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The Hunt For Izayuai ( The conflict Of Steel )


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Name : Kazuya Kazama

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Group:The Neogetsu Ninja

Rank: Leader

fighting style: a mix of all martal art's

Personality: Kazuya Neogetsu Jr is said to be outspoken and his ideas and goals are far more crazy than his father. Kazuya will place his fathers own ninjas in harm just too prove his ideas are the only way to live by. It's also known that Kazuya will show no honor durring a fight he belives that beliving in honor is for the samurai and the ninja should not live by anothers code.

Bio: Kazuya Neogetsu Jr was the only son born to Neogetsu and rightfull to become the leader of the clan. Neogetsu trained Kazuya at an early age in hope of perfecting a ninja that was cold blooded and yet held his ideas to a degree. Kazuya began to learn a style never heared of called unorthadox ninja style. This style uses diffrent methoods to accomplish a deed of the skills of a ninja fail.

An example would be the use of a pistol, most would say it takes to long to reload the powder. In kazuya's eye's the pistol can be a tool that can be used to gain an advantage in close combat. Kazuya was becoming the cold blodded ninja his father wanted, once entering his teenage years Kazuya was put on the battle field.

Kazuya soon became a the most feared ninja in the clan by showing how cold and ruthless he was by not giving honor to any one durring battle. Kazuya's father was dying of an illness and passed away, his last words to Kazuya was to uphold his dreams and crush the warlords and that ninja should rule all. Now perfecting what his father created , Kazuya has also twisted many minds of ninja having them defect to his cause.

weapons: Wrath: an kasurai-game ( chain and sickle)
Shurokin Pistol

abilites: Mind game : Playing mind games is what makes Kazuya dangerous, these mind games are said to drive men crazy.

Reaper's song : Kazuya swings the Kasurai-Gama in a circle motion creating a whistle that he uses as a mind game, soon the sickle comes slashing down at you.

Hey your not kazuya : Kazuya will replace himself with an other ninja from his clan or any one else on the battle field to take a blow or death.

Description: See pic

Weapon: kusari-gama, katana , shurukin pistol
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Ok , good sign ups there . Now about the abilities here's as an example of what these abilities can be : The character can have keen eye sight , or knows more than one language ( can communicate with European and Chinese merchants ) , or perhapas the character can be good at brewing herbal medicine , poison etc...
Anything simple would be good , as long as your character cannot breathe fire , or shoot lightning bolts than it is Ok , but slightly enhanced physical abilities are accepted .
I Hope this clearifies things .
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Name : Kago Teyama

Age : 21

Gender : Male

Group : Segomari Ronins

Rank in group : Member

Fighting style : Mixture of Bushido and Kendo (sword arts) and Aikido (hand-to-hand).

Weapons : - "Wandering Spirit". Once belonged to Kago's father. A simple yet well built katana.
- Four-point shaken(throwing stars).

Abilities : Quite agile, allows him to perform complex ukemi techniques with relative ease. Very accurate with shaken at close - medium range.

Description : [URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/guy/7-10.htm]Like this [/URL] in terms of facial features and weapon. Wears long flowing crimson robes down to his ankles, and matching pants of the same length.

Personality : Kago is a loner by definition. Since his father's death he has decided to trust no-one unless they deserve it. He fights with a fire in his eyes, striving to bring an end to the chaos that ruined his life. Regardless of this, he is not a foolhardy or arrogant man, and will consider his options carefully before charging into battle.

Bio : Kago learnt everything he knows from his father, Yagyu Teyama; an instructor of Kendo and Bushido who once fought under Lord Ghoda. At the age of 15 he completed his training, and decided to help his father at the dojo. For two years the dojo thrived, and by the end of this time Yagyu was preparing to pass ownership of the dojo onto his son. Unfortunately, this event never came to pass.
As rumours began to spread about Izayuai, the enchanted blade, many began to lust for its power and warlords began to gather vast armies for its conquest. All called for the greatest of samurai, and Kago's father was classed among them. Akira refused to fight for the greedy Lord Todomaki, and so Todomaki, fearing that Akira would join forces with another warlord, ordered his death. Kago's father was brutally murdered before his very eyes, and the dojo was burnt to the ground.
Kago soon began to harbor a severe abhorance of all warlords as he reflected on his father's demise. He hated Todomaki for killing his father, and he hated Ghoda and for forsaking him. Though he still held Lord Youjima in high respect, he did not feel comfortable with the idea of serving him; fearing that it could eventually lead him to the same fate as his father. And so Kago decided that he would serve no master. Having taken up his father's sword, he has chosen to shape his own destiny.
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Guest Ryu Hayabusa
This sounds promising. I'd like to join, however, I need to type up a profile. Let this serve as a place-holder, and I'll edit in a mo' or two.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=SeaGreen][B]Name:[/B] Lian (Kumiko) Youjima

[B]Age:[/B] 18

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Group:[/B] Lord Youjima
[B]Rank in group:[/B] Loyal servitor and "concubine"

[B]Fighting style:[/B] Mixed with various influences of mojutsu and genjutsu, Lian concentrates her technique with the smooth, flowing styles of wushu, along with a bit of knowledge of aikido. Rather than utilizing brute force and abrupt movements, wushu techniques are graceful and precise. Lian also incorporates stunning aerial and tumbling techniques, and an array of traditional weapons when they're at hand.

[B]Weapons:[/B] 'Lucky Dragon' - (shown in attachment) a large, dragon-headed staff which is as hard as diamonds, one blow can crush a man's skull. However, the staff conceals an ancient blade that covers half the staff's length. The sheath, shown in her hands, is also used during combat.

[B]Abilities:[/B] Like a human lie detector, Lian is able to distinguish truth from falsehood - you cannot deceive her. With heightened senses from her training, she also is knowledgeable in sensitive parts of the body, and uses that to gain a greater advantage in combat.

[B]Description:[/B] see attachment - credit to artist

[B]Personality:[/B] Calm and quiet, Lian exudes a quiet aura of confidence that never shows a trace of doubt. She does not complain, instead accepting whatever fate hands her way. Also a compassionate individual, she is able to relate fully with Lord Youjima, because of their similarities in duty to their families. Although still young, she is determined and firm, willing to accept death instead of failure. Lian does not enjoy killing, but again, accepts it as a necessity at times. Her name, meaning "daughter of the sun," expresses her hidden will of consuming fire and flame.

[B]Bio:[/B] Born in China to a poor governor and his wife, Lian was the first child and a daughter. Luckily, her father was a wise man, and deemed to have her educated and trained, knowing that he could not protect her from the harshness of life. Her mother taught her to appreciate every small thing in life, and to pick out the details that made the world all the more beautiful. Lian also trained under a few wushu masters who would now and then pass through the village, and caught on quickly with skill and finesse.

When she turned 13, Lord Youjima and his family passed through her village, and Lian's family, having three other children to support, sold her off as a concubine. However, Lian is not bitter about this at all - she knew that her family would rather keep her, and that it was her duty as a daughter. She returned to Japan with Lord Youjima, who was in his mid-twenties at the time.

Fearing a brutal life, Lian was utterly surprised and grateful at finding that Lord Youjima was a kind individual, who looked to her not as a wife or concubine, but as a sibling. Indeed, with time Lian saw Lord Youjima much like an older brother, and their "marriage" remained in name only, never being consummated. For a few years, she was seen with him constantly, earning her the petname of Kumiko, or "companion child." She has continued her training with help from Lord Youjima, who ordered various instructors to teach her further in various arts, and now she has become a useful tool. Lian, under orders from the Youjima family, is now hunting for the infamous Izayuai, to cement their family's power.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Name : Shiro Uzuki

Age : 35

Gender : Male

Group : Segomari Ronins

Rank in group : Leader

Fighting style : Insei Kiba Ryu ( Meteor Fang Style)
This is his own created style that is made up of mostly strong downward strikes. he has been know to cleave a body in half with one attack.

Weapons : Kakka Eimin ( Burning Death or Eternal Sleep)
A long kantana that has a flowing dragon carved into it. the dragon is red and is said to be colored in the blood of those slain by him. It is almost always on fire in battle( see abilities)

Dokuga: Posion tipped kunais.

He also has 5 knives hidden up his sleeves in case he gets disarmed.

Abilities : He has a knack to create flamable substances, which he covers his sword in to increase his power.

He has improve muscle mass and balance, making him stronger and and harder to knock off balance and out of his stance.

His body has also found away to block most outward forces on his body, such as sickness poision and any attempts at his mind.

Description : He has long black hair and deep green eyes. He has a deep red cross scare on his right cheek. His outfit is mostly a black robe and short red pants.

Personality: He is cold ruthless bastard in a nut shell. he cares for no one and doesn't expect care from others.

Bio : Shiro used to be one of the greatest Samarui is history. He fought bravly and proudly for his lord. His blade struck fear into all who apposed him,and he showed no mercy on the battlefield. But soon he started to hate is lord. Shiro thought he should be the master, because of his better skills. He plotted to kill the lord, but he found out somehow and placed a bounty on Shiro. Shiro fled.

On Shiro's exodus, he ran into many people. First, he met a shaman who taught him how to make flaming substances to make him stronger. He then trained with a great warrior, increasing his muscle mass and balance. After the warrior died Shiro continued on his journey and found an old psychic who trained him and his body to repel outward forcess. Shiro then met other Ronin and started and legion of those who have no master. He then learned of the mighty blade Izayuai. With it he would slay his old lord.
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How about this?

Name : Koji Hidari

Age : 26

Gender : Male

Group : The Phantoms

Rank in group : High ranking,; Right hand man of the leader

Fighting style : Zhui Quan (More commonly known as the Drunkard Style), an acrobatic style famous for it's staggering, tumbling movements and unpredictacle attacks.

Weapons : Two simple, metal tonfa

Abilities : Mental conditioning, able to hide most surface thoughts, can lie through his teeth perfectly.
Impeccable acting abilities
Able to connect more fully with his Ki through alchohol, with skills like speed drinking

Description : About average height with a very stocky built, he has a permament 5 aclock shadow and warm, friendly eyes. His hands are large and calloused, as if he had worked the fields from the day he was born. He is well muscled, but has an ever so slight padding of fat, hiding it slightly. He wears a simple brown kimono and baggy trousers, with wooden sandals. He wears the symbol of the sparrow on his right napel.

Personality: Friendly and calm, even serene. He acts as if he's nicely toasted all the time, but when he acts, he can appear any way he wants. He's a "nice" drunk, acting very friendly (normally being a bit over-friendly), except when angered, when he goes...well...you'd have to see it.

Bio :
All his life, Koji has been alone.

And he likes it that way

His parents (or possibly granparents, he quite frankly couldn't care less) abandoned him on the doorstep of a Buddhist monestary when he was born, and he grew up within those restrictive compounds. He learnt many forms of martial arts, and was an excellent student of the abstract teachings of the Dharma, but there was always something...off about him. He finally mastered the complex and difficult art of Zhui Quan, or Drunken Boxing, and was supposedly in line to be the next Abbot.

But something was wrong.

He leftt he monestry after a huge argument with the current abbot, complaining how the monestary was suffocating him, and he gave into the wanderlust hat had been burning behind his eyes from the moment he was admitted into the cloister. He travelled, hiring himself out as a mercanary, or substituting his funds as a trickster, a rouge, and discovering he had a great knack for the dramatic, and was a natural actor. He soon found his way to the shadowy group known as the Phantoms, and quickly rose through their ranks, becoming the leader's (a egnimatic man simply known as "Father") right hand man. As he never knew his parents, he decided to call himself Brother, as he could be anyone's sibling.

Brother to All, Kin to None.
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Name: Kwung Yei Sung
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Group: Miyotji Ninjas
Rank in Group: Loyal friend and right-hand man to Sorashima
Fighting Style: Shaolin Hung Ga

Bare-handed ? The oldest art of fighting in China, Hung Ga revolves around five animals; the tiger, crane, leopard, snake, and dragon. Each animal has its on characteristics, based upon its qualities and importance to the human body.
Bo ? ?Unlabored Flawlessness?* - The most famous Bo of Asian history, a weapon so imbued with essence it can shatter weapons of metal. Passed down along Sung?s mother?s family line, it was given to him when she passed away.

Ki projection ? Being so in touch with the unceasing energy of the universe, known as ?Ki?, Sung has mastered the ability to increase the output of his Ki, basically creating an additional shell around him which increases his resistance to physical and mental attacks, as well as extending his range and power. He can effectively attack someone who is seemingly beyond his reach.
Animal Adaptation ? More innately attached to his fighting style, whichever animal he adopts, he benefits from the strengths of that particular being.
Tiger = Power, Strength and courage
Crane = Agility and watchfulness
Leopard = Speed
Dragon = Spiritual control and skill
Snake = Internal strength and power

Description: Sung is about 5?11?, at about 150 lbs. His lean frame belies an incredible amount of strength. He wears a traditional Chinese hat, and traditional Chinese garments. Despite attempts by his friend Sorashima to switch to traditional Japanese garments, as he has been a resident of Japan for many years, Sung holds strong to his own identity.

Personality: A learned scholar and fighter, Sung is a man dedicated to peace. He is very kind, though not to the point of being gullible, and is always willing to lend a hand. However, he has no patience for wrong-doing of any sort. He will go out of his way to eliminate any evil around him. This is a man who cannot be swayed by any means to partake in any vice ? including drinking. This is the one trait of Sung?s that Sorashima has practically dedicated his life to changing.

Bio: A native of rural China, Sung was born into a family of accomplished martial artists, his mother being the most renowned. Of course, this was an extremely opposing take on the role of women in his time, so he has grown up with strong values regarding the equality of women. Spending much of his younger years studying with his mother and father in the martial arts, and other mentors for the academics, Sung never saw much of the world. So, when his parents felt it was time for Sung to go, they sent him off on his own with no destination in mind.

After many years of traveling along China?s coast, Sung eventually made his way to Japan ? he had heard about a Japanese martial arts expo taking place there, the first of its kind.. It was there that he met Sorashima, and where a friendship was quickly formed. The two found they had very similar upbringings, with very similar values.

While Sorashima is definitely the much more spontaneous of the two, he is well-balanced with his Chinese counterpart, a much more sensible and rational man. With his friend Sorashima, along with the other Miyotji Ninjas, they take up causes they feel are just and ask no reward? though known for their courage and steadfast beliefs in peace, they are nonetheless well supported by the citizens of Japan.

*credit to Ninja Gaiden (XBOX) for the name

Hope this guy fits well.
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The sign ups are still open here , but only until ColourDeaf completes his Bio , after that there will be a period of three days for anyone who wants to sign up .
So if anyone still wants to sign up I suggest that you get to it , because this will start very soon .
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Name : Kojiro Yagyu

Age : 22

Gender : Male

Group : Lord Todomaki's

Rank in group : Doesn't care too much for group politics, just someone who searches for the sword under the orders of the greedy lord. Well liked by those around Todomaki's stronghold.

Fighting style : Kojiro Sekka Iai Jutsu

Weapons : Sheath- Yagyu uses his sheath as a weapon as well as the blade itself, a small staple of the Iai Jutsu; Sakura~kisu-Not many people have seen Kojiro's Katana, sakura~kisu, and lived to tell of it; Wakizashi- a small sword Kojiro keeps; Iron Clogs-Iron shoes that Kojiro wears, if all else fails, he'll kick them off at the opponent as a weapon;

Abilities :

Quick Draw- Kojiro can draw and sheath his sword faster than the human eye can see.
Flash- Kojiro can draw his sword quickly and flash sunlight into his opponent's eyes, blinding them
Mist- Kojiro can summon mist around his opponent and make it hard for them to see when he will draw his blade.

Description : A 6'0 slender man with a beautiful face and eyes. Long hair is tied up in the back and usually wears lightweight clothes that supplement movement as well as a few padded armor plates on his arms legs and torso. Has a scar on his chest which came from a former duel which almost took his life.

Personality: A Complicated man. Battle hardened, he usually devotes alot of his attentions to improving his Iai Jutsu style. He is also somewhat cocky, and he loves to make a fool of his opponent in battle before killing them simply out the fact that he can. He doesn't take losing too well, and has a short temper. Outside of battle, he is friendly and some people call him a chauvanist, as he loves to fool around with his lord's many concubines and such around. He won't battle if he doesn't have to and he has a code of honor that applies vaguely to everything he does.

Bio : Yagyu was born to a well known samurai warrior in the service of the lord. His father, Kojiro Sekka was made famous by his use of the Iai Jutsu style of swordplay and Yagyu aspired to be like him, but Yagyu's temper, layed back attitude, cockyness kept him from furthering his training with his father. One night, his father called him a disgrace to the Kojiro name and refused to teach him anymore. Yagyu was crushed by his father's accusations and ran away from home for the next 4 years. When he returned, his father was on his deathbed and Yagyu rushed to his side. His father had told him to go back to their old home and look under the floor board. Yagyu obeyed and found a katana under there. His father's last gift to him. After receiving this, Yagyu commenced to training himself. He started small by cutting in flight birds out of the air, and then he began dueling others in the court to improve his technique. He now is a well respected member and is in service to the same lord as his father way. Kojiro hopes to be everything his father was and more, although his setbacks are still strong within him. He's now helping his lord search for the Izayuai.
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