!" Lance said defensively.
" Yeah, what are we going to do about food?" Takuto asked.
" Now that's a problem I didn't think of," Zeos admitted.
" Well, almighty leader..." Lance said, pretending to bow at Zeos, " ...What are we going to do?" Elena and Reis were almost in tears laughing.
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"We could always go hunt down some of those little digimon," Reis suggested wiping away the tears, while getting strange looks from everyone, "Or maybe we could cook some fruit," he said hastily.

"Yeah the fruit idea is good," Zeos said, "Reis since you suggested it, how bout you go get it".

"What!??!," Reis yelled, "It's dark and creepy and who knows what digimon could be out there,".

"Is Reis afraid of the dark?" Lance asked, getting a punch in the arm from him.

"How bout you go get it then if you're so brave," Reis said in annoyment.

"Let's have a vote," Elena said, "Whoever wants Reis to get the fruit raise your hand,".

To Reis' horror everyone did, "I think we should do a recount," he said trying to stall, "Who agrees?", no one raised their hand, "Fine, I'll do it!".

In the woods....."Stupid lazy son of a *******," Reis mumbled angrily as he picked fruit, "Can't believe the one that suggested it had to go and get it,".

He heard a sound come from his right in the forest, "Who's there, I have a weapon," he said in a frightened tone,"Yeah right, like you'll use it, by the way your voice sounds you won't even move when you see me".

"Are you human?," Reis asked, "Yeah I'm Darien," the human said as he appeared on out of the bushes, "Are there anymore humans around"?

"Yeah, 6 of them are sitting just a little aways, help me with this fruit and we can get there faster", Reis said.

As they hiked back they talked and Reis found out that Darien's weapon was a glaive. When they got back to the camp, everyone was surprised to see a new human and they all started asking questions right away.
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When Imi saw Reis and a new boy come over the cliff she jumped up straight away. Reis looked at her as she jogged over to them, her one hand outstretched.
"You got food?" she asked.
Reis nodded and Darien looked at the rest of the group.
"Well?" Imi asked impatiently. Reis blinked,
"Oh, gimme!" she said and grabbed three pieces of fruit from him. She walked back over to the rest of the group, munching on what looked like a pear.
Lance looked up at her and his stomach growled, he gave his best possible 'puppy dog' look. Imi sighed and passed him a piece of fruit. Zeos gasped, "AH! Heart attack!" he shouted, clutching at his chest and falling backwards. Imi glared while the others laughed at his joke.

When Reis came over he put the fruit in the middle of the group and there was practically a frenzy.
He cleared his throat, "Um, guys?"
Everyone looked up, "Yes?" was the groups answer.
"This is Darien." he introduced the final member of their group.
He waved slightly, "Yeah, I'm Darien Enoki of Sincerity."
Zeos nodded and stood up, he was introduced by Lance as 'their leader' which merited a few laughs.
"Zeos Uchiyama of Courage." he shook Darien?s hand, "Nice to meat you."
"Kenmei Lei of Love." a wave from the girl on the far left, Darien nodded.
"Lance of Reliability!" the boy in the jacket gave Darien a thumbs up, he just laughed nervously.
"Elena of Light."
"You already know me" that was Reis.
"I'm Takuto of Hope, it's a pleasure."
"Imi Kagami of......" Imi paused and gritted her teeth.
"This is Imi of friendship!" Lance said cheerily as he grabbed Imi into a one armed hug, "Isn't she lovely?"
Imi glared, "Omae o korosu" (I'll kill you)
Lance laughed and let go, Darien just stared, "Charming." he muttered.
"Well...it seems that we are all here!" Zeos said and he sat back down.
"I think we should get some rest." Elena added, "Who knows what might happen tomorrow."
The rest of the group agreed and lay down to rest.

After about half an hour Imi shivered and woke up. Her dress was sleeveless and she didn?t have a jacket, in the cold wind it was getting quite uncomfortable.
She looked over to Lance, 'I hate to admit it, but that guys cute.' she thought to herself.
She stood up and walked over to him, praying that he didn?t wake up. She lay down and snuggled next to him to keep warm, now she was protected from the wind. She yawned and fell asleep almost straight away. Zeos looked up and noticed her, 'Fine then, prove me wrong, he thought and turned over on his side.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]OOC: I guess Imi does have a soft side :p [/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=SlateGray]Shivering from the cold, Takuto got up. Looking at the fire, what was left of it was only embers. Looking over his shoulder he noticed all the group was asleep, except him.

"Better get some fire wood." Takuto said in a very low tone, to himself.

Walking into the dark woods, only a Moon, or what appeared to be a moon. Produced enough light so that he could look around for fire wood. The night was still, although they were sounds. None like he heard before, although this is the Digital World.

Takuto found wood that had been washed up by a small river. Picking up multiple peices of wood, he went back to the so called "camp." When he was back, he looked over to the girl he tried to help out of the ditch. She was cuddling up to Lance. Laughing softly to himself, Takuto stirred the fire to life.

The flames flew into the air, it's warmth felt good. Although, Takuto did not stare into the fire. When looking into the fire, then looking away, a person can be partially blinded for a minute or so. Laying on his back, staring at the night sky. [I]The star's is beautiful![/I] His hand's behind his head, the warmth of the fire on his body. So, Takuto relaxed, although alway's aware.

OOC: Sorry, I have not been on. The 24th was my Birthday so I could not get on.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]There were now eight. Most of them seemed to be more then strangers now, some wanting to be more then friends. [i]This place brings out something in everyone one, I guess.[/i] she said to her self, closely looking at the fire. Crackles came, and a few sparks sprung outwards on to the ground. Looking to the others, Imi was asleep by Lance. Takuto was relaxing, and the rest were too.

Taking the DigiVice out of her pocket she turned it over and examined it. The screen lit off a small glow, but it got darker and bright as the tips of the fire licked upwards. She returned it to her pocket and stood. Quietly she walked past; Lance and Imi so as not to disturb them. And then past Elena and Reis quickly, so to not get into their way of the fire. Pushing threw some bushes, she turned back to the others.

"I'm going for a quick walk," smiling lightly she said, "I'll be back soon."

Zeos sighed, "Don't get lost."

Nodding, she disappeared. Continuing as she bushed her way threw more plants and threes she looked up to the starry sky. It seemed as though the Digital World had a larger constellation. Their moon was brighter, and lined the edges and craters with thin streams of vivid light. Scanning the area, there seemed no chance of movement. Other then the blowing wind. Going over to a sturdy tree she climbed up wards and sat on a high up tree branch. Contemplating, about the others.
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[size=1][color=SlateGray]Takuto was fully aware that Kenmei had gone off through the woods. [I]Hope she will be okay.[/I] Suddenly he thought what was out there, the Puppet Master. Quickly and silently he got up off the ground. Zeos was awake, Takuto only nodded towards the woods.

"Okay.." Is all that Zeos said, returning to the starry sky.

Slipping into the brush, he moved silently and swiftly. He had done this many times at his home, either playing or hunting. The wood's were like home to him. Although, these were different wood's, a different world. Stopping he heard a faint russle of leaves. Looking up, he saw that Kenmei had climbed a tree. She seemed like she was studying the beauty of the Digital World.

"Be Careful." Takuto said just aloud enough for Kenmei to hear. She nodded and looked down at him. So small he looked from up high. Waving he leant himself beside the tree and set down. Stretching his legs out infront of him. He knew that the girl could take care of herself. It was not in him to leave her out in the wild, and un-explored land that they were in now.

Looking through a small patch of tree's he saw the distant mountaints. There snowy like peaks just blended in with the fog that was around the mountain. Smiling to himself he though how it must be cold up on those high peaks. Closing his eyes, he once again relaxed his muscles.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]Zeos sighed and rolled onto his back. He peered up at the strange stars that didn't look like their own.

[I]Insomnia sucks.[/I]

He looked around at the campsite. As far as he could tell, Reis and Darien were asleep. Takuto had gone after Kenmei in the woods. Imi was cuddling with Lance. And Elena...

[I]Elena's...different. I wonder why she was blushing when she bumped me. Maybe...? Nah. I mean, she could've gotten a taste of the Z-Man and decided she had to have more but... Nah[/I]

Zeos sighed again and tried to get comfortable. He was usually a night-owl, but he didn't want them leaving him behind at noon...while he was still sleeping...

[I]I wonder if there are things that go "Digi-Bump" in the night? Apparently not.[/I]

He shurgged and shut his brain off. Within a few minutes, he found sleep.


"I told ya," said Lance, grinning like an idiot.

"I know," Zeos sighed, for the tenth time.

"Did I tell ya, or what?"

"You told me."

"I guess you were wrong."


"She does drive a stick after all."

"That what it looks like."

"I guess..."

"Oh would you shut up!" snapped Zeos.

The two locked eyes, and Zeos easily won the glare off.

"Sorry," Lance said softly.

Zeos grumbled inaudible obsenities to himself...directed at Lance and Imi of course. However...Zeos looked over at Imi, and she looked uncomfortable. Maybe she was just seeking a bit of warmth and Lance was blowing it out of proportion.

[I]I wouldn't mind tapping that...[/I] said Zeos's inner-player.

[I]Shut up.

Oh, you know I'm right.

Just shut up.[/I] grumbled Zeos.

The group left the wooded area and entered a large grassy plain.

"Not much to this place, is there?" Zeos quipped. "Grass, grass, grass. Where's a restaurant, or a city, or something."

"You sure a city would be a good place to be?" asked Lance. "There could be mass quantities of bad guys."

"Oh, grow a spine," Zeos grumbled.

They walked a few steps further when a noise rang out. A loud cackling that shattered the calm.

"Well, well, well, look at what we've got here," said a grating, snide voice. "Eight little humans."

"Who's there!" yelled Zeos.

"It is I, the Puppet Master, here to take you out!"

Zeos scoffed at him, as did the others.

"What little baby have you sent to fight us this time?"

"Oh, no Babies," said the voice. "I've sent something...a little better..."

Just then, a loud rumbling could be heard. A fissure opened in the earth, and a semi-invisible wall sprung up, dividing the group in half. Zeos, Imi, Takuto, and Elena were trapped on one side, Darien, Reis, Kenmei, and Lance on the other. Another wall sprung up, diving them again. A third wall sealed off four "cubicles".

"Guys!" Zeos roared.

He pounded against one of the walls, and recieved a powerful jolt of energy. He was flung back into Imi.

"Now, the fun begins!" cackled the Puppet Master.

Four shadows fell into the cubicles, one in each.

In Zeos and Imi's was a small blue chibi-Dragon. In Kenmei and Darien's was a pink puff-ball with wings. In Reis and Lance's was a small yellow puff-ball with two huge ears. And in Takuto and Elena's was a green thing in a brown bag.

"Chibimon, Poromon, Upamon, and Minomon. My four new attackers. Now, kill!"

The four little beings let out cries of rage and transformed.

The Chibi-Dragon, Chibimon, sprouted two massvie blue wings and a pair of small horns. The pink puff-ball, Poromon, had a wing enlargement. Upamon, the yellow orb, sprouted four spider-legs on it's underside. And the brown bad, Minomon, grew two large bug wings.

"This isn't good," Zeos said.


OOC: Okay, despite the fact that we're dealing with In-Training level, they have still gotten a large power increase, making them twice as strong as what our characters have faught before...hence two on each. I'll deliver the final post, but that doesn't mean your characters are losing. Just no defeating them yet.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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